Moneybagg Yo Runs Into Lil Baby While Shopping For Jewelry!

  • Published on Feb 3, 2021
  • Moneybagg Yo has always been a BIG spender at Icebox!
    In this week's episode, the 'Said Sum' rapper stops by the world-famous Icebox showroom to check out our incredible selection of high-end diamond jewelry and to talk about the design of his new piece!
    This is a two-part episode and on the second visit, Moneybagg Yo runs into Lil Baby at Icebox!
    Watch the full video to see Moneybagg Yo and Lil Baby chop it up at Icebox!
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Comments • 2 017

  • Icebox
    Icebox  Year ago +1159

    Who do you want to see in Icebox in 2021? 👇👇

  • Archived 2001
    Archived 2001 Year ago +3195

    By the end of the year they gone have a “Rappers than ran into Lil Baby” compilation

  • Dee Ciento
    Dee Ciento Year ago +2244

    Moneybagg: “I need a white cyurrrrban” 😂😂😂

  • JayMoneyDFG
    JayMoneyDFG Year ago +353

    MoneyBaggYo confidence has gone up over the years, he used to be shy & stand-offish. It’s great to see his growth & enjoying the fruits of his labor.

    • Burak Özyilmaz
      Burak Özyilmaz 6 months ago +4

      Why shy? Because he dont talk 2 much? haha bro you are a kid

    • Jacquelyn Dorinda
      Jacquelyn Dorinda 9 months ago


    • Baby Neco
      Baby Neco 10 months ago

      @Haks true

    • Haks
      Haks Year ago +28

      @aharon emanuel He wasn't. What happens is some people need time to get used to people now he see's these guys as his peers. I'm sure when he was around his partners he was very outgoing.

    • aharon emanuel
      aharon emanuel Year ago +5

      y was he shy?

  • SupremeDreamss
    SupremeDreamss Year ago +1090

    Damn they love Baby so much they gave him shit they aren’t even selling in stores yet. Man walking around with the prototype!

    • Cedric Hollingsworth
      Cedric Hollingsworth Month ago

      @real time yet you’re making them “richer” by being in the comment section…. lol

    • TonyIce
      TonyIce 5 months ago

      Lil baby charging half a mill per show plus all his streaming

    • Anony Mous
      Anony Mous 11 months ago

      @Oscar Flores 😂 this is wrong & shouldn’t of been this funny 😅🤣

    • ace blanco
      ace blanco Year ago

      He spent so much got beat by them with them fake diamond....

  • Itsjust LA
    Itsjust LA Year ago +198

    The lady asked both of them if they wanted sumn to drink and moneybagg said “Water” and Lil Baby ass said “Capri Sun” 😂😂

    • y y
      y y 10 months ago


    • Nautikient21
      Nautikient21 Year ago +1

      @Haz Lee 29 truu

    • HateDrakoo
      HateDrakoo Year ago +1

      @Haz Lee 29 they do and don’t the rams is not the one in the studio 24/7 droppin songs everyday

    • Haz Lee 29
      Haz Lee 29 Year ago +5

      @Dryden Mutsedza humble 😂 American rappers ain’t ever seen humble they walk past fans like fans don’t make there career

  • Julius Batali
    Julius Batali Year ago +3126

    Lil Baby might as well become a manager at Icebox

  • Kae Kae
    Kae Kae Year ago +24

    They looked out for them. I love the professionalism, yet friendliness🥰I need to go to ICEBOX😂

  • JoJo G.M.T Loc
    JoJo G.M.T Loc Year ago +371

    You can tell LilBaby is taking his wealth status more serious, he has all eyes on him in the game rn with hit after hit and he’s getting paid lots and fast.. you can just see he’s too ricch now

    • Tim Brown
      Tim Brown 4 months ago

      On ma momma you can tell he been stacking more than he's been spending like he said💪💯

    • Wallace Thompson
      Wallace Thompson 5 months ago

      @Daniel Martinez What about Dr Dre, 50, Eminem, Kanye, and Diddy?

