If I have to do laundry, I’m gonna at least make it satisfying..😌💖

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
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  • Jengem
    Jengem 4 months ago +34153

    I must be the only person who doesn’t understand the obsession with putting detergent products in glass containers

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Potato
      Potato Month ago

      It looks like SWEETS😭😭😂

    • Ciel Graceworth
      Ciel Graceworth 2 months ago

      People who are disabled do this the most because a lot of packaging is hard to open. Also if you buy things in bulk it’s not always a good idea to keep it in a huge container

    • Nasima Zulfiker
      Nasima Zulfiker 2 months ago

      Cuz aesthetics

  • Lonely Scribe
    Lonely Scribe 3 months ago +3287

    I'm the one person who's awed by the notion of putting the cup in with the wash. I always just rinsed them out and put them back.

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Mads
      Mads Month ago

      No my mom taught me that as a kid. Best hack.

    • Billy Hudson
      Billy Hudson 2 months ago

      It says on the bottle that u can do that

    • Michelle Lowell
      Michelle Lowell 3 months ago +2

      The edges of the cups can cause abraded patches on the items being washed. Unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Mariela Avila
    Mariela Avila 3 months ago +2298

    Everyone is talking about the soap containers and cups. Meanwhile, I have to haul pounds of clothes to the laundromat on a weekly basis. I am just in awe of how clean the machine is ...oh and the blessing that it is to own a washing machine and dryer in your home. Never understood how doing laundry in your own home is hard or annoying...you are blessed if anything.

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Shy Fly
      Shy Fly 2 months ago

      Honestly doing laundry without is just as annoying as with. I think without is atleast a bit more fun because I get to go out.

    • riss
      riss 3 months ago +1

      i have to agree, having to go out to do laundry and then having to sit and wait for it to finish cause god forbid you leave for a minute and come back to all your clothes being stolen. that happened to my cousin, all three of her kids winter clothes were stolen cause she walked across the street to the pharmacy.

    • Kiefy Doinks
      Kiefy Doinks 3 months ago

      Because it’s a tik tok that’s why.

    • hlb4303
      hlb4303 3 months ago

      @iva manral not everyone lives in a democracy. I’m talking for the people who do. North Korea has their own problems and those problems aren’t mine. So frankly I don’t care.

  • Pessoa Humana
    Pessoa Humana 3 months ago +1117

    I wish big brands would understand that people are collectively craving aesthetics and are romaticizing everything. Why is it so hard to make neutral looking containers, or replace the plastic with reusable glass packages that can be refilled at the store like the old timeys?
    Because I know for a fact that people like this don't give a fuck about wasting plastic packaging in order to have a shiny instagramable experience, they can't be persuaded, so the least we could do is adapt to their unwavering tastes and likes in order to reduce waste (that could be avoided in the first place)
    Edit: i y'all please go bother someone else, my house is a recycling upcycling organic diy nightmare and i had hours upon hours of sociology classes where we went into detail about everything regarding this issue, I promise y'all I don't need to be educated further, this is just a fun little comment

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Lapis Lazarus
      Lapis Lazarus 3 months ago

      My boyfriend used to love glass, until a dropped glass container broke and sliced him up; and he was being careful, he's a dang blacksmith

    • Eyð
      Eyð 3 months ago

      @Rere:3 I disagree. Every little thing counts, detergent in a glass too.

    • Rere:3
      Rere:3 3 months ago

      @Eyð but at the end of the day....ur not gonna die from detergent in a glass container. There is stuff wayyy worse that's going on in the environment to be worrying abt detergent🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Eyð
      Eyð 3 months ago

      @Rere:3 she’s actually hurting everyone by overusing it. The environment becomes contaminated and without the environment, we can’t survive.:) I know we’re all guilty of this but it was really just unnecessary to use that much only for the aesthetics

  • [dangerousgore]
    [dangerousgore] 3 months ago +523

    if i had a laundry room like this you would see me doing laundry every 2 days 💀

    • Gauri♡Yoongi
      Gauri♡Yoongi 2 months ago +2


    • Gowsalya R
      Gowsalya R 2 months ago +1

      @Nion Exactly

    • Connor Anderson
      Connor Anderson 3 months ago +9

      And maybe get paid to do others

    • Nion
      Nion 3 months ago +14

      I'd be doing it everyday if it was this nice and convenient.

