Xiaomi Mi TV 4, 55 inch 4K HDR TV unboxing | Unboxing # 8

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • MI TV 4 PRO 55 InCh:amzn.to/2Xvn63L
    32 INCH:amzn.to/2OBnihY
    49 INCH 4A Pro:amzn.to/2XvRmLZ
    55 INCH Mi Tv 4:fkrt.it/hIONUnuuuN
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    Please watch: " XIAOMI MI LED TV 4 PRO(55),MI LED TV 4A PRO(49),MI LED TV 4C PRO(32) OVERVIEW "
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  • udrawat
    udrawat  Year ago +20

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    • udrawat
      udrawat  4 months ago

      Link in the description

    • Aditya Gupta
      Aditya Gupta 4 months ago


    • syed arif Quli
      syed arif Quli 5 months ago

      What about handle quality?????¿

      DIVAKAR BHARDWAJ 5 months ago

      Does it support jiotv app

    • iphone X
      iphone X 11 months ago

      DA2 Mini Militia Tricks good question but did you got the reply, please let me know also ?

  • SaTeNdAr ThAkUr
    SaTeNdAr ThAkUr 3 days ago +1

    Price Kitna he sir mi TV 55 inc

  • Bhaksar Raju
    Bhaksar Raju 14 days ago

    how many years it will lasts

  • Dhanalal musahary
    Dhanalal musahary 18 days ago

    Sab thik hai lakin voice me thora dam thora josh laow.. Apka voice fika fika hai nind lag jata hai...

  • Avinash Rodage
    Avinash Rodage 25 days ago

    Mi tv ke ratewise list 32 inch ke rate

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  • sadhu kumar yadav
    sadhu kumar yadav 27 days ago

    4k price h Kya is ka

  • mohnish kumar
    mohnish kumar 28 days ago

    Size Kiya hy

  • Sanjaykumarsaw sanjaykumarsaw

    Kitna price h

  • Amir Bashir
    Amir Bashir Month ago

    HD Mi no.1 brand

  • Amir Sonu
    Amir Sonu Month ago


  • Pamma Singh
    Pamma Singh Month ago

    Is ka price to bol dete yar plz tel me ans price bol do ik bar

  • Rupesh Chakranarayan
    Rupesh Chakranarayan Month ago +1

    Sir price क्या है 4k की

  • Ruby Singh
    Ruby Singh Month ago

    भाई ये स्क्रीन से मैसेज तो हटा देता

  • Rohit Bhai
    Rohit Bhai Month ago

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  • Rohit Bhai
    Rohit Bhai Month ago

    Sone ke liye Saman Magana Hai led home theaters dth reflector

  • Tune Market
    Tune Market Month ago

    dada tel me you (mi) showroom name.

  • Tune Market
    Tune Market Month ago

    dada tel me you (mi) showroom name.

  • Tune Market
    Tune Market Month ago

    dada tel me you showroom name.

  • Tune Market
    Tune Market Month ago

    dada tel me you showroom name.

  • Akhilesh Kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar Month ago

    Sir Kaha milega please bataue

  • Anil Gupta
    Anil Gupta Month ago

    Udit Bhai plz call me urgent jamai Raja Chandni Chowk Bobby Bhai 8459112897

  • Live View
    Live View Month ago

    price koto

  • Devjeet kumar
    Devjeet kumar Month ago +1

    bhai installation ke liye engineer ko kaise Bolaye

  • Mini Sharma
    Mini Sharma Month ago

    Price Kaya hai

  • Rahul Argade
    Rahul Argade 2 months ago

    Nice video.

  • Anurag Sharma
    Anurag Sharma 2 months ago

    price batayenge

  • Virendra Pahade
    Virendra Pahade 2 months ago

    Bhaiya price kya hi eska our kone site pe melege

    MANJUNATHA M 2 months ago


  • Mansi Gain
    Mansi Gain 2 months ago


    ANIL BISWAL 3 months ago

    Suprb bro

  • Inder Singh
    Inder Singh 3 months ago

    Cost kya hai?

  • Ram Sarover Yadav
    Ram Sarover Yadav 3 months ago

    MI .LCD की अलग-अलग साइज की अलग-अलग प्राइस क्या होगी यह भी बताइए और घर पर कैसे मंगवाए यह भी बताइए प्लीज।

  • do it cheap and diy
    do it cheap and diy 3 months ago

    really like the video sir, its a beautiful thin wall tv.. ... but this is not world's thinnest tv bcz there are other available like wallpaper oled tv,'s. i think u also know that but u wrote that on thumbnail to attract viewers.. its good too sir

  • Biswadip Majumdar
    Biswadip Majumdar 3 months ago

    It does not come with Remote Battery. Why did not you tell this?

  • mr hunk
    mr hunk 4 months ago

    To good yr

  • Deva Biswas
    Deva Biswas 4 months ago

    price kiya hai sir

  • shahzamal world video
    shahzamal world video 4 months ago

    Iske price kitne he batso please

  • J C. D
    J C. D 4 months ago

    T V 11.5" konse com acha hai

  • Shrishail Madikkanavar
    Shrishail Madikkanavar 4 months ago

    MI super

  • Neeraj Narwal
    Neeraj Narwal 4 months ago

    do not install this product yourself. call Mi installation Service they will do it for you and with insurance for any damage during installation.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 4 months ago

    Mi TV Maine liya hai 43 inch ka... Bahut mast hai....

