Experiment Shredding Razer Keyboard And Toys | The Crusher

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • Experiment Shredding Razer Keyboard And Toys | The Crusher
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  • Теодор Стоев

    are you Bulgarian

  • OG_Crisis
    OG_Crisis 19 days ago

    This guy loves wasting money

  • Ezvoken :D
    Ezvoken :D 29 days ago

    you are a fucking idiot

  • Стефан Тодоров

    @The Crusher саламче народен си похапваме а всички бг та те разобличиха от салама ХД

  • Paschalis GR
    Paschalis GR Month ago +1

    What you came for 6:53

  • Jetcatz1093's Official Youtube Channel!

    Hey! Do something actually satisfying, like shredding yourself! :D

  • Stand by Doraemon
    Stand by Doraemon Month ago +1


  • Fernando ROJAS
    Fernando ROJAS Month ago

    R.i.p toys

  • Reem Chemaitelly
    Reem Chemaitelly Month ago +1

    Stop shredding everything do something else on TheXvid

  • Lance Aaron
    Lance Aaron Month ago

    9:02 nononononononononononon

  • Жена Хикирея.

    Ублюдок кожаный

  • shroud's cock sucker

    Хаха не мислех, че си българин.

  • Andrew Santora
    Andrew Santora 2 months ago +1

    Why would you shred such a good keyboard you ingrate! I hope you die in a fire!

  • sorasorasora0
    sorasorasora0 2 months ago

    This shredder sucks balls.

  • Muhammadjon Ravshanov
    Muhammadjon Ravshanov 3 months ago


  • DT_Gamer_BG
    DT_Gamer_BG 3 months ago

    Iinstead of shredding the Blackwidow chroma give it to me.

  • Cool James
    Cool James 4 months ago

    *Razer would like to know your location.*

  • Αλέξανδρος Κουβακάς

    Ωραιος χαχα

  • bl_zzard
    bl_zzard 5 months ago

    haha thanks

  • Eddie Fox
    Eddie Fox 5 months ago

    Watching food products being shredded is the most un satisfying, boring even. That machine needs a few more horse power.

  • HighVoltageMadness2300
    HighVoltageMadness2300 5 months ago

    why do you waste food!

  • Replicated
    Replicated 5 months ago


  • Kabel AsXSn Gaming
    Kabel AsXSn Gaming 5 months ago

    MORON blow up your electric motor from crasher machine

  • Полиша киса! ТВ

    Что вам такого сделал безащитный телефон

  • yassin lazreg
    yassin lazreg 6 months ago


  • oh no
    oh no 6 months ago

    Why are these people shredding stuff that isn't garbage? It bothers me because I can barely afford to survive and they are destroying shit worth hundreds of dollars...

  • Ντίνος Αντωνο

    Όχι το blackwidow γτ😭😭😭

  • Az
    Az 7 months ago

    All the likes are from console players and vegans

  • swetha kyatham
    swetha kyatham 7 months ago

    i hate your vidoes

  • Kurbis
    Kurbis 7 months ago

    puto hay gente que no tiene nada

  • Minetopia Leaks
    Minetopia Leaks 8 months ago

    You litle muther fucker 😂

  • Samuel Ganci
    Samuel Ganci 8 months ago


  • Gacha/Alice lps deutsch

    >< u

  • MR Gakameny
    MR Gakameny 9 months ago

    Ну зачем так

  • Simon Xie
    Simon Xie 10 months ago

    Can you crush the gtx1080?

  • Alguien llamado Nicanor
    Alguien llamado Nicanor 10 months ago

    R.i.p money

  • Камиль Хабибулин

    Русские есть?

  • soos 1804
    soos 1804 10 months ago

    Fuck shit

  • Joanne Bartley
    Joanne Bartley 10 months ago

    You are wasting a perfect key board

  • Tolep .///.
    Tolep .///. 10 months ago

    >:o The razor keyboard is a WIZARD!