  • sawyer oaks
    sawyer oaks 4 months ago +2085

    we used to have that same washer and the *sound* it makes is just so musical. i find myself making the same noises alongside it 😂 especially when it sings when it’s done.

    • DWoods
      DWoods 3 months ago +1

      @Shannon G And not to mention it has no cleaning capability it has no agitator…these new washers are horrible I’m so happy with my 1996 Whirlpool that I’ve kept looking brand new.

    • DWoods
      DWoods 3 months ago +1

      @Jessie-Channie NO. Everyone just wants to buy things nowadays just because of the way they look and sound and it’s like people forget completely about performance and reliability if you look at washers within the last 12 to 15 years with all of this ridiculous modern technology and computers are putting into them it’s completely unnecessary and ridiculous and it’s been proven to be so unreliable and that’s why so many people and new buyers they have bought new washers have trashed them and gone back to the US market to the fully mechanical machines back from the day that quick quickly washed within less than 45 minutes for a whole load of laundry. Do not EVER get a new machine please you’ll regret it. Computers and water don’t mix….I’ve been an appliance technician for about 15 years now I know what I’m talking about and this has been the biggest corruption to the appliance industry with them cutting water and adding all of these sensors and electronics that don’t belong

    • Kyle Griggs
      Kyle Griggs 3 months ago

      Im sorry but the only satisfying part is the fact that the pellet detergent looks like dippin dots😶

    • Che Palau
      Che Palau 3 months ago

      @Crystal ❤️ I live in a family of nine so we do tons of laundry and we’ve had the Samsung washer and dryer set for almost two years and it work great so I don’t know what you talking about

    • Crystal ❤️
      Crystal ❤️ 3 months ago

      SOARE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND DO NOT BUT A SAMSUNG TOP LOAD WASHER! We bought one from Costco less than a year ago for _$590, the thing broke within less than a month and after seeing everyone else had bad reviews and similar issues we realized it’s a piece of junk. Samsung refunded our money and didn’t even bother picking up the broken one, it’s still sitting in my garage. They know it’s a piece of shit.

  • Marilyn Mooli
    Marilyn Mooli 3 months ago +26

    I love those pearls, they are amazing for the doggie’s clothing and stuff you will keep in containers/boxes to avoid the humid/old smell.

  • heyo
    heyo 3 months ago +32

    if those are scent beads I’d suggest searching the brand you use up! some of them actually create a coating on your clothes which can long term make them wear our faster, similar to dryer sheets. there’s also talk about how a number of the ingredients are rather unregulated - so there’s a possibility the dyes and fragrances have toxic ingredients. usually these hidden ingredients aren’t enough concentration to cause actual problems, but they are known to cause allergies. plus, the accumulation is not good for the water. lastly, some people get stains from them o.o

    • ParaClipsYT
      ParaClipsYT 2 months ago +1

      This! They’re horrible for the environment, skin, endocrine system and allergies. I don’t know why people want their clothes smelling like chemicals! Same goes with glade plug in and the like. Terrible to breathe in and full of carcinogens.

  • rosieapplelemontart
    rosieapplelemontart 3 months ago +415

    I really hope there's no kids in the house to see the magical looking jars with taps of blue liquid and tiny pink and purple pearls...

