Red Bull Salzburg vs Liverpool (0-2) | UEFA Champions League Highlights

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
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  • Oliver Caine
    Oliver Caine 23 days ago

    Salahs goal in this game was excellent in the champions league

  • Crazy Nathan paul
    Crazy Nathan paul 27 days ago

    The Salzburg manager Celebrates when his team missed he bet end they scored

  • Chicken
    Chicken 29 days ago

    Lets take a Minutes Silence for Salzburg's Entire Squad of their Brilliant players all leaving the Club Minamino > Liverpool
    Haaland > Dortmund
    Possibly Hwang > Wolves

  • TKGriffiths
    TKGriffiths Month ago

    Salah running away from the ball to avoid being offside is really funny for some reason.

  • 0Bennyman
    0Bennyman Month ago +4

    Welcome to Liverpool Minamino!

  • und3rsc0r3
    und3rsc0r3 Month ago

    UNDERSCORE implores TheXvid to stop prioritising large networks over small creators on the Trending pages.

  • Crazy Nathan paul
    Crazy Nathan paul Month ago

    I think Liverpool will get alalanta

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507 Month ago

    Liverpool 1-0 4:34
    Liverpool 2-0 5:09

  • Kevin Shore
    Kevin Shore Month ago

    One of those days for Salah, 5 sitters but puts the most difficult one away, his head never drops, sign of a mentally tough player.

  • Ulysses
    Ulysses Month ago

    That goalie wanted to play centre back🧐🤣

  • MinimalGlitch
    MinimalGlitch Month ago

    Love Salah

  • zagul777
    zagul777 Month ago

    Which music was being played at half-time in the stadium?

  • Zain R
    Zain R Month ago

    Stankovic is like me on fifa😂😂

  • anonymous 000
    anonymous 000 Month ago

    Dream team playing dreamy football

  • Mr Socko
    Mr Socko Month ago +1

    salah: scores open goal
    media: OMG WHAT A GOAL

    • BroDoYouEvenMovies
      BroDoYouEvenMovies Month ago +1

      Yes, beating the keeper and a defender, at full speed, on your weak foot, and scoring from that angle are all factors that influence a "OMG WHAT A GOAL" reaction

  • H Duncan
    H Duncan Month ago

    Them goals Liverpool fc took it to Salzburg big time welldone lads proper tactics that's why Liverpool are Champions

  • Mark Alcindor
    Mark Alcindor Month ago

    The moment when Salah had to leave because he was offside was actually epic!

  • Hearing Visions
    Hearing Visions Month ago

    such a terrible commentator. gets everything wrong AF and states the blatantly obvious. is it steve mcmanaman? "there askin for handball there and the keeper saves it" it hit henderson fully on the hand lol "you'd expect to hit the target there" hes 40 yards out man shut up 🤬
    bring back motson lol

  • shaun owen
    shaun owen Month ago

    best team in the world, ATM!!

  • Oba Razzak
    Oba Razzak Month ago

    I use to heavily underate/ not rate Henderson but he has actually turned into one of your best unsung players coming from an Arsenal fan

  • shane Baxter!
    shane Baxter! Month ago

    Liverpool are a joy to watch

    LFCFAN Month ago

    Premier League 2019/20 Champions! 🔴Liverpool F.C UEFA Champions League 2019/20 Winners! 🔴Liverpool F.C

  • ImSJPC
    ImSJPC Month ago

    The defender probably could have blocked Salah’s shot

  • 5ft 8
    5ft 8 Month ago

    Lets all give a credit to the real MVP Allison

  • 5ft 8
    5ft 8 Month ago

    salah had an off day he is human

  • ejleoz21
    ejleoz21 Month ago

    Minamino is too cold.

    Haaland ovi a good young prospect
    Kwang is good
    Wanna see more of Szblosvaiciajnw

  • jebadiah4
    jebadiah4 Month ago

    Minamino coming to Liverpool in January? Looks like a baller.

  • Rahul Munim
    Rahul Munim Month ago

    Liverpool agree deal in principle to sign Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Takumi Minamino. Various sources

  • michael swanston
    michael swanston Month ago

    liverpool is the best team in the uk

  • Ctrl Delete
    Ctrl Delete Month ago

    Salah's goal is that good it dwarf's Suarez's back heal goal.

