TESTING *NEW* PRIMARK BEAUTY... (Makeup, Fake Tan, Lashes etc...)

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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Comments • 961

  • Little Girl Blue
    Little Girl Blue 12 hours ago

    My face would not look that good in primark makeup lol u look beautiful

  • Its My Life
    Its My Life 14 hours ago

    That is my favourite tan!! I dont rinse it off i just leave it over night to develop and then done😍

  • _.tarynrose
    _.tarynrose 2 days ago

    I have that powder x

  • Erin Ray
    Erin Ray 3 days ago

    Her eye stopped moving😂😂😂 2:52

  • Ayesha Shah
    Ayesha Shah 3 days ago

    That makeup look looks soooo stunning like ahhh in love and I definitely see an improvement on their products but the tan somehow gives off a grey/olive undertone to it? is it just me? idk but other than that everything is pretty good for such a cheap price!

  • Eleanor Brant
    Eleanor Brant 4 days ago +1

    Her smelling the tanner is like the kombucha girl😂

  • Bilqees N
    Bilqees N 5 days ago

    Very pretty look. The makeup looks amazing

  • Bilqees N
    Bilqees N 5 days ago

    Primark is the best !

  • Kenza Rose Harrison
    Kenza Rose Harrison 7 days ago

    i’ve got the primark mascara that you bought and i hate it, i don’t wear makeup often but it’s so clumpy and it doesn’t do what it shows on the packaging at all 💓

  • Leigha Bradshaw
    Leigha Bradshaw 7 days ago

    Your so lovely, only just discovered you and already subscribed x

  • Alicja Majewska
    Alicja Majewska 9 days ago

    OMG that highlighter

  • Regina Abad-Galvez
    Regina Abad-Galvez 10 days ago

    Hi! I'm new to your channel. I love the brushes you use. They look so fluffy and soft. What brand are they?

  • Kelise.rose.x
    Kelise.rose.x 10 days ago

    What calendars are you going to be reviewing ? 💘💘

  • Blathnaid Kirwan
    Blathnaid Kirwan 10 days ago

    You should sleep in all of ur fake tans trust me u get well better results xx

  • Aesthetically _Pleased

    woah you suit that red lip colour, gosh your beautiful!!

  • Tamara
    Tamara 14 days ago

    Hei 😍
    I love the ideas you have. I'm frome Germany. I'm sorry for my english.
    I love your Video and i watch every single one but i think your videos are a little bit too light.
    I saw the last videos and they are a little bit too light.
    I hope you understand it right. I only wanna give you some criticism from a watcher 😅
    Xoxo love you 🤭

  • Mary Lynch
    Mary Lynch 17 days ago

    Your to funny love how u just dont care 😂😂😂

  • emilyyy x
    emilyyy x 17 days ago

    That highlighter looks amazing i need it!! I never try primark makeup, only ever lipsticks....💄✨
    Also those eyelashes are bombbbb😍

  • Chelsea Marshall
    Chelsea Marshall 17 days ago

    “a nice long thin one! just how i like it.”

  • Not Yours
    Not Yours 18 days ago

    I actually lol when you reacted to the smell of the fake tan. ‘Oooh Ohhhhh’. 😂

  • rizka faulina
    rizka faulina 26 days ago

    Pls try the new makeup revolution products
    I used to like to watch your videos of beauty stuff, but I don't think you are really into them right now

  • Aimee Ryan
    Aimee Ryan 26 days ago +1

    You are so beautiful, I’ve been watching you for years and every video you get prettier!