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Nhy Le
      Nhy Le 2 months ago

      I don't think kids are that stupid

    • Pixelcitizen
      Pixelcitizen 2 months ago

      Exactly. I honest to got thought they were either sprinkles before they poured it into the laundry machine. 💀💀💀

    • Probably your fault
      Probably your fault 2 months ago +1

      Assuming she has kids? Just mind your own business

  • sirixis
    sirixis Month ago

    this set up gave me motivation to organize my soaps in glassware like that 😍

  • Mason
    Mason 3 months ago +3

    “These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better” 💕

  • FelineArcher3
    FelineArcher3 3 months ago

    Now i know what i want to do when i get my own washer and dryer.❤️

  • Nandi Thompson
    Nandi Thompson 3 months ago

    Shoutout to her for throwing the caps in the laundry too. She gets all her monies out that jug. 👍🏾

  • Mafuyu
    Mafuyu 3 months ago

    It's incredible how your washing machine sounds exactly like the one at my house.

  • Shaharzad Chaiツ
    Shaharzad Chaiツ 3 months ago +4

    love your storage beautification😍👌🏼 Tips from a repairman and dermatologist…fabric softener is made of animal fat which causes issues with the washing machines thus reducing its life and it can worsen acne skin body from clothing.Haven’t used in over 10 years but use white vinegar regularly for the xtra clean clothes and does a great job cleaning internal machine parts. Our last LG machine lasted 16 years!

  • Inês Eliane Barbosa
    Inês Eliane Barbosa 3 months ago

    Aqui no Brasil não tem, são maravilhosos!!!!

  • Sandra Ameliorate
    Sandra Ameliorate 3 months ago

    Realmente sonho de consumo de qualquer dona de casa😁👏👏👏👏👏👏🤣🤣

  • ghast kilo
    ghast kilo 3 months ago

    I love how since the washing machine is the same brand as mine I was making the sounds as she pressed the buttons haushauaj

  • Molly Schultz
    Molly Schultz 3 months ago +2390

    When you realize that someday your machine is broken from a detergent cap getting stuck in it!

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Molly Schultz
      Molly Schultz 3 months ago

      @𝘺𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘪𝘤𝘩𝘪We all totally get what the reasoning is for putting the cups in the washer drum . Bruhhhhh

    • Molly Schultz
      Molly Schultz 3 months ago

      @Cara M if he’s old enough to have sold appliances for 30 years i feel bad for him having that dull profession and he’s too old to take his word anymore. Try someone younger who understand tub basins that weigh the laundry and also dry clean and the gap all the way around. Best wishes to you and your ailing father!

  • Ladyzeebs 1973
    Ladyzeebs 1973 3 months ago +8

    Thank you for proving to my children that I'm not alone when putting the caps in the load 😂😂😂😘

  • Melissa Hotard
    Melissa Hotard 3 months ago +1

    This was hilarious. I have spent hours of my life watching satisfying videos it cracked me up.

  • Idfiana Zahra
    Idfiana Zahra 3 months ago +22

    OMGGGG the sound of the washing machine is exactly the same as mine, LOL

    • Brooke Hatchett
      Brooke Hatchett 3 months ago

      Same as my dryer. Love the little song it plays when it's done ❤

  • ally
    ally 3 months ago +1

    if my laundry room wasn’t a dark and musty basement i’d love doing the laundry 😱

  • planet devo
    planet devo 4 months ago +3003

    Most detergents aren't supposed to be exposed to UV Light long term. Thats why you dont see laundry detergent bottles in see through containers

    • PhaLe
      PhaLe 3 months ago

      I wasn't able to find anything on the effects of uv light exposure on laundry detergent and glass will usually only let through parts of the uv light (that's why you don't get sunburnt when you're inside) so even if it was affected by it the part that gets through might be harmless.

    • Persona.'#
      Persona.'# 3 months ago

      @Vipera Orientalis Oh my god you're giving me major flashbacks. My mom always washed without using softener, only detergent. And when our dryer broke down she just hanged it up to dry. The towels were hard but idk I never thought anything of it, I mean when you use it and it gets wet it gets softer again anyways. But then a friend visited me and showered at our house and just asked me why our towels are like sandpaper 😭😂😂 This memory still haunts me but I still airdry my laundry, super soft towels just feel wrong to me 😂

    • Vipera Orientalis
      Vipera Orientalis 3 months ago +1

      @Persona.'# for real? I'm from Europe and tide (the powder form) is what I grew up with. Tide powder, no softened, clothes drying outside. They came in hard like asphalt, drying yourself with those towels was like rubbing yourself down with sandpaper hahaha! To this day i don't feel like my clothes are clean after using a dryer. Too soft 😂

    • Liza Coates
      Liza Coates 4 months ago

      @LilSkipper EU regulates things like this. Your washing stuff is ok, don't worry.

