Fruitcake Cupcake Holiday Wreath


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  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof Month ago

    I'm 51,285th!

  • Poonam smart kitchen

    Very nice 👌

  • Anfooey Fooey
    Anfooey Fooey Month ago

    It's not fruit cake if it doesnt have booze.

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago

      Sounds like you've had too much booze already.

  • Secret Zexyula Teloiv

    Surprisingly tasty is mostly making,cooking,baking non vegan desserts, no bake desserts,stir fry meals ect

  • Mena Amer
    Mena Amer Month ago

    2:03 they used glue insted of sugar and lemon juce

  • SeeItLikeItSub2It
    SeeItLikeItSub2It Month ago

    Where have you all been hiding Frank's fine ass??!!

  • Farah Naqvi
    Farah Naqvi Month ago

    9 eggs??????

  • MsPookie2
    MsPookie2 Month ago

    If you eat fruitcake u deserve to be stoned with these muffins because that's the texture of fruitcake STONE

  • Erin Grace
    Erin Grace Month ago

    Omg this cake is sooo different in America! In uk we soak the fruit in loadsss of alcohol 😂😂

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago

      Fruit punch in America will blow your sox out!

  • 편의점다이닝
    편의점다이닝 Month ago

    Anyone knows what type of camera they are using for video?

  • Ana Coudon
    Ana Coudon Month ago

    Dried fruits 🤮

  • Mishee
    Mishee Month ago

    oof, that´s waaay to much suger with that amount of raisins and cranberries; which re already sweet.

  • best wish
    best wish Month ago

    it's seems like mince pie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!

  • gooseguse
    gooseguse Month ago

    Something's on your lip guy

  • Krys Telly
    Krys Telly Month ago

    Wait i thought fruit cake has wine?????????

  • Nabilah Naseer
    Nabilah Naseer Month ago


  • Eck0
    Eck0 Month ago +5


  • King beat Hhh
    King beat Hhh Month ago

    Wait people actually eat this my god

  • Grace Barretta
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  • Sketchy Skies
    Sketchy Skies Month ago

    Ew, fruitcake

  • VexLament
    VexLament Month ago +19

    Huh, first time I've seen rum spelled "orange juice"

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago +2

      Huh, someone had too much Rum and spelled it wrong.

  • Dréãm wørld
    Dréãm wørld Month ago +2

    Hiii.....I'm from keralaaa.....

  • Seth Chim
    Seth Chim Month ago


  • Josephine Roe
    Josephine Roe Month ago +27

    Only old people and Brits like fruitcake.

    • B
      B Month ago

      This looks nothing like British fruitcake haha

    • Miranda Mom
      Miranda Mom Month ago +2

      I like fruitcake! Oh, wait... I'm old...

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Month ago +3

      I can't agree or disagree

    • angry grouse
      angry grouse Month ago

      It's actually german

  • Saif Tutorials
    Saif Tutorials Month ago

    Watch my cupcake recipes.!!

  • Jordan Rainey
    Jordan Rainey Month ago

    OMG! 4 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!(Atleast where I live(

  • David G
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  • Ian Griffith
    Ian Griffith Month ago

    best fruitcake video out here, s/o to the new youtubers!

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea Month ago +3

    What did the icing say to cupcake when it's about the frost the cupcake

    *It'll be a piece of cake*

    • Green Tea
      Green Tea Month ago

      +Micheal Rows Nice one

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago

      What did the cake ask the cupcake?

      *Can I have a cup of flour?*

  • COOK GOOD-Hindi
    COOK GOOD-Hindi Month ago

    Very nice

  • Loginus Edits AMV Beyblade


  • Aesthtic Unicorn
    Aesthtic Unicorn Month ago

    I’ve never tasted fruit cake before but based on the ingredients...I’m not sure if I ever want to...

  • Pastel Belle
    Pastel Belle Month ago +5

    Oh fruitcake.. we're still doing that? Ok

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago

      They should call it *Ironcake* cuz there's so much iron in it.
      Seriously, fruitcake is full of good nutrients.

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar Month ago +4

    Follow the recipe JUST as we show it, otherwise it'll murder you in your sleep!

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea Month ago +1

    Fruitcake cupcakes? That is disgusting.

  • Chubby People Problems

    I need this in my life! I’ve gone 10 mins without food!!

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago

      ​+Chubby People Problems Hang in there, Christmas is barely in 1 day 21 hours and 35 minutes. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself:

    • Chubby People Problems
      Chubby People Problems Month ago

      barely +Micheal Rows

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago +1

      Your 10 mins is up... are you alive?

  • Jacqueline Smith
    Jacqueline Smith Month ago +14

    I thought fruit cake was just for show. Nobody actually eats that stuff right?

