[#MGMA] ITZY_Intro + ICY

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Here comes ITZY
    Intro + ICY by ITZY in 2019 MGMA
    ▶[Mnet] 구독 thexvid.com/channel/UCepUWUpH45hRTi-QePdq1Bg
    ▶[MGMA] 지금 뜨는 동영상 : www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120193846?from=youtube
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  • Hamodi Hamodii
    Hamodi Hamodii 2 days ago

    1:01 ❤❤❤

  • Cynthia Dolino
    Cynthia Dolino 3 days ago


  • shin yuna is my queen
    shin yuna is my queen 7 days ago +1

    0:17 *i fell in love*

  • Lydia Lee
    Lydia Lee 7 days ago

    Their vocal:"

  • Eclipsedits
    Eclipsedits 16 days ago

    0:48 Yuna made a mistake
    Yuna: okay I'm gonna stand up
    Yeji: Nuu, not this time Yuna
    Yuna made a mistake

  • Aqila Izzatunnisa
    Aqila Izzatunnisa 18 days ago

    I like Lia and you dress sou beautiful

  • andi choi
    andi choi 20 days ago

    Liaaaa 😘😍😍😍

  • # Chocolate Cookies
    # Chocolate Cookies 20 days ago


  • Jungkookie
    Jungkookie 21 day ago

    A masterpiece intro.

    BTS PAVED THE WAY 22 days ago

    what is their fandom's name??

  • David John
    David John 23 days ago +2

    Sorry blackpink, it’s over between you and i.... Itzy is the final boss.

  • blinkshark 77
    blinkshark 77 25 days ago

    Remember me to 2ne1 intro fire..

  • Karla Perez
    Karla Perez 25 days ago

    Alguien me dice quien es la visual??
    Las encuentro feas a todas
    Pero la musicasi es pegadiza ueuwuw

  • kpop lovers
    kpop lovers 26 days ago +2

    Chaeryeong so beautiful 😍乂❤‿❤乂

  • revolvolution
    revolvolution 26 days ago

    *Is nobody gonna talk about how they 'turned' to dahyun at the beginning(spotting cameras)?*

  • Lalthlamuani Sailo
    Lalthlamuani Sailo 27 days ago


  • jenisagf
    jenisagf 28 days ago +1

    I loved lia's outfit, it suits her so well aswell as all the girls ♥️

  • MWK Rungladda
    MWK Rungladda 29 days ago


  • MWK Rungladda
    MWK Rungladda 29 days ago


  • Abigail Velasco
    Abigail Velasco 29 days ago


  • Soley
    Soley Month ago

    This is mixed really badly... I mean it's great that they sing, but the voice is way to quiet in comparison to the music...

  • f_14tima.
    f_14tima. Month ago

    Ryujin 😍😍

  • lee millan
    lee millan Month ago

    Five girls with perfect song

  • UniquelyAlexis
    UniquelyAlexis Month ago

    Lia seems to be lacking in a few areas but she has definitely gotten better!! 💜💜 lia fighting! Itzy fighting! 💜💜

  • unknown MR
    unknown MR Month ago

    When I first listen to them I was like ONG THAT VOICE WHO IS THAT and than I knew YUNAA.❣️💫

  • Woogukie 97
    Woogukie 97 Month ago

    lia’s outfit it so pretty 🥺

  • Trisha Magsino
    Trisha Magsino Month ago

    She's so hot here 0:17

  • Jacob Maisch
    Jacob Maisch Month ago +1

    Ngl camera work like this is why we use fancams

  • Ayat Acong
    Ayat Acong Month ago +1

    Queen love you baby girl!

  • Manishi Shukla
    Manishi Shukla Month ago +1

    I am not into many girl groups but bro, I am stanning them. They are so badassy types like my top girl group G Idle.

  • NotSoDailyBanana
    NotSoDailyBanana Month ago +1

    What kind of angles are these? They have worked too hard to have such ass of angles🤦🏻‍♀️

  • blackpink twice
    blackpink twice Month ago

    Why the camera didn't focus to yeji that time was yeji is in that high jump in the intro whatever!! The camera is doing freaking crazy!! Btw goodjoob girls💕

  • mmm mmm
    mmm mmm Month ago +1

    Can't believe i watch this month after...but i feel i was planning to watch this yesterday even though in reality i planned to watch it when it came out and their was articles about!😂😂
    .....wtf I'm so late!!!!😭😭😭

  • Hannah Martelino
    Hannah Martelino Month ago

    I can say that Lia is a fashionista. But all of them looks beautiful

  • Yise Yulan
    Yise Yulan Month ago +1

    Y lia LOVEEEE

  • Yise Yulan
    Yise Yulan Month ago +1

    LOVE yeji 😘

  • Stan Ateez For Clear Skin

    Stylists:"Okay, So we'll give Yeji some overalls type of pants and give Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna shorts. *Perfect* "

  • ayik ardani
    ayik ardani Month ago +1

    Blackpink is better

  • jeon kookie
    jeon kookie Month ago +1

    OMG...Chaeryong QUEEN😍✨💞

  • off_ _cloud
    off_ _cloud Month ago

    Rookies these days really get weird background noises in their songs

  • AmberFernald
    AmberFernald Month ago

    I'm obsessed with them ugh 😩

  • emcee quinzel
    emcee quinzel Month ago +6

    wow totally live... this is the most difficult dance among girl groups for me this year 👏😍

  • Nate Walking
    Nate Walking Month ago

    God I fucking hate the camera work on all of these shows. Such great choreo and you can never see what the hell is happening.

  • Ann Yeong
    Ann Yeong Month ago

    this is sooo obviously live 🥰🥰

  • RrAflliNnk 555
    RrAflliNnk 555 Month ago +1


  • Meghal
    Meghal Month ago

    I have noticed one thing in every itzy performance that in each performance there in one of the member who is surely wearing pants while the rest have skirts/shorts and I find it very attractive 😍😍

  • 6i zr
    6i zr Month ago +1

    1:57 God she is pretty what her name?

  • venny amelia
    venny amelia Month ago


  • he need some SPRITE

    Why is Yuna’s ponytail so satisfying to watch?

  • Andrea Catolico
    Andrea Catolico Month ago +1

    We need justice to twice and itzy's dancebreak cameraman

  • ounrida kong
    ounrida kong Month ago +2

    They’re all good dancers

  • miss elizalde
    miss elizalde Month ago +2

    3:53 lia make a mistake but she handle it. Hahaha cute❤

  • just korea
    just korea Month ago +1

    عشق لا ينتهي لهن 😶😘💜

  • Barbi バーバラ Girl


  • Angel
    Angel Month ago

    Apparently on a social media there was this person who insulted Lia that she had bodies fat and she doesn't try hard enough *IF PEOPLE WHERE FANS WHY INSULT HER FOR GOD SAKE*

    • Shalewa Koleowo
      Shalewa Koleowo Month ago +1

      She looks like she had gained weight but she’s definitely not fat her arms are still thin but she’s still healthy
      That’s funny because I also saw a comment saying lia is too skinny

  • JA CEL
    JA CEL Month ago +5

    Yuna's stage presence is no joke. LOL AND SHE'S JUST 15

  • amulah 1234567890
    amulah 1234567890 Month ago +1

    SUP Ni

  • amulah 1234567890
    amulah 1234567890 Month ago +1

    EOE 😉😉😉😉😉😉ukm1910

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Month ago +1

    Why many people hate them???

    YEETUS THY FETUS ! Month ago

    no ones saying but why is lia the only one wearing all black lmaoooo