Drawing Pewdiepie in One Breath! - MrBeast, Odd1sOut, Dude Perfect, Ninja and More!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
  • I can't believe I did this...SUBSCRIBE OR I'LL TAKE YOUR ART
    which youtubers do you want me to draw next?
    watch me draw pewdiepie for 24 hours straight: thexvid.com/video/1SijELJNfrI/video.html
    watch me draw mrbeast for 24 hours straight: thexvid.com/video/1annGvJuMIc/video.html
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    If you read all the way down here I LOVE YOU!
    world record!
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  • ZHC
    ZHC  Month ago +22844

    If you think this is fake keep in mind I’ve been swimming for 13 years, I have a record of 4:03 and the world record is over 22 minutes😂 so if u wanna “expose” me go ahead but I don’t know how else to prove it to you
    who is your fave youtuber? I wanna let you choose for the next one again!
    Subscribe cuz I have some crazy stuff for u guys soon ;)
    congrats on first comment: dmarion draws

  • Yohann Jacob - Morning Star MS (1114)

    Is this where ask for the amazon thingy, if so I would like to spend it on nothing I wanna save it so I get pic because my laptop is trash.

  • Awesomemiracle :3
    Awesomemiracle :3 13 minutes ago

    Never in my whole life would I ever think a youtuber would do this

  • BCC Fan #01
    BCC Fan #01 45 minutes ago

    I still think this is fake.......
    you have a 4:03 in what event???
    plus how dud you yell so loud after the mr. beast one ??

  • Faze shift
    Faze shift 45 minutes ago

    This is fake unsub

  • Only• Limelight
    Only• Limelight 53 minutes ago


  • Eva Winegardner
    Eva Winegardner Hour ago

    Draw a panda

  • cute unicorn
    cute unicorn Hour ago

    I wish you can draw me

  • gacha_cookie love_potato

    I would spend 100$ on better pencils and I will buy a watercolor palette that I never had before

  • Wassim Gharbi
    Wassim Gharbi Hour ago

    if i win i ll spend 100$ on a graphic tablet (Wacom Intuos maybe)

  • ItzKitty Gacha
    ItzKitty Gacha 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or..when he holds his breath my breathing suddenly becomes unstable?

  • matan sabbag
    matan sabbag 2 hours ago

    i would use my 100$ for an 1 to 1 copy of proof that tony stark has a heart or some copic markers.
    ZHC thank you so much , you have helped me so much by teaching me that anyone can learn how to draw and paint you just need some motivation and practice.

  • Hey ItsTazbid
    Hey ItsTazbid 3 hours ago

    What's the song?

  • karina mockarina
    karina mockarina 3 hours ago

    Hey its me again here from the who ever is the last person drawing wins 10,000 . helping you get some moneys ❤ ads and the whole length of video no skips lol . hope it helps. Yes I'm posting the same comment on all the videos I watched . ill start putting a emoji after the next few comments . back to watching your vids.

  • Oreo's Channel
    Oreo's Channel 3 hours ago

    If you stuff your nose you still can get breath idiot

  • Jarek Mazur
    Jarek Mazur 4 hours ago

    this is fack you are holding your breth for 3 13 mts fake

  • Carissa Griffin
    Carissa Griffin 6 hours ago

    Dror cwc

  • Maja Pilniak
    Maja Pilniak 6 hours ago

    If this is grey u support tseries

  • Aaron Drummer
    Aaron Drummer 6 hours ago

    I would spent 100$ for art supplies that i always wanted

  • Koshiba
    Koshiba 6 hours ago

    I would spend the money on art supplies... Obviously^^. More specific probably for some Polychromos. Good coloured pencils are hard too find where I live.

  • L LS
    L LS 6 hours ago

    I would spend my $100 on my nephews!

  • Mary Matti
    Mary Matti 7 hours ago

    I would spend 100$ on replacing my cheep old pencils , brushes and paper with some new good ones 😌!!

  • DKN/PinG Peppa pig/PR3D4T3R Peppa pig

    I would spend it on stuff for my family

  • Crazy Cucumber
    Crazy Cucumber 7 hours ago

    We all gonna ignore the fact that he can hold his breath for like 3 minutes?!

  • ïñës løvë
    ïñës løvë 7 hours ago

    Ur drawing too good

  • ïñës løvë
    ïñës løvë 7 hours ago

    image if the camera dont rec

  • Saleh Yatin
    Saleh Yatin 7 hours ago


  • Keticap
    Keticap 7 hours ago

    Draw me.

