A mirror paradox, Klein bottles and Rubik's cubes


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  • Robo
    Robo Day ago


  • KCatch22
    KCatch22 Day ago

    When you said you got the Klein bottles from California, I immediately thought of Clifford Stoll :D

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Day ago

      Yep, got most of my KBs off Cliff. According to him I'm his best customer :)

  • LDiableo
    LDiableo 2 days ago

    But how?

  • Edward Robaon
    Edward Robaon 2 days ago

    If you take a strip of paper and write the words Time Destroys All on one side and Things Come With on the other and then make a Möbius strip out of it you then have a working model of the spacetime continuum. You make a meaningless sentence mean something by repeating it.

  • zdcyclops1
    zdcyclops1 2 days ago

    Mirror paradox?

  • Bill Patterson
    Bill Patterson 2 days ago

    The Guy on the mobius strip was transferred THROUGH the paper to invert him. If he had travelled around a second time that would place him on the outer surface like the original and he would not be reversed. There is no reversal unless he is transferred between the two surfaces.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Day ago

      A mathematical MS has no thickness and the little man who lives inside it has neither. There is no transfer between surfaces.

  • Ace The FireDragon
    Ace The FireDragon 2 days ago

    The 4th dimension is time.

  • Ace The FireDragon
    Ace The FireDragon 2 days ago

    Wait dafuq? How did u get that Rubio cube in there?

  • Tone Seeker
    Tone Seeker 2 days ago

    Would make a great bong

  • Sarah jayne Wilkes
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  • badwolf1913
    badwolf1913 2 days ago

    so, why are there only 2 of them?

  • Korasi
    Korasi 2 days ago

    Your Chanel is cool and everything, but what is the point of making a whole video about putting a rubics cube into a Klein bottle and then never actually showing us how it’s done??? I’m totally serious, what were you thinking?? “OK now I’m going to go do the part that everyone wants to see, but without any cameras!”
    I mean, you didn’t even EXPLAIN how you did it!! As far as I’m concerned, you simply didnt! I can only assume that you had an additional Klein bottle with a rubics cube already in it, that you must have asked a glass blower to make.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Day ago

      Hmm, how about you pause the video right where I display the Rubik's cube, switch on your brain to ponder what exactly you see. Isn't it BLATANTLY obvious what is going on? Now just in case you really cannot figure out what is happening, there is a follow-up video :)

  • Ding Chavez
    Ding Chavez 3 days ago

    someone has a klien bottle fetish

  • Eden John Talbot
    Eden John Talbot 3 days ago

    Why could you not just show us how to full it with water?

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  2 days ago

      There is already a TheXvid video like that :)

  • Eden John Talbot
    Eden John Talbot 3 days ago

    Could you full it with liquid and rotate it and show us the results of liquid distribution?

  • KlaxonCow
    KlaxonCow 3 days ago

    A Kate Bush fan? I recognise those three chords at the beginning.
    I name that tune in 3.

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra 3 days ago

    Why is Mathematics a Language of Universe?

  • X YZ
    X YZ 3 days ago

    And the purpose of a Klein bottle ? If it is actually useful for anything, why have’nt we all got one ?

  • jazz Rejalde
    jazz Rejalde 3 days ago

    Is it strange that I'm not good at math but loves things like this?

  • jazz Rejalde
    jazz Rejalde 3 days ago

    I think this explains how time travel was made...

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R 3 days ago

    How in the actual hell did he get that cube in there?!

  • Axel Andru
    Axel Andru 3 days ago

    Sit back and go fishing please !

  • John Rainey
    John Rainey 3 days ago +1

    Great moves, glass bottle, keep it up! I’m proud of you.

  • oak
    oak 4 days ago

    As a young lad it was "prophicized" that I would find a Klein's bottle in a thrift store for 10 cents. Years later I found a Double Klein's Bottle for 25 cents. Strange world isn't it....

