PM's victory speech: UK must 'find closure' on Brexit debate

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he hopes his party's "extraordinary" general election win will allow the UK to "find closure" over the Brexit debate.
    Speaking outside number 10, the re-elected PM thanked voters for their support, and urged them to "let the healing begin" after three and a half years of "arid argument" following the 2016 EU referendum.

    The Tories have gained a majority of 80 in the election - the biggest win for the party since 1987.
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Comments • 1 046

  • Peter Schotanus
    Peter Schotanus 15 days ago +1

    'Like man, like State'

  • Peter Schotanus
    Peter Schotanus 15 days ago

    'Find closure'??!! It hasn't even started yet. Andcalready 153 billion € was flushed through the crapper over last 3 years. Roughly 8 years of extra cash for the medieval NHS. Before 2025 that sum will rise to appr. 500 billion €
    The British meritocrats and elites won't pay (back) for this, John and Jane Doe will. Johnson and his "peers" will leave a broken and broke UK behind once the Brexit is a done deal. All based on the falsely narrated story of 'who won the bloody war anyway?'

  • Boski
    Boski Month ago +2

    Guys in celebration of this victory, I created some classic t-shirts. Have a look here

  • james mcbride
    james mcbride Month ago +1

    Leave hard brexit wto terms, let currency crash we will export way out, capital will flow in euro will disintegrate. Fck the eu off. We all know the gutless spinless idiots wnt do it and uk will suffer another year of no growth. Utter fools.

  • R MCK
    R MCK Month ago +1


  • MrItsjustmeok
    MrItsjustmeok Month ago +1

    Embarrassing beyond belief

  • One Two
    One Two Month ago

    Modern “WoKeNeSs” has gone to far. Simon Amstels hosting of NMTBC would be deemed bullying/discrimination now. They go after benign issues relentlessly, and leave genuinely dangerous ones to go in checked. PC lunacy on its way out.

  • rollerblading geek
    rollerblading geek Month ago

    Happy Christmas? This is very politically incorrect and insulting to people of other religions.

  • rollerblading geek
    rollerblading geek Month ago

    This man is using his charisma to look out for himself and not the UK. Such a shame so many people fall for it.

  • Curtis Carpenter
    Curtis Carpenter Month ago +1

    I think the most important thing to remember is that we didn't choose to have the Euro the outstanding issue that came before Brexit, it was generally considered not for us. The pound is better, a hard currency..... I could go on but the most important thing is we must look now to reassert ourselves based upon principle to build a rod for our own back, less regulation, less red tape more of what makes British businesses what it is and always has been and always should be.

    • ourorboros2
      ourorboros2 Month ago

      Less regulation, less red tape, less worker rights, less health and safety standards, less environmental policy....

  • Moo Man
    Moo Man Month ago +1

    " A one nations government" still loves to play ignorance

  • Chris Woodcock
    Chris Woodcock Month ago

    Gotta love Boris

  • Je Ne
    Je Ne Month ago +1

    I just hope everyone is lying about Boris privatizing the NHS

  • Stephen Byker
    Stephen Byker Month ago

    Only news is brexit! Why .. enough already... One day it's done, next it's done, after it's done!!! So ((WHEN STOP SAYING IT!!!)) YES OR NO WHO CARES NOW!!

  • austinbeige
    austinbeige Month ago

    Don't bother with the extension. We should cease trading with the EU. Out now without a deal.

  • James Cornelius Taylor

    But I think the result was swung more by responses to the terrorist attack than Brexit. If Brexit was certain of support then Boris would have pushed for an election on it earlier.

  • john a
    john a Month ago

    Since there's already talk of not leaving by having a very close relationship which sounds so close, we'll still be under EU jurisdiction, then I am happy I didn't vote Tory and voted Brexit party. So the country is looking increasingly as it won't be leaving, which raises the question, what was 2016 for?


    Bravo Prime Minister. Please get us the Brexit we deserve, fisheries, border control, trade and reformed immigration policy.

