Adam Hills Explains Results of US Midterm Elections | The Last Leg

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
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    Russell Howard and Tamsin Greig join Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker to discuss the week's events with the US midterm elections.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  7 months ago +8

    Who else wants to see more of Adam wrestling?!
    Watch the FULL episode on All 4:

    • Phil Bright
      Phil Bright 7 months ago +1

      One tenth have liked off 1k views. Shut up!!!how many views are from people related to the show. What a joke. And you talk about.... Wait. No one knows what you talk about unless jonny vegas is in the title.

  • David C Witkin
    David C Witkin 2 months ago

    I wanna have that wrestlers babies RIGHT NOW.

  • Fingaz Mc
    Fingaz Mc 6 months ago +1

    Adam can't sell for shit! He needs to turn heel anyway, he doesn't deserve his push!
    Smashing kayfabe like 'Beyond the mat'.
    NO you won't have a clue what I'm on about unless you're a smark. Ya noggers!

  • Primitive Aliens
    Primitive Aliens 6 months ago

    wrong shirt russel

  • War Rex Leon
    War Rex Leon 6 months ago

    and will the host of the show please go and join the Australian people and help destroy his own country

  • War Rex Leon
    War Rex Leon 6 months ago

    channel 4 was watching your insults of jacob rees mogg tonight please fuck off you creepy bastards

  • david hollyfield
    david hollyfield 6 months ago +1

    You guys attract a lot of haters, must be doing something right! (oops, I mean left!)

  • Stephen Hodgson
    Stephen Hodgson 6 months ago +4

    Somebody needs to explain to Trump that politics is not golf and the lowest score doesn't win. But there again just like Trump cheats at golf he and the GOP cheat at politics as well.

    • Ste
      Ste 6 months ago +1

      Orange man bad

  • Zak Stephenson
    Zak Stephenson 6 months ago

    acosta did touch her... there is video of it

  • Open Eyes // Close Eyes

    Big ups to Drake for being a great wrestler!

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B 7 months ago

    This commy liberal bullshit rhetoric is really just boring now. Everybody just repeats the same mantra without any real thought, yeh we get it you hate trump he's racist etc etc. Except none of it really true.

  • Aditya Wath
    Aditya Wath 7 months ago

    This gig was funny but unfortunately the situation is much more complicated than that in US

  • András Fogarasi
    András Fogarasi 7 months ago +1

    Well that's disappointing.

  • June Ritchie
    June Ritchie 7 months ago +2

    This is cringeworthy embarrassing - the ignorance is astounding

    • queencallipygos
      queencallipygos 7 months ago +1

      You're right. And surprisingly brave to admit to your own ignorance and confess to your own embarrassment.
      .....You WERE talking about your own self, right?

  • ude amos tochukwu
    ude amos tochukwu 7 months ago +8

    RIP Stan Lee, you will be forever missed.

  • Necie Au
    Necie Au 7 months ago +10

    Well done Russell for representing one legged men

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 7 months ago +2

    Everyday, I pray to God that after Nancy Pelosi is sworn in as Speaker of the House, that both both the treasonous traitorous tinted twat and Mike "Wonder Bread" Pence both succumb to God's judgment... That God removes them both within hours of one another. Should they both leave office without the appointment of another VP, the Speaker of the House will become Acting President. Although, we don't really know if what the Speaker will have to do as Acting President, it will likely be Constitutional Crisis... But as long as those two cuntscum Repugnicunts are no longer at the helm, and a Democrat is - even if temporarily - it will be worth it. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    • queencallipygos
      queencallipygos 7 months ago

      .....You're aware that sometimes when God answers prayers....His answer is "no"?

