A mirror paradox, Klein bottles and Rubik's cubes


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  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins 7 hours ago

    Sadly this is more topology and physics than most people can easily understand.

  • jay71512
    jay71512 9 hours ago

    4th dimension? Sorry my brain only accepts 3!

  • Philip Eigen
    Philip Eigen 9 hours ago

    The giggle when he puts the klein bottle in the klein bottle

  • Matthew Sivewright
    Matthew Sivewright 19 hours ago

    7:43 : Are you sure that diagram is right? I tried a practical method and the end at start there were the the same.

  • Kashn Itall
    Kashn Itall 2 days ago

    So i didn't understand why was i watching this clip but then im thinking to myself like I'm sure this man not making this video for nothing and i start thinking why why why and BOOM it hit me

  • Free6ix9ine free69
    Free6ix9ine free69 4 days ago +2

    Damn I was waiting for this guy to show how he got the cube in the tight hole and it never happens 😔😔🤦‍♂️

  • Ricardo montalban
    Ricardo montalban 4 days ago

    Where do you put the weed in?

  • you2tooyou2too
    you2tooyou2too 4 days ago

    When Flatty on the Mobius comes back as mirror image, he has made the first half of a 'full' trip around the Mobius universe, and will return (to) normal if he continues and completes the 'full' trip.

  • wiplashsmile
    wiplashsmile 4 days ago

    Aren't the bottles with the open intersection more representative of a 4D Klien bottle than the closed intersections?

  • Joda
    Joda 4 days ago

    14:09 Weird flex but ok

  • Oliver Kunkel
    Oliver Kunkel 5 days ago

    Why does a drawed figure turn mirrored after walking the whole surface of a möbius strip? This is not true.

  • Pete Skyrunner
    Pete Skyrunner 5 days ago

    The best example of the 4th dimension I've seen.

  • Fordy McFord
    Fordy McFord 5 days ago

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  • Fakhrus Salhin
    Fakhrus Salhin 6 days ago

    wtf??????????? i saw that bottle i knew what i'm looking at and exactly how it was made within a couple seconds, i didn't know that the whole video was about explaining that. worst video on youtube EVER

  • Dmitri Lessy
    Dmitri Lessy 6 days ago

    What am i... Is it.. What.... Do you.... Why?

  • Caleb Cook
    Caleb Cook 7 days ago

    At 10:30 "if you get that cube in that bottle..."

    • Caleb Cook
      Caleb Cook 7 days ago

      And how the fuq he get the cube in the bottle

  • Charles McMillion
    Charles McMillion 8 days ago

    Is there a psychiatric name for what's wrong with this guy?

  • Bruce David
    Bruce David 9 days ago

    Nonsensical, and I hope he doesn`t have someone tied up in his Basement... or in a Klein Bottle!

  • Dan Finazzo
    Dan Finazzo 9 days ago

    He did not mention magnets at all . . . !!

  • johnrtrucker
    johnrtrucker 10 days ago

    If you put a Klein bottle inside a Klein bottle inside a Klein bottle the 3 dimensional space we live in will suddenly divide by zero and you break physics

  • The Real 1noskcaj
    The Real 1noskcaj 11 days ago

    I’m watching a 4D object as a 3D model on a 2D screen.

  • Szymon D
    Szymon D 11 days ago

    Really...? But why...?

  • Awesome Productions
    Awesome Productions 12 days ago


  • Tim K
    Tim K 12 days ago

    I was waiting for him to put his gerbil tube inside the Klein bottle. Thank God he didn’t go there

  • Auspicious Autonomous
    Auspicious Autonomous 13 days ago

    Only at 2 minutes it reminds me of some pictures I've been taking of rubber bands. Here is a link to one picture, but more are in the album. Just spontaneous art in ways. This one looks like a music symbol! facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10213633485770805&set=a.10213474723761854&type=3&theater

  • Donel Mallory
    Donel Mallory 13 days ago

    Dont do the Klein, (Rubic Cube deniers!) If u can't do the time..

