The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    We got every PC related item from AmazonBasics and made an absurd “battle station” desktop gaming setup.
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    Monitor Stand:
    USB Hub:
    Xbox Controller:
    Gaming Mouse:
    Mouse Pad:
    Sound Bar:
    Microfiber Cloths:
    Foot rest:
    Power Cord:
    Hard Drive Enclosure:
    External Hard Drive Case:
    USB Wi-Fi Adapter:
    USB Type-C Cable:
    Ethernet Cable:
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Comments • 6 600

  • GreenMachine
    GreenMachine 2 hours ago

    Just a suggestion why don't you let a none games or guys in ur office who don't game try that over you??????

  • SJ37
    SJ37 3 hours ago +1

    bro i have a 24 in monitor

  • Edward Bataitis
    Edward Bataitis 15 hours ago


  • MonkeyPants676
    MonkeyPants676 20 hours ago +1

    Linus I wish I could afford this kind of stuff 😢 I don’t even have a power supply for my old pc on windows xp

  • Rick
    Rick 2 days ago

    I brought the controller over a year ago, and the buttons are indeed loud, but if u have a gaming headset on while playing something the clicks become less obvious.. they’re also really good considering the price of them, and when u consider that microsofts official xbox one controllers are 1: wireless and 2: prone to breaking if u use them through ur pc via the charger wire. No word of a lie, i’ve had two official controller break on me through the charger port so neither of them connect/charge anymore, and thats from general use... so for £20 that controller is actually okay, i wouldnt go further to say they’re exactly the same as an official controller but its just okay if ur using it for online gaming and dont care abt the noise from the buttons that much which arent as loud as if u wear a headset :)

    MBF MBF 2 days ago

    It's funny how the ripped off the blue yeti mic 😆

  • Gsrxq
    Gsrxq 3 days ago +1

    Basic bxtches unite!

  • Steve Coyle
    Steve Coyle 3 days ago

    damn the guy throwing shit at you is the entire personality of the video. love your staff.
    please include a link and price to that mic, that actually pleasantly surprised me

  • Lalo
    Lalo 5 days ago

    To be fair, the AmazonBasics Soundbar *with subwoofer* is really good. On sale it cost $59.99 and it actually has pretty good Bass and volume. It's not going to blow away Sonos, but for $59 it's pretty damn good.

  • UcontrolledChao s
    UcontrolledChao s 5 days ago

    That sound bar sounds like honest sh*t

  • OlafttheGreat1998
    OlafttheGreat1998 5 days ago

    I bought the Xbox poor Steam controller bit the dust.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 6 days ago


  • senselocke
    senselocke 6 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but his eagerness in smacking you with boxes was very entertaining =) On-topic, as a cheap-o poor person, I actually appreciate these kinds of videos. Thanks!

  • Lockzy
    Lockzy 6 days ago

    seeing these guys complaining about how stiff an ethernet cable is just like bruh

  • Aria Song
    Aria Song 6 days ago

    what if I'm a basic bitch that wants quality?

  • SimpleQuantum
    SimpleQuantum 6 days ago

    “But who has a 24?”

    I have a Sceptre 1080p 75 hz curved $120 monitor

  • VelvetEagleI
    VelvetEagleI 6 days ago

    White tube socks with sandles… You are basic

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson 7 days ago


  • Alexander Makarov
    Alexander Makarov 8 days ago

    Простите, но тут куча не нужных девайсов...

  • NewWorld
    NewWorld 8 days ago

    That mic is actually kinda nice

  • DeadHawk
    DeadHawk 9 days ago

    Should check out PowerA controllers. The wired ones are amazing for the price.

  • DeadHawk
    DeadHawk 9 days ago +1

    I use a 24 inch monitor :/ gimme that 27 inch if nobody uses 24 ;-;

  • SMOGGames
    SMOGGames 10 days ago

    Anyone know how to download the software to the mouse

  • TinyRodent
    TinyRodent 10 days ago

    That monitor stand might not really be "in demand", but the company I work at literally has hundreds of them, maybe we're their only market.

  • V Ando
    V Ando 10 days ago

    U missing the mic link...

  • travis keyes
    travis keyes 10 days ago

    dark haired dude is smokin hot

  • toad_on
    toad_on 10 days ago +1

    This is too basic for me. Would rather save up for better epic gamer pheripherals.

  • MJ CDY
    MJ CDY 10 days ago

    i think for budget keyboard id get the razer synosa chroma
    its RGB and its also not very expensive
    its like 10 or 20 dollars more expensive than the amazon one but you can get it faster by going to your local best buy and picking one up

    • Frederick Noe
      Frederick Noe 6 days ago

      MJ CDY Redragon have some good ones as well.

