Best Christmas Ever - SNL


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  • Barbara moro
    Barbara moro 19 hours ago

    great super funny sketch

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 3 days ago

    My parents cried sentimental tears at this. I asked them about it and they said “We genuinely had those talks at the end of each Christmas” ❤️

  • DeJade2018
    DeJade2018 4 days ago

    Did anyone notice that “The Best Christmas Ever” and “The Day you were Born” are similar?

  • Ray White
    Ray White 6 days ago

    I want to sit that close to Cecily Strong. #JealousAF

    BLAKELK 9 days ago +1

    Wow words cannot express how sad all of this is. Guh! Have your stupid box I'm going back to reading. Fucking enid brained fuckwits!

  • Kate Beall
    Kate Beall 14 days ago +2

    I think this is the best skit ever. Doesn't matter how many times I watch it. From the moment the kids wake the parents up at 5:41am- I was that kid- to the, "why do I have to take this hat off-- you're racist against whites...." to her mother saying, "Yes she is" or Matt Damen asks her how she managed and she said she had some Christmas spirit...and proceeds to douse herself in vino and cigarettes. I only wished she had chugged the last of the wine after she extinguished her cigarette in it...that would've been the icing on the cake.

    • Kate Beall
      Kate Beall 14 days ago

      I actually just laughed uncontrollably proofreading the above. Perhaps I just really need to laugh....

  • jess alana
    jess alana 18 days ago

    Wow do I not want kids 😂

  • Nancy L
    Nancy L 20 days ago

    I don't do Christmas with my family anymore, too traumatic.

  • Tomorrow is NOT just another day

    When you have kids and annoying in laws....this is so accurate!

  • svscared
    svscared 21 day ago

    See my problem is I watch clips like this and it makes me want to have kids even more some day.

  • MissyLillie
    MissyLillie 25 days ago


  • Queen
    Queen 26 days ago

    2:25 I laughed so much my stomach hurts 😂😂😂

  • Jerel Yates
    Jerel Yates 27 days ago

    I hate how much I LOVE Cecily!!! Can't get enough of watching her and laughing.

  • Amelie Fuentes
    Amelie Fuentes 27 days ago

    They woke their parents up at 5:41 ha amateurs. I wake mine up way earlier

  • Jordan Kiffmeyer
    Jordan Kiffmeyer 28 days ago +1

    Your racist against whites.
    She is.

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 28 days ago

    I was full of Christmas cheer... Wine 😂😂🤣🎉

  • Januki Exo-L
    Januki Exo-L 29 days ago

    2:27 😁😀😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid Month ago

    that was christmas magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isaac Olson
    Isaac Olson Month ago +1

    That must have been the last skit, huh?

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon Month ago

    Relationships are.this garbage

  • Joanne Hoover
    Joanne Hoover Month ago

    Still have a crush on Matt

  • Sarah Bunker
    Sarah Bunker Month ago

    That's gold Jerry! Gold!!


    Funny af lol

  • Alison Foster
    Alison Foster Month ago

    the boy in the red shirt is my friends classmate

  • Сергей Легашов

    Terrific video. Thank you!

  • This Particular Boi

    but you can be racist against whites

    its called racism

  • Eoin Walsh
    Eoin Walsh Month ago

    Christmas cheer rules

  • Ben Savage
    Ben Savage Month ago


  • lol
    lol Month ago

    I think I love children :)

  • Ryan Stuchly
    Ryan Stuchly Month ago


  • Gwen H
    Gwen H Month ago

    Yes, that is the way it was. thanks Mel

  • Gaia Gazzola
    Gaia Gazzola Month ago

    We need Adele again!

  • A. Lugo
    A. Lugo Month ago

    Fuck all that. Xmas dinner is wet food for the cats and dinner for one from Whole Foods. The trade off is that no one will find my body for weeks when I finally pass away.

  • Amy S.
    Amy S. Month ago +1

    Still not as insane as my family.

  • Jortiz
    Jortiz Month ago

    😂 😂 😂 😆 😝 😆

  • Arlette Niragira
    Arlette Niragira Month ago

    Those slippers are cool though.

  • Justin Thyme
    Justin Thyme Month ago

    I would actually watch that movie :D

  • steffy laffy
    steffy laffy Month ago

    The sweet dad reaction to the slippers ♥️

  • Jimmy Cen
    Jimmy Cen Month ago


  • dfrazita
    dfrazita Month ago

    Cecily Strong is a liberal POS!

