The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    We got every PC related item from AmazonBasics and made an absurd “battle station” desktop gaming setup.
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Comments • 5 804

  • Jones Vinod
    Jones Vinod 13 hours ago

    Love how much money Linus spends but still wear worn out jeans... 14:30 or is it just a design wtf...

  • Jose Zendejas
    Jose Zendejas 21 hour ago

    Amazon Basic Bitch. For all your basic bitch needs.

  • pdubowner
    pdubowner 22 hours ago

    Linus is so annoying.

  • Intense Gaming
    Intense Gaming 23 hours ago

    I think you forgot the mic in the description.

  • icecreampaintjob
    icecreampaintjob 23 hours ago

    Sup with the socks n flips

  • Trevor Hall
    Trevor Hall Day ago

    i like the monitor arm because my monitor is fine but the stand is dying

  • Gus Flemm
    Gus Flemm Day ago

    I think xbox controllers are just loud in general.

  • _ Demonic
    _ Demonic Day ago


  • Lazer-Tech
    Lazer-Tech Day ago

    Linus Pulls out a CD. I say 'Where am I going to put this?' It's not a USB so I'm screwed (=

  • Ian
    Ian Day ago

    14:30 What are THOSE my guy???

  • jaman123456789 jaman

    I was dying at 11:50

  • Tom Yuan
    Tom Yuan Day ago

    Was that a pun with the Corsair One? (00:03)

  • Benjamin Bee
    Benjamin Bee Day ago

    Anyone else just curious what SpaceX shirt he was wearing?

  • David C
    David C Day ago

    but linus i need a *THICCC* race car chair to game

  • Mensch Meier
    Mensch Meier Day ago

    welcome at the cruel world, making promotion for the fucking Bezos-Devil. Cheap crap out of torture fabrics of china, india and bangladesh- Use it for gaining clicks for a totally stupid question: Gaming. The world is sick, climate is heating up, the oceans are polluted and you dick make a promotion guide for one of the most evil companies worldwide. Bezos suck everyone out, dont pay taxes, pay a joke salary and give workers no hope. If you wish, that your mother, your brother, your girlfriend had to work in a logistic center of Amazon - go ahead. If you wish, that your beloved ppl never had to do this slavery - why you fucking do this? You have 8 Million followers! Show responsibility!

  • 2A All Day
    2A All Day Day ago

    So the conclusion is that everything was basic?

  • azrakelz66
    azrakelz66 Day ago

    Just so everyone knows the amazon controller doesn't work for shit on PC

  • jjohnn91
    jjohnn91 Day ago

    One of my favourite videos on this channel 13/10

  • Vasilios Karras
    Vasilios Karras Day ago

    Not one of your best vids... just kinda ... basic. Hey, I learned that comp language on my Atari 400! That shows my age. :-[
    let's # those lines & hmm let's see.. If 10=x then goto line ... Ahhh I forgot how to code that crap. But ohhh I remember my electronics connection card (I think it was orange with my name EMBOSSED on it - so coooool !) where they sent me some cool newsletters / mags in the mail (yup snail mail kido's) that had basic code in them. Once I made a pretty butterfly on my t.v. (!) but I lost it (2 hours of typing line by line) because my stupid cassette recorder to put it on wouldn't work! Lol ahh memories. Damn I'm old.

    xxXXGODMODEXXxx Day ago

    this episode was actually really enjoyable i wanted the video to never end:))))

  • Lynnquinz
    Lynnquinz Day ago

    somethings falling from linus mouth 3:15

  • Andy P Arson
    Andy P Arson Day ago

    Important gaming to do.... Yeah... I'll tell my gf that next time.

  • UltraMind
    UltraMind Day ago

    Dogs are lame!

  • Ayyy lmao
    Ayyy lmao Day ago

    Fantastic show of capitalism you would think the world needed just 1 more shitty electronic device!

  • H. A.
    H. A. 2 days ago

    The point of Amazon Basics is last minute jankies you could use temp until you get a good replacement.

  • John O Connor
    John O Connor 2 days ago

    Them cable management selves are cat proof! sold.

  • GamingSmartVideos
    GamingSmartVideos 2 days ago


  • Skylite
    Skylite 2 days ago

    He lost that rocket league game.

  • EpicAtom
    EpicAtom 2 days ago

    8:03 I have all those games too! (and now guessing everyone is gonna comment: everyone does)

  • NotOrdinaryInGames
    NotOrdinaryInGames 2 days ago +1

    Amazon Basics is for people who do not love their technology.

