Melting Aluminium In The Mini Metal Foundry - Melting Aluminium #1

  • Published on Mar 30, 2017
  • Melting aluminium in the mini metal foundry in the back yard. Experimented with diesel and vegetable oil mix and the burner roared to the point of melting steel crucible itself. Fabricated a new ingot mold too.
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  • خلود الطيب 1
    خلود الطيب 1 Month ago +2

    وين منير وكاضم عنكم 😂

  • жизнь одна 89
    жизнь одна 89 4 months ago +1

    Чистый 2019

  • AirborneBadass
    AirborneBadass 6 months ago +1

    Love your vids! Really happy I found this one, I was looking for your burner setup. That thing is slick!

  • watahyahknow
    watahyahknow 7 months ago

    maibe if you use a pressure regulator and a bigger nozzle you can reduce the time the compressor needs to run to keep up , looks to me that you could allmost gravity feed the oil in allready

  • الفتى العربي
    الفتى العربي 9 months ago +6

    منير احسن منكم يسوي !

  • Eat a Dic
    Eat a Dic 9 months ago

    Now that’s a Jerry rig

    RANDOM_KIDD_223 10 months ago

    Did you make the crusable?

    • RANDOM_KIDD_223
      RANDOM_KIDD_223 10 months ago

      @Donn DIY can you make a video of how you made your furnace?😭

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  10 months ago +1

      Yes, out of steel which will burn through when you least expect it. So I wouldn't recommend it. ;)

  • Josh
    Josh 10 months ago


  • Buck Bundy
    Buck Bundy Year ago

    I like your idea for your ingot mold.👍🏻 Your forge setup is pretty cool too.

  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar Year ago

    Lmfao "really simple diy burner I made" here I am like "uhg I gotta search my history to find that video about guy making ingots? Mmmnnnnaaah."

  • Raz Hal
    Raz Hal Year ago

    Pyramidal ingots ... that is nice.

  • Classic
    Classic Year ago

    Burner burner burner

  • Bronx one zero 466

    I collect lead.

  • L. J. Bush
    L. J. Bush Year ago

    I have,nt seen this one before, I don't know how I missed it. It looks like that setup works well for you. What are you using for a crucible/melting pot?

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  Year ago

      I'm using a thick wall steel tube as a crucible. Works okay. Other people use also stainless steel pots, they heat up faster and last longer compared to regular steel. My crucible on the other hand is made from really thick material and I hope I don't have to change it in the nearest future. ;) Thanks for watching!

  • MR. Saad
    MR. Saad Year ago +2


  • ufdiah
    ufdiah Year ago

    the price for 1 kilo today = 2,04 $ your rich :D

  • Polski Poszukiwacz

    Hello. How many kilograms you melting in one hour ?

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  Year ago

      Haven't measured it. When the furnace is already hot the volume of aluminium melted in one hour increases.

  • Daniel Cadar
    Daniel Cadar Year ago

    I'm quite impressed with your work! I love the fact that you found super easy ways to do the job properly. Molds, furnace, everything. I'm just curious about your Crucible... What material is it made off? i managed to see that is almost NO oxidation on your crucible. (This is the only problem i encountered over time with my own furnace. I burn through crucibles like paper). Hope to hear from you soon^^

    • Daniel Cadar
      Daniel Cadar Year ago

      Donn DIY thanks for the reply, much appreciated

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  Year ago

      The crucible is made from a thick wall steel pipe. It holds up only due to the massive wall thickness. Before I had this crucible I used thin wall pipe and burned through it all the time. You can also use thinner stainless steel for crucible, it will last longer than regular steel.

  • asad 1970
    asad 1970 Year ago

    I work in the field of smelting aluminum scrap, but a lot of molten metal mixed with slag and lost sludge dam What materials should be added to separate the aluminum from slag without loss

  • Wayne Crews
    Wayne Crews Year ago

    A word of warning to anyone thinking of melting some aluminum of their own.
    DO NOT let the molten aluminum pour onto concrete or even worse pour onto water.
    Moisture in the concrete will rapidly expanding and cause the concrete to blow up.
    Over water and you have a reaction between the elements and you will have a very severe explosion.
    Both explosions are now throwing molten aluminum shrapnel.

  • draggy76
    draggy76 Year ago

    during the pouring process all i was thinking was "Pour it faster you moron"

  • Redox Alison
    Redox Alison Year ago

    Amazing video - great job! Inspired me to make my own aluminium furnace! It's on my channel if you wanna check it out :)

  • Toto
    Toto Year ago

    Farmers diesel for foundry?
    Greetings from Latvia!

  • stuff morestuff
    stuff morestuff Year ago +2

    You pore your aluminum to slow

    • stuff morestuff
      stuff morestuff Year ago

      I very much admire your foundry it is really nice good creativity

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  Year ago

      Yup. I am slow.