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 7 months ago

      @Aditya Wath trust me I get pissed with my liberal left... They are so absolutist against moderates to the point they are willing to vote for someone that is the complete antithesis of our beliefs. I'm a very liberal progressive person, but the aggressive progressives irk me. But because I stand steadfast in my beliefs I'm not going to turn on the politics I believe. These people are willing to throw our party go away until all democrats are like then.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      @Eric Burkheimer Many like me weren't always supports of the conservatives buddy. Most of us were center left and believed in the progressive ideas, but unfortunately the left became regressive reactionary left and called US the moderates, dehumanizing names such as sexist, misogynistic, Russian bots and Nazis, over and over again. Most of us don't support Trump but we have no choice because the Left has purged itself from all of it's redeeming qualities. So go ahead and call me names all you want, I can't stop you, but do notice that this was the same behavior that made us disgusted with Left and its PC culture.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 7 months ago

      @Aditya Wath you Trumptards stealing lingo from video games is sad. Like Trump.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      NPC spotted

  • Krisso
    Krisso 7 months ago +1

    Russell has one leg.

  • Dave Francis
    Dave Francis 7 months ago +3

    Painful to watch uninformed people pretend to show any signs of intelligence when all they are doing is making amateurish jokes that have been recycled over and over again. The worst part is that they don’t realize the negative effects this pretend virtue has on its audience. Maybe they should focus on the joke of a prime minister they have and make Britain great with the first step being to exit the European Union as it was the will of the people.

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago +1

      Dave Francis
      Oh for goodness sake. You're STILL barking. 😂
      If you're going to have a personal shot at someone else's intelligence, all because it doesn't coincide with your right wing ideology. Then don't go crying hypocritically and playing the victim when your lack of intelligence is pointed out.
      This was last weeks crap. And I've got better things to do, than to carry on reading your sad excuses and hypocrisy.
      Ta-ta and good luck with your illiterate rwnj crusade. 😁

    • Dave Francis
      Dave Francis 7 months ago

      You don’t know anything about me or my likes. Do you honestly think I joined channels because I don’t like the content? My comment reflects my further disappointment that people I have respect for have succumbed to lefty hysteria and are regurgitating the same virtuous garbage perpetuated throughout mainstream media. It is getting old. As for your corrections and comments, I don’t get it. I made a comment about the content, you made it about me. You are yet to make any comment that disputes my initial claim, that perhaps people without any understanding of American politics keep their opinions away from influential ears, particular brits who have a dilemma with their own politics and brexit. I could have this enjoyable banter for years to come but you really don’t have a point, other than attempting to bruise my ego. So I bid the a fond farewell to the one sided debate. It gets boring when facts are given second place to character assisinations, particular misguided and inept ones based on supposition. But hey, “I’ve got heaps of grammatical errors”... what type of person whines about that on comments!.... seriously. You like “the Last Leg” almost as much as you like “the Last Word”. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago +1

      Dave Francis
      Good grief.
      Calling me a sticky nose and all lefties are know-it-alls.. that's rich coming from you. Again, pot calling the kettle black 😂
      Look, if what Adam, Josh and Alex have to say, gets your precious panties in a twist so badly, there's quite a simple solution. Just don't bloody watch their show and stay off their TheXvid posts.
      Or are you trying to run your own little one man SJW crusade to take on all lefties in all media formats. Because you're just an egotistical little know-it-all, yourself.
      Btw, I wasn't triggered at any point, either, dear.
      I simply pointed out the hilarious hypocrisy of you trying to claim some sad level of intelligence, even though your comments have been full of grammatical mistakes. Which just proved my point.
      I'm here because I like the show. You're here because you were triggered by what the 3 guys on this show say and do, and you felt all righteous in trolling, just to rave on about how wrong you think they are.
      Well congratulations. But I hardly doubt that they are suddenly going to change just because you personally don't agree with them.
      So run along and take your crusade elsewhere online, telling all lefties how wrong you think they are, as I'm sure you do on a daily basis, sadly. Because you're the type of person who puts the nut job, into the term, right wing nut job.

