Drawing Pewdiepie in One Breath! - MrBeast, Odd1sOut, Dude Perfect, Ninja and More!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
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Comments • 25 834

  • ZHC
    ZHC  3 months ago +27639

    If you think this is fake keep in mind I’ve been swimming for 13 years, I have a record of 4:03 and the world record is over 22 minutes😂 so if u wanna “expose” me go ahead but I don’t know how else to prove it to you
    who is your fave youtuber? I wanna let you choose for the next one again!
    Subscribe cuz I have some crazy stuff for u guys soon ;)
    congrats on first comment: dmarion draws

  • gamemey Roblox
    gamemey Roblox 4 hours ago

    Draw me!,

  • Khafo كفو
    Khafo كفو 7 hours ago

    You can breath with your mouth

  • Eglė Jakštienė
    Eglė Jakštienė 10 hours ago

    bro i saw you breathing one time

  • Aj
    Aj 10 hours ago

    ~Asthma and inhaler have entered the chat~

  • Reddit Lucio
    Reddit Lucio 11 hours ago

    What is the name of the first song?

  • Dylan Brooks
    Dylan Brooks 12 hours ago

    To be honest I'm more impressed with how long he holds his breath.

  • Mario Pawlo
    Mario Pawlo 14 hours ago


  • Greg Massicotte
    Greg Massicotte 15 hours ago

    How did u come up with dax

  • Andrea Utz
    Andrea Utz 16 hours ago

    That is not dude perfect

  • Tamy Hernandez
    Tamy Hernandez 21 hour ago

    You should do jack paul and Logan Paul pleas

  • Cookie Cream
    Cookie Cream 21 hour ago

    Can you draw them all blind folded

  • dragon girl
    dragon girl 22 hours ago

    Tezz the cat please

  • シッ『Itz Aurimik!』
    シッ『Itz Aurimik!』 22 hours ago +1

    👏👏👏 Clap for ZHC

  • Aidan Parker
    Aidan Parker Day ago

    U should 1 week with out drawing let’s see if u last like if u think he will las

  • Rose Asotigue
    Rose Asotigue Day ago

    My brother likes all your drawings he always follow you draw

  • Max KERR
    Max KERR Day ago +2

    Song : 10 Feet off the Ground! :)

  • potato g
    potato g Day ago

    draw vexx

  • Noah Lundeen
    Noah Lundeen Day ago


  • pewdster Evans
    pewdster Evans Day ago

    Pause your vid and press this 👉🏻 1:18
    I accidentally got time wrong. I edited.

  • Darius Badeanu
    Darius Badeanu Day ago


  • Steve lobow
    Steve lobow Day ago

    When you drew Pewdipie you didn’t have tissue up ur nose, Obiously you cheared on that cuz you are a fan of pewdipie at: 5:22 Like if you agree?

  • JamesPlay -RB
    JamesPlay -RB Day ago

    DRAW ME :)

  • Vilius Gečas
    Vilius Gečas Day ago

    Can you draw mess your self

  • Hashm Playz
    Hashm Playz Day ago +1

    I meant logo

  • Hashm Playz
    Hashm Playz Day ago +1

    Draw my ligo

  • Rhea Schulte
    Rhea Schulte Day ago

    After this are you half dead I would be haha

  • Afraz Ayas
    Afraz Ayas Day ago

    Draw a spiderman

  • sama cha
    sama cha Day ago

    poke pls

  • Bobby Kris Esconde
    Bobby Kris Esconde Day ago +1

    ZHC: I've been drawing Pewdiepie in one breath!
    Me: I'm watching your video in one breath 😆😆😆

  • ItzChad uwo
    ItzChad uwo Day ago

    Why is this vid in Mobile Phones

  • LlamaOps - Fortnite & More!