  • Donel Mallory
    Donel Mallory 13 days ago

    Just subscribed..
    Please correct the animation at the 6:55ish.. Love the decernible illustrations and instruction, but u have the cartoon creature going full-flip-mirror-gansta in a single not so apparent, single bound of super-too-cofuionist

  • lol hi
    lol hi 13 days ago

    That man turned a Klein bottle into a wine bottle

  • Lawrence Hoorman
    Lawrence Hoorman 14 days ago

    Try a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle in a fish bowl.

  • Ben Birchman
    Ben Birchman 14 days ago

    If you trace the man's feet along the line he shouldn't be upside down... Unless it's just seethrough strip and he didn't walk all the way around

  • Milind Shekhawat
    Milind Shekhawat 15 days ago

    Technically the whole universe is inside that klein bottle.

  • Ana Almeida
    Ana Almeida 15 days ago

    You nerdy man! I bet you paid the glassblower to put in!

  • Norman Plombe
    Norman Plombe 16 days ago

    Thank you for the lesson....and I apologize for kinda wanting to see that big Klein bottle shatter.

  • Wojtek Tomalik
    Wojtek Tomalik 17 days ago

    Thanks for the totally awesome mirror paradox explanation. The rest, I blame myself for waiting for... I don't know what I was waiting for.. nice hat?... I dunno.

  • Nehmo Sergheyev
    Nehmo Sergheyev 17 days ago

    2K$ for a Kline bottle?! Someone suckered you inside out, Burkard.

  • Donnie Dollarhide Jr.
    Donnie Dollarhide Jr. 17 days ago

    algebraic topology is always cool

  • Gary Seven
    Gary Seven 18 days ago

    According to your theoretical explanation of the Klein Bottle's properties the intersection should not be blocked up with a wall of glass. Later you state it should be blocked.. I don't understand this.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven
    Ludwig van Beethoven 18 days ago

    i dont understand the mirror paradox, your image of the 2d man walking through a mobus strip didnt fully go through the entire walking distance

  • Cephalopod_387
    Cephalopod_387 19 days ago

    5:56 had me laughing so hard

  • Jason Nosaj
    Jason Nosaj 20 days ago

    Why didn’t you show how you got the 2x2 in there???? That’s honestly the only interesting thing in this entire video. 😐

  • Steven Wunders
    Steven Wunders 20 days ago

    when you have the example in front of you, you don't have to go through the 42 ways of how it's not something else. just explain how it is and what it is. didn't finish this video either.

  • troll
    troll 20 days ago

    The real paradox is that i am watching a 3D man showing a 4D bottle on my 2D monitor (and i am also ending the sentence with a NO-D dot).

  • Brayan Rodriguez
    Brayan Rodriguez 21 day ago

    When iz over n realize waste of time

  • Jon Kinkopf
    Jon Kinkopf 21 day ago

    how did he put the rubiks cube in the klein bottle

  • sam lidgett
    sam lidgett 22 days ago +1

    U ok there bruv

  • Barry Evans
    Barry Evans 24 days ago

    These things don't make sense to me. Why do these clever people try to visualise things in four dimensions? Our brains are adapted to the way we see in three dimensions, so trying to put a three dimensional interpretation on a four dimensional object is never going to work. We'll just end up thinking about it wrong. I guess they are too clever to admit that they can't do it?

  • Snouie
    Snouie 25 days ago

    The man is not traveling around the mobius strip He IS the mobius strip
    but its like trying to run around the block fast enough to look at the back of your own head
    and if you could see the back of your own head with your own eyes it would be like being inside out
    but we would also have to inhale the whole world and universe too through our feet as we throw up our inards
    So if we are inside out now with the whole universe included on the inside of us
    we would feel right side out again
    (its difficult to explain in words but it makes sense to me)
    Some people in the comments said "If we traveled the mobius strip we would be inside out/outside in" Yes to our mirrored self and No to our self but since our mirrored self is still the same person the answer is no because
    we will always see our self as right side out
    As we travel the mobius strip our mirrored self is also traveling the same so we just switch places with ourselves
    The dimension to our mirrored self is not out in space its inside of each and one of us
    So right now I am inside my mirrored self and my mirrored self is inside me I am unable to tell which one of us is actually inside out because we see ourselves always as right side out and we are the same person

  • Amigo Secreto
    Amigo Secreto 25 days ago


  • Micheal Bodnar
    Micheal Bodnar 25 days ago

    I was a
    Watching to see how he put it in then he just cuts it out so we dont know