    • Action man without the action
      Action man without the action 10 months ago

      @Haks Nahh they get paid way more than that, there’s the club salary and then the sponsors and shit
      Most of ‘‘em get paid more than 20 mill a year+ the sponsors it goes around 30 mill.
      For the big stars we can get from
      60-80 a year tho

    • Daniel Martinez
      Daniel Martinez Year ago +1

      @Haks that’s good an all but most of those business with rappers ended in bankruptcy

    • Haks
      Haks Year ago +2

      @Daniel Martinez That's a horrible generalisation to make. You do realise the whole image thing is marketing right? It's a business move as well, now more than ever rappers are actually getting into business ventures not connected to the music industry. They get way more flack than they deserve

  • bihn
    bihn 6 months ago +35

    Moneybagg be on top of his awareness 😂. Keep looking round the whole store 😂

    • bihn
      bihn 5 months ago +1

      @rose quartz yup

    • rose quartz
      rose quartz 5 months ago +6

      Childhood trauma/ PTSD

  • king jaff
    king jaff Month ago +1

    Just love how these 2 dudes act humble. Not all stuck up and how they lock in wit each other real shit

  • Edgey Gaming
    Edgey Gaming Year ago +5345

    Not even a joke though, Lil baby shops here more than he shops at his local grocery store

    • thewhitetiger p
      thewhitetiger p 7 months ago

      @Truly_Cartoon I can’t even remember I’ve watched so many of the vids I know it was one of the top rappers homies though he was like let me try that on while he had other shit on an they didn’t even notice cause the big homie was buying like million dollar chain and some other shit so they forgot

    • Truly_Cartoon
      Truly_Cartoon 7 months ago

      @thewhitetiger p what's the video called

    • Amoco Beatz
      Amoco Beatz 9 months ago

      He has to because wearing multiple chains can damage them he has to get them clean in fixed

    • Phoeiz
      Phoeiz 10 months ago

      if i was dropping bangers and songs that go like platinum i would shop daily

    • Yungcountywendigo 65
      Yungcountywendigo 65 11 months ago

      Yo his shirt lil babys shirt

  • #Therealhousewivesofphilly #TRHOP #RHOP

    I’m so proud of these guys

  • Pei Wei
    Pei Wei Year ago +196

    At this point lilbaby just goes to talk and chill

  • C O
    C O Year ago +591

    “I’ve got sprite water coke and caprisun” baby:caprisun....💀😂

    • Baddie Boss University
      Baddie Boss University 11 months ago +1

      Bagg cap he know he wanted a capri sun 😅

    • innxr
      innxr Year ago +1

      I was Looking for this comment😂😂

    • It’s Dekontee
      It’s Dekontee Year ago +1

      They buss 😭

    • Santi Suastegui
      Santi Suastegui Year ago +4

      He left his caprisun too lmao so high he forgot to drink it

    • J H
      J H Year ago +10

      A man a true culture

  • BabaTV
    BabaTV Year ago +12

    Lil baby chills at icebox like it’s that one corner store in the hood 😂

  • OnlineMedicine
    OnlineMedicine Year ago +5501

    lil baby goes ice box every day 😂 that’s his home

    • Tyrus King
      Tyrus King 2 months ago

      One of his homes😂😂

    • Vincent Bryant
      Vincent Bryant 4 months ago

      Fws them both so shih they can do what they do

    • Johnny Williams
      Johnny Williams 5 months ago

      😂😂😂😂 hell yeah

    • TEE 2X
      TEE 2X 5 months ago

      ……Getting ripped off by they jewelry everyday lol

    • Truly_Cartoon
      Truly_Cartoon 7 months ago +1

      @Raz Walker bro wym by that stop wishing death on people he only 26 only God can decide when he goes

  • Philip West
    Philip West Year ago +86

    Bagg keep saying “that shit hard” like an average window shopper. Go ahead and buy the damn chain 😂

  • Fenkell Money
    Fenkell Money Year ago +133

    Bag act like a drug deal going on 😂🤣

    • Porsha lawrence
      Porsha lawrence Year ago +1


      LORD WILL Year ago +7

      It was listen to him at the beginning. He said you gotta send that shit back. If you know you know.