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago

      Nobody eats fruitcake because they drink up all the booze for the recipe.

    • Miranda Mom
      Miranda Mom Month ago +1

      The difference between good fruitcake and bad fruitcake is immeasurable.

    • CShire60
      CShire60 Month ago

      I like fruitcake! Im not sure why some folks do NOT. What isnt to like? Nuts fruit sweet but not too. As someone else said, you should try a good homemade fruitcake. Sooo good!

    • David G
      David G Month ago +5

      When you finally have a good one, you will always have more. The best are homemade, even the dried candied fruit being homemade, you will love it. I promise!

    • recoil53
      recoil53 Month ago +3

      The cheap stuff no. But a fruit cake made from decent ingredients and good technique (ie not the British influenced stuff) is worth eating.

  • Kermit&Elmo 1214
    Kermit&Elmo 1214 Month ago +1

    Hello society

  • Zeus Joemar Garaño


  • DreamFairy 24
    DreamFairy 24 Month ago +1

    early squad where you attt

  • Savage_ Vlogs_
    Savage_ Vlogs_ Month ago +1

    Omg 51 view

  • Springløck 3
    Springløck 3 Month ago

    *can i get 1000 subs with no videos*

  • William Vo Gaming
    William Vo Gaming Month ago

    Wow! Is the fruit does looks like a muffin?

  • Dominic Bechtold
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  • Kendra Coulter
    Kendra Coulter Month ago +1

    So are you saying

    *I'm early?!*
    Finally the thing I never am in Webtoon I am here!

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    Vlog영풍 Month ago +1

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  • Micheal Rows
    Micheal Rows Month ago +10

    If you can't cook this recipe it will not be Tasty.

  • Marzia6 OMG
    Marzia6 OMG Month ago

    I was the 101th like! #EarlySquad

  • Mr. ShinyHunter
    Mr. ShinyHunter Month ago +1

    Why in the fuck would ypu make cupcakes after something thats absolultly atrocious, I'd rather make this into a decoration for the Christmas Tree

  • John Diddo
    John Diddo Month ago

    Always thought it was reef

  • Ashton-Faye Joyce
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  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un Month ago +54

    Why did the cupcake go to the doctor?

    It had frostbite!

    • Teen Touch
      Teen Touch Month ago +2

      +Eck0 yassss

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago +1

      What does a cupcake have in common with Kim Jong-un?


    • Eck0
      Eck0 Month ago +3

      A very weak-joke, like North Korea's Military.

    • David G
      David G Month ago +4

      I'll give you a B for effort.

    • David G
      David G Month ago


  • Kevin Orozco
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  • Joe Bui
    Joe Bui Month ago +1

    6th to add a comment lol

  • Avery Lopez-Baines
    Avery Lopez-Baines Month ago +13

    Poor Good Advice Cupcake

  • Колыбель Разума

    I love these crafts
    For the 1% of people reading this, I hope you have a great day.

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  • Sister Snatched a wiG
    Sister Snatched a wiG Month ago +42

    *If youre reading this, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year (:*

    • Teen Touch
      Teen Touch Month ago +1

      You too hun

    • Iconic Doof
      Iconic Doof Month ago +1

      and a happy hanukkah! im not sure if their are any muslim holidays in december or january so just happy holidays to all!

    • The Fairy Tale Pony
      The Fairy Tale Pony Month ago +2

      You too!!

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago +3

      Same to you sweet CUPCAKE!

  • Rhubab Ali
    Rhubab Ali Month ago

    You guys are soo goood and pros at this stuff★

  • Adriana Mendoza
    Adriana Mendoza Month ago

    Yo food make me hungry

  • Skye Chan
    Skye Chan Month ago

    Illuminated Confirmed
    18 views, yet there are still 36 likes

  • Amélie Elema BAYALA


  • RidonkulousMG
    RidonkulousMG Month ago +4

    I’d rather arrange it into the shape of an impossible cube

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  • Celine S.
    Celine S. Month ago

    Love these videos

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    Here before 20 views!

  • Paris Garner
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    Hey kove

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    #notificationsquad 😝😘

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    Can anyone subscribe to me!!

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    Hi love you ideas can you please pin me thank you

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    3rd comment

  • Twinsy Bunnies
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    Looks so good

  • _Bob McCoy
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    *I’m gonna hang this on my door*

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows Month ago +1

      *Your door will be yummy!*

    • David G
      David G Month ago +4

      I will come and eat it off the door. Leave me milk too, please.

  • Jadex Cedeno
    Jadex Cedeno Month ago +2

    Love yall

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  • Tedious person
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    Have a good Christmas break! ☺️

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    1st like I have a screenshot to prove it.

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