A mirror paradox, Klein bottles and Rubik's cubes


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  • Zaubermann Inc
    Zaubermann Inc 2 days ago

    wow this was very interesting until the point i realized that you will not explain how you got the cube in there. Now i am dissapointed af...:(

  • Aejaz Ul Bashir
    Aejaz Ul Bashir 2 days ago

    what is this...
    what is this all about...
    Klein bottle good for Mathematicians for what...
    nothing explained here...

  • Thermalburn
    Thermalburn 2 days ago

    i want that as a wine decanter

  • Nicholas Granat
    Nicholas Granat 2 days ago

    Thanx for your time!

  • Omar Gonzalez
    Omar Gonzalez 3 days ago

    ¿Can anyone bring me the 3D design for a homework?

  • Richard Palmer
    Richard Palmer 3 days ago

    What if the earth isn't flat or round...what if it's a **MOBIUS STRIP**

  • Ernani Savaris
    Ernani Savaris 3 days ago

    And I thought _I_ was nerdy...

  • sherwood 00
    sherwood 00 4 days ago

    This guy thinks the eearth is flat and when you go around the track you comeback facing the other way as you flip over and do a 180 wow! What a ride that would be has anyone in the entire world experienced this! I didn't think so

  • Robert Morri
    Robert Morri 4 days ago

    Aesthetically where the neck meets its body there should be a tunnelling cuff and not the abrupt intersection seen .

  • Dr Dr
    Dr Dr 4 days ago


  • Dum Mag
    Dum Mag 5 days ago


  • Hugo Furst
    Hugo Furst 5 days ago

    Thank you, Mathologer.
    I do not have the math background to "figure it out," but I nonetheless keep surfing TheXvid in search of intellectual crutches that might - one bright day - convey to me an inkling of what you and the other uber-maths are able to apprehend.
    How curious that our senses can only perceive three spacial dimensions (and yet, know we are - femtosecond by femtosecond- propelled along an imperceptible, yet existentially experienced fourth dimension), only to have our minds inexorably compelled by the evidence to seriously consider as real psychedelic possibilities far beyond our individual and collective waking experience .
    Reality should blow our minds, right?
    The apprehension of mystery is the fundamental posture of the human intellect.
    Thanks again.

  • Mario Pineda
    Mario Pineda 5 days ago


  • Abhishek Vankit
    Abhishek Vankit 6 days ago

    You deserved all the dislikes buddy 😑

  • #Banana#Republic#USA.

    Please don’t introduce this man to a gyroscope because if this gets him all giddy imagine what a gyroscope would do to him.
    Think I am kidding? Just search gyroscope in TheXvid search Engine. There are people that spend their whole life thinking there is some magical power that could be harvested with the the right know how. 🤪
    He was so happy I gave him a thumbs up. 👍🏽

  • Joseph Jores
    Joseph Jores 7 days ago

    Wtf did I just watch. A guy sad obsession with a stupid twisted glass bottle. Doesn't even show how he puts cube in it. I'm reporting this is seriously misleading

  • Martin Moran
    Martin Moran 9 days ago

    Ha ha that's 16 minutes of my life I will never get back !

  • Jon Wardner
    Jon Wardner 10 days ago

    Seriously what was that. The way he laughs as he reveals more and more “Klein bottles” is so unnatural it feels like a parody. Just when you think it’s actually un-ironic, “Klein bottle hat!,” “Klein bottle inside a Klein bottle.” But then out of nowhere a seemingly serious video brings rubix cubes into it for no reason other than its in the title? And they don’t even show it??? Am I missing something???

  • Aaron Singh
    Aaron Singh 11 days ago

    U wasted my time buddy...n internet data.👎👎

  • Tavio Co
    Tavio Co 11 days ago

    I was curious & clicked on this video. After watching, I squeezed a bottle of ketchup in my mouth and pulled it out of my nose. In 13 secs.

  • stew mercer
    stew mercer 11 days ago


  • BIG E
    BIG E 12 days ago

    This is not a true klein bottle this is a two piece klein bottle it has 2 starting points and 2 finish points a true klein has no start or finish

  • iLLusion OTLUM ERP
    iLLusion OTLUM ERP 14 days ago

    The Rubik's cube he put inside the klien bottle is magnetic.