    • Sharida
      Sharida Year ago +3

      Word 🤣

  • YUNGDAWGE Roofus
    YUNGDAWGE Roofus Year ago +127

    Lil baby forgot his caprisun 😂 Lil baby like hell na I ain’t drink that 😅

  • Sayiid
    Sayiid Year ago +127

    Went from a Bagg video to a Baby video quick asf 😭

    • B Real
      B Real Year ago +10

      It was a different day... notice Bagg clothes changed

  • S A B I R
    S A B I R Year ago +14

    well now you know, if you want to meet Lil Baby, you know where to go 😂😂

  • Phantom_ Heart
    Phantom_ Heart Year ago +24

    I wish Louisiana rappers had this type of chill. They just was in the store together matching a vibe. This type of stuff would never happen in LA 😓

    • kedo
      kedo 5 months ago +1

      Same wit Florida

  • Jesus Luna
    Jesus Luna 5 months ago +15

    Watching this makes me realize how stupid some rappers are with money and why they always get ran up on 🤦🏻‍♂️ I need J cole to come and talk to these kids

  • Jordiel Rodriguez
    Jordiel Rodriguez Year ago +174

    lil baby never lied when he said “Catch me in atlanta no security w my jewelry”

    • Alex Ben-wah
      Alex Ben-wah Year ago +16

      watch at 11:30 his boy holding the bag definitely has the protection in his pocket😂

  • Moises Alonzo
    Moises Alonzo Year ago +7

    Who thinks moneybagg yo and lil baby need to do another collab last one was hard af I bet the next one would blow up🔥💯📈

    • myTime442
      myTime442 5 months ago

      They need to do a collab album 🔥

  • It’s Dekontee
    It’s Dekontee Year ago +12

    They might as well give Baby his own room in the store 😭

  • Nick
    Nick 4 months ago

    Love how the employee offers Water, sprite, coke…
    Lil Baby- Capri Sun 😂

  • yxngsmokey…..
    yxngsmokey….. Year ago +2

    Lil baby that type of guy to buy a damn case of jewelry one day and the next he buys the store 😂😂😂😂

  • Seth Driscoll
    Seth Driscoll 3 months ago +4

    The beginning of this got me thinking lil baby just likes hangin out with the ice box dudes and just buys shit to chill 😂

  • Love Honeey
    Love Honeey Year ago +1

    Loved when Lil Baby said Capri Sun!!😄😄 His name Suits Him, And I Love It.🤣❤❤

  • Ski mask On
    Ski mask On Year ago +694

    “What y’all want to drink” moneybagg- water “what about you” Capri-sun

  • IAmDreT TV
    IAmDreT TV Year ago +1

    When Lil baby chose the capri sun over water and soda I felt that 🤣🤣🤣

  • NAIR
    NAIR Year ago +1283

    I'm sure baby lives down the street man 😂 he just be chilling here everytime

  • richard mason
    richard mason Year ago +29

    Money looks soo unimpressed about the whole experience

  • Breanna Davis
    Breanna Davis 7 months ago +12

    Viewing Jewels while sipping capri suns ❤ what a life

  • Gucci Baby MD
    Gucci Baby MD Year ago +1

    These videos make me want to buy more jewelry

  • Isa Hasfun
    Isa Hasfun Year ago +3

    When I seen von in the slide show my pressure went up then when it ended with juice my pressure went up even more!! 🕊 😇🕊

