• Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • There are more and more things in him that will make us falling deeper. He's good at everything and always trying to give his 100%!
    List of things that 도경수 / Do Kyungsoo's [EXO's D.O.] good at.
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  • Arove Alam
    Arove Alam 5 days ago +1

    This is amazing

  • Exo Love Shoted Me
    Exo Love Shoted Me 12 days ago

    0:46 baekhyuns face was like "oh bitch you didn't"

  • Porshea Kim
    Porshea Kim 13 days ago +1

    2:43 *eXcUs mE siR yOu cAnT raP liKe tHaT tHeN sMiLe lIkE tHAt iT iS iLlieGaLl siR!!!*

  • Apriani Ani
    Apriani Ani 23 days ago

    Ma boy ❤❤

  • 고혜경
    고혜경 24 days ago

    I love D.O.~~~♡

  • Cj Tan
    Cj Tan 24 days ago

    His eyes while doing the TT.. 😆

  • Maria Bañez
    Maria Bañez 25 days ago

    i love you D.O!! YOU GOT EVERYTHING!sarangeu

  • Ira Choi
    Ira Choi 25 days ago

    What i wouldnt give to be Kyungsoo's mic for one hour

  • Sri Sulastri
    Sri Sulastri 25 days ago

    D o yau very very the best ,I like yau hansam

  • Karen Moreno
    Karen Moreno 27 days ago

    Crap I watched this at the wrong time 😭💔 D.O is going to the military and the news just came out after watching this 😫 I'm sobbing

  • Nganthoi Laishram
    Nganthoi Laishram Month ago

    Perfect human ❤

  • Lullaby Della Selva

    When he was imitating a monkey and just turned around and SCREAMED at Jongin, I died x'DD

  • Mother Nature
    Mother Nature Month ago

    I miss kyungsoo ;-;

  • K G
    K G Month ago

    That beatbox got me 😮😮

  • aikon erispe
    aikon erispe Month ago +1

    amazing kyungsoo💕💕

  • amu hinamuri
    amu hinamuri Month ago

    Me encanta como canta en español

  • amu hinamuri
    amu hinamuri Month ago

    So cute

  • Naomi fransisca Nababan



    When i saw the title of this vid i was like ❝Gurl, we all already now about dis bois infinite talent❞

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l Month ago

    Kyungsoo sewing and knitting omg😰. I love you so much kyungsoo 😍

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l Month ago +1

    Kyungsoo's Spanish 😱😍

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l Month ago

    I'm sorry for being a naughty girl but kyungsoo's beat boxing turns me on😓😍🙈

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l Month ago

    경수는 사내 다.

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l Month ago

    내가 좋아하는 사람은 경수 뿐이야.

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l Month ago

    경수는 사내 다.

    BRILLIANT PRAKARSA 2 months ago

    Oh my God this person make me oh my god

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 2 months ago

    I love you D.O

  • Kaia Raia
    Kaia Raia 2 months ago

    Gotta include 'lifting the bottle challenge' for Part 3. :-)

  • Inari
    Inari 2 months ago +3

    He is just too hot to be true, all those skills and curves🍑

  • sad yeehaw
    sad yeehaw 2 months ago

    mom please let me marry this ungodly creature

  • Amii
    Amii 2 months ago +1

    i didn’t watch the video, i only read the title. i just came here to say, yes....yes he’s good at everything. have a nice day

  • Alicia Garcia Benites
    Alicia Garcia Benites 2 months ago

    5.10 que evento es por favor

    • Pili Redondo
      Pili Redondo 3 days ago

      Alicia Garcia Benites Es el show de presentación del álbum TEMPO.

  • Kyungsoo_forlife Doh
    Kyungsoo_forlife Doh 2 months ago +1

    Kyungsoo is perfect❤

  • z i o s m u e
    z i o s m u e 2 months ago +1

    This man has talents that we didn't know existed.

  • 현
     2 months ago

    경수는 블랙홀이에요 한번빠지면 헤어나올수없어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Erna Hati
    Erna Hati 2 months ago +2

    D.O paket komplit..
    Aku 💝 pada mu D.O.

  • palestine is my love
    palestine is my love 2 months ago +4

    D.o well make me die, how so cute, handsome, talent and a real man d.o oppa sarangha

  • exo ssi
    exo ssi 2 months ago +13

    Ksoo's also a really great performer, driver, energizer and parent, reprimanding EXO members when necessary kajhfsw

  • Terry Hoang
    Terry Hoang 2 months ago +2

    Oh gosh I miss how lively and energetic he was! Beatboxing, smiling, facial expressions... now he’s just super quiet... sitting still...Maybe he’s reserving all that to his acting career now... 🥺

  • Jo Faminialagao
    Jo Faminialagao 2 months ago +2

    I want to see D.Os abs. 😂😄

  • Maiphuong Nguyen
    Maiphuong Nguyen 2 months ago +2

    Love you so much Kyungsoo

  • Potato Exo-L
    Potato Exo-L 2 months ago

    may i know what is the name of that show where kyungsoo is sewing?

