• Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Watch me get my favorite skin in Twilight Chest.
    My Nonolive ID: 16298426
    Livestream schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, 5:00PM GMT+8
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  • Elgin
    Elgin  6 months ago +168

    This video was recorded while streaming at Nonolive.
    Livestream schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, 5:00PM GMT+8
    My Nonolive room:
    My Nonolive ID: 16298426
    See you there!

    • Venice Unicorn
      Venice Unicorn 6 months ago

      Pilipino kaba tlaga?

    • AETHER lol
      AETHER lol 6 months ago

      Pilipino ka ba?

    • Valestin Y.
      Valestin Y. 6 months ago

      What about yesyeslive id?

    • Indian Singer
      Indian Singer 6 months ago

      your squad name I will join in

    • Nurul Iman
      Nurul Iman 6 months ago

      Elgin can you giveaway me skin alucard epic.You say in video you never use alucard can you giveaway me skin alucard epic i am users alucard my mobile legend name is ™Obsidian Blade

  • HeyIm Jared
    HeyIm Jared 3 months ago

    Elite/normal skin
    On a epic skin

  • Ayman Sedik
    Ayman Sedik 4 months ago

    Wow ang daming dayamons

  • Charlene Eneria
    Charlene Eneria 5 months ago

    R.i.p diamonds

  • Jayvee Verona
    Jayvee Verona 6 months ago

    Can i have roger epic skin GrayHamz is my name i subscribe to u

  • Gustin Y.
    Gustin Y. 6 months ago

    Totally same with my friend, dragon boy favv

  • HI Idol
    HI Idol 6 months ago

    Why wasting ur money for such a game?

    Kazuki TMTMGAMERZZ 6 months ago

    hye Elgin Just Swap skin with me Child of the Fall and i will swap my Dragon Boy to you

  • Jemar Hontiveros
    Jemar Hontiveros 6 months ago

    Filipino ka

  • roblox and fortnite and more xd gaming

    Walang Chou dragon boy

  • Chingling Khnglee
    Chingling Khnglee 6 months ago

    MLBB is being too expensive man and there's always a less probability to get good skins in any events. 😥😥

  • ItsTheAhl
    ItsTheAhl 6 months ago

    Request lang po to pwede po ba manghingi ng diamonds para mag recharge and maging starlight member

  • Aisah Balindong
    Aisah Balindong 6 months ago

    ganda skin

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 6 months ago


  • Bunkoem DM 2222
    Bunkoem DM 2222 6 months ago


  • 유수프
    유수프 6 months ago

    C R Y !

  • Kouzoku Kai Kenji
    Kouzoku Kai Kenji 6 months ago

    Hi. I guess that am i lucky or not, Because i opened twilight chest 5x and i got Lancelot "Royal Matador" (Epic) + Freya "Chrismas Carnival" (Special) then i do the same at tomorrow day i got Kagura Soryu Maiden (Epic) + Karrie Jester (Special) here's ID proof = 222282347(9140) - GOD~SpeedLove. look at my Album i posted. Thank you.

  • Chris A.
    Chris A. 6 months ago

    Legit Elgin didn't get the skin and people are asking for skins in the comments, boi you don't understand how expensive diamonds are and this guy is using all of his diamonds to get his favourite skin, didn't get it. I really hope Elgin gets happier

  • Shon Ladrillo
    Shon Ladrillo 6 months ago

    Bad luck kuya

  • BaRoTsKiE
    BaRoTsKiE 6 months ago

    nice video plss notice me bro
    lesley skin General Rosa

  • mobile legend bang bang
    mobile legend bang bang 6 months ago +1

    i no need to open that event.because i had all skin epic and 2 skkn legend.wkwkwk .LOL
    try angains

  • Mark Enriquez
    Mark Enriquez 6 months ago

    Pahingi Po ng akin ni hanabi kahit ano lang po ID.362569031(3733)

  • Z4 PRO
    Z4 PRO 6 months ago

    You should've pray first before you open it 🙏🙏🙏

  • Aiman Iman
    Aiman Iman 6 months ago +1

    Elgin is very sad went he don't get chou dragon boy
    1 like=1 happiness

  • Gerdyl Imperial
    Gerdyl Imperial 6 months ago

    can i have ur cyclops skin sir 😳😳😳😳😳

  • Phengarn Pheap
    Phengarn Pheap 6 months ago

    Omg you have reached 1M subscriber man , I haven’t watch your video for awhile wow your channel grew so fast man , keep up the good work

  • Gamingwith leb
    Gamingwith leb 6 months ago

    Your videos is very cool

  • Dean Maynard Caño
    Dean Maynard Caño 6 months ago

    hahahah well you tried.