    • Dave Francis
      Dave Francis 7 months ago

      Ozlass 777 my point is that these people on this show don’t show any interest in knowing what the hell is going on and simply regurgitate the same lefty whines and jokes. After 2 years of constant whingeing you’d think they’d realise by now.
      “Triggered snowflake”? Coming from the person commenting on grammatical errors! You sure have some bizarre perception of yourself, considering you have accused me of one thing and done exactly the same.
      Trolling? It’s called accountability. Pundits and host should have at least one iota of knowledge of what they are talking about for their audience sake.
      Regarding grammar, it’s a comment, not an as yet published thesis... it makes enough sense and has the rights sentiment for most to understand and that is what matters.
      Like I said, know-all lefties will be the death of all things good. Why don’t you just stick to books and let the rest of us enjoy the world without your sticky nose correcting people for no point or because you “like a show”. It’s been enjoyable banter, but fruitless of anything other than wasting time. 🖕🏻

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago

      Dave Francis
      You're still barking, huh 😜
      Well, I have just as much right to comment as you, dear, ok. You don't own TheXvid.
      In fact, I happen to like this show. And you don't. So you're blatantly trolling and bitching, just because they don't say what you wanna hear. Boo hoo, you hypocritical triggered snowflake.
      And if you're going to try and claim some juvenile level of intelligence, in your so-called intellectual comment that was full of grammatical mistakes, then don't go crying and playing the victim when you get called out for your foolish hypocrisy.
      Just accept the fact that you're not as smart as you'd like to think that you are. And go troll elsewhere, you sook 😂

  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 7 months ago

    I can't go to work today because Trump is the president.

  • Name of the Rose
    Name of the Rose 7 months ago

    Why are all the guys sitting with one leg like that? Is that a thing on this show?

  • Stuart Mcleod
    Stuart Mcleod 7 months ago +18

    Ironic it's called the last leg and Russel Howard lost one of his!

    • Ryan Moulds
      Ryan Moulds 2 months ago

      It's pretty obviously an ironic title about all of them. Hence the entire context of the show. Look closely.

    • Åeverthûn
      Åeverthûn 6 months ago +4

      @Montagone UK it's a joke about the odd way Russel sits on the bench.

    • Montagone UK
      Montagone UK 6 months ago

      Russell Howard is a guest on the show. Adam Hills is the chap with only one leg - and hes been like that since birth.

  • Millwall 01
    Millwall 01 7 months ago +3

    Is Russell making fun of Adam with his leg

  • Phil Bright
    Phil Bright 7 months ago +6

    No one cares what you say as usual!! Why you still uploading??

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago

      Phil Bright... just proving how much of a dickhead he is 😁

    • matthew bowers
      matthew bowers 7 months ago +9

      21k views and 850k subs.

    • Joe Hughes
      Joe Hughes 7 months ago +9

      You watched the video mate I think nobody cares what you say 😂

    • Adam
      Adam 7 months ago +15

      You care enough to click on the video ;)

  • Vannlon
    Vannlon 7 months ago +49

    Shalom Jackie

  • Adam
    Adam 7 months ago +44

    Hello Jackie, you look nice.

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 6 months ago

      @Adam, the Israeli state are pretty guilty of antisemitism, in my opinion. By claiming any criticism of Israel is automatically antisemitic, they muddy the waters where _real_ antisemitism is concerned. They act like they somehow have dominion over Judaism, alongside knowing full well that many stupid people across the world blame Jews in general for Israeli state actions, and yet they gleefully commit war crimes. I hate the Israeli state on principle, but if I were Jewish or _especially_ Israeli I'm pretty sure I'd hate them a lot more.

    • Emma Porte
      Emma Porte 7 months ago

      Adam you have made the big funny

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 7 months ago

      Yes you are right but it is mostly self hatred so technically what i said is also true

    • Adam
      Adam 7 months ago +3

      Bruce Wayne Criticising Israel doesn’t make you anti Semitic. Just like how criticising Islam doesn’t make you islamaphobic. As long as there’s no hatred of Jews involved, it’s not antisemitism.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 7 months ago

      Jackie is anti Semitic being Jewish a new first ... Trump is the only US president who openly supported Israel