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  23 hours ago

      +oak The overall shape is similar to this one here? www.kleinbottle.com/double_and_triple_Klein_Bottles.html
      Actually come to think of it I talk a little bit about double Klein bottles in this video: thexvid.com/video/ixduANVe0gg/video.html

    • oak
      oak Day ago

      Yes it is wrapped in tissue as a valued piece in my desk. about 1960 I would say. Possibly a glass blower's idiocyncratic piece...Found it in Moutain View California.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Day ago

      You really found a double KB for 25 cents? That's amazing :)

  • Ram Posham
    Ram Posham 4 days ago

    smoke out of it

  • Jing350
    Jing350 4 days ago

    Shout out to Cliff Stoll, he does a good job explaining this concept as well! as making them lol

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  4 days ago

      I got most of my Klein bottles off Cliff. Even the big one is one of his :)

  • Naresh Gupta
    Naresh Gupta 5 days ago

    Im so confused how this is possible

  • Deven Dong
    Deven Dong 5 days ago

    I had to watch this in x1.5 speed...

  • Dio PM
    Dio PM 6 days ago

    The bottle definetly got an edge

  • Marko d Nivel
    Marko d Nivel 6 days ago

    dont watch second video, really sucked at 1 minute your heart will stop.

  • Stephen Spreckley
    Stephen Spreckley 7 days ago

    Eine kliene bottle musik

  • myc riddle
    myc riddle 7 days ago


  • Sam Tux
    Sam Tux 7 days ago

    A mirror image of you will likely starve to death because good old amino acids don't match your new chirality.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  7 days ago

      That's definitely one of the challenges of the new world order that you are facing :)

  • holyholo1
    holyholo1 8 days ago

    So my guess that the Rubik's cube is attached with magnets rather than screws so you introduce one piece at a time and the magnets which are in a specific place will only attract the right ones.

  • P W
    P W 8 days ago

    I'll bet he has an "aluminum foil kline bottle hat" for when aliens comes .

    • P W
      P W 7 days ago

      +Mathologer paradox's give me a headache . But harnessing plasma lights my mind .

    • P W
      P W 7 days ago

      +Mathologer 😉

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  7 days ago

      That one's still missing in my collection :)

  • David Gonçalves
    David Gonçalves 8 days ago

    The Klein bottle isn't imperfect. The bottle's "missing" surface is just in the 4th dimension, ya?

  • Gregory Lynch
    Gregory Lynch 8 days ago

    This guys nuts

  • Summer Crow
    Summer Crow 8 days ago

    A complete waist of 16 min

  • Summer Crow
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  • Rheinmetall
    Rheinmetall 8 days ago

    So is it a secret how you did it, or you were bored to show the process? Or you were just trolling us?

  • Roy Kennet
    Roy Kennet 9 days ago

    And....what is the point actually?

  • Kris McMillen
    Kris McMillen 10 days ago

    Very cool video! And I feel I have finally.found someone who can answer this question for me;
    Given this rule: (please correct me if I'm wrong)
    1. Any positive Number (whole or fraction) when divided by 2 will result in another positive number (whole or fraction), correct? In other words 2÷2=1, 1÷2=.5 so on and so forth.
    Isn't it possible to move 2 objects towards each other, cutting the distance between them in half (or dividing it by 2), without the 2 objects ever touching each other?
    Would this be considered a paradox or is there a mathmatical explaination for this? I know what the theory of relativity states which would kind of prove my point to an extent, I think? Help me lol!!!

  • David none
    David none 10 days ago

    Its a special rubric cube. they are 8 magnets he puts in one at a time

  • ! !
    ! ! 10 days ago

    What about the dreidel? Not all the toy's there!

  • Grant Hutchins
    Grant Hutchins 12 days ago

    Cool bong, bro.

  • Jay Cie
    Jay Cie 12 days ago

    @3:16 a mobius strip has only 1 edge.

  • Xehemoth
    Xehemoth 12 days ago

    Is that Rubik's cube really just magnets/metal that form that shape? that is the only way that is possible. physical manipulation inside of that Klein bottle is impossible from the outside.

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 12 days ago

    Interesting video, thanks for posting. Cheers.

  • Blind Man Bert
    Blind Man Bert 12 days ago

    No Klein bottle collection is complete without this handy Klein Bottle Opener. :-)

  • Lazy Pharaoh
    Lazy Pharaoh 12 days ago

    If you came back as a mirror of yourself, what would the normal world appear to be like from your perspective?