  • just saying 83
    just saying 83 Year ago

    I'm wondering if diesel fuel is cheaper then propane for you because where I'm from its not cheaper, only asking because this is the first time I've seen someone use diesel fuel for a foundry ( not bio diesel ) plenty of those vidz.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  Year ago

      It might not be cheaper but it's the setup I've used and I'm comfortable with.

  • Nathan Lynch
    Nathan Lynch 2 years ago +2

    Fallout 4 comes to mind when I see ingots like this

  • superactiongeneral
    superactiongeneral 2 years ago

    Very satisfying video, something about melting metals looks fun.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      It is fun and dangerous. Exactly what every man needs. :D

  • Mr T
    Mr T 2 years ago

    Excellent video, I like your burner.Interesting note about the addition of cooking oil. I know bio-Diesel burns better than mineral.

  • Pretzel115
    Pretzel115 2 years ago

    7:59 rip grass

  • Name Anonymous
    Name Anonymous 2 years ago +1

    Lol I started looking away over at the recomended videos when he was welding

    • al
      al Year ago

      Not i stared at it like a man and tomorrow i call in to work and cry to my wife about how bad it hurts . It's metal work of course it hurts

    • GR33NB3AN
      GR33NB3AN Year ago

      Name Anonymous lamp fuel. Is desile

  • Peter Drakencrona
    Peter Drakencrona 2 years ago +1

    how hot is it in the "oven" you can melt other metals in it?

    • Thomas Lowry
      Thomas Lowry 2 years ago


    • Peter Drakencrona
      Peter Drakencrona 2 years ago

      Donn DIY ok, one question. Does your family have any connection with Riguldi? my grandfather came from there. he was noarootsi. Looking forward to more videos from you.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago +2

      Probably copper and brass. But no cast iron though. Should build another furnace for that.

  • Luca B.
    Luca B. 2 years ago +6

    the temprature oft the aluminum is too low

  • DataKing101
    DataKing101 2 years ago

    pls make more

  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69 2 years ago +1

    Woah blue diesel? Crazy shit

  • Cast and Forge
    Cast and Forge 2 years ago

    nice video!

  • Stephen Outdoors
    Stephen Outdoors 2 years ago +7

    I like the simplicity of your mold. good welds.

  • Gedas alekveravičius
    Gedas alekveravičius 2 years ago

    Now paint them gold and sold as gold plates.

  • thebug 404
    thebug 404 2 years ago +1

    farm Diesel here is red and on road Diesel is green

  • Derrick Barnes
    Derrick Barnes 2 years ago +4

    what country are you in ? I have never seen blue diesel fuel. The only blue fuel I have seen is high octane aviation gasoline.

  • Marek Sumguy
    Marek Sumguy 2 years ago

    And whats the point of the ingots??

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      Storing aluminium for further melting.

  • Carwyn Spruce
    Carwyn Spruce 2 years ago

    Pretty sure diesel is brown so I'm wondering what the hell he used for fuel!

    • Carwyn Spruce
      Carwyn Spruce 2 years ago


    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago +1

      This is tinted diesel for agricultural purposes only. It used to be red.

  • Ian Longfoot
    Ian Longfoot 2 years ago +1

    I'm not a fun police type but it's nice to see someone on here wearing some decent gear while handling this stuff. I found out the hard way that good strong boots are a must just in case, like me, you sneeze while pouring!

  • apard7
    apard7 2 years ago

    Why is your diesel blue? xD

    • Frank Skeeter
      Frank Skeeter 2 years ago

      Donn DIY they use red dye for "off-road " diesel here in the US

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      It's a tax thing for farmers. This diesel can only be used for agricultural purposes. Like I did. :D

  • bpapao
    bpapao 2 years ago

    awful pouring practices,
    1) its a liquid, thes no need to move the thing while pouring
    2) why so far?
    3) Safety #1

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago +3

      How many times have you poured aluminum?

  • kassi man
    kassi man 2 years ago


  • Stevy231
    Stevy231 2 years ago +10

    molten aluminium looks harmless but if you tuch it you will burn your finger real bad

  • nonplayerzealot4
    nonplayerzealot4 2 years ago +3

    I wonder what it would smell like if you poured that over a turd.

    • 90126 Smith
      90126 Smith 2 years ago

      Donn DIY how long does it take to turn to a solid? Everybody says that
      The aluminium which poured out of the World TRADE center from the 80th floor should have been solid before it hit the ground.

    • nonplayerzealot4
      nonplayerzealot4 2 years ago

      Will do, bro. For the record, I think the smell of burning feces is probably quite pungent and acrid, but that's just my take.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      :D Well unfortunately people can't smell things through a video yet but let me know when you've captured this endeavor. :D

    • nonplayerzealot4
      nonplayerzealot4 2 years ago

      I've got to try that. The world needs to know what happens. I'll give you the link when I upload it, Donn. Keep your eyes peeled!

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      The same when you burn a turd. :D

  • kickflipfeeble76
    kickflipfeeble76 2 years ago

    nice video is your foundry just made out of bricks and sand ?