  • brandon knight
    brandon knight Month ago

    I’m not sure if anyone realizes that this is a poke at Hallmark movies.

  • william smith
    william smith Month ago

    Was this shit ever funny ??

  • 邓小力
    邓小力 Month ago

    Whatever you say, I believe it. hahahahahahahahahahah~

  • Drako-shi
    Drako-shi Month ago

    "You're racist against whites." Lol
    Their victimizing strategy is already a trademark.

  • Steven B
    Steven B Month ago

    She is lol!

  • seanzal
    seanzal Month ago

    Hilarious. Welcome to our life!!!

  • lady xstasy
    lady xstasy Month ago

    Dam that was funny best christmas ever lmao

  • Reinaldo Torres
    Reinaldo Torres Month ago

    I am 43, single, no kids and I know one day I am going to miss being single and no kids... I am gonna cry that day.

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller Month ago

    that was gr8 :D

    ŞÝŇĐŔØMĒ Month ago

    A Jason Borne Christmas

  • Brady Harris
    Brady Harris Month ago


  • Yolanda Miller
    Yolanda Miller Month ago

    Omg 🤣😂🤣❤️🎵Fue como ver un vídeo de mis hijos 😻

  • # #####
    # ##### Month ago

    🤣👣 '¡Best Christmas Everrrrrrrrrr!

  • Mr Bigglesworth
    Mr Bigglesworth Month ago


  • Gabriela M
    Gabriela M Month ago +2

    only SNL can make a christmas skit political :/

  • Vic Sehmbi
    Vic Sehmbi Month ago

    I want a wife just like Cecily Strong

  • bill cliton
    bill cliton Month ago

    did that davidson boy kill himself yet?

  • Top  Notch
    Top Notch Month ago +1

    Amen. #sofuckingtrue

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Month ago

    You got triggere that hat?

  • Todd B
    Todd B Month ago

    You're racist against whites.

  • blackkey1976
    blackkey1976 Month ago +1

    The funny part is all of these problems are easily avoided by intelligent parents that actually try... And aren't leftist morons.

  • Helen McCormick
    Helen McCormick Month ago +2

    One year, my parents turned our clocks back 2 hours. Admits to it at breakfast when one said, "I can't remember us taking so long to open presents." During the opening of presents, he snuck away to reset the clocks. WOW. Now THAT would make for a good next year's SNL rewind.

  • crisenda hanson
    crisenda hanson Month ago

    Spot on.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago +2


  • Brad Jennings
    Brad Jennings Month ago

    Less cussing, more comedy.

  • Arthur van Essen
    Arthur van Essen Month ago +1

    Everyone has that MAGA relative and that part of this sketch isn’t even a joke (it’s a reality lol)

  • ciabones
    ciabones Month ago +1

    Matt Damon = Liberal Moron

  • PMP 2006
    PMP 2006 Month ago +3

    "your not adopt-she's not adopted why would you say that" LMAO

  • Bobby Nicole
    Bobby Nicole Month ago

    made me cry. so true.

  • amosfinn76
    amosfinn76 Month ago +1

    Merry fucking Christmas you white Christian peasants, who don't even realize we've been mocking you for 40 years. To us you're either bumbling idiots like Homer Simpson and Al Bundy, or bigots like in All in the Family... or literal neighborhood Nazis like the fucked up father from American Beauty. But don't worry we'll keep pumping your children full of hate for all the sacrifices you've made over the last 500 years, and hopefully teach them to kill you in your sleep. Happy holidays You Beautiful retards! Love, the American corporate media

    • Mr Bigglesworth
      Mr Bigglesworth Month ago

      +amosfinn76 they have the greenshirts and many fuhrers lined up for 2020.

    • amosfinn76
      amosfinn76 Month ago

      +Mr Bigglesworth Well, the fight is happening now...more and more, everyday. Cesar is dead, and our children will survive. The yellow vests are here as well, waiting for their moment. I know you see it. It's what the left fears the most, it's why they try to dehumanize, you racist for simply wanting to survive. It's all coming to a head. The next 30 years are going to be a bumpy ride.

    • Mr Bigglesworth
      Mr Bigglesworth Month ago

      +amosfinn76 because they're Christian and their values are give to Cesar what is Cesar's. Even if Cesar is a mob of liberal-fascists who claim they are for equal rights but would rather have a less than mediocre life through wealth redistribution than opportunity and freedom.
      You know, I hate to be that guy, but the National Socialists in Germany seized the Jew's wealth and redistributed it to the Germans. That was the only case where Socialism was actually beneficial to the people but only because they annihilated 6 million Jew mouths to feed in the process. But I guess I'm making your point as the Jews didn't really try to fight back; they just let it happen...