  • M Nix
    M Nix 7 months ago +2

    No she’s got it wrong, the house wasn’t what we wanted. The senate rules. It was an election that exposes Voter fraud that was given Amnesty under Obama for past charges of the same things. They did what we hoped and committed fraud again this time it’s not covered so now we can prove it and move forward watch Arizona and Florida.
    Jim Acosta has acted like a two-year-old Twatt for the past two years and got spanked. It’s not the Jim Acosta show when his in the White House speaking to the President. He was given the courtesy of asking the 1st question, which like usual he turned it into a attack of multiple attempts to push the Leftist narratives. If you bothered to watch the whole video that’s out there it shows him holding the mic like a 2yr old that wants more. As a citizen imo if you disrespect someone repeatedly, then you aren’t given any in return from that person without apologizes. That’s because of you not anything else. Stop placing blame at the feet of others.
    I’m a Conservative Constitutionalist.
    Not a Republican or Democrat - I do not believe in the 2 party system that controls our country. It is not what the founding fathers wanted. The Government is to be run by the Common person that is willing to sacrifice their time and money that represents that values of its states. Life time appointments and long term allows for the corrupt people to take hold. Less Federal Governance and return more allowances to States to govern themselves.
    Trump is the President because we knew who was running. He is attacked because they can’t control him because his not one of them. He was an independent, he’s never drank or done drugs. His whole life for 50 yrs has been published publicly. And so was hers, the new voters in the 90’s grew up under the Clintons rule, from Arkansas to Washington nothing but sex and cocaine scandals, Now we are 40 and we didn’t forget and we made sure others didn’t forget it either.
    Career politicians are not supposed to run this country, that’s why Trump won, just like Ronald Reagan. Both have been exactly what the country needed at the time. I understand people can argue both ways but that is my lifetime.

    There I’m a real person not a MSM personality. You want a real opinion there it is.
    Btw if you got this far, the jokes are not lost on me, I laughed because somethings are extremely funny, but there is so much misinformation, and it saddens me because the UK was really knowledgeable about US and even prided themselves on being smarter than, now it’s the same propaganda.

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago +1

      If you chose to be the POTUS, you simply have to learn to deal with the questions from the media, whether left OR right based.
      If you can't handle criticism and questions from the media, without blaming the entire left wing or right wing for the question being posed, then maybe it's time to step down and let the grown ups run the "free world".
      Throwing a tantrum because you can't handle a question from a journalist, simply proves further more that you must also have trouble trying to deal with far bigger issues going on in the world.

    • June Ritchie
      June Ritchie 7 months ago +1

      M Nix - A lot us Brits are WOKE, so many people are cancelling their tv licence and calling the media fake news. Btw thank you for your update

    • M Nix
      M Nix 7 months ago

      Zero Ninety looks like the start of proof to me.

    • M Nix
      M Nix 7 months ago

      Zero Ninety also it has nothing to do with voter suppression it has to do with padding the balance with ballots that were totally false, her own staff filled them out there are signed affidavits of employees it been fired stated that they had witnessed it with their own eyes or how about the personal vehicles moving things to trucks with armed guards after a court order telling things to be released for public review

    • M Nix
      M Nix 7 months ago

      Zero Ninety and your so-called no evidence in presidential of the voter fraud will be proven with the indictment for Hillary Clinton‘s ass to be put in prison. PS voter fraud is NONE CITIZENS voting at all. Why do you think we all want voter ID!

  • George Adams
    George Adams 7 months ago +5

    Her shoes are so cute.

    • Ty Marshall
      Ty Marshall 7 months ago

      @Amanda Kenneally Fran I'm coming do you want me to come

    • Amanda Kenneally
      Amanda Kenneally 7 months ago

      Ty Marshall FRAAAAAAAN? You look Frantastic.

    • Ty Marshall
      Ty Marshall 7 months ago

      Black Books FRAN

  • Jakeey
    Jakeey 7 months ago +31

    Orange man bad beep beep

    • Shiv
      Shiv 6 months ago

      *Diversity is our strength bleep bloop*

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 6 months ago +2

      Beep beep?
      Good grief.
      Just like Trump, his supporters have the mentality of a 5 year old also 😂

    • david hollyfield
      david hollyfield 6 months ago

      Prez good, libs bad, beep beep

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago +1

      Troll bad

    • Sean Kratovil-Lavelle
      Sean Kratovil-Lavelle 7 months ago +6

      Anyone who disagrees with the president is a mindless drone beep boop

  • Trevison Clark
    Trevison Clark 7 months ago +12

    The house isn’t important. The senate is for more powerful. And Acosta did touch her.