  • Jeremy Deutch
    Jeremy Deutch 13 days ago

    14:59 wait, all this putting things in other things seems strangely.... sexual?

  • Sir Vival
    Sir Vival 13 days ago

    7.34 if your man carries on walking the WHOLE way round on the same side,and not jumping sides halfway round,he will be absolutely the same.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Day ago

      The MS has zero thickness and the little man who is living inside the MS too.

  • xyz xzy
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  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 13 days ago

    And the dimension thing is still 3 dimensions because it has walls inside. And because he can hold it in his hands.

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 13 days ago

    When he dies he probably wants his ashes to be put in a klein bottle too.

  • Albert Bazinyan
    Albert Bazinyan 13 days ago

    My mans really did not just say thousands of dollars

  • Jack Arnold
    Jack Arnold 14 days ago

    How many edge , corner, and center pieces would a 4D Rubik's cube contain?

  • Marduk Slayer
    Marduk Slayer 14 days ago

    Könnte echt ne coole Bong sein.

  • El Tomas
    El Tomas 14 days ago

    There is a bit of relativity involved here. It's all about perspective.
    In this video the rectangle is depicted as having a volume so it's 3d. But it works the same as if it were 2d.
    Once we have a 3d rectangle, something could walk continuously on the surface of the 3d rectangle. Imagine if the rectangle were a balloon, we could inflate it enough to deform the rectangle into a sphere. So we know something could travel over the entire surface in any direction. This includes something walking the length of the rectangle down the surface of the end and countinue on to the underside of the rectangle.
    The two sides of the rectangle having two different colors gives the illusion that there is more than one surface. But there is only one continuous surface no matter the shape. It is the skin of the object. The color of the continous skin means nothing.
    Because we can make the rectangle into a tube and get the same results and since there is only one surface of rectangle, putting a twist in the rectangle prior to joining the ends does nothing.
    This reminds me of the paradox of why we can travel either east or west forever with no issue, but of we traveled north to the north pole and we keep going on the same course, we would change to traveling south at the north pole.
    But what is going on here is the masking of the two ends of a single hollow cylinder.
    The rounded and flared out base of the bottle rests on a tangent plane which is the table top.
    Where the bottle and the table top plane it sits on both touch forms a circle.
    If we made a cut along that circle we will have us a deformed hollow cylinder.
    Anything outside of the cut is one end of the hollow cylinder and anything inside the cut is the other end of the cylinder. If the glass was flexible, we could reach into the bottle and pull out the end that is inside the larger end.
    After that, it really doesn't matter where we relocate the end we pulled out of the bottle.
    But by choosing to place the end of the gooseneck cylinder seamlessly where the opposite end of the cylinder lays, it gives the illusion of a path to a fourth dimension.Once you can visualize the tube being cut at the base and separating the two ends, you can visualize the continuous tube being cut anywhere and the Klein bottle morphing back into a simple hollow cylinder.It is just a little difficult for anyone to imagine a tiny part of a rectangle like the very end surface being blown up into a very large cylindrical shape.The Klein bottle may not have any edges, but if it did, all you would need to eliminate the edges is to just round the edges off. If you do enough rounding, a square can become a circle.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 days ago

    Yeah we are familiar with hugh mungus now in 2018 ..

  • lee Roberts
    lee Roberts 14 days ago

    Hey man I love your video and I also love how polite you are to Halt this stupid people on the internet. like you're really smart and you're really good at explaining stuff but don't worry about people in the comments who just say negative stuff there intentionally trying to make you mad or they're just like 12 year olds who are retarded and dont get huged enough you are doing great never read the comments

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  Day ago

      Been around for long enough to not be fazed by this :) The visitors from the shallow end of the pool don't get anything, declare this video for a waste of time and leave, never to be seen again. As far as I am concerned this is a very good thing. Keeps the comment sections of the rest of the videos civilised :)

  • lee Roberts
    lee Roberts 14 days ago

    Yeah but a mirror image of oneself is a reflection of only two Dimensions there is no such thing as a three-dimensional mirror

  • Alien Nomad
    Alien Nomad 14 days ago

    For $2k I'd exoect to get something with two sides.