  • Daniel Huddleston
    Daniel Huddleston 14 days ago

    Haha mirror tricks and Klein bottles

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk 14 days ago

    I've never heard of a movie strip. I've heard of a strip of film but not a movie strip!

  • Daryl Re
    Daryl Re 14 days ago

    There goes a wasted 16 minutes of my life.

  • Reza Giovanni
    Reza Giovanni 16 days ago

    Shaved Heisenberg

  • eamonicker
    eamonicker 17 days ago

    6:50 you are missing out half of the journey around the strip, he is still facing the same way going in the same direction. He hasn't traveled all the way around the strips one side, when he should disappear onto the unseen part of the strip on your diagram you have him appearing on the wrong part of the strip instead?! naff

  • Chuck Maddison
    Chuck Maddison 19 days ago

    How about an adult shop's new product.

  • Chuck Maddison
    Chuck Maddison 19 days ago

    Just wait until the HIFI crowed get hold of this. I can see some new speakers using this.

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 19 days ago

    Electromagnetic paradox in vacuum is more interesting

  • Michael Shaver
    Michael Shaver 19 days ago

    Maybe he knows something about the 4th dimension that we don’t 🤔

  • Dwayne Page
    Dwayne Page 20 days ago

    $20 says this dude gets off by sticking his junk into these.

  • P. S
    P. S 20 days ago

    nuts ?

  • Сергей Петруненко


  • the giant midget
    the giant midget 21 day ago

    That’s a cool looking bong. But I think you’re too stoned cause you’re supposed to put water inside not a rubix cube

  • Hafedh Ridene
    Hafedh Ridene 22 days ago

    16 mn lost of my life... ended with a mister that will never be resolved...

  • dontusesoap
    dontusesoap 22 days ago

    i wasted my time on the video and now I'm wasting time on the comments.....the problem is me

  • LitFuses
    LitFuses 22 days ago

    So it’s basically a glass tube with a thick end and a piece going through the side? So... a bong

  • James clash3
    James clash3 22 days ago +2

    Respected Sir ,I'm a student from India and I m really confused with a math problem and no one is able to define the solution process in an exact manner so can you please help me out with the problem and we Indian students love you to the core and we are really longing to question you a lot of questions I guess please help me

  • Michael Hiatt
    Michael Hiatt 22 days ago

    Why can't you show yourself putting cube in bottle? Are you from 4d?

  • Luis Eduardo HD
    Luis Eduardo HD 23 days ago

    Are we going to be reversed, or are we going to travel to a mirror universe ?
    It remembers me Alice through the looking glass.

  • Neander Heuri
    Neander Heuri 23 days ago

    I guess its like the kings new clothes

  • Valiant 9
    Valiant 9 23 days ago

    10 bucks says this guy has a dominatrix fetish..

  • Fox Kelly
    Fox Kelly 23 days ago

    Clan Bottle aka Bong

  • Jeffrey Arnim
    Jeffrey Arnim 24 days ago

    This is becoming a most gooberish experience. I’m a bit fascinated with his fascination of his own fascination with some silly conceptual math humor...but now nodding off. How many times can you say “Klein bottle” in one sentence? Answer: too many! Seriously, any bottle has only one side, by strict definition... prove me wrong.

  • axe2grind911a
    axe2grind911a 25 days ago

    What is the point of this video? Either show how you put the cube inside or do it front of our eyes in some cleverly cloaked or mysterious way... Was this supposed to be science or a magic trick? Too bad it was neither!

  • Henry Ford
    Henry Ford 25 days ago

    You didn't really do anything, one of the most boring videos I ever watched

  • Brandon Caldwell
    Brandon Caldwell 26 days ago

    If u were to put something inside of it..it would also be outside of it as well

  • GRasputin91
    GRasputin91 26 days ago

    Mad scientists talking about higher dimensions and have German accents. The stereotypes are true

  • GRasputin91
    GRasputin91 26 days ago

    Lovecraft was right! Witches aren't really magic at all...they've just figured out how to access higher dimensions!

  • Scott MacNab
    Scott MacNab 27 days ago

    I don't think your mirror image thing worked as you jumped onto the other side of the strip in the last images which isn't right

  • Brian Travis
    Brian Travis 27 days ago

    Move it along faster

  • Kitt Crowley
    Kitt Crowley 27 days ago

    16 minutes of build up for a big dissapointment.