    • Michael Wheelerr
      Michael Wheelerr 2 months ago

      What?! lol Spoken like someone who has no clue about American politics. How exactly is the Senate more powerful? Enlighten us.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      @Sammie1053 No it wasn't. Read multiple experts opinions. They suggested that it wasn't intentionally speed up. It was more likely a result of a longer video made into a gif and then the gif was converted into a video again resulting in a frame loss. This is supported by the fact that they didn't find any jump cuts or fine white lines in the video that Sarah Sanders shared which she got from the net and not official White house release.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      But NPC's will never get logic

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago

      Eric Burkheimer
      Ewwww. Trump creeps me out, the way he drools over his own daughter, the incestuous pig.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 7 months ago

      @Ozlass 777 or they were touched, by an older parental figure. They love him cause he did to Ivanka what their mommy or daddy did to them.

  • Frank Hinstein
    Frank Hinstein 7 months ago

    Wow,just wow,what an ignorant bunch of shits..

  • Adam
    Adam 7 months ago +45

    *in before offended Trump supporters who flock towards this video the moment they see it rather than leaving it and continuing with their lives*

    • queencallipygos
      queencallipygos 7 months ago

      @Frank Hinstein - all the Franks I know are African American.
      And "life experience" don't mean squat if your experiences were in things like racial profiling.

    • cemtexbez
      cemtexbez 7 months ago +3

      I was just making sense of the comment really, just sounded counterproductive but you have clarified in your reply and I agree. devolving into name calling is stupid but all too common. you are off on both conclusions there tho, I don't see why i would have a guilty conscience and I'm not American so who the president is doesn't have much bearing on me directly. I think that the whole election was a joke from both sides to be quite honest. both Hillary and Trump were terrible candidates, I do however think things would have turned out worse for the u.s in the long run if Hillary had won. who knows tho, I'm not proclaiming to be expert on us politics just my opinion. what can you do when your choices are between a turd and a shit sandwich but as I say I didn't have a horse in that race. can't really talk about bad leadership either, we have Teresa "no spine" may in charge and she is doing a wonderful job of making a mess of Brexit deals lol

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago +1

      As I explained.. I'm not hating on those who merely have a different opinion to myself. That's not how I roll.
      I am hating on those who take such things so personally, and need to resort to childish name calling and personal attacks in their defence.
      Actually, I'm not really hating on them in this case. I'm actually laughing at them as I point out their hypocrisy.
      You can't get all defensive about being called names etc, if you're then going to instantly turn around and do in return.
      Now, if what I'm doing is getting at you in some way, then maybe you have a guilty conscience. Or you're just a Trump supporter, who is actually taking me the wrong way, too personally.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago +1

      @cemtexbez yes its important BUT you have to be strong willed to notice that

    • cemtexbez
      cemtexbez 7 months ago +1

      granted it is hard to do but also possible, a lot of people just refuse to try looking past their own hurt. it's easier to stay in the victim mindset and project personal feelings onto others than to change yourself

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 7 months ago +16


    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      @Adam You are right on the money with that man. But you have to admit that most of the new conservatives like me were indeed former progressive leftists. We left, the left because it turned from progressive to regressive. The Left made a fuck ton of mistakes during 2016 in US, UK, EU and now both sides are going crazy in 2018 here in India. The left went from rational to irrational, they embraced elitism, SJW's, irrational responses, supported people and choices that 90% of population disdains, incivility, called their own supporters disrespectful names and tried to be preachy on common people as if we were stupid cave dwelling Neanderthals. We joined the conservative side because if nothing else they are at tge very least ready to call out the fringe elements from their own side, they unlike the regressive reactionary left are at least willing to clean their own house.

