Giganotosaurus VS ARK Dinosaurs || Cantex

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • Giganotosaurus vs ARK Carnivores, 300 Woolly Rhinos and much more!
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    Music: Tobu & Jim Yosef - Miracle (Original Mix)
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Comments • 995

  • Midnight Moon
    Midnight Moon 12 days ago +1

    Idk why but I had a little tiny hope for the ark dinos

  • 푸이[게임꿀팁]
    푸이[게임꿀팁] 16 days ago

    This is a new creator who runs TheXvid as a game content in Korea. I accidentally see your TheXvid and leave a comment
    It is a creator who uploads a screenshot for beginners. Please come to play a lot

  • CokeBest TV
    CokeBest TV 16 days ago +1

    Just imagine there is a Giga in your base. You just can‘t cill him

  • Michael Maguire
    Michael Maguire 17 days ago

    Why the fuck am I watching this?

  • Sukarjito Jito
    Sukarjito Jito 20 days ago


  • Aditya Ari R.F.C
    Aditya Ari R.F.C 21 day ago

    Avengers... asamble

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 22 days ago +2

    Reaper: 1v1 me bro

  • Mona Hidayet
    Mona Hidayet 26 days ago

    Godzilla vs gigantosaurus godzilla would win

  • RAYAN Gaming
    RAYAN Gaming 29 days ago +1

    500 SPINO AND 500 T REX VS 500 WILD GIGA

  • I'm Lame
    I'm Lame Month ago

    Therizino vs Giga

  • JR
    JR Month ago

    Why the fuck is the giga so strong when it’s wild and sucks when it’s tamed

  • Dancing Potato
    Dancing Potato Month ago

    people complaining about the Giga being OP but I think the dev’s goal is to make a Carnivorous Titanosaur in a sense, a “boss” that spawns in on the map extremely rarely. it’s meant to be stupidly OP, just like a titan

  • Zontason
    Zontason Month ago +1

    i did'nt know hat the giga is so strong o.O

  • 타비스아크젠
    타비스아크젠 Month ago +3

    해석:기가노토 제왕이었다 그런데 동료들이 배신을 하고말았다 많이 참고있던 기가노토는 광폭을 하고말았다.

  • Home Account
    Home Account Month ago


  • Saif Emad
    Saif Emad Month ago

    The giga is thanos pet and said all that for a drop of blood

  • Luna da wolf
    Luna da wolf Month ago

    1:14 sees a random shat

  • Nekati
    Nekati Month ago


  • Fam Pfeifer
    Fam Pfeifer Month ago

    Scheiße shit ist das is this

  • حبشكلات Babil

    Fuck you the carnos alone would kill the gigga fuck your mother

  • fat baky
    fat baky Month ago

    Que es lo que te as fumadores

  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez Month ago +16

    Ark Dino’s: *exist*
    Giga: *I’m bout to end this whole mans career*

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez Month ago

    que bellas escenas llenas de dramatismo.

  • Icy_ Toxic
    Icy_ Toxic Month ago +1

    It really matters about there levels because if there is a level 150 giga vs 30 rock elemental that at like level 40 then that’s not a fair battle

  • botSnipes
    botSnipes Month ago +1

    Giga is just a rex with a lot more health

    • Cha Boy
      Cha Boy Month ago

      @botSnipes Gigas scale poorly but still do more damage, if anything they have less health than a well-bred Rex.(with tons of mutations) I have tamed seveal 150 Rexes and bred their best stats together and they do 742/bite with imprinting bonuses but my Gigas do 2,184 damage/bite.

    • botSnipes
      botSnipes Month ago

      @Cha Boy the one I have is actually worse than my rex but it's a lower level so good point

    • Cha Boy
      Cha Boy Month ago

      and 16x more damage

  • Truong Quoc Hau M
    Truong Quoc Hau M Month ago


  • Munir Khan
    Munir Khan Month ago


  • Gauri Khan
    Gauri Khan 2 months ago

    give why did you kill the only Elephant

  • Dave Craft
    Dave Craft 2 months ago

    Why did they make Gigi so large in this game? They were lighter and shorter then Tyrannosaurs?

    PAK PLAYER :-D 2 months ago

    how about 2 Dragons vs giganitosaur. B-) and then some 10 or 11 Kings

    • FreeZe
      FreeZe Month ago

      pak player omg you are A bob....