  • Jonian
    Jonian 27 days ago

    How can you have a 4th dimension when everything sits on only 3 of them?

  • AshTheZ0mbie
    AshTheZ0mbie 28 days ago

    >:/ an endless supply of 'um's 'uh's, and digressions. When presenting material, be precise and concise. This video could have been 11 minutes shorter and provided the same amount of actual content. Also, totally blueballed all of us who expected you to show how you got the cube in there

  • Don night
    Don night 28 days ago


  • -p Catalano
    -p Catalano 28 days ago

    2:09 There is the theory of the Moebius. A twist in the fabric of space. Where time becomes a loop. Where time becomes a loop. Where time becomes a loop...

  • kaxitaksi
    kaxitaksi 29 days ago

    Like that neardy giggle 😂 Great video!

  • redmangoaty
    redmangoaty 29 days ago

    Sick glass bro

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown Month ago

    This guy is a delight

  • gareth5000
    gareth5000 Month ago

    Kate Bush

  • Bob Adkins
    Bob Adkins Month ago

    I think Mathologer is Floki

  • South African issues

    What's the real use of this bottle? Or is it just an ornament?

  • Darryl Coleman
    Darryl Coleman Month ago

    I watched the whole vid waiting for you to put the cube in the bottle only to see u cut away and return with it in the bottle....
    (Too lazy to comment myself ,so i cut and pasted from Malcom Wiseman.Thanks Malcom)

  • Dimes
    Dimes Month ago

    This was a very interesting video. That said, I don't understand the hateful comments. Do you people want him to do a card trick? Or to pull something out of a hat? Don't listen to the people who came to "see how he got the cube in the bottle". The mathematical and geometric concepts you presented in the video are clearly too much for their feeble brains to understand. They can go elsewhere to have their elementary minds stimulated. Again, great video. You've just earned an interested subscriber.

  • whoscooldaddydre
    whoscooldaddydre Month ago

    Super interesting, however I do have a question, isn't an everyday drinking glass, a 1 sided object? I'm so glad I stubbled upon this channel

  • Zineb Z.
    Zineb Z. Month ago

    I always enjoy your videos. Glad I found your channel.

  • Tom Curtis
    Tom Curtis Month ago

    Make a bong already 😂🤣

  • 765tgbvc
    765tgbvc Month ago

    The vid begins interesting, then concludes delusional ...

  • APenker
    APenker Month ago

    Why is it called "Klein Bottle". Klein was originaly talking about "Fläche" that means surface. But when they translated it, they used the word "Flasche", looks similar but means bottle. So it has originally nothing to do with a bottle. It was meant as a 4 dimensional surface. But now everybody, remembers it as bottle. (Sorry when I made some mistakes, my native language is german and not english.)

  • K'aman'Tur
    K'aman'Tur Month ago

    A couple thousand dollars? I'm a glassblower and could make one that big for less than a 100$...

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Month ago

      Cool, can I have two, please (I am serious :) How much for postage?

  • Gitesh Chaudhari
    Gitesh Chaudhari Month ago

    What a dumb person

  • doghous3
    doghous3 Month ago

    Do you remember those over-enthusiastic creepy science teachers....

  • Kirk Calma
    Kirk Calma Month ago

    I vant zee Klein bottle hat.

  • ASMRsoundsoflife
    ASMRsoundsoflife Month ago

    Long winded and a totally useless and boring explanation of Möbius. You owe me 16 minutes!

  • Eugene Botchway
    Eugene Botchway Month ago

    This was like a full episode of inter-dimensional cable

  • Andrew Stephens
    Andrew Stephens Month ago

    Never seen one of those before. Is the 3 dimensional intersection both open and closed at the same time? Kind of a Schrodinger‘s cat kind of thing?

  • Riccardo Dell'Orto
    Riccardo Dell'Orto Month ago

    I clicked on this video thinking "let's see what is this mirror paradox".
    I was impressed and very curious about it, when he introduced it, and that's it, end of the part i was interested in in 5 second :(

  • Nico Steiner
    Nico Steiner Month ago

    I like the presentation style of your videos. It is well thought, properly adjusted and perfectly "crafted" for each single topic. Presenting a Möbius strip or the calculation of infinite numbers is quite a challenge, not to speak about these "self including" inside-out Klein bottle creatures. But you are doing so very well for all these challenges, Sir. Each of your videos is a testament to your deep-rooted passion for mathematics.