  • MRcherrytomaat
    MRcherrytomaat 2 days ago

    The best Amazon basic items where you Sandel and socks🤣

  • Atomic bard
    Atomic bard 2 days ago

    Is it me or the microphone actually sounds pretty good

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 2 days ago

    Did this man do his nails 🤦‍♂️

  • Alex Armour
    Alex Armour 2 days ago +1

    I have a gaming mouse with a braided cable and it catches on my desk all the time

  • Professor Kitty Studios

    Basic computer?

  • AmpEdition
    AmpEdition 2 days ago

    Still rocking the white socks and sandals lol, bro you need to atleast upgrade to colors or Black!

  • miim
    miim 2 days ago

    The microphone sounded great

  • [Hentai] Yeety
    [Hentai] Yeety 3 days ago

    never did i think i would see linus review paper

  • Charles Zhang
    Charles Zhang 3 days ago

    4:50 Linus repeatedly fisting chair

  • Captain R. WITTEREL
    Captain R. WITTEREL 3 days ago

    Honestly I feel this is a little creepy that one company is just making everything, especially in such a blind attempt at capitalizing just for profits and integrating everyone into their system. Amazon can stay mainly in the US thanks. Also Amazon beginning to compete in space probably for Mars is also pretty creepy.
    Imagine living on Mars and everything you have is made by Amazon. No thanks. Fuck Mars then. No one company should have this much power and monopoly.

  • Milkmanplays
    Milkmanplays 3 days ago


  • DANewLegend1
    DANewLegend1 3 days ago

    This is such a basic bitch video. Yet, I cannot stop watching this video, its like crack to me. Someone help

  • blind1337nedm
    blind1337nedm 3 days ago

    pretty decent mic though..

  • Jack Hallonquist
    Jack Hallonquist 3 days ago

    do one but actually build a pc

  • ghost Unix
    ghost Unix 3 days ago

    Linus is a retard because amazon manufactures their own computer so the most accurate test are WiFi direct/Bluetooth hardware with the fire HD 8 plus. Windows is not amazon sponsored and why a professional pc virgin race, would not buy everything from AMD/Intel directly? This video is proof Linus is not a pro but a pawn .

  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboy 3 days ago

    I’m fine with a games console, what a load of palaver just to play a game. 20 different cables, a huge amount of space required, and a waste of time if you ask me.

  • Coach62
    Coach62 3 days ago

    Yep, the only time I throw it down in a kinky mess is pitching cat5 cables -_-

  • XXxslyraiderxXX
    XXxslyraiderxXX 3 days ago

    Bro I use a 24 inch TV for my setup

  • Rory Nell
    Rory Nell 3 days ago

    i love how origin was the sponsor of this video then he absolutely destroys them for their crap pc in his secret pc buyer series.

  • Person IsUnique
    Person IsUnique 3 days ago

    “Who has a 24”


  • cr pk
    cr pk 3 days ago

    the mic sounded ok

  • ted rebel
    ted rebel 3 days ago

    Did they not have a soundbar or something?
    Oh shit I shouldn't have said--
    Wham! Soundbar.

  • Irish Ramos
    Irish Ramos 3 days ago

    Is this a long ad of amazon?

  • Elias B
    Elias B 3 days ago +1

    **listens to himself talking**
    "This really doesn't sound good

  • Matthew McMahon
    Matthew McMahon 3 days ago

    That dock sandale combo tho

  • buffthebaldy
    buffthebaldy 3 days ago

    You guys got any suggestions for a budget desk chair? The one in the video looks comfy too.

  • DigzBie
    DigzBie 3 days ago

    The mic was actually not that bad

  • STONEDay
    STONEDay 3 days ago


  • Michael Hansen
    Michael Hansen 3 days ago +1

    I'm skeptical of soundbars, but no speaker is going to sound good, that low over the desk. Sound waves reflecting off the desk surface will destructively interfere with the direct path sound waves, cancelling-out many ranges of frequencies, resulting in a comb filter effect.

  • Michael Paz
    Michael Paz 3 days ago

    Kinda sad how my setup is about as good as this one if not worse

    • OldTimerGaming
      OldTimerGaming 3 days ago

      I got the desk sized large mouse pad they have for my gaming rig and their $15 keyboard for my server/kvm switch downstairs. They both work well so far. The monitor arms I got from them are rebranded from a major brand and are nice and heavy duty.

  • Vovical
    Vovical 3 days ago

    Amazon Basics will probably make PCs soon.