  • Rayne
    Rayne Year ago +2744

    Lil baby got more watches and chains than words in his vocabulary

    • Solo NewsReporter
      Solo NewsReporter 5 months ago

      y’all only say that cause his accent thick. he’s actually very smart if you listen to his lyrics and interviews. y’all always trying to play somebody

    • Konfident Kayy
      Konfident Kayy 11 months ago

      He far from slow he can rap about real shit fr

    • S H
      S H 11 months ago

      @Haxxus stop saying everything hating the ones who say it the most are the ones hating

    • Jacob Vahai
      Jacob Vahai Year ago

      @Jayslokey “make me👨‍💻🧑‍💻” 🥴🥴

  • Brad Slone
    Brad Slone 9 months ago

    The store salesman told him to come in the back as the Rapper was already going past him to go in the back. !! 😂😂😂

  • Broncoboy12
    Broncoboy12 Year ago +1

    Nobody saw big man in the suit almost drink with his mask on at 1:35 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jojo Cox
    Jojo Cox Year ago +1

    They need to drop more songs together,frff

  • jay 351
    jay 351 Year ago +12

    the way lil baby could change so many lives with the money he spend on jewelry 😭

  • fxol
    fxol Year ago +1537

    lmao moneybagg look like a lil kid who just got away with sum 😂

    • Tim Brown
      Tim Brown 4 months ago

      On ma momma 😆

    • G G
      G G Year ago


    • fxol
      fxol Year ago

      @Vexxns added

    • Vexxns
      Vexxns Year ago

      @fxol yo lets play ff, my username is ungiftables

    • Sinclair Taylor
      Sinclair Taylor Year ago


  • Big Papi Flaco
    Big Papi Flaco Year ago +473

    Next video: “Lil durk and Lil Baby run into dababy while shopping at IceBox”

    • Taleb A
      Taleb A Year ago


    • Key
      Key Year ago


    • Jameson Junky
      Jameson Junky Year ago

      How tf

    • SKULL
      SKULL Year ago +1

      My mans big papi flaco predicted it 😂😭

    • X
      X Year ago +2

      What?!? 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Lucid
    Lucid Year ago +51

    They looked like they was taking a test while the teacher is watching them trying not to look over and see what each other are doing

    • Kartiae_kartel
      Kartiae_kartel Year ago +2

      Them niggaz wasn't even talking to each other 🤣🤣💀

  • Fr, not Lou Ratchett
    Fr, not Lou Ratchett Year ago +158

    Moneybagg: "Bout to buy me some jewry"
    Baby: "Aight bet"
    Title: *Moneybagg Yo runs into Lil Baby*

  • Zahir
    Zahir Year ago

    I wish I could just shop casually inside Icebox

  • Too Much
    Too Much 11 months ago +11

    Who Offers Capri-Sun... Unless... You're Always There.. and They Know What You like 💯💛💪🏽💪🏽

  • Ashlee Marie
    Ashlee Marie Year ago +47

    stg I’m absolutely obsessed with everything about Lil Baby.

  • Ramirez De Sante
    Ramirez De Sante Year ago +13

    Lil baby walks out with the Cartiers moneybag tried on😂😂

  • Sam Wimbley
    Sam Wimbley Year ago +322

    Bagg a street cat frfr his head was on swivel the whole time. He kept his eyes on that door.

    • M D
      M D Year ago +1

      Thinking same thing

    • Haks
      Haks Year ago +5

      @Bubb. Yeah but there's a difference in awareness when you've played the streets vs just your everyday civilian. It's more instinct, you don't even think about it. You can be somewhere and instantly the vibe in the air changes, you leave and 5 minutes later you hear about a shooting that happened at the spot that you were just at. This has happened to me countless times, I haven't been in the streets for a while so it's kind of fading but there's definitely a difference. One is more conscious whereas the other is more instinct

    • Bubb.
      Bubb. Year ago +3

      Ehhh...don't gotta be street to be aware. Its 2021, everyone needs to be like this instead of head in they phone salivating for attention from statngers on social media

    • Haks
      Haks Year ago +1

      @Canelo alavarez Once you grow up in the streets that's how you are regardless lol

    • Sam Wimbley
      Sam Wimbley Year ago +4

      @Demetrius Hall so you just assumed we don't look back? With your "poor people look back" comment?