  • Jamie Murray
    Jamie Murray Month ago +1

    Salzburg Keeper: has a good game up to the goals
    Also Salzburg Keeper: right I’m a CB now

  • Nostalgic Productions

    ive said this for two seasons now - salah is awful with his finishing
    his shooting is just a tame shot, even when he scores its rarely a clean strike its always a scuffed shot into the corner
    yes he gets occasional wonder goals like against chelsea, but those are becoming fewer and fewer as defenders know what he is going to do as he is so predictable, and is easily disposessed.
    he also lacks basic skills of providing passes and often puts the team in danger by mis controlling the ball.
    he very often goes 6 or 7 games without scoring.
    he will never ever be a natural finisher, a harry kane or an alan shearer type who wham bang puts it away - all he is concerned with is trying to be like messi and going for the fancy dribble or shooting when it isnt on - and for that reason i would rate a vardy over him any day!

  • Mario Lisa
    Mario Lisa Month ago

    I’m sorry but from what I’m seeing here Salah is not a world class player. He is a very good player but not world class. Just think, would Messi, CR7, Aguero, Kane, Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, Hazard, Lewandowski, Suarez, Mertens or even Sterling have missed all those chances tonight in a champions league match? No chance
    Mane has off patches but I would consider him world class over Salah, notice how it was his assist that took the pressure off Liverpool to let Salah finally put one away?

  • Jake Horsburgh
    Jake Horsburgh Month ago

    Not doubting Salah’s ability whatsoever but he clearly intended to whip it into the area for someone to tap it in and he was fortunate enough that it went in

  • Y2J Guy
    Y2J Guy Month ago

    The Salzburg keeper is basically me when I play fifa

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief Month ago

    “Just don’t try things to complicated make it easy”
    Salah: *i have no clue what your on about*

  • Just Justice
    Just Justice Month ago

    Salah’s goal was so easy, over rated so bad, an average non league player would finish it 95% of the time

  • Drew B
    Drew B Month ago

    Haha- yeah, he did! Salah’s goal out of this world. Well jeal of him.

  • Ismail Warsame
    Ismail Warsame Month ago

    Mane >Salah dc Salah comes across greedy at times

  • Lionheart Britain
    Lionheart Britain Month ago

    Salah ..easy not for me

  • Xp3r
    Xp3r Month ago

    could have easily been 6-5 to liverpool by 50 minutes, idk how none of those were scored

  • Amir Akbad
    Amir Akbad Month ago

    Good shape up front of course

  • Janojan Pathmanathan

    Zero finishing 😂

  • Benny Bhoy Gaming
    Benny Bhoy Gaming Month ago

    I'm a Celtic an Liverpool fan can Liverpool hit for the 7

  • Stuart Yaxley
    Stuart Yaxley Month ago

    Salzburg played well, they have a bright future

  • Ayo Ogundare
    Ayo Ogundare Month ago

    Stankovic was never on his line

  • Leroy Thompson
    Leroy Thompson Month ago

    Great viewing

  • Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Salah goal is pure MAGIC.

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee Taylor Month ago

    What was the Salzburg keeper thinking for both goals 😂

  • ItsRiles
    ItsRiles Month ago

    Who's been a fan before 2019??

    👇I'm gifting my next 67 loyal subs🎁

  • Sam R
    Sam R Month ago

    I genuinely think naby keita is world class, just needs to stay fit hes so creative!!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +1

    The goalie is me in Fifa holding down triange all the time

  • Max Pearson
    Max Pearson Month ago +1

    Mane is far better than salah in literally every aspect of the game no cap

    • afif k
      afif k Month ago +1

      except passing , positioning and goals

  • Trent Steel
    Trent Steel Month ago

    The weight of passing and the touch all the players seem to have is joy to watch . The movement and the way they flood the box , never gets old .

  • Ryan Smith the LFC fan

    Everton: Hello
    LFC: Champions of Europe
    Everton: Not even 10th
    Chelsea: Loses to Everton
    Eden Hazard: Thank god I moved.

  • cody Thomas
    cody Thomas Month ago +1

    Liverpool is the best and they won 2-0

  • Monish Shastri
    Monish Shastri Month ago +1

    Good football

  • Drew B
    Drew B Month ago


  • Drew B
    Drew B Month ago

    Will do 👍

  • Drew B
    Drew B Month ago

    Cheers. Anything would be an improvement. Will be cheering on Pool- great football.