    • savannah vick
      savannah vick 4 months ago

      My laundry detergent comes in a clear container. It’s as clear as glass!

  • zelda4life Schramm
    zelda4life Schramm 2 months ago

    awwe I love the sound my samsung washer and dryer make which is almost identical to this.Best washer and dryer I've ever had.

  • Mohammed Suffian
    Mohammed Suffian 3 months ago

    This is the only kind of asmr that I like and should be allowed the actually necessary stuff not like touching box’s and plastic packaging unnecessarily just to make sounds

  • Amelia Secrets
    Amelia Secrets 3 months ago

    I never thought of washing the cups with clothes that’s genius 🤯

  • Adriana Valeria Gomez Orellana

    I love everything you do, I would like to have the same as you, everything so organized, I love it, greetings from Bolivia

  • Yo Lawyer
    Yo Lawyer 4 months ago +2902

    Then there’s me who just grabs the gallon container with the missing cup and fills up the line on washing machine manually

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Unicorn Selene
      Unicorn Selene 3 months ago


    • sii
      sii 3 months ago

      I just fill up the middle thing with softener and grab the container and go in a circle motion 5 times around the clothes.

    • Shiela Casiple
      Shiela Casiple 3 months ago

      measuring cup who? 😂

    • J.
      J. 3 months ago

      Or me who just eyeballs the powder into the drum

  • Gemma Meidia
    Gemma Meidia 2 months ago

    Washing machine, fancy jars of detergent, softener...
    Im here still feeling grateful for having two hands to do laundry myself 🤣🤣
    Bless you, bless me

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong 3 months ago +13

    The glasses looks pretty. Super organize and pretty but I’m thinking about all the containers. If I’m changing containers to just make laundry stuff looks pretty - nah I’m never doing that. I like quick, easy, and simple. No extra work.

  • Mariam's Gaming
    Mariam's Gaming 3 months ago +1

    I will be honest you’re so organized

  • AJP
    AJP 3 months ago

    LOL I had no idea laundry could be ASMR or aesthetic. 😂

  • Stormandfire
    Stormandfire 4 months ago +8950

    The anxiety that putting both softener and the measuring cups in a delicates load made me feel: 😨😨😨

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres.
    • Mikaela Fox
      Mikaela Fox 3 months ago

      @Hi Oh! I feel silly. I thought you meant the measuring cups should both be tossed into the washer.

    • Hi
      Hi 3 months ago

      @Mikaela Fox on mine if you lift the lid up it gives instructions how to use the soap and machine so it can give the best results

    • Mikaela Fox
      Mikaela Fox 3 months ago

      @Hi Where??

  • Berry Creamy1211
    Berry Creamy1211 3 months ago +1

    I thought this will gonna be a satisfying laundry video but then she threw the caps of fabcon and liquid detergent in the washing machine and my anxiety just rose up suddenly because how weird is that. 😂😂😂

  • Inzomniac
    Inzomniac 3 months ago

    Damn that washer looks like a time machine 😂 I'm still using one that looks like it's from early 2000s 😬 it does it's job tho so I can't complain lol

  • Ahriyana Webster.
    Ahriyana Webster. 3 months ago

    Literally my mom buys so much detergent and it falls of the shelves and hits me on the head , slowly disliked doing laundry recently 😂!

  • ‘ CCK5018 ‘
    ‘ CCK5018 ‘ 3 months ago +14

    Aren’t the detergents supposed to be in opaque containers since light deactivates a lot of the chemicals?