  • Aiden Landero
    Aiden Landero 8 hours ago

    I would use the money to fund for more art supplies so that I can become the best artist that I can possibly be

  • Grace Gray
    Grace Gray 8 hours ago

    Hiiiii if I would win a hundred dollars I would buy a drawing tablet for my brother because he always wanted one and it's his birthday soon and he's always there for me so it would be great If I could do something for him since k don't need anything but I would have to add more money anyway cause they cost a lot

  • Leah Cohen
    Leah Cohen 8 hours ago

    🐨+ 👃= you know what I’m talkin about

  • Aliaa Omer
    Aliaa Omer 8 hours ago

    Draw Selena Gomez pls!

  • Jayson Wakefield
    Jayson Wakefield 8 hours ago


  • Paola Salcedo
    Paola Salcedo 9 hours ago

    I’d spend my $100 on survival items like a fire starter and a water-filtering-straw because I’m paranoid and i want to be prepared for the apocalypse

  • Schizophrenia 1106
    Schizophrenia 1106 9 hours ago

    I expect the 100 dollars for buying an art supplies for myself☺️

  • melissa
    melissa 9 hours ago

    Would use 100 kind of as a safety net. If anyone in my family REALLY needs something, it would be there.

  • Ayman Lahouari
    Ayman Lahouari 10 hours ago

    Hopefully, I Win The Gift CARD, I want to buy my first color Tablet. :)

  • Jaime Gonnella
    Jaime Gonnella 10 hours ago +1

    I would use $100 dollars on stuff for my parents because they have to pay $150 for my deposit for band and even more for my band fees and for other stuff that they've done for me of course

  • Triet Nguyen
    Triet Nguyen 10 hours ago

    Would cop some camera gear if I won that hundo $$$

  • Sofia The Potato
    Sofia The Potato 11 hours ago

    Just so u know if u are playing along (holding breath) it is easier is you put the speed on 2x

  • Stray Dog
    Stray Dog 11 hours ago +1

    I would spend the the 100$ if I won them on copic markers because I would like to use them for the very first time and I love how they look.

  • ramaxnitro
    ramaxnitro 12 hours ago

    I want a Amazon giftcard Zhc

  • Matty Agel
    Matty Agel 12 hours ago

    guys hes lieing he can breath through his mouth he can have a tiny crack

  • galaxy sky
    galaxy sky 12 hours ago

    Do fgteev is the hard mode

  • kishore swaminathan
    kishore swaminathan 12 hours ago

    Hopefully I Win The Gift CARD.... I want to buy a drawing tablet.

  • Luke Hereora
    Luke Hereora 12 hours ago

    Your the guy that made me get comited to drawing your my hero I'm good at drawing my class says

    STICKINATOR 12 hours ago

    i will spend it on games and home accories in that 100$ amazon gift card

  • Ryan Y.
    Ryan Y. 13 hours ago +2

    i would use the 100 bucks for a new jacket

  • king of boredom
    king of boredom 13 hours ago

    I want the Amazon gift card to buy art stuff

    So I hope I get it eventhough I have never won a giveaway 😁😁😁

    FARA7 AHMAD 13 hours ago

    I will spend my money in colours sketchbooks and books

  • iiKatrinaii YT
    iiKatrinaii YT 13 hours ago

    I wonder how many brain cells u lost🤣💀🤦‍♀️

  • XtraOffroad
    XtraOffroad 13 hours ago +1

    I would spend the giftcard on a ps4 controller and a game so that me and my brother could play together

  • JiaJia cutekitty
    JiaJia cutekitty 13 hours ago

    Can you draw fgteev

  • ANF_Tuber
    ANF_Tuber 13 hours ago

    I would spend $100 dollars on a skateboard and a mini microphone and a pack of cubic markers

  • Oreo & Chill's Great Adventures

    also im watching all the videos so you dont go broke 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Oreo & Chill's Great Adventures

    i would buy art supplies

  • John Reitz
    John Reitz 14 hours ago


  • Katherine Julius
    Katherine Julius 14 hours ago

    I spend my money on art supplies, who wouldn't? #artchallenge

  • Amanda Chai
    Amanda Chai 14 hours ago

    I would spend $100 on a drawing tablet

  • Computerable
    Computerable 14 hours ago

    i can hold my breath for 14 second
    *im so talented*

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat 14 hours ago

    I will get some copics and some sketch books :)

  • XxGamerPlaysXx BLUE DOT

    To be honest i would use the money to at least help my family with bills and use the rest for collage

  • Kim Tae-hyung
    Kim Tae-hyung 14 hours ago

    Hey, I just came from the video where last to stop drawing wins 10G.. I would use my giftcard for better art supplies.. For my whole life I had to sacrifice things in order to eat. I really want to use one.. You know what I don't even care if it was just a dollar. I just need something.