  • Gaining Luv And Higher Knowledge

    Yall aint catch it @ 7:51 lil baby readjusted the heat lmao he stay strapped i see 💯💯💯

  • Jay Simpson
    Jay Simpson Year ago +2

    Lil baby be at icebox more than I be at work😂

  • ROB 🩸🩹
    ROB 🩸🩹 5 months ago +1

    I love the way moneybagg yo says “cuban”

  • FJ
    FJ Year ago +41

    I miss seeing Von in there 🥺

  • Gentry Poe
    Gentry Poe 8 months ago

    Came for Stevewilldoit, stayed because of the good content, keep going we love I t

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown 4 months ago +1

    I wouldn't buy non of that shyt Im rocking pure GOLD!💪💯

  • S D
    S D Year ago +5

    Very humble of Moneybagg Yo to ask for a better price, even though he rich AF.

  • MVP Embiid
    MVP Embiid Year ago +2

    Lil Baby need a Capri sun 😂😂😂 I feel it

  • OsoCloutedUpp
    OsoCloutedUpp Year ago +2

    that “well u predicted right “ aged well

  • IvoTheGreat
    IvoTheGreat Year ago +4

    Lil Baby GOTTA have a key to Ice Box by now!

  • Tyasia
    Tyasia 3 months ago

    Lil baby go to the ice box more than I go grocery shopping 😂

  • Le'Quan McCorkle
    Le'Quan McCorkle Year ago +11

    Lil Baby needs to get on that Time Today Remix!!

  • Greg Skinner
    Greg Skinner Year ago +1

    11:34 baby got up outta there 😂😂

  • A Rossii
    A Rossii Year ago +1

    Baby said caprisun like that’s what he came for😂

  • Jay D
    Jay D Year ago +26

    I get a feeling they don’t fw each other too heavy but still can be cool and show respect to each other

    • Jay D
      Jay D 6 months ago +4

      @niecia04 LITERALLY the vibes was so weird omgg

    • niecia04
      niecia04 6 months ago +9

      I was looking for this comment. Body language, social cues, facial expressions, etc. said a lot. Even the way Baby left. No goodbye, holla, dap up, nothing….🙁

    • Tameeka J
      Tameeka J 7 months ago +1

      @Spadz right!

  • Colieonia D.
    Colieonia D. Year ago +1

    Lady: I got water sprite, coke”
    Baby: Capri Sun😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • andrew Chills
    andrew Chills Year ago +274

    The way Lil baby left lmaoooo

    • Lol-Kirk Miller
      Lol-Kirk Miller Month ago

      He was like let me check this last box real quick, make sure I ain't leaving nuttin up in here "money" could put in his "bagg"......

    • Keep Out
      Keep Out Year ago +1

      @GlowStick lmao didn't notice that

    • Cory Moore
      Cory Moore Year ago +5

      @GlowStick u peep dat 2 huh lol smh

    • GlowStick
      GlowStick Year ago +17

      He didn’t even say bye to bagg

    • Sara Debebe
      Sara Debebe Year ago


    YOUNG IAN BEATS Year ago +1

    This gotta be the best feeling in the world

  • ×_×(redbones)
    ×_×(redbones) 11 months ago +2

    1:34 the guy in the back trying to drink the water while wearing his mask😆😆

  • Mogul bbc
    Mogul bbc Year ago +7

    the chance of meeting lil baby while shopping in icebox is higher than him being home i guess

  • E
    E Year ago

    Lmfao baby poked his eye with the glasses at 11:34😂😂😂

  • Point Guard
    Point Guard Year ago +13

    Baby might as well work there at this point 😂😂😂

  • Vaari sLice
    Vaari sLice Year ago

    baby just sittin there like a regular customer and talkin to people 😂😂👏👏

  • Lifeizrigged
    Lifeizrigged Year ago +4

    Baby Didnt even say bye or gave a pound to money bag😂

  • Jaterrius Johnson

    1:39 he tried to drink through the Mask 😂😂

  • Angel Lara
    Angel Lara Year ago +15

    Man I love watching rich people buy jewelry.