  • Rostam Sunny
    Rostam Sunny Month ago

    BYE BYE NHS!!!!! Brits don't cough it may just kill u.... Just cough up..... Money!

    • Mrblister
      Mrblister Month ago

      good i will pey for my own treatment when i need it and not anyone elses

  • R.C. Jain
    R.C. Jain Month ago

    Can someone please help me to understand why are they showing a majority of 80 when Tories have only 365,required no. Being 326.?

  • Josfur Gaming
    Josfur Gaming Month ago +4

    as the GREAT MEL GIBSON once said in braveheart "FREEEDDDOOOOOOMMMMMM"

    • Keith Wright
      Keith Wright 25 days ago

      Josfur Gaming As someone infinitely GREATER than Mel Gibson once said: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"

  • Darren Neaves
    Darren Neaves Month ago

    Not a supporter of conservative but I liked this speech. I will give him benefit of the doubt, until he gives me a reason not to.

  • ushio san
    ushio san Month ago

    Koela dhuile moyla jayna karon shudhu ektai je manush koelar cheyer moyla.🤐😒

  • Random Clipz
    Random Clipz Month ago

    My dad is being deported because of this 😞

    • Random Clipz
      Random Clipz Month ago

      @Kamil66GM dzienkie

    • Kamil66GM
      Kamil66GM Month ago +1

      @Random Clipz no cóż byku będziesz musiał jakos dać sobie rade. Bedzie ok zobaczysz

    • Random Clipz
      Random Clipz Month ago

      @Kamil66GM poland aswell but she has a visa and he dosent

    • Kamil66GM
      Kamil66GM Month ago

      @Random Clipz Poland*
      u serious? Why? Where is ur mum from?

    • Random Clipz
      Random Clipz Month ago

      @Kamil66GM poland

  • Skinny Bob
    Skinny Bob Month ago +1

    Tory Television.

  • Robbie Robot
    Robbie Robot Month ago

    Well done Boris !

  • A friend
    A friend Month ago

    Does "one nation" mean Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland"? Or has Wales stayed in the EU aswell as southern ireland, and Scotland? The Break up of the United Kingdom... EU is federal.

  • paul warren
    paul warren Month ago +1

    It's a sorry and unfortunate day indeed when a racist lying

    anti-immigrant, homophobe, bigoted philanderer of a scraping the bottom of a barrel pm wins over a man of peace and integrity..

    Corbyn and Noam Chomsky win peace prize amid media ...

    UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
    has been awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize along with Noam Chomsky and Japanese anti-military base activists, yet the
    award received scant coverage in the British media.

  • Miry C3N4J
    Miry C3N4J Month ago

    Brother trump secured votes with Russian before even people voted

  • I see U
    I see U Month ago

    Let’s see what he does then

  • Packgoda H
    Packgoda H Month ago +9

    And keep strongly in mind that England is a Christian Country so Merry Christmas.

  • %%
    %% Month ago +4

    I wonder who’s responsible for hacking this election

    • john a
      john a Month ago

      Those who won, leave didn't.

  • Sandra Stewart
    Sandra Stewart Month ago

    Why is every body hapy yes I'm glad the others dident get in but I'm not happy that the conservitives got back in eather I wanted them gone I wanted brexit to get in and nigel let us down

  • Antgamer_ YT
    Antgamer_ YT Month ago +1

    Another 5 years of tories oh boy the uk is in trouble

  • Sandra Stewart
    Sandra Stewart Month ago

    There will never be closure for me I will never forgive the conservitives from stopping us from coming out of the eu they are hipocrits and liers the lot of them the truth is we do not have one desant party in this country we can vote on so I will never vote again

  • Naim Hussain
    Naim Hussain Month ago +5

    what i find hilarious is despite brexit has now a possibility of being done the very man who was leading it dislikes the deal as it doesn't even represent what he wanted which every brexiteer followed...

  • That guy
    That guy Month ago +1

    save the union Boris

  • Lee Wilkinson
    Lee Wilkinson Month ago

    Get in there Boris.

