Teen Titans GO! is The BEST Superhero Movie of 2018

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is the Best Superhero Movie of 2018. It really is. We here at HiTop Films believe that Teen Titans Go! (or just Teen Titans Go) is a masterpiece. In this review, or video essay, or even short film, Teen Titans GO! Alex discusses the cinematic merits of the film and of the hit Cartoon Network show. That hit Cartoon Network show being Teen Titans Go! You know how HiTop Films feels about the DCEU movies, so this was a bit of a shocker. No, once again this is not a Spider-Man Video Essay, or really even any kind of Video Essay. This is more of a movie review, or a Teen Titans Go Review, or Teen Titans Go! Review, or Teen Titans GO! To the Movies review. Whatever you want to call it, the point is that you should watch this HiTop Films video, it’s a funny one. If the TheXvid algorithm decides not to pick up this video about Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, then feel free to
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Comments • 676

  • HiTop Films
    HiTop Films  Year ago +264

    Find ALL the hidden frames of Teen Titans GO Alex and ALL the hidden messages. Comment ALL of them and I will randomly pick the winner. Whoever wins will receive a free digital copy of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. This isn't a scam either, Warner Bros. isn't sending me shit. I will buy a copy for the sole purpose of sharing the cinematic greatness that is Teen Titans Go! So comment. Do it. Now. Good luck!

    • You Tubers World Wide
      You Tubers World Wide 3 months ago +1

      What you say is always opposite
      Best animated cartoon movie is

    • Yung Apollo inc
      Yung Apollo inc 7 months ago

      HiTop Films how can I do what u do

    • Wombolt Sundae
      Wombolt Sundae 7 months ago +1

      Teen Titans Go! To The Polls

    • Yung Apollo inc
      Yung Apollo inc 8 months ago +2

      HiTop Films bro I love what you do. I want to do what you do I wish I knew where to start. These heroes spoke to me growing up they still do. I had dreams of playing miles morales a lot of people say I look like childish gambino I used to want to play jason Todd but idk if they will ever be a Black robin. Now that I’m 26 and in the navy I still love these heroes and films but idk if it’s too late for acting or film making. You have any advice

  • Jess Smith
    Jess Smith 7 hours ago

    Wait your real name is Hunter???

  • Draoh
    Draoh Day ago

    This is Great.

  • angel rodriguez
    angel rodriguez 6 days ago

    The show is awesome. The movie was trash. But that after credit made it worth while.

  • Daamiyan Ahmed
    Daamiyan Ahmed 11 days ago

    Ok so better than spider verse rip

  • fort nite
    fort nite 16 days ago

    Yeah i can see why people prefer the old series but teen titans go is actually pretty good, not that bad

  • Crystality
    Crystality 21 day ago

    mom said do not drug.

  • Ian Caldwell
    Ian Caldwell Month ago

    glad you can enjoy teen titans go but i cringe so hard every single episode

  • Oliver Mazza
    Oliver Mazza Month ago

    I like the original and Go. People need to stop comparing them!! One is serious and one is silly and full of Easter eggs. They are both great for different reasons and I love both of them

  • Big Hurk
    Big Hurk Month ago

    Excuse me a the fuck did you just say?

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake Month ago

    I've seen at least two episodes of the show. I have no interest in watching anymore

  • Raymond Tibesar
    Raymond Tibesar Month ago

    just subd I like listening to your opinion and your vid on how batman doesn't kill made me want to make a movie it was so touching

  • Pancakemix
    Pancakemix Month ago

    Go to the movies Alex your drunk

  • KingRich7
    KingRich7 Month ago

    Hey HiTop, You will make it, mark my words or comments. You will make it.

  • Drew Kirby
    Drew Kirby 2 months ago

    We got the MCU, DCEU, MonsterVerse, SonyVerse, A N D THFU... The HiTop Film Universe.

  • Jack Alias
    Jack Alias 2 months ago

    Comment number 666

  • Arjun Jain
    Arjun Jain 2 months ago

    lol you definitely need help your lowkey having an existential crisis. JK what are your actual thoughts tho

  • Gaming Central
    Gaming Central 2 months ago

    I love ttg and i had no idea people didnt like it

  • SneakyAutobot
    SneakyAutobot 2 months ago


  • Reggie Clarke
    Reggie Clarke 2 months ago

    Remember that time they made fun of robins dead parents

  • Kos Juludo
    Kos Juludo 2 months ago

    Fuck TTG and everything it touches. That show mocks and pisses on the grave of the original show.

    DEATH KNIGHT123 2 months ago +1

    Nice video and all but I have watched both teen titans and teen titans go and teen titans go is no where near as good as the original teen titans.

  • Spy C
    Spy C 2 months ago

    This is basically an episode of BIAM but with HiTop, neat

    • Zaine Bamfo
      Zaine Bamfo Month ago

      Spy C he’s being serious unlike Mauricio

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 2 months ago

    this is shit and the show is garbage

  • Savage Cat
    Savage Cat 2 months ago

    I Face palmed when I herd him say infinity war was worse than this piece of shit movie

  • darkecofreak23
    darkecofreak23 2 months ago +1

    I would disagree. Into the Spiderverse is the best superhero movie of 2018.