  • XX 17 XX
    XX 17 XX 11 days ago

    the amazon basic keyboard is now $13

  • Husky 21
    Husky 21 11 days ago +1

    That's the same chair my school uses for our computer room

  • GNP Subaru
    GNP Subaru 12 days ago

    *Lit my house on fire*

  • Jason
    Jason 12 days ago

    Linus definitely uses two hands to staple things

  • Hobbes120
    Hobbes120 12 days ago +1

    on a cable this short, 15 ft...
    in what kind of family was linus raised in

  • Shinobi Zach
    Shinobi Zach 12 days ago

    I have a 24 inch monitor

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 12 days ago

    I thought that James' contract stipulated that he's only in videos sponsored by *FRESCHBOOKCH!*

  • Twree Day
    Twree Day 13 days ago

    Can I have it please?

  • Benbot
    Benbot 13 days ago

    Oh I thought he was going to build a computer with Amazon Basics.

  • Krotan
    Krotan 13 days ago

    Loves loud mechanical keyboards, hates loudish gamepads.

  • HydraFX
    HydraFX 13 days ago

    As an xbox fan that xbox one controller was strate out shit. I have a professionalish controller and its really quiet

  • That Rage Guy [Gaming]
    That Rage Guy [Gaming] 13 days ago +8

    Linus has so much money, but uses Audacity for the win.

  • R.P. McMurphy
    R.P. McMurphy 13 days ago

    Some people can only afford this stuff....So don't be an arrogant fuck.

  • Justin BJ
    Justin BJ 14 days ago

    It's basically half a price in India by Amazon basics but even then people buy from outlet because its just 1/3rd the price 😁

  • RocketChaos 717
    RocketChaos 717 14 days ago

    i do montages and challenges

  • buggld
    buggld 14 days ago

    Chinese switches are no worse than cherry switches, lol.

  • Nayeem Haque
    Nayeem Haque 14 days ago

    so this is the basic bitch setup?

  • Sheldon Lasch
    Sheldon Lasch 15 days ago

    6:59 I dare you to throw that into a Gamecube

  • apocalypseap
    apocalypseap 16 days ago

    Wait.. wtf is Amazon Basics?

  • RaptorCustomEmbroidery
    RaptorCustomEmbroidery 16 days ago +1

    Why did the screen flicker when you plugged in the ethernet cable?

  • xTheSub
    xTheSub 16 days ago

    The mic is not bad!

  • rishabh yadav
    rishabh yadav 16 days ago

    i b ought the same mouse pad today for 8$ lol

  • ExoticVarsity
    ExoticVarsity 16 days ago

    Bruh i have an asus rog gu501gm, with a like $60 headet and razer mouse with razer mousepad that is what you call basic

  • kennyleary93
    kennyleary93 17 days ago +1

    1:34 I... I have a 24" monitor :(

  • Mr Weird
    Mr Weird 17 days ago

    Lite my house on fire

  • Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative

    Amazon basics makes some of the best cpu's. Overclocked they're right up there with the Rysing 4700R.


    This is actually a cool video.

  • Samael Venus
    Samael Venus 17 days ago

    The all new Mechanical X-box Controller! ITS SOO FUCKIN LOUD XD

  • snellsypu
    snellsypu 18 days ago

    next up. a full pc build from amazon basics

  • Hiroto
    Hiroto 18 days ago

    "Who has a 24 inch monitor ?" Idk how about 90% of CS pros.

  • DunsparceAndDiglett
    DunsparceAndDiglett 18 days ago

    Insignia vs Amazon

  • Nick Slayr Music
    Nick Slayr Music 18 days ago

    I like how the LMG employees care more than Linus.

  • Nik Manolov
    Nik Manolov 19 days ago

    I got the stand for my monitor at work and i'm very happy with it. it is much better than the stand the monitor came with. Company money well spend!

  • Zayaan Dadwani
    Zayaan Dadwani 19 days ago +8

    Lit my house on fire🔥

    I want likes😢

  • Avneesh Seth
    Avneesh Seth 19 days ago

    If I wanted to watch a adult man whine and rant like a 10 year old I'd just watch a trump rally. This guy is so punchable.

  • Lava warewolf 786
    Lava warewolf 786 19 days ago

    I’m a 13 year old and I have a better setup than that.

  • E.P. Manne
    E.P. Manne 19 days ago

    Pretty sure I'm using the exact same monitor. Except I didn't take the stand off and replace it with a cheap Amazon piece.

