A mirror paradox, Klein bottles and Rubik's cubes

  • Published on Jun 21, 2015
  • The Mathologer puts the latest $2000 addition to his Klein bottle collection to work. A couple of first-ever fun mathematical stunts in this video. This video finishes with a puzzle for you to think about. We posted a video with the solution on 1 August 2015: thexvid.com/video/ZMC61C5tigA/video.html
    Burkard Polster and Giuseppe Geracitano
    P.S.: Most of of Burkard's glass Klein bottles as well as the Klein bottle hat were made by Cliff Stoll of ACME Klein bottles (www.kleinbottle.com). The metal 3d-printed Klein bottle opener was made by Bathsheba Grossman (www.bathsheba.com).

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  • Krzysztof Miszczyński

    German sense of humor? Dosn’t exist, confirmed!

  • Hồ Huy
    Hồ Huy Day ago

    I don't like math, but some how, random videos to another lead me to this one (like... what?) and I think I like math now xD

  • karine sette
    karine sette Day ago

    Um dos melhores vídeos que já vi no youtube !

  • Steven Bob
    Steven Bob Day ago

    Mathologer: there are no edges
    Me: yeaaaaa buddy, sureeeeeeee

  • MrShelbyGTman
    MrShelbyGTman 2 days ago

    You know on it's side like that... It looks a lot like the human eye and optical nerve.

  • Višnja Čičin-Šain

    Why on Earth did I watch this till the end? :D

  • Joe Sycamore
    Joe Sycamore 3 days ago

    Surely a glass klein bottle has more than one edge because you can't get inside it physically?

  • Beaches south of L.A.

    Boy he sure is a Klein bottle lovin' fool!

  • Guido logisch
    Guido logisch 3 days ago


  • 1man1van
    1man1van 3 days ago

    This video made me unsubscribe, sorry!

  • Ross stewart
    Ross stewart 3 days ago +2

    I don't get the whole 4th dimension. Seems like he just edited it and just went yup they still connect cause of reasons.
    And the mirror image on mobius, he lost be there. Sure to be a mirror image your past self would still need to be there when you arrive at that point once you been rotated. Just seems all abit bizarre to an uneducated fool like me

  • HeidiSue60
    HeidiSue60 4 days ago

    If they put a piece across, covering the tube where it meets the bulbous part, wouldn't that cancel the "there is no inside or outside" aspect of the klein bottle?

  • Psycho Ink
    Psycho Ink 4 days ago

    dudes a shmuck. wont stop talking, wont get to the point. repeat yourself 10 times a video, and never show us how you got the cube in the bottle???? wtf man. wasted 16 minutes of my life, thinking i would learn something. YOU SUCK

  • brett gillespie
    brett gillespie 4 days ago

    At 6:30 if the figure went around the whole strip, wouldn't it be facing the same way???

    • brett gillespie
      brett gillespie 4 days ago

      So how does the figure on the left bottom end up facing the wrong way ( to me its the wrong way ). Shouldn't the feet be on the bottom facing right??

    • Stephanie Graham
      Stephanie Graham 4 days ago

      Nope he can't show 4th dimension (i think)

  • Sean Moran
    Sean Moran 5 days ago

    I can’t believe I just wasted my time watching this!

    • Babushka Novaya
      Babushka Novaya 4 days ago

      Well at least you got see the willy warmer he puts on his head.

  • Marie's Middle Child

    I wonder how many of the over 1.7mil was tricked onto this useless video like I was. Think the more than half of the 14K who did the thumby thingy gives the answer. 7.5K thumbs down, plus mine. Honesty truly eludes the multitude, especially the TheXvid video posters/posers. Gguess it doesn't matter as long as you're getting paid, or getting a rise out of it, or both. Total waste of sixteen minutes and a whole other twelve seconds atop the comment time. Never again!!!

  • S.Vidhyardh Singh
    S.Vidhyardh Singh 6 days ago +3

    Strips- Möbius strips
    Sphere- Klein bottle
    I hope that’s understandable

  • mamy ramer
    mamy ramer 6 days ago

    I bet he puts more than his rubics cube in there.

  • Disha Naik
    Disha Naik 7 days ago

    That's what Tony Stark did!

  • is a
    is a 8 days ago

    I’m stupid I cannot understand the 4th dimention stuff.

  • Kristopher Hogan
    Kristopher Hogan 8 days ago

    Is this guy on crack?