    • ReekieRoo2
      ReekieRoo2 2 months ago

      @Mercedes Dyer Your toothpaste comes in clear glass jars?

    • Mercedes Dyer
      Mercedes Dyer 2 months ago

      They say that about toothpaste

  • peanut
    peanut 4 months ago +4060

    They need to stop making those beads look so delicious. I’m gonna end up eating a hand full and dying an embarrassing death.

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Adnidyo Dinda
      Adnidyo Dinda 3 months ago

      Can anyone tell me whats the pink-purple beads for??

    • peanut
      peanut 3 months ago

      @Sergio Delgado That’s awful logic.. You can’t eat clothes, you shouldn’t eat hand soap, you can’t drink perfume, you can’t eat makeup, you can’t eat pencils. You put all of those on your skin.

    • Sergio Delgado
      Sergio Delgado 3 months ago

      If you can't eat it don't put it on your skin

    • Meg Moody
      Meg Moody 3 months ago

      Long before the whole tidepod eating thing started, my mom started buying them, and I remember constantly thinking how delicious they looked 🤣 of course I never actually ate one. My friend Yarrow grew up a very "hippy" kind of life style..and always used natural products so she had no idea what they were so I brought her one to show her, and she was like 6 months pregnant at the time, and when I showed her it, she also REALLY wanted to eat it. I say really like that because I caused this poor pregnant woman to have a craving for something she couldn't even eat haha. We ended up going to the store and buying her gushers which helped her craving haha.
      About 4 years later, the tidepod eating thing started, and she was the first person I had to show 🤣

  • chris Ez
    chris Ez 3 months ago +8

    Y’all do know you can buy detergent in bulk that doesn’t come in a mini container as sold in stores but rather a whole tub, it’s cost efficient and better for the environment

  • Heleen Quartel
    Heleen Quartel 3 months ago +1

    I'm shocked by the amount of softener she's putting in 😲

  • Winter
    Winter 3 months ago

    I'm impressed with the amount of scented beads in that jar

  • Ruruuu♡
    Ruruuu♡ 3 months ago

    Me: mom do we have candys or chocolate?
    Mom: yes we do in the laundry

  • lvvnderjoys
    lvvnderjoys 4 months ago +4867

    i got so scared when they threw the cups into the washing machine

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • Brute
      Brute 3 months ago

      THANK YOU, i keep seeing people comment how "oddly satisfying" it is. like girl no- thats an expensive replacement

    • crazywolf
      crazywolf 3 months ago

      @Heháka Kohana Runs With Bears well, not the detergent company we buy detergent from though @@

    • Heháka Kohana Runs With Bears
      Heháka Kohana Runs With Bears 3 months ago

      @Sampashree M It prevents waste. I learned this growing up extremely poor on a Reservation. If you're in extreme poverty, and especially on a lot of Reservations, detergent can be a luxury, and putting the cap in prevents as much waste as possible. It's recommended by detergent companies and like commenter above said, completely safe for clothes and washer. Rinsing it out with water just wastes the concentrated detergent in the cup.

    • JADEAK
      JADEAK 3 months ago

      I honestly just clean the cups with my hand after every use. My anxiety won’t let me put plastic is a washing machine.

  • Lauren Chambers
    Lauren Chambers 3 months ago

    I have the same washer and I’m just surprised she didn’t leave a hole in the middle, that’s what the instructions and my parents always taught me to do.

  • The Friendly Android Band
    The Friendly Android Band 3 months ago +1

    You have your laundry detergents set up like candy..... Hilarious! 😂

  • Kayla Beth
    Kayla Beth 3 months ago

    I thought I was the only one who put the dispensing cups in the wash load. Glad to know I’m not. 😅

  • Bananavery
    Bananavery 3 months ago +2

    I was like "hm this feels familiar" then I realized we have this washing machine lol.