  • Jaycino601
    Jaycino601 Year ago +94

    I always notice when these rappers go to the jewelry stores with their homies they be having that jealous looking mug face like where mines at 😁

    • Spadz
      Spadz 9 months ago +2

      maybe other rappers but baby fasho fasho has stupiddd wealth, believe me, anyone that is standing right next to him at IceBox, is living a damn good life. baby def has bought em all chains, prob ask em if they want wagyu or caviar for dinner. he couldn’t buy a $350k richard millie for everyone on his team, he the super star who put everyone in position to live a dream lifestyle. their $_,____ 4PF chains from ice box is more than enough

    • Black Trunks
      Black Trunks Year ago +13


  • Jay B.
    Jay B. Year ago

    Best duo in hip hop

  • O.O.D.A
    O.O.D.A 11 months ago

    11:35 baby was like let me check right quick lol

  • All About Gi Gi
    All About Gi Gi Year ago +3

    Say Capri Sun!! these people at icebox know who they dealing with 😂

  • Lexi B
    Lexi B Year ago +19

    When MoneyBag showed up Lil baby was looking like who’s up at the door
    I wanted to see his reaction so bad baby be always on point

  • Ducemobb Quise
    Ducemobb Quise Year ago +1

    Moneybagg looks like one of the rappers you shouldn’t run up on 😹😹

  • V I
    V I Year ago +1

    You can tell the level of money they both have

  • Daniel Klimovich
    Daniel Klimovich Year ago +1

    Everybody keeps running into Lil Baby while buying jewelry. 😂 He’s my favorite rapper anyways.

  • SaggySackSlap
    SaggySackSlap Year ago +1

    11:28 lil baby hitting the vape lmaooo 😂😂

  • NBA LitLights
    NBA LitLights 3 months ago +1

    The man might as well be co owner of icebox 🤣🤣

  • ADW757
    ADW757 Year ago +1

    Just give lil baby a key to the shop💯👍🏾😂😂😂

  • Marcus J
    Marcus J Year ago +6

    10:37 Will just always agrees with whatever everyone says lol


    It starts at 2:40

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago

    Lol i kinda laughed when she offered Capri sun

  • Sinclair Taylor
    Sinclair Taylor Year ago

    Can’t wait into I start wearing jewelry like that when I make it big

  • RP
    RP 11 months ago +1

    Like lil baby live in the ice box he's always there😂😂😂

  • Liv Swaysièn
    Liv Swaysièn Year ago +3

    I wanna see big bagg buy more jewelry ❤️

    • Rellz Milli
      Rellz Milli Year ago

      Bagg fakin he worrying about getting a better number 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ً
    ً Year ago +2

    Lil baby is going to icebox more times a week than i go to walmart

  • Vawn Frosty
    Vawn Frosty Year ago +1

    Lil baby always runnin into somebody 😂😂😂he might as well be the face of da store

  • Kitten squid game
    Kitten squid game Year ago +10

    Y’all gotta put lil baby on time out he come in too much😂😂😂

  • Nick Cisneros
    Nick Cisneros Year ago +3

    Lil Baby - Green Bay Packers will win it all
    Also Lil Baby - I'm a Human I ain't perfect I know sometimes I be wrong

  • ghilliexo
    ghilliexo 6 months ago +3

    Bro Will is such a chill dude I would love to work with him no cap 🥶