  • Brian Wallace
    Brian Wallace 9 days ago

    letting Jews rule the West and ban our content does not add up

  • Ignis Dracun
    Ignis Dracun 10 days ago

    Think about it like this: any Klein bottle ever made exists within and without every other Klein bottle ever made. You are also within and without a Klein bottle right now.

  • Joe 2.0
    Joe 2.0 10 days ago +1

    The Möbius strip man is only possible if you go over the edge, you didn’t account for the 2nd trip

    • rolliadlior
      rolliadlior 10 days ago

      I think I understand what you're getting at here. Imagine a 2D world, you as a 3D person would be able to observe it from both sides of the plane right. But for the 2D person, it would seem like that other 2D person would have ended up at the same place even though from our perspective he has only traveled 1/2 the distance. This is (I think) assuming that it would be possible for the 2D person to actually be able to rotate along its axis to begin with. My question is, what is the equivalent action of rotating around your axis in a 2D world in a 3D world and would you survive it?

  • Tommy Rabun
    Tommy Rabun 10 days ago

    my head exploded on how this happened. im smart enough to know im not smart enough

    FLUFFY SIOPAO 10 days ago

    I gave you a like for your video. :)

    FLUFFY SIOPAO 10 days ago

    In Egypt, the artists drew images just like this.

  • J DS
    J DS 10 days ago

    what the...??? how did I wind up here ? and how do I get the 16 minutes of my life I'll never ever get back along with the couple of IQ points I lost watching this...

    FLUFFY SIOPAO 10 days ago

    Before it was called "Klien Bottle" what did the Africans call it?

  • Eddie Hitler
    Eddie Hitler 11 days ago

    Would time also be a mirror image?

  • Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt 11 days ago

    If you want to see the design for a genuine imbalanced type perpetual motion wheel, you will find it here:

  • Alexsandro Gomes
    Alexsandro Gomes 11 days ago

    Vó nem zua vai que é doença

  • Dan Lettuce
    Dan Lettuce 12 days ago

    I regularly piss in bottles. not the same as a rubiks but there you go.

  • Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison 12 days ago

    Lamest video ever....

  • Ian Wallace
    Ian Wallace 13 days ago

    there's no hope of getting something into a perfect Klein bottle!

  • Graham Cracker
    Graham Cracker 13 days ago

    2,,000 dollars on a piece of thin glass huh... weird flex but okay

  • Samurai Medi
    Samurai Medi 13 days ago

    Was very intrested up until the last second

  • Amadou Cisse
    Amadou Cisse 14 days ago +2

    Damn! These try not to fall asleep challenges are getting harder and harder!

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore 14 days ago

    Please don't break the universe.

  • DJ MohGloJoJo
    DJ MohGloJoJo 14 days ago +1

    I am convinced that the earth is the shape of a kleinbottle... not round or flat

  • Jeremy Parker
    Jeremy Parker 15 days ago +1

    I really don't care what he talks about, I could just watch him all day.

  • Brog Lang
    Brog Lang 16 days ago +1

    Stop beating around the Bush and show us if you can fit the big cube through the hole or not........ no you cant, this was stupid. Waste of time.

  • Jovca Creaper
    Jovca Creaper 16 days ago

    Great video about 4d!!! I am so sad we cant realy imagine it.

  • Angelo Scoleri
    Angelo Scoleri 17 days ago +2

    Somehow you managed to disappoint your imaginary Girlfriend... Paradox Complete

  • Binary Codec
    Binary Codec 19 days ago

    Shoot me!

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin 19 days ago

    I just rolled my eyes so hard I saw my own brain.

  • AwesomeDog23
    AwesomeDog23 20 days ago +2

    People who watched endgame know what a Mobius strip is

  • stan goodrich
    stan goodrich 20 days ago

    That's great but....how was it done? Also reminds me of the riddle my father asked when I was very young. "If you eat an apple, is it inside your body, or outside your body?"

    • Muhammad Tauqeer
      Muhammad Tauqeer 16 days ago

      The cube could be magnetic or magnets. Now explain the apple part

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez 21 day ago


  • katie
    katie 21 day ago +1

    he's so cute man, so excited about his Klein bottle inside the Klein bottle and his wee hehehehe laugh awwww x

  • RL Ruby
    RL Ruby 22 days ago

    Why do more and more videos keep mentioning 'alibaba' as a source for products. That website is shady, and bad for our economy.. Dont people see the bigger picture? Think before promoting a country that is in direct competition to the free world.