  • Kuroka Gator
    Kuroka Gator 4 months ago +623

    Stop using softeners. Seriously. I don't care how good it smells, it's bad for your laundry and here is why.
    Softeners use a kind of wax or silicone film to seal fabric and make it, well, soft, and to seal the lovely smell inside it. Sounds good so far.
    However, with this wax/silicone seal they also seal in the water and limescale (? Non native speaker sorry) into your clothing as well. In that case, water and limescale get into the clothes but not out anymore because of the wax.
    And while water will dry, it'll leave the limescale behind, causing your clothes to turn over a long period of time hard and the fabric will be severely damaged to the point of ripping more easy.
    The second bad thing is because your clothes don't dry as fast anymore, the water will need longer to evaporate. What happens to a space that is moist and warm? Exactly! Bacteria. Tons of it. And they will fester everywhere.
    You'll eventually start to notice it when you come out of the shower, take a fresh towel to dry yourself off and it smells weird. That's the bacteria. Clean you + clean towel should not equal weird smell.
    And because of the new wax film, that'll remain until your next wash, your clothes won't be able to absorb as much water as before. Kind of critical considering towels and sportswear.
    Long story short: Do not use softeners, because it ruins your laundry longterm and helps bacterial growth.

    • Laura Rabon
      Laura Rabon 3 months ago

      @Its Powers Oh you don't have any idea how allergic to all these scented products i am. I have mast cell activation syndrome and I can go into anaphylaxis or exasperation of asthma and even get neurological issues with muscle tics, seizure like activity, brain fog, word finding problems, tourettes syndrome. And its genetic and getting worse especially when everything has to have added stronger scents.
      Unfortunately unsented dryer sheets are not safe alternatives because of the chemicals that are used in them.
      I have a friend who gets migranes from scented products.
      They are essentially selling cancer and breathing problems in a box.

    • Laura Rabon
      Laura Rabon 3 months ago

      @alondra g. alpaca or wool dryer balls or plastic ones. Use a little white vinegar in the rinse water

    • Laura Rabon
      Laura Rabon 3 months ago

      @kazza div put it in the fabric softener dispenser

    • RoyalReyna
      RoyalReyna 3 months ago

      @Jam I never use fabric softener and my towels are never hard either. Maybe it's the fabric of your towels?

  • Dane Person
    Dane Person 3 months ago

    When I saw this at first I was like “ooh that looks good” but when I watched it more I realized it wasn’t candy

  • Concerned cat
    Concerned cat 3 months ago +1

    Everyone: I'm in awe over...
    Me: Haha I have that washer 🙂

  • CJnDJ8402
    CJnDJ8402 3 months ago

    If I’m a parent I’m gonna be scared out of my mind that my kids gonna look at the jar and say “ooo! Sprinkles!” And then I’ll find him on the floor two minutes later

  • RED
    RED 3 months ago

    hi, can you tell me the names of products please because I’m so so much curious about them ,in my country we are use only washing powder so this is so fascinating for me🙂

  • akshita
    akshita 3 months ago

    It's like getting juice from the container in a party 😂

  • someone you dont know
    someone you dont know 3 months ago

    WHERE DID SHE GET THE LAUNDRY MACHINE ive never heard it sounding like that its so cute

  • Kristi Tyler
    Kristi Tyler 3 months ago

    You could stick a little command hook on the jar of scented booster beads to hang the scoop! 💡

  • Bubble tea girls
    Bubble tea girls 2 months ago

    So satisfying 😍

  • Jwokii
    Jwokii 4 months ago +1061

    When you realize your literally just watching somebody do their laundry

  • Jane Spain
    Jane Spain 3 months ago +5

    Love how you threw the cups in the wash. Get all that products worth, no wasting any.

  • Frances Walker
    Frances Walker 3 months ago

    I have that exact washer!😃

  • Esoteric Breed
    Esoteric Breed 3 months ago +1

    So this just let me know I use waaay too much fabric softener in detergent in my laundry🥲😅

  • A M
    A M 3 months ago +1

    WOAH PUTTING THE SOAP CUPS IN THE WASHER 🤯 how have I never tried that?