  • Blackheart Darkstar
    Blackheart Darkstar 25 days ago

    At 7:30, he claims the man would be mirrored, but he hasn't made a full loop yet.. At that point in the 'travel' he would he on the opposite side of where he began, he still has half a trip to make.
    The guy pulled him through the strip to his starting point when he was only halfway.
    ((I'm only at the posted time, pardon me if he explains this, I posted now because I have a bad habbit of forgetting what I wanted to say))

    • Snouie
      Snouie 25 days ago

      He is implying the man Is the piece of paper on a 1 dimensional path but even if he is actually inside out or mirrored The Man will always see himself as right side out
      and he was not pulled through the strip because he is the strip

  • ViiRal
    ViiRal 25 days ago

    COUPLE THOUSAND? You’re saying it like that’s cheap for fucking glass

  • Leng Thor
    Leng Thor 25 days ago

    Wtf dude....jacked off for 16 mins and 10 seconds of it inside. Tou will never reproduce that way.

  • Richard Phillipps
    Richard Phillipps 25 days ago

    Haha, love the klein bottle in a klein bottle world first :D thank you for your vids! Great job

  • music school
    music school 25 days ago

    How he get rubix cube into that bottle

  • JKazama182
    JKazama182 25 days ago

    the major flaw in his explanation is when he talks about the 4th dimension! Every one knows that 4D = Time! He totally re-invented the definition to fit his narrative. He essentially tried to explain 2 dimensional objects as 1 Dimensional, so when he factors in “Another” dimension he exclaims 4 dimensions! When its really just 3! He’s a failed professor in this! He’s using descriptive illusion to rationalize optical illusion into a 3D environment/object! Its not 4D! Soooo this is false, and he just has a fetish for something that is NOT mathematically complex! Its just a cool glass blowing technique

  • raghul deva
    raghul deva 26 days ago

    @6:56 the concept is wrong.. he will be coming to finish how he started.. just think on it

    • Snouie
      Snouie 25 days ago

      The concept is correct because people think the man is pulled through the strip but Really the man Is the strip itself

  • Jon Page
    Jon Page 26 days ago

    The most disappointing video I've ever watched in my entire life

  • Trollface 101
    Trollface 101 26 days ago

    So in the 4th dimension we are just on a strip of paper

  • Julie-Anne Teresa Lanham

    Wow that showed me NOTHING.

  • Aleš Tomis
    Aleš Tomis 26 days ago

    I just waisted 16min of my life.

  • Kenny Westone
    Kenny Westone 26 days ago

    14:59 that nerd laugh, that was the thing that you've been beat up by bullies in school and made you a great man that you are today.

  • Kettenraucher HD
    Kettenraucher HD 26 days ago

    I want someone to be as enthusiastic about me as Mathologer is about his Klein bottles

  • Joe Eagar
    Joe Eagar 27 days ago

    Are klein bottles technically closed surfaces?

  • EspectroUrbano
    EspectroUrbano 27 days ago

    So much hate in the comments. But I really love this guy's enthusiasm about Klein bottles. It's cute and the collection is adorable.

    SURAJ KUMAR 27 days ago

    F***ing stupid just wasted my time here

  • bigbassjonz
    bigbassjonz 27 days ago

    So a real Klein bottle has no entry into the larger bulb? Sounds like it's not a bottle at all.

  • Deepansh Bhargava
    Deepansh Bhargava 27 days ago

    He somehow reminds me of Buster Bluth and Walter White
    I love him!!

  • VJ Kay
    VJ Kay 28 days ago

    I can’t believe I watched this, what a lossssser

  • Altair4611
    Altair4611 28 days ago

    just use the keychain cube version and slip that sucker in there

  • Altair4611
    Altair4611 28 days ago

    >says they cannot exist in our third dimension
    >proceeds to show his collection of klein bottles

  • FleidHD Lp
    FleidHD Lp 28 days ago

    7:05 why would the man be upside down? In the part he has to walk which isn't seen in the picture he would turn so he'd stand normal again, or did i missunderstood anything?