  • Sonia Khan
    Sonia Khan 3 months ago

    I'm speechless 😷

  • Chrisz ExoDo
    Chrisz ExoDo 3 months ago +5

    He is not perfect. But He is for all Dandies. Love you D.O very much.

    D.O LOVER 4 months ago +1

    Oh God i want him please give me😢

  • spacehuhn
    spacehuhn 4 months ago +12

    The beatboxing thing really doesn't fit in my humble and shy picture of kyungsoo! But I love it! 😍

  • The Penguin Alpaca
    The Penguin Alpaca 4 months ago +7

    when people ask kyungsoo : “what’s ur hidden talent?”
    kyungsoo : “applying screen protector😎😎😎”
    people out there : “up to you lah”😂

  • Elisabeth Lyonheart
    Elisabeth Lyonheart 5 months ago +3

    We love a multi-talented king.

  • Gethsamane King
    Gethsamane King 5 months ago

    how come he can sew?wow!

    DKS LTY 5 months ago

    OMG i love this human yorobun 😭😭😭😍😍😍😘😘

  • Elixer33
    Elixer33 5 months ago +3

    What i like is his voice though and eyes and smile perfect

  • 퐈퐈이팅
    퐈퐈이팅 5 months ago +2

    비트까지 할줄아네

  • 퐈퐈이팅
    퐈퐈이팅 5 months ago +2

    유투브 보면서 디오군이 끼가 굉장히 많구나 알게 되요

  • taeyeonsoshi 06
    taeyeonsoshi 06 5 months ago

    can't he just be my husband? :')

  • susu setoberi
    susu setoberi 5 months ago +2

    1:25 when sehun and kai are the same height as dyo

  • Grace G. Kim Lu
    Grace G. Kim Lu 5 months ago +6

    My goodness kyungsoo you are such an Ideal man.. Your are almost perfect very talented your future wife will be very lucky to have your not just talented person but also a good person you are beautiful inside and out...

  • Gongzhu Xx
    Gongzhu Xx 5 months ago +22

    Apparently driving should be included in the part 3. He was time pressure but still drives smoothly. (exo arcade ep 4)

  • Elle Onallera
    Elle Onallera 5 months ago +3

    Tap dancing really helps to enhance that beautiful 🍑 😍

  • taeyong’s jawline
    taeyong’s jawline 5 months ago +21

    there is one thing he isn’t good at...

    *_being taller than his members_*

  • Mitsuki
    Mitsuki 5 months ago +86

    finally someone talked about kyungsoo applying screen protector

  • CNR
    CNR 6 months ago +4

    Sooooooooooo Perfect............😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • salt n pepper
    salt n pepper 6 months ago +24

    Kyungsoo's beatbox 😍

  • Muti 99
    Muti 99 6 months ago

    8:40 ooo he thicc

  • 뚜뚜_경수열차지나갑니다

    너무 춥다 뭐야... 경수 매력 오져... 진짜 새로워 신선해 쨔릿해!!

  • Rahmawati Ayub
    Rahmawati Ayub 6 months ago +5

    Can't wait for part 3.. ❤❤❤uri 🐧

  • meljory gamboa
    meljory gamboa 6 months ago +13

    omg my talented and adorable D.O;0

  • Irene
    Irene 6 months ago +8

    Oh my god it’s been so long 💜

    His tap dancing on the most recent knowing brothers episode was amazing as well (was reminded of pt 1)

  • LeeAnn K
    LeeAnn K 6 months ago +4

    6:46 I LOVE

  • DO Minique
    DO Minique 6 months ago +4

    I believe he did acrostic poems too in their vlive promoting 100 days my prince🎉

  • Keylem Kim
    Keylem Kim 6 months ago +3

    Morí al escucharlo Hablar español aaaaaaaaaaaa hermosooooooooooo.

  • lola ricci
    lola ricci 6 months ago +44

    8:25 he really has everything, even the perfect body :'(

  • naj
    naj 6 months ago +1

    Kis scene nya gw skip hh

  • Michelle Josephine
    Michelle Josephine 6 months ago +15

    omg!!! i didn’t know kyungsoo can sew!!! 😱😱😱

  • barbara exfr
    barbara exfr 6 months ago

    Lo re amo!!!