  • Eric McCoy
    Eric McCoy 14 hours ago

    I would spend my $100 dollars on as many possible things that I could buy golf related.

  • zxachack jk
    zxachack jk 14 hours ago

    Draw smosh

  • Maggie and Cozy
    Maggie and Cozy 14 hours ago +1

    Who else tried to do this but quit like half way threw

  • Funtime Wølfie
    Funtime Wølfie 14 hours ago

    Who else was taking one breathe and holding at along with him? I was!

  • Sofiaface123
    Sofiaface123 15 hours ago

    who else just held their breath while watching this i know i did

  • Flame the Crested gecko

    I would spend the Amazon gift card towards copic markers

  • Zallan Azlaan
    Zallan Azlaan 15 hours ago

    I would spend money on arts supplies obviously cause i dont have them only a pencil sharpner and eraser

    DA HECK 15 hours ago


  • Gary Cordell
    Gary Cordell 16 hours ago


  • Setheroni
    Setheroni 16 hours ago +1

    Lungs: WhY u BuLLy mE

  • Don Hastings
    Don Hastings 16 hours ago

    Do dude perfect plzzzz

  • SFYL Barber boys
    SFYL Barber boys 16 hours ago

    Pleaze do Luna thanks

  • GreenJ CJAqua
    GreenJ CJAqua 16 hours ago

    Draw Ed Sheeran

  • Tatum C
    Tatum C 16 hours ago

    Oooooooof i couldn't even draw that in an hour yet you can do it in friken 3:00!!!!!!

  • Natalie Carroll Carroll

    My favorite TheXvidr is theodd1sout

  • life hacks with doug
    life hacks with doug 16 hours ago

    Obviously fake the max amount of no air to the brain is 3 mins and he went over so FAKE

  • Pam Barber
    Pam Barber 16 hours ago


  • Pam Barber
    Pam Barber 16 hours ago

    U cant breath out u mouth

  • ethan Lyons
    ethan Lyons 17 hours ago

    Ur face doesn't even get red =/
    Seems fake

  • Epicgamer14
    Epicgamer14 17 hours ago

    He rly good

    KUGO .MONEY 17 hours ago

    Jaiden has a black ish brown hair not red not to be annoying just sayin

  • Rachel Ngo
    Rachel Ngo 17 hours ago

    ZHC: *does challenge*

    Oxygen: am I a joke to you?

    ZHC: yes

  • Good Leaves
    Good Leaves 19 hours ago

    What markers are you using

  • Willard Gilbert
    Willard Gilbert 19 hours ago

    Lazed lazer

  • J Cole
    J Cole 19 hours ago

    hi Mouth

  • Garnick -1
    Garnick -1 19 hours ago

    You are awesome! Also, what song is this?

  • Vaggelis Manos
    Vaggelis Manos 20 hours ago

    This was too risky

  • Xxshimmergirl xX
    Xxshimmergirl xX 20 hours ago

    ZHC dude u have the best music in your vids luvvv it

  • Mikaylah
    Mikaylah 20 hours ago

    draw jay from the kubz scouts!

  • Eva XD
    Eva XD 20 hours ago

    his nose is stuffed not his god damn mouth. i-

  • Luiz Henrique Bubans Ramos

    Who else wasn't breathing?

  • Lukáš koblos
    Lukáš koblos 21 hour ago

    please drow baxtrix

  • edvin_ yt
    edvin_ yt 23 hours ago

    funny vines

  • kawai turtle
    kawai turtle Day ago

    I tried to do the same and I failed in 19 seconds ;-;

  • Derek Comandante


  • Caroline Trageser

    Anyone know that this fake cause if not you are stupid

  • Emmie Cardin
    Emmie Cardin Day ago

    Wow you can draw really fast