  • Cook Leo
    Cook Leo Month ago

    What a nice way of comparing the dimensions. Well done

  • Texas Miller
    Texas Miller Month ago

    I love his giggle

  • Jabir Hassan
    Jabir Hassan Month ago

    Dis guy is a fucking dimwit ✌🏽

  • TheGhOuLGaLs
    TheGhOuLGaLs Month ago


  • Cesar Moreno
    Cesar Moreno Month ago

    Waist of time

  • WTF
    WTF Month ago

    very good video thanks

  • FUSE
    FUSE Month ago

    What I don't understand about 4th dimension is, that you can represent the 3rd dimension in a 2 dimensional space, why can't I represent something 4 dimensional in a 3 dimensional space? I CANT ANSWER IT AAAHHHH

  • Steve 58
    Steve 58 Month ago

    I need a couple of paracetamol- I still struggle with basic mathematics! Way beyond my comprehension but interesting nevertheless.

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied Month ago

    The so-called glass klein bottle is NOT a paradox. It is topographically identical to an open cup, which ALSO has one surface, enclosing the material of the glass
    Making holes through a solid object does not change that fact that it is solid. A finite flat sheet of glass also has one surface because the "edges" are simply a portion of a continuous surface which is acutely deformed through space.

  • João Miguel
    João Miguel Month ago

    Sorry but crap video. Waste of time.

  • Davi Trovon
    Davi Trovon Month ago

    Interesting figure, but 4th dimension is actually the time

  • Carlos Robinson
    Carlos Robinson Month ago

    Your mirror image illustration of the Mobius strip is incorrect.

    • Carlos Robinson
      Carlos Robinson Month ago

      The Paradox exists because... Well, you can exist in more than one dimension at a time, but you always exist in one more Dimension than you can accurately perceive. For example, we know that we exist in at least the three dimensions that we have some measure of Mastery over. But we also exists and can probably be perceived from other dimensions as well that we ourselves cannot perceive because it is beyond our dimensional capabilities. Do we have an accurate understanding of what the 4th Dimension is? No, because although we exist in it and can perceive its effect upon us, we cannot accurately Define it. It is beyond our sensory capabilities, and therefore beyond our ability to deductively define it.

    • Carlos Robinson
      Carlos Robinson Month ago

      Let me explain. You are thinking of a Mobius strip as a two-dimensional object when it requires at least three dimensions for it to be created.
      You erroneously continued the upside down figure of the two dimensional person on the wrong plane; it would take two revolutions of the Mobius strip for the person to end up at their starting point. The real Paradox is that you never occupy the same space even though you are traveling along a single plane without turning to return to your original starting place. But your orientation would still be the same. The mirror Paradox is that when you are at the same "point" of the Mobius strip after one single revolution, you wouldn't be in the same "place", and it would be at that point that you are a mirror of yourself, albeit not existing in exactly the same space.

  • kimura kano
    kimura kano Month ago

    Ahh ok. And his point is?
    Are you a magician?
    A nerd?
    The 2d guy walking around didn't even make sense. He doesn't suddenly reverse. I don't see it at least.

    HABIBI Z ONE Month ago +1

    what's the point of a Klein bottle? it provides no mathematical proof or solve any theory, its simple creating a solution to a problem you've created... this renders it useless....

  • Bogdan N
    Bogdan N Month ago

    That example with the 2 dimension man walking on the Moebius strip is WRONG! If you start from a point on the strip and follow along it, you will reach that point periodically, and facing in the same direction. In the example provided, you cross the boundary of the strip, on left side of the picture. I believe you found a way to defy the laws of thermodynamics, too?

  • Milan Orlovszki
    Milan Orlovszki Month ago

    *Insert surprised pikachu meme*

  • Jay H
    Jay H Month ago

    We have a Klein Bottle shop in my area, they sell all sizes and colors and designs. Okay not really.

  • Karen Reddy
    Karen Reddy Month ago

    Without showing the process of getting the cube in, the video is a bit wasteful.

  • Spaceboyy
    Spaceboyy Month ago

    This guy kleins

  • Noneya Fukov
    Noneya Fukov Month ago

    I missed the entire point of whatever the hell you were babbling about..
    I'd like my 16 minutes back ... Can you put that in a bottle?