    • kickflipfeeble76
      kickflipfeeble76 2 years ago

      thanks it's a cool idea and looks cheap as well. I'm planning on making 1.soon and your 1 is the only 1 I've seen that has used bricks rather then sand and plaster

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      Yup. The clay bricks are cut down to 22,5 degrees on the sides, and eight bricks + some in the bottom form the furnace. Holds up pretty nicely. Sand around it is just for insulation and for plugging up the voids between the bricks.

  • Charlie Nadeau
    Charlie Nadeau 2 years ago +10

    They look like giant silver Toblerone chocolate bars

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      Not edible unfortunately and probably not so tasty either. :D

  • Huya Wachako
    Huya Wachako 2 years ago +2

    btw it's so satisfying when you pour it

  • Huya Wachako
    Huya Wachako 2 years ago

    Why is the diesel blue? LOL

    • William Ela
      William Ela 2 years ago

      Dyed diesel is used in farming machinery or for industrial uses because you get tax deductions on those machines but you cant use that diesel in vehicles on the road because that would be tax evasion so if you get pulled over and have dyed diesel in your tank...your in trouble

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      Yeah, it's a local thing. When you get busted using this in your car it's fine or jail time. :D

    • Huya Wachako
      Huya Wachako 2 years ago

      I didn't know, I don't think we have that in my country. I learned something new.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago +1

      It's the tinted version for agricultural use only. Cheaper than the regular clear diesel.

  • Albin9000
    Albin9000 2 years ago

    What would happen if the pants caught fire, just wondering

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      My pants would just burn.

  • Steel Carnivore
    Steel Carnivore 2 years ago

    That rust tho

  • Joanna Maria
    Joanna Maria 2 years ago

    I melted a tiny amount of aluminium on my induction stove by accident and I cant remove it. Like Im not unlucky person already haha. I really cant afford a new stove at the moment, so can someone please tell me if there is a way, to remove it safely? I do not want to destroy the stove. Its pretty challenging but im sure there is someone who can help me out.

  • Robert Schumann
    Robert Schumann 2 years ago

    waste oil burners are illegal in germany. the smoke is poisonous as hell.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      I don't know about the fat but used and filtrated vegetable oil works like a charm. ;)

    • Robert Schumann
      Robert Schumann 2 years ago

      ok them. Good man. The americans do use all these waste oil burners and pollute themselves and the enviroment with it. Bio-Diesel is a good idea. Would old fried fat work too?

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago +1

      Also in Estonia. But I'm using diesel and vegetable oil. Is driving a car and cooking pancakes illegal in Germany?

    GHISLAIN LETOURNEAU 2 years ago +1

    Hey! and Hi!
    I'm sure know that you can replace diesel with old cooking oil ;) (some guys around here been running their old VWRabbit for 15yrs already, and all his tractors.) Heating-oil was cheaper then diesel the fines were too $$$.... and junk cooking-oil is none tax-able etc.... Not only cooking-oil, but also old mineral-oil, that is used to lubricate food-assembly conveyors (like for pizza, meat-pie, sub-sandwich, etc...) (I haul 100s of gals a year just for them food-grade buckets, and waste the oil on my bond-fires whenever the wood is wet) (heck... if it is good enough to lubricate any pump that feeds those conveyor, I'm almost sure this is good plenty enough for the injection pump on a diesel engine.... if old burned-out cooking old can do it for 15yrs, old wet never-burned mineral oil should be even better.... although I would keep it for engines) ;)

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago +1

      Yup, I know. I'm using also vegetable oil with diesel as a mixture. Now I just have to find a fast food joint that will give me the waste vegetable oil. :)

  • shades2
    shades2 2 years ago

    Impressed by your welding

  • Kui Galaxy
    Kui Galaxy 2 years ago +2

    how do you get the Aluminum? me and a friend need some more ways of finding some and it looks like you know what your doing

    • sinaca05
      sinaca05 10 months ago

      i use aluminum windows find some one that installs windows and then could possibly have a endless supply

    • al
      al Year ago

      Parking meters are aluminum .and the rims on police cars and if that don't sound good old Windows pop, beer cans old lawnmower engines go to local scrap yard and buy it some of them buy or sell

    • Humberito Garcia
      Humberito Garcia Year ago

      Kui Galaxy could use soda cans

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      Scrap yards are always a good option - you'd have to buy from there obviously. But when living in the country side there's always scrap lying around, steel or aluminium, doesn't matter. ;)

  • Taite Lennox
    Taite Lennox 2 years ago

    great video bro

  • marko rutar
    marko rutar 2 years ago

    Can you melt copper with it? How much fuel did you use to melt that? Great video by the way.

    • marko rutar
      marko rutar 2 years ago +1

      Thank you Donn DIY. Keep up the good work.

    • Donn DIY
      Donn DIY  2 years ago

      I presume I can melt copper since the furnace gets damn hot. I'll have to try though to say for sure. I used up 5 liters of diesel for 3 batches. It takes less per one melt when the furnace has warmed up properly. I have to make the nozzle smaller so it will squirt less diesel out of it per minute. Thanks man!