  • Roadkill
    Roadkill 19 days ago +3

    A basic video, with basic people, doing basic stuf, with basic gaming gear, from a basic website, on a basic day, in a basic building, basically in Canada, for a basic purpose.

  • Tuka
    Tuka 20 days ago

    5:47 tf is on his fingers?

  • Pundah
    Pundah 20 days ago

    The microphone acc isn't bad 😂😂

  • Stealth Conga
    Stealth Conga 20 days ago

    9:04 that looks more like an xbox 360 controller

  • first name last name

    oh snap you just reminded me that i need paper and staplers for my gaming battlestation

  • Alex Orndorff
    Alex Orndorff 21 day ago

    Your mom's a kinky mess

  • DarkFeeder
    DarkFeeder 21 day ago

    these basics are more powerful than my pc. im so poor

  • thatguy2366
    thatguy2366 21 day ago

    Now make a Monoprice Battlestation.

  • Eduardo Hinojosa
    Eduardo Hinojosa 21 day ago +1

    i have a 24' fool still 144Hz and great quality

    • BoopLoopy
      BoopLoopy 20 days ago

      Yeah, I feel like almost everyone who owns a 1080p monitor would have it as 24 inches, or else you really get crappy pixel density. Just go into steams user report stats and a little over 60% of steam users are using 1080p monitors.

  • Super Destroyer
    Super Destroyer 21 day ago

    They should call my Corsair k55 a loud membrane keyboard it's loud for me

  • imProveia
    imProveia 21 day ago


    my house is on fire.

  • Marco Cettina
    Marco Cettina 22 days ago

    Ya who has a 24, not me I have a 21.5, oh wait..... *cries*

  • Vinz Vega
    Vinz Vega 22 days ago

    4:01 WHAT ARE THOOOSE ?!?!

  • Heath Sneyd
    Heath Sneyd 22 days ago +10

    “Cheap and easy”... “a kinky mess”... I may be 33, but I’m still giggling like a grade school kid...

  • Gor Ga
    Gor Ga 22 days ago

    it's.... beautifull

  • on-to-off gaming
    on-to-off gaming 23 days ago

    Still can't afford

  • Jay williams
    Jay williams 23 days ago

    lmao i guess you could say linus isnt a basic bitch XDXD

  • TheGameFreak326
    TheGameFreak326 23 days ago +1

    id want the mouse, monitor mount, and the mic. Probably the selling points for me. Budget wise.

  • john konner
    john konner 23 days ago

    Dude hate ever fucking thing

  • Mathew Earl
    Mathew Earl 23 days ago

    Should have got the Amazon basics trainers

  • Daps Daps
    Daps Daps 23 days ago

    thanks bro nice video man

  • Sonic Gamer
    Sonic Gamer 23 days ago

    i have the controller that you were using

  • jonas _zuiop
    jonas _zuiop 24 days ago

    Best gaming keyboard which is very quiet is the sharkoon K30 Shark Zone

  • Halen Jaden Guerrero
    Halen Jaden Guerrero 24 days ago

    What PC is that

  • Shroom Lines
    Shroom Lines 24 days ago

    8:32 "it really does not sound very good" Linus... that's just your voice bro...

  • Hayden H
    Hayden H 24 days ago +1

    Made 1 day before my birthday.

  • Ghulam TV
    Ghulam TV 25 days ago

    What next, Amazon Basics gaming PC!!!!

  • ItsYaBoySpooks
    ItsYaBoySpooks 25 days ago +1

    Can I have that setup. Jk I wish I had a pc or even a console to play on 😭😭😩😒

    • ItsYaBoySpooks
      ItsYaBoySpooks 25 days ago +1

      Btw I loooovvveee your channel your awesome

  • kenji sato
    kenji sato 25 days ago

    9:48 Im hearing just a really spoiled child talking crap on average people

  • ricky v
    ricky v 25 days ago +1

    Amazon, has been an amazing source for foreign music CDs for me. I’ve been enjoying ordering from them lately and am now going to start using them for computer parts as well.
    Does anyone else have experience with them ordering music or used computer hardware?

  • Instinctual777
    Instinctual777 25 days ago

    watching linus suck at csgo makes me feel better about myself

  • River Heuberger
    River Heuberger 26 days ago +1

    All these tech TheXvid channels are straight up ads nowadays

  • Kruell
    Kruell 26 days ago

    Why did you buy printer paper if you didn't buy a printer?????

  • Kruell
    Kruell 26 days ago

    Linus, your killing me... lol... I had to watch two commercials.. and then listen to you also through out even more commercials...

  • Weak Fire98
    Weak Fire98 26 days ago

    That mic was actually decent