  • Aly Okeeffe
    Aly Okeeffe 27 days ago

    I’m really pale and was wondering if that fake tan will work on me and if so what shade will be best as I’m paper white pale lol

  • Madison Holland
    Madison Holland 27 days ago

    Loves this video x💝

  • Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Hi it’s better than being tango D! , I hate being sticky and also damp ! Sorry just a piece of useless information! You have beautiful skin , you could wear the most awful foundation and you would still look pretty ! Yes it does look nice ,I hope you have somewhere nice to go ! Regards liz

  • lisa marie o farrell
    lisa marie o farrell 29 days ago

    The whole lot suits you ❤

  • nevs singh
    nevs singh 29 days ago

    This makeup would look lovely for Autumn nice skinny jeans long boots and smart jacket x

  • nevs singh
    nevs singh 29 days ago


  • nevs singh
    nevs singh 29 days ago

    This mascara does my head in... bits fall off throughout the say

  • makeupwithalixkate
    makeupwithalixkate Month ago +1

    Omg I need that blush and highlight palette 😍

  • Jade Tomlinson
    Jade Tomlinson Month ago +2

    the black cherry range is new! I work in Primark on the beauty section and I love trying all the new stuff ! there's also a new powder too its an actual setting powder xx

  • Eleanor Richards
    Eleanor Richards Month ago +1

    I like that lip colour on you

  • Cilje Jørgensen
    Cilje Jørgensen Month ago +1

    You look really good whit eyeshadow. You should where it more often😊

  • Amie Cooper
    Amie Cooper Month ago

    ‘a nice long thin one. that’s how i like it’

  • Bella Yates
    Bella Yates Month ago

    The fake tan bottle reminds me of the lion king

  • Monika Verma
    Monika Verma Month ago

    You always make me laugh/smile when I watch your videos!!!! You're just great!!! 😊👍🏽🤣😂

  • Jessica Fill
    Jessica Fill Month ago

    Are you part of troom troom?

  • Kerry Swann
    Kerry Swann Month ago

    You look totally amazing! Love your make up videos xxx

  • Francesca B
    Francesca B Month ago

    With the donuts you're meant to out them in the fridge to make them cool ❤️❤️

  • Ocean Blue
    Ocean Blue Month ago

    I got the st Moriz for £2.99 aha

  • Kayla Butic
    Kayla Butic Month ago

    do a video testing the foods in the new primark cafe!! x

  • Grace Stenson
    Grace Stenson Month ago +2

    Me: pearl
    Sophie: champagne

  • Gemma rose Williams

    You’re so clumsy it’s so funny😂 couldn’t love you anymore!!❤️

  • Jaclyn Godfrey
    Jaclyn Godfrey Month ago

    Lol so many innuendos! ❤❤

  • Angie Pangie
    Angie Pangie Month ago

    where are those earrings from?

    • Abigail Logan
      Abigail Logan Month ago

      Angie Pangie I saw her to reply to someone else and they’re from ASOS x

  • Tammi Monaghan
    Tammi Monaghan Month ago

    Your face at 13:07 😂😂😂😂😂 this made the whole video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kerensa smith
    kerensa smith Month ago

    I have the glow setting spray and love it, I might try the matte one too. Primark also does a third one but I don't remember what it was. Love you Soph xx

  • Mango Amy
    Mango Amy Month ago

    I have the fake tan, works quite nicely although I applied it really bad when I first tried it lol 😂

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle Month ago +2

    That tan actually looks well nice I’m impressed 😂

  • Hanna Rahm
    Hanna Rahm Month ago

    Only Soph asks a powder for forgiveness.❤️

  • Bilgi
    Bilgi Month ago

    The tan looks like such a nice colour! Such an amazing price too! xo

  • Daisy Sabin
    Daisy Sabin Month ago

    What brushes are you using! They look so nice to use! :)

  • Dani Iv
    Dani Iv Month ago

    I love these products! ❤️ your reactions though 😂💞x

  • Evie Black
    Evie Black Month ago

    Your supposed to put the doughnuts in the frige

  • Rianna Persing
    Rianna Persing Month ago

    Love your videos! :D

  • SSorayaGGirl
    SSorayaGGirl Month ago

    So funny. So cute. That’s why I like your videos you are just 100% yourself🥰

  • shumiya Rahman
    shumiya Rahman Month ago

    You make me laugh all the time Sophie keep up the good work.
    Love you

  • Alice Taylor
    Alice Taylor Month ago

    The dark lip looks amazing on you!!

  • Grace Cousin
    Grace Cousin Month ago

    Your supposed to put the donuts in the fridge

  • Abbie Coulter
    Abbie Coulter Month ago

    I have that foundation and it rly does smell