  • Zes uo
    Zes uo 6 months ago

    Pota nag tatagalog pala HAHAHAHAHHA

    MARK MOBILE 6 months ago

    I love alucard Elgin please give me a skin of alucard

  • Krince Alao
    Krince Alao 6 months ago

    ID: ErueLL
    IGN: 396668670 (3811)
    Midnight Raven pleas or phantom scarlet

  • Zulham Hazari
    Zulham Hazari 6 months ago


  • Jody Winner
    Jody Winner 6 months ago

    Wonderful in justice on the world

  • Patricio amparado
    Patricio amparado 6 months ago

    I can have alus skin pls oh and my name is James Amparado realy that is my username

  • lemuel andog
    lemuel andog 6 months ago +1


  • When Cats Attack
    When Cats Attack 6 months ago +1

    Luck: Im about to end this man's whole carreer
    After grinding 10 fans
    Expecting to get lunox cosmic
    Gets badang skin
    Gets alice special skin

  • Weak Weak
    Weak Weak 6 months ago

    Pilipino ka pala

  • Irish Milagrosa
    Irish Milagrosa 6 months ago


  • NUEL Mampusti
    NUEL Mampusti 6 months ago

    Can i get gusions skin kuya elgin
    My ing:g#o$ť πiπjα
    Copy paste nlng po hehe
    Thx po

  • SkyYT
    SkyYT 6 months ago

    I want to be friends with u po :)

  • SkyYT
    SkyYT 6 months ago

    Your so lucky kuya elgin to have many dias
    Btw po kuya elgin pa add po
    Ito po ID and IGN ko

  • SkyYT
    SkyYT 6 months ago

    I wanted to save up for karrie's bladed mantis now i cant buy it cuz im not that rich..... :(
    Just wanted to share...

  • SkyYT
    SkyYT 6 months ago

    U cant buy dias below 200 now :(

  • SkyYT
    SkyYT 6 months ago

    Hi po elgin :( i subbed :D
    They updated codashop.... i cant buy skins now because im not that rich...

  • justinlee nadlang
    justinlee nadlang 6 months ago

    pinoy pala to potek

  • ToyA GaMing25800 tetsuya

    Akin nlang kuya elgin yung saber regulator HAHAHA

    Æ FADER PH 6 months ago

    i dont have skills.why?why?WHY!!!!!

  • haji haji
    haji haji 6 months ago

    Got it :) didn't want that skin tho mostly cus I don't use Chou. Wanted Skylark haha (I don't use fanny either but eh)

  • TMG bren
    TMG bren 6 months ago

    Sana dragon boy makuha ko sa free epic skin

  • Paul Dan Casty
    Paul Dan Casty 6 months ago

    You crying? Lol

  • Yehuda Kristian
    Yehuda Kristian 6 months ago

    give me diamond 2 k :(

  • John Vergel Zabanal
    John Vergel Zabanal 6 months ago

    Id: 34333738 3044
    Skin: Castle Guard (grock)

    ANGELO PLAYZ 6 months ago

    Given me sam kimmy skin star Pls given me

  • Shikigami Kagura
    Shikigami Kagura 6 months ago

    I feel sorry for you
    I didn't get the skin I want just like you

  • ꧁༒Ɩɛɠɛŋɖʂ༒꧂ gamer

    I'd:294338190 (3578)
    Thank you so much for the video

  • Rex Libredo
    Rex Libredo 6 months ago

    i thought ure an American haha

  • Jαr1c ML
    Jαr1c ML 6 months ago +1

    Wow pinoy ka pala

  • Anton Amio
    Anton Amio 6 months ago

    Pilipino ka pala kuya ngayon kulang nalaman

  • Eiman Existance
    Eiman Existance 6 months ago

    Pakyu Shopee

  • June Moon
    June Moon 6 months ago

    Can I have the kagura and lunox skin plsssssssss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