    • Adam
      Adam 7 months ago +1

      @Aditya Wath I see what you're saying, but this is just the Internet I guess. Most normal humans aren't like this at all. The far right is dreadful and full of the knobs that fill this comments section constantly believing they're better than everyone. The far left is dreadful and full of self-entitled pricks who believe they're better than everyone. But the remainder (a huge chunk of the population who are right in between) are decent people just living their lives. The Internet makes things seem far worse than they actually are.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      @Adam believe me man! We were what you are right now! We said the same thing and all we got was "you're just the same as them, a sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, far right Nazi manpig" (most of us were god damn center left) and then they got cheered for putting such horrible people like us in our place. Believe me, I was a progressive before the White house correspondence dinner and I'm not even a US citizen damn it!! There Michelle Wolf was absolutely horribly disrespectful, and not in her usual funny way. Before that she was my favorite female comedian. But rather than distancing themselves from her and asking for a simple apology the left cheered her for it and everyone who disagreed was a sexist, women hating, far right Nazi. How can we not be sour man? How? We tried everything, we tried rational arguments, we tried engaging in discussions but to no avail. The left is just a shadow of its former glorious self.

    • Adam
      Adam 7 months ago +2

      Aditya Wath But why don’t you rise above it and post logical, constructive, intelligent arguments without spamming random shit under videos? Can you really not see why people think you’re all bots? It’s because you always say meaningless buzzwords and seem incapable of forming coherent arguments. People would take you seriously if you did that. But with the constant spamming, people take you less and less seriously. You’re doing more harm than good.
      I also condone the far left who constantly label everyone as Nazi’s. And I also think saying #killallmen is equally as bad as saying #killallwomen and the people who say that are morons since we need both men and women for humanity to continue. But you need to rise above it and shut them down properly and in a civil manner without making yourself sound even worse.

    • Aditya Wath
      Aditya Wath 7 months ago

      @Adam I think you misinterpreted me a little bit too. Yes we do spam this NPC comment since the start of this month, but that's because us common people who support conservatives not because we agree with everything they say but rather because we are being demonized by the same left that we believed in before. For example : Go and post a any random pic on any social media platform and put a #Killallmen and repeat the same thing but put #Killallwomen and just guage the support and backlash or just say you don't believe in all rape victims instantly. You'll see why we do this. For a long time we faced similar hateful spamming and now that we have a shot at the same, do you really think people wont try and get back at people who backstabed us?

  • Scott Borland
    Scott Borland 7 months ago +49

    Orange man bad beep beep
    audience: hahahahahahaha

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 6 months ago

      Yet another person using the stupid "NPC" meme who doesn't even understand what NPCs are, how they work, or the first thing about video game design or computer programming. Proof that the right just cannot meme. Fuck off with your shoddy, mangy, abortion of a cultural appropriation of video game culture, you sad, pathetic little prick.

    • SantaBJ
      SantaBJ 7 months ago +1

      The amusing part is that the whole stupid schtick is that 'leftists' (anyone to the left of the orange dickwaddle-in-chief) supposedly are "NPCs" who just mindlessly drone out the same words and sentiments in a perfectly predictable manner. Nothing ironic about this at all. Nope.

    • Ozlass 777
      Ozlass 777 7 months ago

      Check out Scott and Sean, the salty little Trump dick-lickers.
      Copying and pasting the same sad old few crappy words, over and over on many random comments.
      What an exciting existence they must have 😂

    • Sean Kratovil-Lavelle
      Sean Kratovil-Lavelle 7 months ago +2

      Anyone who disagrees with the president is a mindless drone

      Trumplings: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Zero Ninety
      Zero Ninety 7 months ago +7

      @ShallowDepression No irony actually. The only reason Trumpkins click on 'The Last leg' video's is so you can get all triggered about it. Y'all need to get yourselves hobbies of some sort because it's kinda sad.

  • Darren Na
    Darren Na 7 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂check history.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂trump is a lying idiot but liberals are worst.fact for all of you obama done a lot worst in his midterms.