  • Dave Rogers
    Dave Rogers 14 days ago

    What a let down , l was waiting pationaly for him to show us how he got the cube into the bottle 😬😬😬😬😬

  • Dr. Wier
    Dr. Wier 15 days ago

    15:00 "HI HI" LOL!!

  • Celtcetra Pyde
    Celtcetra Pyde 15 days ago

    I like this klein bottle showing. I am no math wiz either but I am fascinated by the illusion. It took me sometime to figure out the design before you demonstrated it. Thank you for sharing however I wouldn't buy one for that price, haha. its when I noticed the top and bottom excluding the (connection where they cross) is how it comes in. The top is open and the bottom is open. When I take the time to follow the tube it is like a long spout. When I pay more attention to how the spout connects is when the illusion kicks in. BUT it is very cool.. You got to look at it as if it is not "clear" in order for it to be clear... Love this paradox. however, I disagree with 6:42 of this video because it should't be parallel at all unless your talking about something else which is confusing for me as a viewer focusing on your topic of your Klein bottles...

  • Joe Hall
    Joe Hall 15 days ago

    Have never heard of a Klein bottle before I saw this. There will be ceramic Klein bottles on my shelf next year. Verrryyy interesting

  • dead pool
    dead pool 15 days ago

    well if the fourth dimensional beings where to pull the rubix cube out of the 3rd dimension it would shrink, then you could put it in and have them put in back into the 3rd dimension and make it normal size.(tho there is no way of connecting with a fourth dimensional being)
    im wondering if this is true. i kinda conected idead with the action lab talking about what it would look like to see a 3d object pass through 4d or something like that.
    this is his vid as to what i meant thexvid.com/video/_4ruHJFsb4g/video.html
    hopefuply you can understand me now.

  • Thomas Kurth
    Thomas Kurth 15 days ago

    What is our "mirror" image? 😲

  • Romarain Games
    Romarain Games 16 days ago

    "Klein bottles, they don't really live in our world. They're like in a 4th dimension" : that's where you're mistaking. Our world IS a klein bottle.

  • Hiruko Winter
    Hiruko Winter 16 days ago

    See, maths like this I understand. I understand things about dimensional space, but yet I'm so, so bad at maths, especially with numbers. I don't understand. I've tried and tried, even tutoring but to me maths is like us trying to see colours that don't exist, or exist to our perceived colour spectrum.

  • Wilf Wilson
    Wilf Wilson 16 days ago

    Why does "it turn on the spot"?

  • Camren Rounthwaite
    Camren Rounthwaite 16 days ago

    But how did he get it in there?

  • R N
    R N 17 days ago

    Dude, you are awesome. Everyone wants you as a neighbour.

  • 13r4nd0
    13r4nd0 17 days ago

    Never forget who? That did what?

  • gerald West
    gerald West 18 days ago

    I have already forgotten.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 18 days ago

    I like these videos. Very fascinating visualising mathematic applications.

  • David Svarrer
    David Svarrer 18 days ago

    A klein bottle does not have any particular purpose in terms of twisting the bottle neck in through the bottle again. There is no difference between the bottle neck just going out in the open, and then going through its own base. Basically the bottle neck is just connected to a pipe or tube, and where that tube is, does not matter. Seen from the bottle's perspective a tube is going through the bottom of the bottle, and as it does not get into the bottle, it has no effect.
    This is a nulle innovation. Not a scam, just a useless twist of a bottle-neck. Please let us know the purpose of this twist of the bottleneck?

  • George Montes
    George Montes 18 days ago

    I loved his excitement on the klein bottle in the klein bottle 😂
    Also I'm convinced he's able to pull 3 Dimensional objects into the 4th dimension because he got the 2x2x2 in that klein bottle

  • Fire TBon
    Fire TBon 18 days ago


  • Eduardo Gómez Benavides

    this is so funny xD

  • theonlykraglord
    theonlykraglord 19 days ago

    Kl approved

  • Reverend Wolfshade
    Reverend Wolfshade 20 days ago

    You tricky Rick!