  • Abiral Maya
    Abiral Maya 4 months ago

    nice tv sir so how much this prise n where to bring

  • Udit Upadhyay
    Udit Upadhyay 4 months ago +1

    Mein Ishme pubg kese khelug ga..

  • Punit Tiwari
    Punit Tiwari 4 months ago

    I'm purchase mi 32inch TV

  • bollywood tak
    bollywood tak 5 months ago +1

    Mene ye kharida h

  • Om Hai MOHAN
    Om Hai MOHAN 5 months ago

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  • Gaurav zone video
    Gaurav zone video 5 months ago

    Bhai isko pc se connect Kese kre

  • bramhan babu
    bramhan babu 5 months ago

    Kitna rupya me mila bhai tv

  • irfan khan
    irfan khan 5 months ago

    windo se tv demej bhi ho sakta hai

  • Amarnath Ray
    Amarnath Ray 5 months ago


  • Jorawar Sandhu
    Jorawar Sandhu 5 months ago +1

    Like this TV at my house is there I use it to play gta 5

  • Dharmesh Chaurasiya
    Dharmesh Chaurasiya 5 months ago

    Smart TV chalane ke liye aisa konsa broadband service hai mumbai me jo 300-350 ke rate me monthly me chal sake smoothly.?

  • Nizam A
    Nizam A 5 months ago

    Worst company

  • Israfil Alam
    Israfil Alam 5 months ago


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  • Mukesh Bhati
    Mukesh Bhati 5 months ago

    Bhai price kya h

  • Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif 5 months ago


  • PURE Yt
    PURE Yt 5 months ago

    U r a lucky guy

    • PURE Yt
      PURE Yt 5 months ago

      Because I got that box from 19s

    • udrawat
      udrawat  5 months ago


  • Gagji Jadeja
    Gagji Jadeja 5 months ago


  • Yo Raj S.B.
    Yo Raj S.B. 5 months ago

    Price kitna hai

  • sumit singh
    sumit singh 5 months ago +1

    Ek dam bekar video banaya hath ka stability he nhi hai camera pakarne ka

  • Shubham Gujjjar
    Shubham Gujjjar 5 months ago

    Please sir give way this smart TV 8630082411

  • Saurabh Shivam
    Saurabh Shivam 5 months ago

    You purchase it 4K resolution 4320p LED TV why you playing in HD 720p resolution channels, if you want play HD resolution channels then buy it HD resolution led tv

    • Saurabh Shivam
      Saurabh Shivam 5 months ago

      @udrawat im only asking not debate ok good night.

    • Saurabh Shivam
      Saurabh Shivam 5 months ago

      @udrawat if mi release it 55 inch 8k resolution price RS 85,000 then it's crazy awesome with smartTV become unbeatable.

    • udrawat
      udrawat  5 months ago

      And please man don't debate me on this you cannot never win I will always win so please go to sleep now it's late night it's 2:00 a.m. or do whatever you want to do but stop this debate you cannot win from me I am falling this topic from my childhood I am mad for quality from my childhood 1080 p 2160 p 4K 8k UHD oled LEDand please man don't debate me on this you cannot never win i always always wins please go to sleep now its lake night its 2 a.m. or do whatever you want to do but stop this debate you cannot win from me i am falling this topic from my childhood timer for quality from my childhood 1080 p 21 stp 4k 8 ke u hd old led distance like mera wajood

    • udrawat
      udrawat  5 months ago

      Sir 4K resolution is very vast in US and TheXvid has ton of 4K content and 8k is also coming I am literally saying it that many of the creators have 8k video footage but there is no platform to upload it TheXvid supports 8k videos but there is no 8k monitor and there is no 8k screens Samsung announced and I repeat announce d in 8k TV and believe me there are creators who has 8k cameras light red weapon its camera name and they are shooting in 8k and they can upload in 8k there are videos of 8k just not movies yes 8k is like future 8k TV is not totally worth it for today but it will tomorrow

    • Saurabh Shivam
      Saurabh Shivam 5 months ago

      @udrawat ok recently Samsung lounch it 8k resolution tv so what it's worth 8k resolution tv or 4k resolution tv

  • AllTime Happy
    AllTime Happy 5 months ago

    Agr ye Bluetooth remote h to engineer light ke samne kyu le ja rha hai

    • udrawat
      udrawat  5 months ago

      For turning on and off

  • jay guru dev datta
    jay guru dev datta 5 months ago

    Bhai aap TV se patle dikhate hai

  • Manohar Kadam
    Manohar Kadam 5 months ago

    Aare bhai tune sab bataya price kaha baaya

    AKSHAY KUMAR SINGH 5 months ago

    Kitana ka hai

    AKSHAY KUMAR SINGH 5 months ago

    Fantasic LED

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar 5 months ago

    Maine liya hua hai mi tv

  • Jai Rajputana Dss
    Jai Rajputana Dss 5 months ago +1

    My TheXvid channel htts:// Jai Rajputana DSS

  • asif khan
    asif khan 5 months ago

    sir aapne price to batai hi nahi please batao

  • Vivek 541
    Vivek 541 5 months ago

    Model or rate

  • Raj kumar
    Raj kumar 5 months ago

    Iska model number kya hai aur price kya hai

  • Vikash
    Vikash 5 months ago

    Can you please say length, wide , height , of MI 55inches kaa LED PLZ