    • amosfinn76
      amosfinn76 Month ago

      +Mr Bigglesworth Why should they tolerate their own destruction? They're being taxed to the point where they can't reproduce and being called racist for it...time to tear it all down

    • Mr Bigglesworth
      Mr Bigglesworth Month ago

      Plot twist - they know, they're just more tolerant than you

  • Hermenegildo Lule
    Hermenegildo Lule Month ago

    She was full of red wine and everything else - no kidding!
    SNL makes me crack, cracking here!

  • MsElisMom
    MsElisMom Month ago

    I can't get enough of this one. Their faces when the kids are opening the presents and when the dad gets off the sofa, hilarious. Who knew M. Damon was this funny?

  • Eric M
    Eric M Month ago

    I haven't seen Matt in many movies, but he has a natural flair for comedy. Great stuff!

  • TheRoshan89
    TheRoshan89 Month ago

    get a vasectomy and never get married. everything else in life is yours to enjoy

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts Month ago

    what a bunch of cynical horseshit, pretty much exactly what you would expect from SNL

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts Month ago

    you are racist against whites

  • Gloria Garcia
    Gloria Garcia Month ago

    This would make a good sitcom lol😂😂😂

  • Bart us
    Bart us Month ago

    Well, only married couples with kids and families get this one. Go SNL.

  • June B
    June B Month ago

    Mad TV is and was way better than SNL.

  • Type 2 Gurl
    Type 2 Gurl Month ago

    The “back of the tree” skit from the same episode was the funniest shit ever

  • Bob Novac
    Bob Novac Month ago

    Matt Damon is a complete tool! He should have kept his nose out of politics. He has lost many fans; I used to like him, now I see him as a liberal enemy of the state. Actors might be famous but that does not mean their political understanding is as savvy as my black lab’s.

  • Bradaform
    Bradaform Month ago +2

    Whoa! You gained weight!

  • Teas
    Teas Month ago

    A good blend of funny and sweet. :D

  • vwilliams 1204
    vwilliams 1204 Month ago

    if that was their best christmas ever then their worst christmas ever had to have been pretty bad 😂

  • Кто то Там
    Кто то Там Month ago


  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts Month ago

    So if SNL is being so equal with their political horse shit why did we not see a skit where a family member wore an obama shirt and the family wanted him to take it off ?

  • Jen Smith
    Jen Smith Month ago +3

    Omg the alarm clock saying 5am and matt being like are you f*cking kidding me? That's my life everyday lmao I loved this one

    • Jen Smith
      Jen Smith Month ago

      +Helen McCormick That's awesome lol

    • Helen McCormick
      Helen McCormick Month ago

      One year, my parents turned our clocks back 2 hours. Admits to it at breakfast when one said, "I can't remember us taking so long to open presents." During the opening of presents, he snuck away to reset the clocks. WOW. Now THAT would make for a good next year's SNL rewind.

  • Rookie Budget Fishing


  • Christopher Z
    Christopher Z Month ago

    Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne

  • Ching RoBeto
    Ching RoBeto Month ago

    O *beep* not nj

  • AdamTheTiger
    AdamTheTiger Month ago

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas/happy New Year to everyone who see’s this from your friend AdamTheTiger🐯

  • Don Synclair
    Don Synclair Month ago

    His face was priceless when that man ripped one in his face 😂😂😂

  • Jen Marie
    Jen Marie Month ago

    I was just full of Christmas cheer...classic!!

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada Month ago

    Aaannnd this is why I hate Christmas.

  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera Month ago

    I was waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to pop up,,, I was disappointed!

  • Jah Senor
    Jah Senor Month ago

    What's amazing to me is that in this modern day and age adult humans actually still believe in ferrytales and the bible but if you suggested there is a good chance that life exists outside our universe those same people think you are the one that's nuts. Whooosh

  • Solar Snake
    Solar Snake Month ago

    When is Matt going to do a Weinstein skit on SNL??!

  • NGMonocrom
    NGMonocrom Month ago

    And this is why I never married nor had kids.

  • Doc3d
    Doc3d Month ago

    We had a family gift exchange, and one guess as to what I received! Pure Twilight Zone, as no one had seen the SNL skit before the swap...