    You could have killed yourself in this challenge

  • Carlos Fox
    Carlos Fox 2 days ago

    Do dantdm

  • Carlos Animations 101

    So you’re Tom seitas

  • Kyle Plays
    Kyle Plays 2 days ago

    What song is this

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 2 days ago


  • T K
    T K 2 days ago

    Lies 2:18 seconds yeah sure buddy and no *massive inhale* afterwards, very questionable

    • T K
      T K 2 days ago

      3min 7 sec hmmmm

  • Andy Dang
    Andy Dang 2 days ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s possible to breathe with your mouth

  • Titan2000 kid gamer
    Titan2000 kid gamer 2 days ago

    These are very accurate great job

  • Natalie Ha
    Natalie Ha 2 days ago

    First of all, HOW DO YOU FREAKING HOLD YOUR BREATH UP TO 3 MINUTES! And btw Jaden Animation has Big Circle eyes of anyone noticed!

  • AaronCute6090
    AaronCute6090 2 days ago

    Draw Aaroncute6090

  • AaronCute6090
    AaronCute6090 2 days ago

    4:50 wrong way

  • food saw
    food saw 2 days ago

    Wow can i have ur lungs 😂 no but fr i learned how swim when i was 2yo(no caps)and i cant hold my breath for that long

  • Lepa Nio
    Lepa Nio 2 days ago

    Draw fgteev

  • Randy Neumann
    Randy Neumann 2 days ago

    You would go brain dead within the first 3 minutes soo how 4

  • Charles Calk
    Charles Calk 2 days ago

    If you do part 2 do Jacknjellfy

  • Vibeless
    Vibeless 2 days ago

    I can’t even hold my breathe above 20 seconds

  • Xxcaznar Xxcaznar
    Xxcaznar Xxcaznar 2 days ago

    Pls draw Hokusai pls!

    • Xxcaznar Xxcaznar
      Xxcaznar Xxcaznar 2 days ago

      Sorry wrong spelling I want to say can you draw goku pls!

  • Natatata
    Natatata 2 days ago

    I thought you were going to draw them in all one picture. But that is literally impossible. You'd faint lol

  • Pokimane
    Pokimane 2 days ago


  • Linh Phạm
    Linh Phạm 2 days ago

    Draw in free fire

  • marlene abrera
    marlene abrera 2 days ago

    Captain america

  • Edgardo Quijano
    Edgardo Quijano 2 days ago


  • Marjorie de Guzman
    Marjorie de Guzman 2 days ago

    I love how pewds’ part has a sub count

  • Dash games
    Dash games 3 days ago

    I times my self and got 1:23 and that was hard. Your a legend for getting to about 4 minutes

  • Ollie Furred
    Ollie Furred 3 days ago

    My dad once said that hyperventilating helps you hold your breath longer cause you have a bit more air in your lungs? Not sure if it’s true or not

  • CocoCozmo
    CocoCozmo 3 days ago

    Do Dantdn

  • sharingan ama
    sharingan ama 3 days ago


  • Omg Its Nika!
    Omg Its Nika! 3 days ago

    Do wolfychu

  • Onett Fortnite Roblox Badges

    Draw T-Series i feel so bad for you choking

  • Sally Face
    Sally Face 3 days ago +3

    Entire video
    What if he sneezes
    Will that count as cheating?
    Also I held my breath with you :)
    Just to challenge myself

  • Fabienne
    Fabienne 3 days ago

    I would be death at 15 seconds lmaoo

  • Negro Eggo
    Negro Eggo 3 days ago +1

    The thumbnail in your videos gets deep fried


    I can draw all of them complete

    me? Doing that challenge? I can just draw a line without taking a breath

  • speteelie
    speteelie 3 days ago +7

    Impressive.....strokes chin~
    tries and can only breath10 seconds~

  • thedragongirl
    thedragongirl 3 days ago

    I can only hold my breath for 1 minute 20 seconds 😂

  • madasfucc c
    madasfucc c 3 days ago

    Who else held their breathe with him? X)

  • Charlie I switched my name to This g

    I couldn’t hold my breath even though he sped it up

  • Callumss 1235
    Callumss 1235 3 days ago

    How do you scream and shout when you just held you mr breath for 3 mins👌

  • King Man
    King Man 3 days ago

    Am I the only one amazed on how long he can hold his breath