  • F M
    F M 28 days ago

    Take some LSD and you trip through the Universe and come back reversed, not just theoretically :-D

  • Unslaad Krosis
    Unslaad Krosis 28 days ago

    A 4th simensional beings child toy is magic to us 3 dimensional beings :(

  • Jason Rhodes
    Jason Rhodes 29 days ago

    Every time he drops something into a Klein bottle, it is probably fucking up the universe somewhere.

    • Jason Rhodes
      Jason Rhodes 24 days ago

      +Snouie If you were meaning me, I was being facetious.

    • Snouie
      Snouie 25 days ago

      just reading the comment section is proof

  • Aaron Fingerle
    Aaron Fingerle 29 days ago

    Is the freakin' getman?
    His accent is just german😂
    I'm german too

  • Stephen Needham
    Stephen Needham 29 days ago

    They don't want answers, they want attention?

  • ComedicEinstein
    ComedicEinstein 29 days ago

    But can you smoke out of them?

  • Orion In The Sky
    Orion In The Sky Month ago


  • Franklin Barnes
    Franklin Barnes Month ago


  • Jharna Mandal
    Jharna Mandal Month ago

    You are really mental but I love your videos very very much.Plz don't mind

  • Hopeson Louis
    Hopeson Louis Month ago

    😱you didn't show how you put that cube in the bottle???

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez Month ago

    H.P. Lovecraft wrote about a mirror that had such properties!

  • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    So if you go one time around youre strange after.. but if you go second time youre normal again?

  • Robert Gift
    Robert Gift Month ago

    Why not show assembling the cube inside the Klien bottle?

  • Gary Soza
    Gary Soza Month ago

    How did I get here? Klein bottle effect? I was really not into this stuff and now I am! So in my 3D thinking I was outside the Klein bottle stuff but really as this is a 4th dimensional creature I was in all the time!? Where is my Klein bottle hat?!

  • Андрей Егоров

    You have a mistake here. Your person on a mebeus strip will not get mirrored. In the video you forgot to walk him on not visible side of strip. He will be at same pose on the end of his trip along strip.

    • Андрей Егоров
      Андрей Егоров Month ago

      +Mathologer so he is like drawn through it? Then I get it. But its unclear in the video.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Month ago

      A mathematical MS just like a plane has not thickness, neither has the little man who is part of this MS. He does NOT slide around on the MS he is part of it.

  • CombraStudios
    CombraStudios Month ago

    If you paid attention in Futurama S05E03 you could see "Klein's beer" packaged in klein's bottles, one of my favorite background jokes

  • mastaluk5
    mastaluk5 Month ago

    Go outside and have a Klein orgy. Smh

  • mastaluk5
    mastaluk5 Month ago

    Guy has to much time on his hands

  • Damogan g
    Damogan g Month ago

    I don't get it

  • David Alonso Pérez

    I'll never get back these 16 mins of my life...

  • Liam Snaith
    Liam Snaith Month ago

    What if the universe was the shape of a Klein Bottle?

  • chekicktuschetan sharma

    I was watching something stupid and then baam!! I am here

    Going back to parallel universe

  • Olli Teirikko
    Olli Teirikko Month ago

    Did I just watch 16min of this nonsence?!

    SCARLET★STAR Month ago

    Doesn't EVERYTHING basically have only one side? I mean even a normal mug. The rim is not really an "edge" it's a curved surface that connects the "inside" with the "outside". "edges" don't really exists right?

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Month ago

    Next time your out camping MAKE YOUR OWN ashtray type - put a bottle in the fire when red hot push the middle in with a stick BUT removed too fast it'll crack some campfire fun take an old flagon bottle or so so try 1st make a dip in ground for safety a fire with a dip keeps hot over night as the night breeze passes over \-|-|--|--/ u wake up with Embers STILL BURNING

  • Tony Drizy
    Tony Drizy Month ago +1

    i think that the Rubik`s cubes are magnetic and you enter each single piece separately before the combine into one when inside

    • Freddy Kruger
      Freddy Kruger 20 days ago +1

      good solution, even if you're wrong, it would work. The question is, why does this guy choose to make an obviously long winded and aggravating video without showing HIS solution.

  • Justin Halford
    Justin Halford Month ago

    This is gay

  • markus martin
    markus martin Month ago

    That would be a good bong 😁😁😁

  • manish lamba
    manish lamba Month ago

    Bhoadika chutiya bana diya.