  • Mustafa Reis
    Mustafa Reis 10 months ago

    Ulan onu bulamıyanlar var Yazık aq

  • θέλωναφαω πιτόγυρο

    Κάνε κάτι με την μηχανή σου

  • Котова Софья
    Котова Софья 10 months ago +1

    Мне. Жалко. Телефон 😭😿🙀📲📱

  • Claudiu Coanda
    Claudiu Coanda 10 months ago


  • Claudiu Coanda
    Claudiu Coanda 10 months ago

    Wtf you"re crazzy

  • Bailey Games
    Bailey Games 10 months ago

    This is a terrible waste of a keyboard

  • Alexander Stoychev
    Alexander Stoychev 10 months ago

    Samo na razer stana haha

  • V. Idea
    V. Idea 10 months ago

    *Amazing Experiment The Crusher*

  • Дияна Томова
    Дияна Томова 10 months ago +1

    Много си як продължавай все такa!✌💖

  • Jayorito
    Jayorito 10 months ago +1

    What a waste of razer products that could of been used for better things then just shedding. Honestly shedding any type of expensive electronic for a "experiment" is just a waste of money and all the hard work that went into that product. I was cringing the entire time you were shedding a perfectly new keyboard NOT even used but a NEW KEYBOARD seriously dude if you want to shed stuff do USED stuff

  • Dark sonic forrse
    Dark sonic forrse 11 months ago


  • Hermanos Vladi1000
    Hermanos Vladi1000 11 months ago

    199 Gamers Le Dieron Dislaik A Tu Vidio :v

  • Arsenal fam
    Arsenal fam 11 months ago


    CATTY_REXXY 11 months ago

    What the hell thats fucked up

  • Peter Rudnev
    Peter Rudnev 11 months ago

    русская колбоса?

  • PAS T
    PAS T 11 months ago


  • Maki J
    Maki J 11 months ago


  • Şøkîn Øfficîał
    Şøkîn Øfficîał 11 months ago +2

    Apla gurna to kànali elliniko

  • 2fast4u
    2fast4u 11 months ago

    Can you shred a beanie baby

  • Nick
    Nick 11 months ago +1

    RIP TheXvid 1M SUBS 30K VIEWS

  • Tom And Friends
    Tom And Friends 11 months ago +1

    7:45 Thank Me With A Like And Subscribe

  • Giorgos Kritikos
    Giorgos Kritikos 11 months ago

    2nd in greece♥ αλλα λιγα θες και τον περνας τον teo cri

  • Mixalis_stivos
    Mixalis_stivos 11 months ago +2

    Πρώτη φορά βλέπω Ελληνικό κανάλι με τόσα subs που κάνει το αγγλικό 😂😂😂.....

    • Mixalis_stivos
      Mixalis_stivos 11 months ago

      Giorgos Kritikos ναι σίγουρα 😉😉

    • Giorgos Kritikos
      Giorgos Kritikos 11 months ago

      Υπαρχει και ο teo cri αλλα θα τον περασει

    • Mixalis_stivos
      Mixalis_stivos 11 months ago

      Experiment The Crusher wow έχεις τόσους subs αλλά εισε τόσο easy to talk?? Περίεργο 😉😉

    • The Crusher
      The Crusher  11 months ago +2

      kai egw 😁😁

  • OYY
    OYY 11 months ago +2

    it was until he dropped his camera in the crusher, he had a screeching rage

  • fabiø
    fabiø 11 months ago

    huh logitech is better

  • Golianxz Original
    Golianxz Original 11 months ago

    I always ask myself on these shredding and pressing videos: why the fuck do they decide to destroy expensive stuff like "oh, look I'm destroying an iPhone" or "I'm destroying an Razer keyboard", since any other regular phone or keyboard would produce the same visual/sound effect. Even worse, I wonder why people keep asking for and watching these kind of videos...
    BTW I just clicked this video to comment this. I like crushing and pressing videos but I'm tired of these kind of things.

  • Beautiful Black Barbies
    Beautiful Black Barbies 11 months ago

    Love your videos 😁

  • Matěj Březina
    Matěj Březina 11 months ago

    You are monster :D

  • Fury
    Fury 11 months ago


  • Massive Tutorials
    Massive Tutorials 11 months ago

    but its cool man good job