Bill Burr on O&A #57 (10-11-2006)

  • Published on Nov 1, 2014
  • No Rundown. (10-11-2006)
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 26

  • Marcello Capone
    Marcello Capone Year ago +2

    2:42:50 two bomb for Opie and yet he keeps laughing at his own awful lines. He stinks.

  • Corey Schulz
    Corey Schulz 2 years ago +3

    Opies obsession with ggoing "viral" is pathetic

  • JMP743949
    JMP743949 2 years ago +1

    logan please re-upload the first 54 episodes! PLEASEEEEEEE

  • J.C. Sosa
    J.C. Sosa 2 years ago +1

    Logan HighestPrimate rules.

  • Viktor V.
    Viktor V. 2 years ago +1

    Note to self:
    Karen Von Croft

  • GTL5427
    GTL5427 2 years ago

    "Gigantic ash tray" should have got more lmao

  • Doyle Hodges
    Doyle Hodges 2 years ago

    Taps toe repeatedly to the be somebody tune.

  • Based Squid
    Based Squid 2 years ago

    song at 1:00:09?

  • Alt-ered Beast
    Alt-ered Beast 3 years ago +1

    But in reality that guy's "72" Roadrunner would smoke Ant's mustang. Maybe not 1/4 mile but by 1/2 mile it would destroy it.

    • Alt-ered Beast
      Alt-ered Beast 2 years ago +2

      @Josh Riviera I'm not gonna disagree with you if that's a fact that would just be ignorant. However the reason I said that is because I've seen a suited up shelby 500 race a roadrunner 454 & the roadrunner won on a 1 mile racetrack by a car and a half's length.

    • Alt-ered Beast
      Alt-ered Beast 2 years ago

      @Josh Riviera did ant say what HP his shelby had?

  • TheShayRetards
    TheShayRetards 4 years ago +3

    Hey could you make it available on mobile please?

    • Jeremiah Mirkovitz
      Jeremiah Mirkovitz 3 years ago +1

      +TheShayRetards clipconverter

    • TheShayRetards
      TheShayRetards 4 years ago +1

      @Logan HighestPrimate Oh okay, thanks for all the uploads by the way man and the response.

    • Logan HighestPrimate
      Logan HighestPrimate  4 years ago +2

      Nothing I can do about that. I don't make it unavailable by choice. The music got flagged. Sorry.

  • Joe Bousetta
    Joe Bousetta 4 years ago

    Why is this unavailable?

  • Benji Sellsword
    Benji Sellsword 4 years ago +1

    That interns rap was actually pretty fuckin good

  • MelodicsRareMusicVid
    MelodicsRareMusicVid 4 years ago

    23.00 hahahahah that shit about the paint guy is so fucking true hahahaha

  • Poli
    Poli 4 years ago +8

    26:25 Only took like 8 years

    • SleggarLaw
      SleggarLaw Year ago

      jim & sam ....

    • Socrates
      Socrates 3 years ago +2

      +MelodicsRareMusicVid ditto. I've been going through bill burr, Louis Ck, Patrice and that mush mouthed horse vos. The few months before Ant was fired I just skipped the rants. it was great when Bill or Patrice fought back but the solo version got boring.
      Ant, Jimmy and opie(even with his faults) was gold. R.I.P

    • MelodicsRareMusicVid
      MelodicsRareMusicVid 4 years ago +8

      @Dadodaw thats for sure. i find myself listening to classic o&a, im like 3 weeks behind on ants show im sick of him ranting about sticking up for whitey it gets repetitive. opie definately kept anthony on track by not letting him go overboard with it. all 3 of them need each other its the perfect dose of each. there like a pack of lost puppies now. everytime people go independant and leave the umbrella they might have more fun being free but there content gets worse.

    • Poli
      Poli 4 years ago +1

      Yeah of course, I bought a year subscription to ant's new show and O&J isn't as bad as I imagined they'd be without ant. But neither show is as good as O&A was, ant solo riffing on a clip just isn't as funny as having Jimmy there with him.

    • Jonh Jacob
      Jonh Jacob 4 years ago

      haha nice but fuck you i miss them all together

  • Poli
    Poli 4 years ago +2

    Thanks for these uploads man, I fucking love Bill Burr.

  • jay larsen
    jay larsen 4 years ago +4

    Dude thank you for these Burr uploads. Makes my weekend so much more enjoyable.