  • mikki laurice
    mikki laurice 4 months ago +466

    Thank you for solving the “what do I do with the dirty cap after using a dispenser” dilemma.. I was seriously angry at these containers for not having a place for it to drain back into.

    • Houston WadeCompton
      Houston WadeCompton 3 months ago

      @Tiffany Bumgarner yeah most obvious and efficient thing to do some people can't add 1 and 1

    • toxicstarcandy
      toxicstarcandy 3 months ago +1

      @Tiffany Bumgarner I do the same

    • Kyle Busc
      Kyle Busc 3 months ago +36

      @Beth M yeah abrasion...... That's what it's doing

    • Beth M
      Beth M 3 months ago +13

      I throw my cap into the laundry too. Helps lift items for better cleaning, provides for abrasion and cleans the cup….win win

  • Mansi Singh
    Mansi Singh 3 months ago +1

    Everyone is satisfying with #asmr
    Meanwhile me : What is the name and model of this machine 🤔🤔🤔

  • Lilli Beutlin
    Lilli Beutlin 2 months ago

    ngl I need to do something similar, my laundry room is getting messy again.

  • Arfaa Bint Waseem
    Arfaa Bint Waseem 3 months ago +1

    Omg my washing machine literally has the same sound effects! I was perplexed why this was familiar lol

    • Jazzy L.
      Jazzy L. 3 months ago

      You know you're an adult when you already decided to purchase a washer/dryer combo that sings. When I have my own place this is one of the top 5 needs. Using the shared laundry in my appartment building, no chirps, so sad 🥲

  • Aline Emanuelle Lins
    Aline Emanuelle Lins 3 months ago

    Sonho 💜

  • vio
    vio 4 months ago +1683

    Not for those with kids. These are just candies and something cool to drink.

    • Catherine Woods
      Catherine Woods 3 months ago

      @TSR1989 what's it like to be a perfect parent? 🙄

    • Atledos
      Atledos 3 months ago +1

      Yep, looks like some mints candies to me

    • Prosperous Utensil
      Prosperous Utensil 3 months ago

      Don't worry. The toddler gets snacks and drinks out of their own mini fridge.

    • Its Powers
      Its Powers 3 months ago +5

      I just want to say to everyone saying that leaving it out isn't a problem or to just teach the kids that that is not good advice. Hundreds of kids have died from self inflicted gun shot wounds, overdose on pills, etc. Even more have been poisoned from drinking bleach, alcohol, or other household items. Just telling kids not to touch something isn't enough. Kids get into stuff they aren't suppose to all the time because they have no understanding of the consequences like adults do. Of course we should teach them but we also need to keep things in child proof containers as well for extra measure.

    • trin train
      trin train 3 months ago

      don't leave your kids alone or teach them not to mess with that stuff. keep it out of their range

  • Nelson Guerrero
    Nelson Guerrero 3 months ago

    Damn now I know why at my uncle's I find the damn caps in the laundry. I didn't know that was a thing lol.. I always rinse my cup with the water that's filling the machine 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Chase
    Chase 3 months ago

    I need to know where she got those glass containers we want to do something like this !

  • MsRedrose1983
    MsRedrose1983 3 months ago

    You just gave me vision of how to organize the laundry cleaners.

  • JoJo Renee
    JoJo Renee 3 months ago

    Fabric softener is liquid wax, coats your clothes, towels, and builds up in the drain hose

  • Afifah Husna
    Afifah Husna 3 months ago

    I'm a bit different. I got stressed out when I watch an ASMR, but it calms my ears.

  • Wendy Garton
    Wendy Garton 3 months ago +1

    Those scented beads cost a fortune here in Australia!

