• Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • There are more and more things in him that will make us falling deeper. He's good at everything and always trying to give his 100%!
    List of things that 도경수 / Do Kyungsoo's [EXO's D.O.] good at.
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  • sunny Rai
    sunny Rai 23 days ago

    Ohhh i really miss you d.o ya

  • Hardcore ExoL
    Hardcore ExoL 29 days ago

    D.O had me LOL at the part, where he imitates Lay robot dancing 😂😂😂.

  • Almagul Nugumetova
    Almagul Nugumetova 2 months ago

    Д. О👍♥🔆😇

  • Desi Khairani
    Desi Khairani 3 months ago +1

    Wow ..... D.O very talented ...

  • NenZ Borre
    NenZ Borre 3 months ago

    When it said "RAP", I knew exactly what I'll be seeing 😂😂😂

  • alricha nasir
    alricha nasir 3 months ago

    good at everything as always

  • berry gashaw
    berry gashaw 3 months ago +1

    Miss u d.o be safe

  • St_ jinx
    St_ jinx 3 months ago

    He's so talented.

  • Arove Alam
    Arove Alam 4 months ago +1

    This is amazing

  • Exo Love Shoted Me
    Exo Love Shoted Me 5 months ago

    0:46 baekhyuns face was like "oh bitch you didn't"

  • Porshea Kim
    Porshea Kim 5 months ago +1

    2:43 *eXcUs mE siR yOu cAnT raP liKe tHaT tHeN sMiLe lIkE tHAt iT iS iLlieGaLl siR!!!*

  • Apriani Ani
    Apriani Ani 5 months ago

    Ma boy ❤❤

  • 순돌26
    순돌26 5 months ago

    I love D.O.~~~♡

  • Cj Tan
    Cj Tan 5 months ago

    His eyes while doing the TT.. 😆

  • Maria Bañez
    Maria Bañez 5 months ago

    i love you D.O!! YOU GOT EVERYTHING!sarangeu

  • Ira Choi
    Ira Choi 5 months ago

    What i wouldnt give to be Kyungsoo's mic for one hour

  • Sri Sulastri
    Sri Sulastri 5 months ago

    D o yau very very the best ,I like yau hansam

  • Karen Moreno
    Karen Moreno 5 months ago

    Crap I watched this at the wrong time 😭💔 D.O is going to the military and the news just came out after watching this 😫 I'm sobbing

  • Nganthoi Laishram
    Nganthoi Laishram 5 months ago

    Perfect human ❤

  • Lullaby Della Selva
    Lullaby Della Selva 6 months ago

    When he was imitating a monkey and just turned around and SCREAMED at Jongin, I died x'DD

  • Mother Nature
    Mother Nature 6 months ago

    I miss kyungsoo ;-;

  • K G
    K G 6 months ago

    That beatbox got me 😮😮

  • aikon erispe
    aikon erispe 6 months ago +1

    amazing kyungsoo💕💕

  • amu hinamuri
    amu hinamuri 6 months ago

    Me encanta como canta en español

  • amu hinamuri
    amu hinamuri 6 months ago

    So cute

  • Naomi fransisca Nababan



    When i saw the title of this vid i was like ❝Gurl, we all already now about dis bois infinite talent❞

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l 6 months ago

    Kyungsoo sewing and knitting omg😰. I love you so much kyungsoo 😍

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l 6 months ago +2

    Kyungsoo's Spanish 😱😍

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l 6 months ago

    I'm sorry for being a naughty girl but kyungsoo's beat boxing turns me on😓😍🙈

    • Hardcore ExoL
      Hardcore ExoL 29 days ago

      Bahahahha 😂😂😂 this comment, just kills me lmao.

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l 6 months ago

    경수는 사내 다.

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l 6 months ago

    내가 좋아하는 사람은 경수 뿐이야.

  • Dandanie Exo-l
    Dandanie Exo-l 6 months ago

    경수는 사내 다.

    BRILLIANT PRAKARSA 6 months ago

    Oh my God this person make me oh my god

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 7 months ago

    I love you D.O

  • Kaia Raia
    Kaia Raia 7 months ago

    Gotta include 'lifting the bottle challenge' for Part 3. :-)

  • Inari
    Inari 7 months ago +7

    He is just too hot to be true, all those skills and curves🍑

  • uh, hey
    uh, hey 7 months ago

    mom please let me marry this ungodly creature

  • Amii
    Amii 7 months ago +1

    i didn’t watch the video, i only read the title. i just came here to say, yes....yes he’s good at everything. have a nice day

  • Alicia Garcia Benites
    Alicia Garcia Benites 7 months ago

    5.10 que evento es por favor

    • Pili Redondo
      Pili Redondo 4 months ago

      Alicia Garcia Benites Es el show de presentación del álbum TEMPO.

  • Kyungsoo_forlife Doh
    Kyungsoo_forlife Doh 7 months ago +1

    Kyungsoo is perfect❤

  • z i o s m u e
    z i o s m u e 7 months ago +1

    This man has talents that we didn't know existed.

  • 현
     7 months ago

    경수는 블랙홀이에요 한번빠지면 헤어나올수없어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Erna Hati
    Erna Hati 7 months ago +2

    D.O paket komplit..
    Aku 💝 pada mu D.O.

  • palestine is my love
    palestine is my love 7 months ago +6

    D.o well make me die, how so cute, handsome, talent and a real man d.o oppa sarangha

  • exo ssi
    exo ssi 7 months ago +17

    Ksoo's also a really great performer, driver, energizer and parent, reprimanding EXO members when necessary kajhfsw

  • Terry Hoang
    Terry Hoang 7 months ago +3

    Oh gosh I miss how lively and energetic he was! Beatboxing, smiling, facial expressions... now he’s just super quiet... sitting still...Maybe he’s reserving all that to his acting career now... 🥺

  • Jo Faminialagao
    Jo Faminialagao 7 months ago +2

    I want to see D.Os abs. 😂😄

  • Maiphuong Nguyen
    Maiphuong Nguyen 7 months ago +2

    Love you so much Kyungsoo

  • Potato Exo-L
    Potato Exo-L 7 months ago

    may i know what is the name of that show where kyungsoo is sewing?

  • Sonia Khan
    Sonia Khan 7 months ago

    I'm speechless 😷

  • Chrisz ExoDo
    Chrisz ExoDo 8 months ago +8

    He is not perfect. But He is for all Dandies. Love you D.O very much.

    D.O LOVER 8 months ago +1

    Oh God i want him please give me😢

  • spacehuhn
    spacehuhn 9 months ago +16

    The beatboxing thing really doesn't fit in my humble and shy picture of kyungsoo! But I love it! 😍

  • The Penguin Alpaca
    The Penguin Alpaca 9 months ago +12

    when people ask kyungsoo : “what’s ur hidden talent?”
    kyungsoo : “applying screen protector😎😎😎”
    people out there : “up to you lah”😂

  • Elisabeth Lyonheart
    Elisabeth Lyonheart 9 months ago +3

    We love a multi-talented king.

  • Maricel Leron
    Maricel Leron 10 months ago

    how come he can sew?wow!

    DKS LTY 10 months ago

    OMG i love this human yorobun 😭😭😭😍😍😍😘😘

  • Elixer33
    Elixer33 10 months ago +3

    What i like is his voice though and eyes and smile perfect

  • 박moung hun
    박moung hun 10 months ago +2

    비트까지 할줄아네