Daniel Ricciardo: No Brakes Ep 1 presented by Thorne

  • Published on Jul 28, 2020
  • Check out the first episode of NO BRAKES: a new digital content series that I'm launching with my partners throughout the 2020 season. For episode 1, you'll get a look at my time in Austria, in between the first two races of the season. Some hikes, bikes and plenty of schnitzel.
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Comments • 917

  • Vee x
    Vee x Year ago +5

    Daniel Ricciardo is like golden retriever trapped in human body

  • Eoin Kenny
    Eoin Kenny Year ago +3

    Daniel Riccardo and Lando Norris , the pair the world aren’t ready for

  • Taylor
    Taylor Year ago +800

    it’s so hard not to fall in love with this guy

  • Alex Politi
    Alex Politi Year ago +2

    Best f1 driver , so happy he's coming to mclaren

  • Max Versthappening
    Max Versthappening Year ago +757

    Finding out that Daniel had a TheXvid channel has made my day

  • Daisy
    Daisy Year ago +1

    When Daniel was hiding in the bushes first thought that came to mind is "omg is he taking a shit" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kamaria connell
    kamaria connell Year ago +254

    His laugh and smile are contagious! I'm here smiling like an idiot just bc it's Ricciardo

  • Nicole Arane
    Nicole Arane Year ago +71

    His personality literally does all the work for any of the media team. Yes, music in the background would add some extra character but this series could be fueled by his laughter and legitimate joy of life by itself.

  • Owen A Kretschmer
    Owen A Kretschmer Year ago +712

    Imagine Ricciardo and Lando starting a podcast

  • Vishaal
    Vishaal Year ago +1

    Petition for every driver to have their personal vlogs.

  • tanishka mazumdar

    this dude just turned my day around...he literally puts a smile on eveybody's face. i hope he's happy himself

  • Nicola Hohler
    Nicola Hohler Year ago +27

    Daniel is so genuinly nice that it is hard for me to believe that he can be so competitive in F1

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M Year ago +198

    I wish I could see the moment Ricciardo got the news about the Mercedes engine. Finally a engine that doesn't make more smoke than power.

  • Carlos MG Bruñén
    Carlos MG Bruñén Year ago +176

    Daniel Ricciardo: the best F1 driver inside and outside the track :)

  • Nicky V
    Nicky V Year ago +44

    Finally the Danny Ric vlog we all needed!! Good job mate. Maybe would’ve loved it even more if it had some more music and b-roll in it. Especially since you’re such a music lover. Keep it up!

  • Richard Wimmer
    Richard Wimmer Year ago +5

    Glad you liked it in Austria... we are always glad to host racing... theres a small but hardcore motorsport community and it's always good to have big names here.

  • musicgonnahelpme
    musicgonnahelpme Year ago +17

    Finally, a person who lives one of the most interesting lives even outside of Formula-1 started his youtube channel! I've been waiting for this for so long actually, since you definitely live your life to the foolest, and watching you do some crazy stuff is so inspiring

  • Andrés Rodríguez
    Andrés Rodríguez Year ago +15

    I love his personality, he's just so happy and cheerful!

  • Cameron Schmitt
    Cameron Schmitt Year ago +88

    Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo is going to be the greatest crossover event of all time

  • B
    B Year ago +150

    "Its 2020 that was corona is for"-D.Ricciardo, brilliant😂😂👌🏻