Doctor Who Theme (Demons of the Punjab) | Doctor Who: Series 11

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • Enjoy this special arrangement of the Doctor Who theme that played over the end credits of Demons of the Punjab. Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos:

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Comments • 467

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper 13 days ago

    An absolute classic episode that tears up the rule book of what an episode of Who can do and be. This is when the new incarnation of Who is at its strongest.

  • Pio Nepomuceno
    Pio Nepomuceno 15 days ago

    Was so floored by this outstanding episode and its ending that I completely missed that this was an arrangement of theme. Good stuff.

  • MegaAstroFan18
    MegaAstroFan18 2 months ago

    Wonderful episode. Season 11 definitely getting the writing back on track.

  • MegaAstroFan18
    MegaAstroFan18 2 months ago

    Want a version of this with the middle 8. Please Mr. Akinola?

  • a cats
    a cats 4 months ago

    they made singing the doctor who theme canon

  • The NCC
    The NCC 6 months ago

    Can we have Jodie Wittaker sing her Doctor Who theme in 2020

  • The Twelfth Doctor
    The Twelfth Doctor 6 months ago

    May I have a 10 hours version of this?

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper 7 months ago

    One thing I would like to see is an episode with so much emotional impact that, a la Rains of Castamere, there’s just deathly silence as the credits roll.

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper 7 months ago

    A timeless classic of an episode and a beautiful but heartbreaking soundtrack.

  • Spluff5
    Spluff5 10 months ago

    This is actually really beautiful

  • Valeria Rueda
    Valeria Rueda 11 months ago

    Would love a longer version 💙

  • steve bishop
    steve bishop 11 months ago +1

    What a load of rubbish

  • Sush N.
    Sush N. Year ago

    This is a variation of the classical music of Pakistan and northern India. Carnatic music is generally the dominant classical music of South India.
    The way Sarangi (stringed instrument, somewhat similar to Violin) and tabla (two instruments used widely in classical music of the subcontinent) were used made this theme even more personal and haunting for me.

  • Sush N.
    Sush N. Year ago

    One of the best songs I've heard that was written about the painful history of the Partition- Husna (Coke studio). If you could get a translated version of the lyrics, you'd see how beautifully it describes the aftermath of the Partition on India and Pakistan.

  • Sush N.
    Sush N. Year ago

    People who liked this variation on the theme should listen to some of the Coke Studio masterpieces. The compositions are great and it gives one a good idea about the rich and diverse culture of India/Pakistan wrt their music.

  • the supreme council dalek

    Please release the full version ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wren Poldark
    Wren Poldark Year ago


  • Rorik Savant
    Rorik Savant Year ago

    The end of this episode was beautiful

  • Onecatonegame
    Onecatonegame Year ago

    at the beginning of the song it sounds like the intro of the doctor

  • FatalMistake465
    FatalMistake465 Year ago

    The episode was over two weeks ago and I'm still coming back to listen to this!

  • Shortlad333
    Shortlad333 Year ago


  • militarykid5
    militarykid5 Year ago +2

    Beautiful music. This whole season has just been a joy to watch

  • Relevantly irrelevant

    I LOVED this music so much! It fit so well with the theme of the episode and it was AWESOME! Good Job everyone!

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Year ago

    I never realised at first this was a special version of the theme!!! It's brill

  • WhovianMarvel
    WhovianMarvel Year ago

    It’s a great work of music!

  • WKA 1441
    WKA 1441 Year ago

    What is this 😂

  • Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport Year ago


  • Zagreus of Gallifrey

    we need a longer and cleaner version

  • xec tilus
    xec tilus Year ago


  • XanderGrey9
    XanderGrey9 Year ago

    By far the most BEAUTIFUL version of the theme I’ve ever heard! Please, please, please make a full length version available for sale!

  • Creamy peanut butter jelly guy

    imagine this, but it's the halo theme

  • Schwifty Stardust

    I didn't even realize that this was the Doctor Who theme song at first.

  • Night Bot
    Night Bot Year ago

    God, this just makes me miss doctor who even more

  • Sorphon 07
    Sorphon 07 Year ago

    I love the logo and the music!

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Year ago

    Hate that music

  • Danny Stewart
    Danny Stewart Year ago

    It would be funny if they where fo put the dr on her monthlys

  • Little Fox
    Little Fox Year ago


  • Nina C
    Nina C Year ago +2

    Just wanna take the time out to share my love and adoration for this show, and how much I love the new direction it's going in while still maintaining the classic exploratory feeling doctor who is known for

  • Kloe Á
    Kloe Á Year ago

    I love it 😍 it such a beautiful piece

  • Janina Andersson Stridh

    for the first time in a long time i feel proud to be a doctor who fan. proud to have the tardis tattooed on my arm. so much love for this new series

  • mboiko
    mboiko Year ago +1

    I must say that I thought this episode is the best so far. I really enjoyed the outdoor scenes, the acting, and most important the storyline itself. Remember this series is not now as much about aliens, as it's a vehicle to discuss and address social justice issues...through ALL of time. ...and this is coming from someone who has not been pleased thus far with this new series in general.

  • matt dave
    matt dave Year ago


  • Jam B Gaming
    Jam B Gaming Year ago

    Is there more to this the new composer of this series is really good!

  • ColdTen 2003
    ColdTen 2003 Year ago

    can't wait for the soundtrack

  • Zero Network
    Zero Network Year ago


  • RJames1423 gaming and music

    Better than the end of rosa

  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo Year ago

    Well I thought I was in a Muslim temple or something.

    KENNETH UDUT Year ago

    I didn't notice until the closing credits and was like woah... woah... that's just... woah.

  • Séan Jones
    Séan Jones Year ago +2

    How this video doesn’t have that many views is just beyond me.

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker Year ago +1

    Is there an extended version of this anywhere? I want a longer version.

  • Colin Antink
    Colin Antink Year ago

    This sort of music gives me such a fricking headache.

  • Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell Year ago

    Come On!

  • Yornnir Andoras
    Yornnir Andoras Year ago

    Jodie is brilliant and her companions too, but I do not like the political side of this season, the episodes focus too much on real facts, on the problems of the earth and humans. The episode about Rosa Parks was not bad, but for me an episode must have a morality without necessarily making the villain a cliché of the extremist racist.

    There's a lot of stuff that makes me feel like the showrunner is trying to please a certain community, but I do not want my favorite show to be focused on that kind of politics.

    But I have hope and I have a lot of things that I liked alot. For example, unlike some extreme thought, which can be seen on twitter, all communities are represented. Timelords are necessarily genderfluid (they can change gender during regeneration), Black and Muslim communities are represented by Ryan and Yaz, and Graham represents white communities.

    Moreover, the villains of this episode were not aliens but the religious fanaticism which brings intolerance, against which the series has always fought.

  • vazak11
    vazak11 Year ago


  • Tropolate
    Tropolate Year ago +1

    Actually really bloody good I would love that to be her new emotional theme for doctor whom

  • Flo D. Jay
    Flo D. Jay Year ago

    So good !

  • Samwell
    Samwell Year ago

    What a beautiful piece of art. I was afraid that in this series we won't hear anything special. But guys. Honestly hats down

  • Owen Howard
    Owen Howard Year ago

    No middle 8?

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks Year ago +1

    So very beautiful, & so very appropriate given the ending of the episode.

  • issalot
    issalot Year ago

    I hope they put this on iTunes or something soon