  • Dan Kotzar
    Dan Kotzar 3 days ago

    Don’t have a pc set up but this was entertaining lol

  • Dean Dean
    Dean Dean 3 days ago

    Linus is such an annoying fag, yes we know the cheap products aren’t going to be the quality of high priced products. He’s such a scab.

  • Twatical
    Twatical 4 days ago +1

    Always knew linus was a basic bitch

  • Master RBG
    Master RBG 4 days ago

    I feel so called out.

  • Sean
    Sean 4 days ago

    That Amazon mic actually sounds better than my friends that use a shitey blue yeti

  • Heath Malcolm
    Heath Malcolm 4 days ago

    Austin Evans now?

  • Full Vengeance
    Full Vengeance 4 days ago

    I love throwing it down into a kinky mess

  • Said Okuyucu
    Said Okuyucu 4 days ago

    6:59 “Happy to see me”
    This made me laugh so hard

  • DKone
    DKone 4 days ago

    I like your videos, very well done. I am confused though about you hawking the Origin line in this video when you just did a series about gaming PC's that you anonymously purchased from like 5 different vendors. You must have known prior to this video posting that the origin was shit. You did you best not to call the Origin shipped unit a complete joke, yet you are now promoting them. So is Origin good or not? Or is their advertising money worth more?

  • iThatOneKidOfficial
    iThatOneKidOfficial 4 days ago

    Can i get the link to the Microphone in the vid?

  • lamien ali
    lamien ali 4 days ago

    can you make a video on alienware full set up

  • S id
    S id 4 days ago

    Lit my house in fire!!!!

    CHANO 4 days ago

    lol he complains about every thing

  • iParty
    iParty 4 days ago

    why are u filming in a kitchen?

  • Franz Darren Tantoco

    What would an Amazon Basics 2080 Ti look like?

  • Theodor M.
    Theodor M. 4 days ago

    Hey Linus, the mastering on YOUR videos is emphasizing your voice. It's not the speaker's fault

  • Austin White
    Austin White 4 days ago

    Which monitor is that one? Really curious if anyone can tell me.

  • tripl killz
    tripl killz 4 days ago

    is that father zucc

  • Karsten Treu
    Karsten Treu 4 days ago

    I enjoy a heavy mouse, personally. And I may have to grab that cable holding thingy, never seen one of those.

  • Cagey Perez
    Cagey Perez 4 days ago


  • Keo Tech
    Keo Tech 4 days ago

    No link to mic?

  • Cyborg Soldier
    Cyborg Soldier 5 days ago

    Their wireless mouse is god tier.

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark 5 days ago

    Boy what are those!!!

  • Kittysuit
    Kittysuit 5 days ago

    holy moly linus is one salty cracker

  • John Z
    John Z 5 days ago

    @6:12 Take that "AWOHHH" sound .. and then remember your childhood playing super mario world.. its almost identical to the end of a stage when you clear it.. ( TheXvid: /watch?v=3mKYauCLwb8 ) tell me im wrong

  • Manuel Sortospino
    Manuel Sortospino 5 days ago

    I am super impressed by the microphone. Doesn't sound bad at all!

  • The gaming Diss
    The gaming Diss 5 days ago

    Subscribe to me now and I will subscribe to u back I'm promise?!

  • Zrb Zorkow
    Zrb Zorkow 5 days ago

    The worst audio setup for your teammates...

  • niogel
    niogel 5 days ago

    Basic, but adequate... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kamran Latifov
    Kamran Latifov 5 days ago

    This VIDEO IS GREAT!!! The other guy is soooo much fun Im sitting and giggling over here its like two of my friends having fun :D

  • XxshonenxX
    XxshonenxX 5 days ago

    "Top ten cutest anime couples of all time" nice vid

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones 5 days ago


  • West Wood
    West Wood 5 days ago

    this was a really good video

  • Lolicore Rem
    Lolicore Rem 5 days ago

    can anyone do the math of everything for this build? just so when my friends ask me to recommend a first game pc i can give them this ahahahahaha.

  • Windows64.
    Windows64. 5 days ago

    I payed 5.99 for a mouse pad better than that and its the same size lol, check out DBPower mouse pads. I might be delusional, idk.

  • mrKozmoz
    mrKozmoz 5 days ago

    IIRC, Amazon Basics DOES have a gas spring monitor arm, I got lucky and got mine at 40 bucks or so, and so far, it's solid as hell, not as slick as an ergotron, but for a fraction of the cost, it does the job weel

  • M B
    M B 5 days ago

    Yikes! Don't buy from Amazon

  • Crazy Rogue
    Crazy Rogue 5 days ago

    Ill still buy it cus im poor and cant not buy non basic