  • Player Unknown
    Player Unknown 2 months ago

    3:57 when big chungas dies

  • 岩橋絵理華
    岩橋絵理華 2 months ago +1


  • Rianne Schouteten
    Rianne Schouteten 2 months ago


  • Jaired JJN
    Jaired JJN 2 months ago


  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 months ago

    rex & others :yepppsss

  • Bielzaum M
    Bielzaum M 2 months ago +4


  • KiKi ZZANG
    KiKi ZZANG 2 months ago

    wow..great..!! big fun..!! good my friend..!!

  • Golden Supernova
    Golden Supernova 2 months ago

    Okay send this to devs cuz that’s bullshit

  • Fabiana Barros
    Fabiana Barros 2 months ago


  • Heba Abdallah
    Heba Abdallah 2 months ago

    ليس مشوق😎😒

  • Heba Abdallah
    Heba Abdallah 2 months ago


  • Jose Riosemanule
    Jose Riosemanule 2 months ago

    Ventas de gigantosaurio contra 8.000 8.000 8.000 8.000 8.000 espinosaurios espinosaurio

  • kuba 320
    kuba 320 2 months ago

    Giga is op on it all

  • thanos vô cực
    thanos vô cực 2 months ago

    Used titan vs are mod

  • Clahs Gamer
    Clahs Gamer 2 months ago

    Make Giganotosaurus vs the Bigest Dino in Ark

  • Jackson Action
    Jackson Action 2 months ago


    ARK ENTERTAINMENT 2 months ago

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  • LU LU
    LU LU 2 months ago

    i had the best bread rhino , max lvl and max damage possible, i did one charge killed a tamed giga lvl 2 with some damage booster recepies, i one charge killed a alpha carno with it , 3 charg killed and alpha rex.

  • Sunshine Lps
    Sunshine Lps 2 months ago


  • Sunshine Lps
    Sunshine Lps 2 months ago

    The third u really got that to the limit

  • Sunshine Lps
    Sunshine Lps 2 months ago

    Mother of gods that second fight 0.0

  • 3 6 9 Plz
    3 6 9 Plz 2 months ago

    They should have used only one dodo to beat the giga

    FLAME OF THE KING 3 months ago +2

    5:09 this music is amazing
    I need the name of this music please

  • Braden Crist
    Braden Crist 3 months ago

    o gee. I never wanna encounter one of these in wild.

  • StellarForce
    StellarForce 3 months ago

    Imagine someone joining who is in his tribe and whistling all follow

  • gamelife vs Challenges
    gamelife vs Challenges 3 months ago +3

    The troop on attacked me and I got sleepy of poison or somthing

  • Kash The Gamer
    Kash The Gamer 3 months ago +8

    And I actually thought theri’s near by base were scary 😱

  • Rub3n
    Rub3n 3 months ago +3

    Wild Giga vs 100 Titanosaurs. It can’t win this one

  • ItsYaBoiCubone Music
    ItsYaBoiCubone Music 3 months ago

    Wait isn't giganotosaurus is king of all carnivores in ark survival?

  • tide pods
    tide pods 3 months ago

    no you need to send me and my animal at it and that giga will disappear like nothing was ever there

  • 김재아
    김재아 3 months ago

    gigais the strongest

  • abel garcia
    abel garcia 3 months ago +4

    My mind is 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Itz Zatroix
    Itz Zatroix 3 months ago +3

    4:20 hair strands in a microscope

  • Marie Li
    Marie Li 3 months ago

    infinity war? yay

  • ExperT GaminG
    ExperT GaminG 4 months ago

    0:01 What Name İs Song ?

    • berenbar
      berenbar 4 months ago

      it's the theme song if you are fighting in the swamp

  • Meddhi Akhenak-lecocq
    Meddhi Akhenak-lecocq 4 months ago


  • Ola Galaaen
    Ola Galaaen 4 months ago +2

    Way too OP, irl one t rex would destroy him

    • mr ez the poop
      mr ez the poop 21 day ago

      I’d say they’d be about an even match irl. Giga is definitely waaaay more powerful in game than irl though.

  • Andrew Essman
    Andrew Essman 4 months ago

    Noob” can my giga fight a wild giga

  • Sansar Dhir
    Sansar Dhir 4 months ago +1

    I love your videos i wish you make large amount of them

  • Ultima Gamer
    Ultima Gamer 4 months ago

    Every allo ever *tell me do you bleed*

  • Indominus boi
    Indominus boi 4 months ago

    Bronto are weak fighting to giga

  • Emi Sopiyah
    Emi Sopiyah 4 months ago


  • Square Pickle
    Square Pickle 4 months ago +4

    (Playing "Step up" by Saliva while watching the video).

  • Наталья Сергеевна


  • Wayne Corpus
    Wayne Corpus 4 months ago

    others:ohh shit

    GIga:Rocks!!I only step on you
    rock golem:ohh no