  • Anwar Alam
    Anwar Alam 22 days ago

    Such a waste of time

  • Mudassar Majeed
    Mudassar Majeed 23 days ago

    wasted time

  • AJ Simon Productionz Aj

    The "GOD" of "CLICKBAIT" .......SMH

    ARONIOUS2 23 days ago

    It would be cool to see how the glass blower makes the klein bottle

  • TeslaRock
    TeslaRock 27 days ago

    okay ?

  • Stig Otto Brose
    Stig Otto Brose 29 days ago

    Man, this was boring! Is this guy for real??

  • Omar Rafique
    Omar Rafique 29 days ago

    People dislike this because they think that like and dislike are two sides of a mobius strip.

  • jhony angarita
    jhony angarita Month ago

    the Moebius ribbon does not open a dimensional portal

  • jhony angarita
    jhony angarita Month ago

    if you have an inside and an outside which is the tangle with the bottle of Klein

  • Jim Giant
    Jim Giant Month ago +2

    Isn't a huge klein bottle an oxymoron?

  • Harry Lachanas
    Harry Lachanas Month ago

    just lost 16:12 min:sec of my life!

  • I D
    I D Month ago +1

    I think if there is a very smail "ring" of glass missing "outside" the smaller tube, then it would be a Klein bottle. NO matter where you go, it's the same surface. Even if you would go through the "ring " from the 3 dimensional outer surface, it's still the same.

  • Ismael S
    Ismael S Month ago

    I "NEED" that Klein hat

  • Weihan Xingqi
    Weihan Xingqi Month ago +5

    Fascinating! A German Sheldon Cooper - and he's brilliant.

  • Reed R
    Reed R Month ago

    I thought the fourth dimension is time.

  • kitkat_boy
    kitkat_boy Month ago

    This is not what I thought it is.

  • Valentin Jay
    Valentin Jay Month ago +1

    Das Bild bei 7:36 ist falsch. Oder habe ich nen Denkfehler? Bin das jetzt mehrfach durchgegangen und bei mir kommt die Figur anders raus...

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Month ago

      Important: the MS has 0 thickness and so does the little man. In addition the little man is part of the MS. The little man is not sliding along the surface :)

  • Nick Fontana
    Nick Fontana Month ago

    Impossible, he must of had the glass blower put it in for him or he would of showed us how it was done......

  • appraised
    appraised Month ago

    i'm dum

  • Jay Gobolos
    Jay Gobolos Month ago +6

    What happens if you divide a Klein bottle by zero while you're inside a time machine?

  • Vinyasi
    Vinyasi Month ago

    You've probably heard this from someone else. What you're describing is called karma which, of course, is a rewording of Newton's Action and Reaction business.
    But here's my contribution...
    Charlie Lutes was a friend to many practitioners of Transcendental Meditation. He used to frequently say how consciousness is equivalent to karma for all intents and purposes. And we know that consciousness can recreate our physical existence by adepts of Yoga who are accomplished yogis: perfected humans, aka saints. In the Sanskrit, they're called: siddhas.
    So, a mirrored image of one's self returning to one's self traveling along on a mobius-strip-model of the universe is indeed the karmic consequential consciousness of one's own self.
    Thus, whenever we hear about that ancient Greek superlative which spells out: "Be true to one's self" (To thine own self be true) is really good advice since our karma will demand this of our selves (whether or not we want it to) due to what you are presenting is following the laws of the universe requiring our consciousness, literally our very existence, must report back to one's self the full effects of one's actions! And not merely some of our actions (the one's we like to remind ourselves about), but all of them: both the good, the bad and everything else in between...
    And this also exhibits how our actions return as a mirrored image of their original copy to give us a viewpoint outside our self what our actions looked like from the perspective of the universe of the other creatures who will receive these actions of ours. All too often we think that we do good things. And we have the best of intentions. But that doesn't mean that our good intentions guarantees good effects. For what if the receiver of our actions sees the opposite due to their own unique interpretation flips the appearance (and judgment) of our action into a hideous nightmare for themselves to receive from our good intentioned actions? What then?
    How do we explain to them we meant no harm if they can't help but see only harm come to them from ourselves if that's the only way which they can see it? And the only way they must experience it? What then?
    Mother Nature knows all too well of this possibility occurring. So, She engineers it so that all actions of any sort are reflected back to our self as a mirrored reflection of its original copy. Voila! Now, we have a true perspective based on a wholesome view of action as seen from both sides of an action: both the sender's viewpoint and the receiver's viewpoint constructing a unified view of action and reaction. Which is Mother Nature's viewpoint. So, why shouldn't it be ours, also?
    Are we not made in the image (likeness) of God? So, why shouldn't we be Gods to one another?...
    Or, as it is proclaimed by several of the characters (one of them portrayed by a very young Keanu Reeves along with George Carlin portraying another character) in the movie, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: "Be excellent to each other!" And...
    "Party on, dudes!"