  • Anabell Nizama
    Anabell Nizama 6 months ago +4

    8:27 estoy completamente agradecida por esa toma 💖💖💖💖

  • Hi! I'm Kyungsoo's Solo Album

    He is perfect. Moooooooooommmm I WANT HIM!!!!! 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍

  • Luiza
    Luiza 6 months ago

    Apenas realidade

  • Yosselin † Medrano
    Yosselin † Medrano 6 months ago +2

    2:34 Otay, am I the only one who noticed that the phone case said “Fuck”??? If not then, mood....I want that phone case 😂😂

  • YourLittle _ WYLD
    YourLittle _ WYLD 6 months ago +13

    How I wish he's not a good kisser haha ! Anyway ! 6:59 Yeah I remember that ! He's so good! Also he's good at putting ( I forgot the name or what call this ) a tab or lock of envelope that have a letter inside like what novelist do, you know now what I mean HAHA

    • Dyo OnlyOne
      Dyo OnlyOne  6 months ago +3

      ooh the wax seal? yeah, he's always giving his best really

  • dnn fbr
    dnn fbr 6 months ago +10

    Omg!! The talented Penguin... :)

  • Mystery Secret
    Mystery Secret 6 months ago +9

    D.O!!! 😭💕

  • Rose é
    Rose é 6 months ago +8

    When I saw the title I was like : OBVIOUSLY!

  • Dodo Philein
    Dodo Philein 6 months ago +7

    i love him so much😢

  • Berlin 89
    Berlin 89 6 months ago +5

    He's so adorable ❤
    My bias.

  • karylle vlog
    karylle vlog 6 months ago +7

    Kyungsoo in the thumbnail is during when?

  • Lee Koko
    Lee Koko 6 months ago +79

    He's got everything. Even girls like me can't: Cooking and Sewing😂😍😍

  • Danielle Garancho
    Danielle Garancho 6 months ago +10

    I fell in love to a perfect man 😭😭 what should I do 😭😭

  • Aulia Hapsarijulianti
    Aulia Hapsarijulianti 6 months ago


  • Nandart Mo
    Nandart Mo 6 months ago +12

    Kissing talent tho! 💋

  • Dessaa Stylinson
    Dessaa Stylinson 6 months ago +2


  • Y.O.L.O DyO
    Y.O.L.O DyO 6 months ago +12

    다재다능 후덜덜;;;
    디오는 못하는게 없어 ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Khatleen Kiat-ong
    Khatleen Kiat-ong 6 months ago +4

    How cute

  • Khatleen Kiat-ong
    Khatleen Kiat-ong 6 months ago +1

    No no no no not the kissssss😭😭😭

  • Ketut Sumantini
    Ketut Sumantini 6 months ago +6


  • Rm Ramli
    Rm Ramli 6 months ago

    Aku sangat suka exo do beakboax

  • Ej Tan
    Ej Tan 6 months ago +8


  • Mephisto
    Mephisto 6 months ago +5

    He's so fluffy and adorable! I wish he wouldn't be so anxious and would let himself be funny on camera more often! (Although, for all we know, it not be nerves and might be a genuine dislike of having to horse around on camera. If that's the case, then that's fine too! We just want to see uri Kyungsoo on camera being himself!)

  • EXO'12 D.O
    EXO'12 D.O 6 months ago +40

    Ma d.o my ultimte bias my one and only oppa

  • Anshu Sri
    Anshu Sri 6 months ago +48

    My lovely Multitalented charming adorable squishyyy dudu😍😍❤❤❤

    • Anshu Sri
      Anshu Sri 6 months ago +1

      @Love Exo Maknae and byun baekhyun hahah...anything for kyungsoo😂😂😍😍😍

    • Anshu Sri
      Anshu Sri 6 months ago +1

      @Love Exo Maknae and byun baekhyun i think its kyungsoo at many times i hear i can only think of his voice in that part...its really sounds like him to me...lets wait for the live performance😊😊😊

    • Love Exo Maknae and byun baekhyun
      Love Exo Maknae and byun baekhyun 6 months ago

      Anshu Sri Who's the person that say ~naaa at the 3:03 actually?I still don't know.
      At the love shot mv

    • Love Exo Maknae and byun baekhyun
      Love Exo Maknae and byun baekhyun 6 months ago

      Anshu Sri I didn't know that I will see you here.😅#onlyforkyungsoo

  • Debora Dartini
    Debora Dartini 6 months ago +1

    May I know , what kind of show in 6:59 ??

    • Dyo OnlyOne
      Dyo OnlyOne  6 months ago

      Its a commercial, EXO SKT LTE commercial film