I'm Dating a Celebrity?! | Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons  11 days ago +2310


  • marjomsp
    marjomsp 4 hours ago

    3:07 i love the reference :')

  • Dannia Vauhlosky
    Dannia Vauhlosky 5 hours ago

    Por qué no hacen mas video s en español 😩

  • StealthyKoalaber
    StealthyKoalaber 5 hours ago

    I don't even know what age demographic could find this entertaining. I know it's mostly younger children but i'd think even they would have higher standards.

  • Marisa Paola
    Marisa Paola 6 hours ago

    Jajaja soy la única que habla español ? Xddddddd

  • Unicorn henry
    Unicorn henry 7 hours ago

    You said her name in here is anna but one of the girl said lele but it's ok

  • slime puppies
    slime puppies 7 hours ago +1

    OMG I love the titanic did you all now that is sank in 1912 OMG I love you lele and just keep doing what you are doing ok lele love you with all my heart 👍

  • Carla B.C
    Carla B.C 9 hours ago


  • SweetyHigh
    SweetyHigh 9 hours ago


  • History Egg
    History Egg 13 hours ago

    Get it guys?
    It's a tots reltbl maymay which isn't actually relatable

  • Rabbit boo.slimes
    Rabbit boo.slimes 14 hours ago

    "the *fuckliest* thing i've ever seen"

    i died out of laugh😂

  • Amel Helmy
    Amel Helmy 18 hours ago

    Did u know she is latina

  • Czarina Campomanes
    Czarina Campomanes 18 hours ago

    I love you Lele Pons

  • 죠유링
    죠유링 19 hours ago

    Few minites later.......LELE U SHOULD HANG OUT WITH US!YASS

  • 죠유링
    죠유링 19 hours ago

    Ohhh you want to sit with us???WELL U CANT SIT WITH US!!!😡🤬

  • Kachynna Emata
    Kachynna Emata 21 hour ago

    @lele pons i love u

  • Un mundo De locos

    Deberías poner sub en español

  • Harkirat Sandhu
    Harkirat Sandhu Day ago

    Juanpa + lele equal perfect couple💓💗💞💋💔💝💖💕❣️

  • Bianca_GachaGirl 123

    Me during the entire video: hmm is Zuripons still alive??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • RedCherry Blossom

    I love your vids so much I’m a fan of you I watch your vids every single day

  • ᗩᐯᗩ DRᎯᎶᎾN

    He reminds me of Oli aka the Orionsound 🤣

  • fun like a dog fun


  • Ronik Op
    Ronik Op Day ago

    Lele is op XD

  • Sarmaya Qarabayli

    Lele I love you

  • Jurgita Zenkeviciene

    Sorry lele i cod not look at your vids but now im looking

  • Tabassum Mushfika

    with a celebrity with kitchen appron! wow!!!

  • Its_MaddieTheUnicorn

    I'm dating a celebrity *get me out of there!* lol I just remembered that

  • Its_MaddieTheUnicorn

    I'm dating a celebrity *get me out of there!* lol I just remembered that

  • fero x arbenita
    fero x arbenita Day ago +1

    The end is always the best part

  • XxWhiplashxX
    XxWhiplashxX Day ago

    No eš qué es esto

  • Matt Hartung
    Matt Hartung Day ago

    haha joke funny. lele smart. joke funny....

  • Bryan Rodríguez
    Bryan Rodríguez 2 days ago

    It kinda looks like the movie Dumpling

  • pink potato
    pink potato 2 days ago +1

    His acsent is wow 😮

  • jessica romero
    jessica romero 2 days ago

    You are my biggest fan and my birthday is in June 27 and yours is June 25

  • Roxana Carolina
    Roxana Carolina 2 days ago


  • Lovina Schwartz
    Lovina Schwartz 2 days ago

    That was so funny how those girls were like do you want to sit with us but they weren't even sitting that dude was like I just want to hang out with you then when she said yes he was like its a date laughed the whole time haha😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  • Kidz Rodriguez
    Kidz Rodriguez 2 days ago


  • emma new channel
    emma new channel 2 days ago

    i love you lele

  • Engela Henning-du Plooy
    Engela Henning-du Plooy 2 days ago +23

    Lele:I'm dating a celebrity
    Lele:finds out that she's a TheXvid celebrity

  • Kane_kanna
    Kane_kanna 2 days ago +1

    Hahahahaha this reminded me of the liar's mv

  • Jyotishmoy Dutta
    Jyotishmoy Dutta 2 days ago

    I love it

  • santiago bolivar
    santiago bolivar 2 days ago

    Habla español



  • Mariya’s weird Life

    juanpa said the n word wacth from 2: 20 to tp 2:30

  • omg it’s me Jazzy
    omg it’s me Jazzy 3 days ago

    lele I love you ur the best and funny

  • ItsKebbles
    ItsKebbles 3 days ago

    1:59 I thought her name was Anna?

  • Moinsen
    Moinsen 3 days ago

    Just found this channel, and she is actually really not bad at acting

  • Ge’rmiah Wilson
    Ge’rmiah Wilson 3 days ago

    You can hear the phone go ding in the background at the end

  • Jennifer Zuniga
    Jennifer Zuniga 3 days ago

    Nice video of lele pons 👍👍👍

  • Cora Petkovic
    Cora Petkovic 3 days ago


  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 3 days ago

    Me actual name is Anna😍😍😍😍

  • MaisaraLily Penguin
    MaisaraLily Penguin 3 days ago +1

    More like he is dating the celebrity

  • AMAIthecookiesz Hearts

    I'm going to cry *issac's accent is so sweet :(*

  • Francis Prasad
    Francis Prasad 3 days ago

    It's so not good

  • Lauti B
    Lauti B 3 days ago +1

    Zurita basurita ¿Dónde está el dinero que era para los damnificados del terremoto que pasó en México?

  • Kc Edwards white
    Kc Edwards white 3 days ago

    Im a celebrity get me out of here 😏

  • Kefaya saleh
    Kefaya saleh 3 days ago

    I love your videos and you are so pretty in your videos and songs and are so funny and so so cool Lele Pons

  • Mark Menezes
    Mark Menezes 3 days ago +1

    👍Like if u r also waiting for AMIGOS next chapter 🥰

  • Skyler Bowman
    Skyler Bowman 3 days ago +1

    I love your new makeup from Tarte Cosmetics I love you Lele Pons

  • Fluffy Muffy
    Fluffy Muffy 3 days ago +4

    We’re going on a date neighbors!
    Me : 🙃
    me: dead 💀