  • Victor López
    Victor López 3 months ago

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  • Worldwide Famous yk
    Worldwide Famous yk 2 months ago

    At first I thought, she's gonna make some cotton candies 😂😂

  • Austin Wilburn
    Austin Wilburn 4 months ago +16

    We do something similar with sugar, creamer, etc but I’ve never thought about doing this with my laundry stuff. Looks really cute and “funner” (granted on how much fun has with doing the laundry lol)

  • Gerry Jr
    Gerry Jr 3 months ago

    😐 There's no way in the world that I'm not throwing my tops in the washing machine when I do my laundry

  • Ambika Sutar
    Ambika Sutar 2 months ago

    This video makes me wanna do laundry

  • AL Rise
    AL Rise 3 months ago

    Omg the glass containers with pour spouts are genius!

    HAZEL 3 months ago +1

    If I'd be doing the laundry with 1 hand of mine I would probably DROP EVERYTHING

  • Rilynn Christensen
    Rilynn Christensen 4 months ago +1775

    Oh my gosh, throwing the lids in to clean them is GENIUS

  • Squid
    Squid 3 months ago +1

    I was today years old when I found out that you can throw the detergent caps in the washer lol

  • Livia Sircu
    Livia Sircu 3 months ago

    "Oooh mooom!! Look what candys i found!! Are smelling so good i wanna taste them !"
    Little Jonny Rip 2015-2019

  • April Grijalva
    April Grijalva 3 months ago

    You laundry soap display is so cute 🥰

  • Unicorn Selene
    Unicorn Selene 3 months ago

    "if I have to do laundry"
    I hope to one day be successful enough that I don't have to do laundry. I prefer it to dishes but it's literally like death and taxes and even those are easier to avoid.

    CONTACT JOY 4 months ago +527

    This is OK for a single person who never ever has children visitors.
    The containers are a set up for tragedy if children are present.

    • ItsTayay G
      ItsTayay G 3 months ago +3

      @u buuut that has significant risks lol. Reason why news never run out of material

    • Kara X
      Kara X 3 months ago +4

      You said exactly what I was thinking lol!

    • Lucky Peonies
      Lucky Peonies 3 months ago +14

      @u Yeah, it would be annoying to have to watch them like a hawk; you might well lock the door or just not have the containers.

    • Tavon Mccall
      Tavon Mccall 3 months ago +23

      @Crying is ok! right. People are commenting this like every parent is irresponsible😂

  • charles berry
    charles berry 3 months ago

    POV: You don’t work, gotta make the basics “interesting”

  • Alex Valenti
    Alex Valenti 3 months ago +2

    I was today years old when i realized you wash the caps with the laundry!

  • Lala B
    Lala B 3 months ago

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  • Raj Kabir Joshi
    Raj Kabir Joshi 3 months ago

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  • L̆̈ĭ̈s̆̈ă̈ S̆̈m̆̈ĭ̈l̆̈ĕ̈s̆̈

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  • Watch These Ducks
    Watch These Ducks 3 months ago

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  • Theresa Pigman
    Theresa Pigman 3 months ago

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  • T👁️F
    T👁️F 3 months ago

    Aren't those wax beads? In your laundry? I hope you're very satisfied with the results! 😆

  • Alandria
    Alandria 3 months ago

    I wish there was a laundry shop where you could simply refill all your empty Tide/Downy jugs.
    Ohhhh it would smell so good in there!! 😩

  • Phoenix_Ash30
    Phoenix_Ash30 4 months ago +5163

    You should never let your kid in there, those look edible for them. I legit thought those were sprinkles at first

    • SaaD  007
      SaaD 007 16 days ago


    • The Odd Plebs
      The Odd Plebs 3 months ago

      @Vishnu Prasath a detergent candies. lol. jokes aside idk what that is either, my mind keeps telling me it is sugary sweets and I only used 'laundering' services so I never know that kind of new knowledge. (if you know what I mean lets laugh together)

    • Critter Tails
      Critter Tails 3 months ago +2

      And the type of glass jar they are in along with the big scoop make them look even more edible.

  • Laura Koeth
    Laura Koeth 3 months ago

    I have that same exact washer!

  • Geraldine Ibañez
    Geraldine Ibañez 3 months ago

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  • DreamBeauty
    DreamBeauty 3 months ago

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