  • ChrisTzouve
    ChrisTzouve Month ago

    I thought that they were "small" bottles! 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Dimitrov
    Alexander Dimitrov Month ago

    Lalalalalal..... And! ,,,,...lalallalala nothing .

    WE ARE LEGION Month ago

    This was as un impressive as putting a ping ping ball in a coffee mug ..... am i missing something here

  • Adam Arabis
    Adam Arabis Month ago

    What the..... ... Holy shit, what is this wizardry?

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    Someone should design a Klein bottle Fleshlight that you jizz in and it stores your jizz

  • Vili Taskinen
    Vili Taskinen Month ago

    White man is the reason we live in such a great world. This is a wrong and a racist thing to say,but it's true.

  • Kasa Jizo
    Kasa Jizo Month ago +4

    Mathematics in 2000 BC: how to construct a pentagon in a circle using just a compass and straight edge
    Mathematics in 2019: how to put a Rubik's Cube in a humongous Klein Bottle


    How many "okey" he said?😂

  • Mayur Jobanputra
    Mayur Jobanputra Month ago

    What presentation software did you use?

  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh Month ago

    You could fill it with beer. But that would sure be wasting a lot of beer

  • Quake3ExcessivePlayr
    Quake3ExcessivePlayr Month ago +52

    Expected to see how he put rubix cube inside kline bottle. Unmet expectation equals disappointment. I am dissapointed.

    • markmd9
      markmd9 28 days ago +2

      That is a self assembling magnetic cube

    • A B
      A B Month ago +5

      Greetings, Quake3ExcessivePlayr! My name is Cuntbot. My purpose is to make you aware of your careless spelling mistakes.

  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf Month ago

    4th dimension is time. how do you move it in time?
    And that is not mirrored.
    Using the mirror feature on paint doens't make it mirrored for real.
    Besides, if gravity still functions in the strip, then the man won't be turned, just, perhaps, squished.

  • NeonMusic
    NeonMusic Month ago

    What did I just watch? Anyone?

  • rproono
    rproono Month ago

    Uh oh. The like to dislike ratio is not good

  • Gerard Fontanilla
    Gerard Fontanilla Month ago

    he explaining how to make klein bottles made me hit dislike 10 times.

  • Aslan Guseinov
    Aslan Guseinov Month ago

    Mobius Stripper, she ends where she started!

  • Tee Owe
    Tee Owe Month ago

    He doesn't tell you how to put it in. just use lube.

  • Xhopp3r
    Xhopp3r Month ago

    What a letdown. He never showed how he did it. Not a complete waste of time though, because I found the bottle interesting.

  • John Surratt
    John Surratt Month ago

    Nuts yes

  • 00111001 10011100
    00111001 10011100 Month ago

    Looks like the world's largest crack Pipe

  • spiritsealed
    spiritsealed Month ago

    what the hell?!!

  • Peter Bollwerk
    Peter Bollwerk Month ago

    The fact that he doesn’t show how he does it, is the joke. Remember how he talks about a “true” Klein bottle would be in the 4th dimension, but part is invisible to us.
    That’s what he did at the end. The editing of the video at the end is the “invisible 4th dimension” in how he gets the cube inside.
    Kind of a clever joke.

  • truBador2
    truBador2 Month ago

    devise verb

  • truBador2
    truBador2 Month ago

    Klien bottle. Immediate like.

  • Paul S
    Paul S Month ago

    Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip? To get to the same side.

  • Deddy Dayag
    Deddy Dayag Month ago +1

    The fact that this video has more than 50% downvotes reflects how today’s humanity worship stupidity, Flat earth bullshit and Kardashian instead of logic and science.

  • elistickband
    elistickband Month ago +1

    I was with him up to when he said "So, something arrived in the mail"

  • Dave Burt
    Dave Burt Month ago

    Is this guy nuts?