    • Gerri Brown
      Gerri Brown Month ago

      This video is pretty much a joke. Plus, it's from August of last year. And Spider-verse didn't come out til December. His opinion probably changed.

  • 2:A.M.Boiii
    2:A.M.Boiii 2 months ago

    HiTop Films: Into the Alexverse

  • King Peppy
    King Peppy 2 months ago

    Finneeeeeee I'll watch this cartoonie movie. It better not suck, is this an April 1st; August 8th ok fine but if there are more than 4 fart jokes I'm going to bail; you think I'm joking but that 5th Hey Kids! Fart Noise! I'm out Hoss.

  • TheAbyss999
    TheAbyss999 2 months ago

    if I had a budget of ten million dollars lets just say 5 of those dollars would go towards the movie

  • SupaSayinSkitch
    SupaSayinSkitch 2 months ago

    Waffle waffle, waffles???

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 2 months ago

    When you know you’ll disagree with Alex but still watch it to hear him out

  • Battle Frame Studios
    Battle Frame Studios 2 months ago

    This is like a Ralph Sepe Narrative. I like it.

  • Cel Confitech
    Cel Confitech 2 months ago

    TTG to the movies: i am the best superhero movie of 2018
    Spiderman into the spider verse: yo whats up danger

  • Aye_Jones FKA Marvel_Jones

    Imagine being drunk and the TV is left on Cartoon Network then when you wake up hungover the next morning there’s a TTG marathon and you watch three hours of it. That’s how I became a fan

  • Planet Media
    Planet Media 2 months ago

    Haven't seen the movie, but I fucking love Teen Titans Go so fucking much. I'd watch TTG over that trash MOS and Bvs any day of the week.

  • Nintendude 1216
    Nintendude 1216 3 months ago +3

    Into the Spider-Verse wants to know your location.

  • K Studios HQ
    K Studios HQ 3 months ago

    Spiderverse: Well yes but actually no.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 months ago

    Hell yeah. Teen titans go movie is better than the whole mcu (marvel copying universe).

  • TarfuGaming
    TarfuGaming 3 months ago

    The original Teen Titans TV show was the shit

  • Jackson Bivens
    Jackson Bivens 3 months ago

    Dude, I've gotta watch this movie now.

  • sean Chua
    sean Chua 3 months ago

    good thing I read the latest comments first before leaving my what about (movie) comment. left a like and show myself out. for superhero cartoon movie, miles is going to be very very hard to beat, just saying.

  • You Tubers World Wide
    You Tubers World Wide 3 months ago +2

    What he says is always opposite
    Best animated cartoon movie is

    • Benji M
      Benji M 2 months ago

      True idk if he’s seen it yet

  • Kkrealman 774
    Kkrealman 774 3 months ago +1

    You know spider verse and infinity war came out in 2018 right.

  • tie lord
    tie lord 3 months ago

    Too many songs, never watched the show but i guess its a huge part of it. Yea hell no its not better then black panther or into the spiderverse hell no

  • Shed
    Shed 3 months ago +1

    We care for you... or at least I do.

  • GemBros Inc.
    GemBros Inc. 3 months ago

    Infinity war and spider verse: are we a joke to you?

  • Rion Robinson
    Rion Robinson 4 months ago


  • Darkriver Farmer
    Darkriver Farmer 4 months ago

    i can't tell if this was serious and imma cry if it was lol

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight 4 months ago

    I don't hate TT go because it's bad, I hate it because it replaced the original lol
    It's really fun to watch 😂

  • danteelite
    danteelite 4 months ago +1

    This reminded me of Bo Burnham and his "I can't Handle This" rant about Pringles cans and burritos from his special Make Happy. Pretty introspective and insightful even though it is mostly nonsense. But it has meaning to him, so I can appreciate that. Sub.

  • Zombie Slaya
    Zombie Slaya 4 months ago


  • localxninja
    localxninja 4 months ago


  • Kai Gee
    Kai Gee 4 months ago

    I love teen titans

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz 4 months ago

    i started watching the show after my daughter wanted to see it on CN and now im hooked. I've watched the movie at least 12 times and every time the Jokes hit and its super entertaining, even if I'm hearing in the background noise of the house.

  • Don Ventura
    Don Ventura 4 months ago

    I'm too salty about the original to ever give the show a real chance I watched 2 episodes and felt a piece of me die, but you've convinced me to give the movie a chance.

  • Trapshadow45
    Trapshadow45 4 months ago

    Teen titans Go is a peice of shit 1v1 me

  • cosmicafroninja
    cosmicafroninja 5 months ago

    I have watched teen titans go, the show. I started watching it when it first came out. After a few episodes I just couldn't get over how upset i was that the original show wasn't coming back, so I never got into it and harbored resentment towards it since. I didn't think anyone but a child could like it but maybe that had more to do with me being the immature asshole I was instead of objectively looking at the show.

  • Jeremiah Valeska
    Jeremiah Valeska 5 months ago

    Then came Spider-Verse...

  • Vagum
    Vagum 5 months ago

    We love you ❤️

  • Chiara K
    Chiara K 5 months ago

    What fan fiction was he reading at the beginning?