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe Month ago +4

    Frexit soon the Yellow Vest protest will ask to have a referendum also Italy.

  • Brenda Howe
    Brenda Howe Month ago

    Boris warning do not ever make fun of our president again

  • Brenda Howe
    Brenda Howe Month ago

    Gratulations from America

  • Darren Scotchbrook
    Darren Scotchbrook Month ago +1

    Now Brexit is in the bag..
    Democracy prevails.
    Who's up another referendum in England? Let's fuxk Scotland off out of it!

  • Anon Gest
    Anon Gest Month ago

    Boris never mentioned the people voted leave was putting a brake on immigration.

  • Cunticus Cunticus
    Cunticus Cunticus Month ago

    Hated but rated

  • FreeSpeechStudios111

    Come on The Boris! Congratulations from Ireland. May we remain good friends from here on out between the UK and the EU.

  • Kenneth Gregson
    Kenneth Gregson Month ago +3

    Time to start paying for your medical care. Just ask the people of Southport, it already happening there. There's even a price list on the reception.... Yes it is true I have a copy.

  • Gary Garratt
    Gary Garratt Month ago +1

    This is brilliant! HAHAHA! Do one socialists and remoaners. The game is up. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! 🇬🇧

    • ourorboros2
      ourorboros2 Month ago

      @Inquiring deal has already been agreed by parliament. Its May's surrender treaty with a customs border in the irish sea.

  • Crisjapop cris
    Crisjapop cris Month ago +1

    Just a simples question: If remainers like so much the EU, why don't they all move to the continent??

    • Crisjapop cris
      Crisjapop cris Month ago

      @ourorboros2 That's why Britain never adopted the Euro and wants Brexit since 2016 I guess.

    • ourorboros2
      ourorboros2 Month ago +1

      And if leavers want to leave the EU so badly why don't they just leave the EU?

  • Prajwal Shetty
    Prajwal Shetty Month ago +1

    Rejoicing on the fact that the UK will be even tinier in future years and a puppet state of the US. No Scotland n Ireland. The fact that the English are employing "divide and rule" within their borders, is a pleasant sight to see.
    Someone from an former colony

  • HAL
    HAL Month ago

    Boris has gained so much weight! Please lose 10 lbs

  • ali bell
    ali bell Month ago


  • Chopper Smith
    Chopper Smith Month ago

    Leeds United

  • Evaldas Kulys
    Evaldas Kulys Month ago

    this Christmas tree also donated by the Norwegians?:))))

  • ray blood
    ray blood Month ago

    the CHURCHILL of our times when we needed a leader one came in our darkest hour gina miller must be pissed

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago

      The Churchill of our times! 😂🤣

  • Steve Price
    Steve Price Month ago

    Let's raise a glass to Corbyn, Swinson, Thornberry, Abbott and all the others who tried to defy the will of the electorate and empty it all over them.

  • Daddy Kun
    Daddy Kun Month ago +2

    Ah yes ... Brexit the number one thing everyone wanted done first

    • rollerblading geek
      rollerblading geek Month ago

      remainers still out number brexiteers though, so the election was slightly unfair.

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath Month ago

    Now Boris can start the new British Empire again - the Queen is happy! Maybe this time the USA can lose the war.

    • Kieran Kiely
      Kieran Kiely Month ago +2

      british empire in the future will consist of england and wales

  • Red Peony
    Red Peony Month ago +1

    Remain got 1.5 million more votes than Brexit. But hey, we get screwed anyway!

    • Red Peony
      Red Peony Month ago

      Bitter irony: if Labour had supported the AV referenda for preferential voting, they may be in government now!

  • Grace Gisel
    Grace Gisel Month ago

    The EU is very happy. At last, the Christian Zionist Conservatives get out of site. Party time in Europe. Ole!

    • h.l.
      h.l. Month ago

      true EU doesn't want UK in EUROPE France take the place in EU they're can't wait when British leave the EU nobody cares about UK

  • Slavery was just renamed employment

    Don't mind me... I'm just a humble salt miner