  • carolyn schrotenboer
    carolyn schrotenboer 20 days ago

    thankyou sir. fascinating

  • mike brannon
    mike brannon 21 day ago

    Interesting he never in 16 minutes shows what he says he will. I'm guessing theres a special 'cube' that's separated into its smallest pieces and each piece is magnetic and reassembles inside the bottle as each component is added. Now the challenge would be to get it out! good luck w/ that.

  • Aria Ferranew
    Aria Ferranew 21 day ago

    His explanation of a man on the moebius strip is incorrect, if you where to complete the strip, he would still face the same direction, and same exact shape. Try it yourself

    • Aria Ferranew
      Aria Ferranew 16 days ago

      +Mathologer but I'll give u a lil credit, in the other side of the moebius strip, yes he would Appear mirrored, but u also flip him upside down, which is still not the same, once he circles around more, and returns to his origenal starting point, he'll be upside down, flip him over, and he is still the same

    • Aria Ferranew
      Aria Ferranew 16 days ago

      I have the scene pulled up now, your treating it as if the moebius strip has the properties of a circle, that he disappears at the top, and reappears at the bottom like a wormhole or a portal from the top, if u where to follow the strip on the reverse side of the strip, u will find he stays the same, the entire time, if a moebius strip has 1 surface, it doesn't matter how u bend or twist that surface, something on that surface can never reverse or Mirror.

    • Aria Ferranew
      Aria Ferranew 16 days ago

      +Mathologer the way u drew it was as if the moebius strip was a 2d surface, even in a 2d universe,the man would continue on the other side of the moebius strip and return right side up.....and guess what, I did do that, in 3rd grade science, your also trying to argue the existence of a 3d model, in a 2d plain, as a moebius strip out of paper, is a 3d model.

    • Mathologer
      Mathologer  20 days ago

      Yes, by all means try it for yourself. However, keep in mind that an ideal MS does not have any thickness and that the little man is part of the MS and is not somehow sliding around on its surface :)

  • MF
    MF 21 day ago

    Erster teil intelligent. der zweite etwas sinnlos...

  • Dirty Daniel
    Dirty Daniel 21 day ago

    “Bong collection”

  • Vasilis Narlis
    Vasilis Narlis 21 day ago

    Gamers: If we could do this video in 4K...
    Mathematicians: If we could do this video in 4D...

    THE MAN CHANN 21 day ago

    It's a 4th dimension bong

  • FlyBoy97 7682
    FlyBoy97 7682 21 day ago

    New drinking game. Take a shot every time he says “a special way”

  • Steve Daniel
    Steve Daniel 21 day ago

    Hang on a sec...are you Herr Puzzle?!

  • a friedrich
    a friedrich 21 day ago

    Sure, you can put a Klein bottle in a Klein bottle, but can you put a Gross bottle in a Klein bottle? This is a rhetorical question. Please don't reply.

  • Steampunker X
    Steampunker X 22 days ago

    Doesn't the twist of the strip to the left @6:30 require 3 dimensions for it to work? I mean in 3 dimensions the "paradox" never happen. It relies on twisting a 2-dimensional objekt in 3 dimensions, no?

  • tatonilo
    tatonilo 22 days ago

    I am sorry to say, but despite the good start, this video utility is to waste around 12' of the full 16' of my (and of other 4429 people @today) lifetime about your insane passion about Klein bottle unusefull gadgets . You know that there are Doctors able to help you about to exit your "Klein-bottles tunnel" ? (also if it is an endless one). (This latest statement comes from the 16-12= 4' above).

  • Jose Martini
    Jose Martini 22 days ago

    Now you know how left-handed people are made...

  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes 22 days ago

    Now my Brane (sic) hurts

  • Adam Pitt
    Adam Pitt 22 days ago +2

    Memes are less wast of time then this. . . Witch I will watch now.

  • Adam Pitt
    Adam Pitt 22 days ago +1

    Gotta love ClickBait, tells you he can do something, but never actually does it on camera. . . First and last Ep. I will watch.

    • Adam Pitt
      Adam Pitt 22 days ago +1

      ClickBait, that's all it is, even if there is another video that "explains" it, I'm not going to wast my time to watch another commercial to give you more TheXvid money if I don't even agree with your explanation in the first place.

  • Kai Jackson
    Kai Jackson 22 days ago

    I don’t even do maths anymore but I find this channel really interesting