Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

  • Published on Jan 16, 2014
  • Neuroscientist and author Gregory Burns has five ways to test your dog's loyalty to you without using an MRI. WSJ's Billy Higgins puts his three-year-old yellow Labrador to the test. Give it a try and post your experiences below!

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Comments • 11 955

  • Midnight SpiritWolf
    Midnight SpiritWolf 4 years ago +125

    My dog loves me a lot. Btw I saw some people down here saying that a crate is a bad idea and only non-trained dogs use it. But, my dog likes her crate. She always takes naps in it and uses it to store her toys. It's her personal space just for her. She loves it. And she willingly goes in it every time we have to leave for a bit. Sometimes we let her roam the house when we leave. It just depends what's easier for her and us. She normally ends up laying in her crate anyway if we let her roam.

  • Benjamin Pavel
    Benjamin Pavel 3 years ago +34

    Taking care of a dog (walks, cleaning behind them etc.) can be annoying sometimes but man that love, support and that up lift you get when you come back home from work is just BEYOND priceless. Probably best therapy for stressful work we have nowadays. <3

  • Andi Murray
    Andi Murray Year ago +86

    My dog is the reason I can't wait to get home from work in the evenings!

  • Edward Chernenko
    Edward Chernenko 3 years ago +2

    One way to know your dog loves you:

  • Joe Bloe
    Joe Bloe 4 years ago +278

    I showed my love for my dog by taking her the vet for a life saving, $1300 operation. I could NOT imagine letting her die.

  • S K
    S K 2 years ago +1

    The sweet smiles of all three at the end made my day ❤

  • itsnotthesamething
    itsnotthesamething 6 years ago +91

    I just had my dog put to sleep yesterday. He was 10 years old. He was the first dog I ever raised from a pup. I made mistakes. I learned lessons. But as much as he ran off, the moment a door opened, I believe he loved me. And as frustrated as I was with him, when he ate the wood siding off my house as a pup, and chewed up my belongings, and ran off when I opened the door, I loved him. He went through a lot. He lost an eye to a tumor, got hit by a car, and struggled with arthritis. The latter did him in, when he could no longer get up on his own. He weighed approx. 150 lbs. I couldn't help him get up any longer. My heart hurts. I will have another dog eventually, but right now, I grieve for the dog who woke me up to what dog ownership really entails.

  • Mya Alexis
    Mya Alexis 3 years ago +528

    My puppy literally screams and barks up the place when I even start getting dressed. Even when I close the door, I can still hear him. To be honest though it is kinda cute but also sad and annoying.

  • Al S
    Al S 4 years ago +1

    My dog has 3 beds exclusive to him, while I have 1 bed and have to share it with him sometimes.

  • bel bel
    bel bel 3 years ago +41

    My dog lays on me after eating. He sleeps on my bed. My dog literally starts to cry when I leave. My dog jumps on to me. I love my dog so much. I do everything for my dog

  • Ay Caramba
    Ay Caramba 2 years ago +96

    Unless you're the worst person on the planet, your dog will love you unconditionally. No need for a test. That's why dogs are the best! ❤

  • Freewheelin' Franklin
    Freewheelin' Franklin 2 years ago +381

    It's cruel to put a big dog like that in such a small case for 8 or more hours.

  • The Bit Player
    The Bit Player 6 years ago +3

    My Lab used to sleep on my bed. Now I sleep on his bed.

  • Presley Anne Bondoreff
    Presley Anne Bondoreff 4 years ago +5

    She doesn't like us leaving She likes us close to her or next to her at ALL TIMES 😂

  • Robus WhiteWolf
    Robus WhiteWolf 4 years ago +5

    My dog is old and I've had her since I was five and she was two months old. She'll be twelve in October. I've already written a tribute song and I'm going to face my fears and perform it on AGT. I don't even care if I don't get through. I love my dog, and I just want the world to know how much.

  • Lidia Ward
    Lidia Ward Year ago +8

    I like him and love him to pieces. He snuggles with Me, gets treats, chewing bones, plays with the whole family.He is a Family!

  • Stevan
    Stevan 4 years ago +1

    Yes I loved my dog, when he had seizures I was always there for him supervising him and giving him his meds and most importantly love. Even though the vets said he would only live for 5 years, he lived for 8 and actually passed away last Tuesday and I am thankful that he died happy and I am thankful that people have dogs as pets because without dogs the world would be weird and unhappy

  • snail paste
    snail paste 3 years ago +43

    I go on walks in the forest and just talk to my doggo 😂

  • Jaycee C
    Jaycee C 6 years ago +104

    Well lets see, my dog follows me from room to room, even when I'm vacuuming, he stares at me all night while we watch TV and when he falls asleep he will wake every 10 minutes or so, lift his head, checks to make sure I'm still there and goes back to sleep. There are times when he doesn't follow me because he knows I've just gone to get a coffee of something. He is OK with me leaving the house but watches from the window as I drive away with that real sad face, on return whether I'm gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, he runs, jumps, barks, and basically dances. He sleeps on the end of my bed and he is well loved by everyone in the family. He's almost 16 years old now and still runs a hundred miles an hour around the house and in the back yard but only once a day now where as before he would do it several times, you know when they get over excited and they just run and run. He's very spoiled but so worth it.

  • Drk 18
    Drk 18 4 years ago +86

    My dog is literally 7 pounds and super tiny and I still don’t have room in my bed when she sleeps. But I still love that sweet little thing!!!