5 Times Pay High Limit Slot Play - Crazy Joker - High Limit

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
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Comments • 194

  • Gabi Ramos
    Gabi Ramos 3 days ago


  • nasabob99
    nasabob99 6 days ago

    Good to see you hit the three double bars for a grand! Nice to walk away with $1,010.

  • Ivan Makedonski
    Ivan Makedonski 10 days ago

    Johnny you gotta be getting free cigarettes playing those high limits and much much more. Keep up the good work.

  • Joshua Lewis
    Joshua Lewis 11 days ago

    I’ve seen almost every video and I can’t find the one NJ is talking about his “monster jackpot” of 5Xs. Would someone be willing to post the link to that video? Thank you

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  10 days ago


  • Thriving Entrepreneur
    Thriving Entrepreneur 12 days ago

    U monetized now good stuff bro

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  9 days ago +1

      yes sir!!!! It was a LOOOONNNNGGGGGG wait

  • Jerry Funderburg
    Jerry Funderburg 13 days ago

    Yessir I'm taking notes, need to learn to cash out, that's how it's done, good job.

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  11 days ago

      yeah well sometimes i dont follow my own advice LOL

  • Sheri
    Sheri 13 days ago

    That would be smart. LOL!!!

  • West Texas Scratcher
    West Texas Scratcher 14 days ago

    Love 5x pay..I hit red7 purple bar7 5x on a $1 wheel of fortune version for $2000.. then my crappy NM casino took all the old style machines out & went all digital basically...I miss the old style...way more fun to play

  • Fly Navy
    Fly Navy 16 days ago

    Crazy Wild pays Jackpot with three clowns lined up top, bottom or payline. Three Crazy's in any position pays smaller jackpot.

  • Theresa Townsend
    Theresa Townsend 17 days ago

    hey good luck

  • John
    John 23 days ago

    Haven't seen the crazy in a long time. I love that machine.

  • spider88able
    spider88able 24 days ago

    good luck

  • Jay D
    Jay D 24 days ago

    Cherries keep the party going but I always think they are just small teasers to keep you playing while you slowly lose it all. Love the vids. Gotta LOVE those cherries

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago +1

      they definitely are but thats why we love them. We prefer slow deaths

  • bconover55
    bconover55 24 days ago

    How's the weather up there ? I will be there next week

  • James Bond
    James Bond 25 days ago

    Way to go my man. Love it. Thank-You very much.

  • Ken Arnold
    Ken Arnold 25 days ago

    Double bars for a grand. Walks away 500 richer. Loses it all on Top Dollar. A typical day at the casino for me!!

  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin 25 days ago

    Loved your "Hale Mary" as you aced out the big jack pot. I'd have stayed on the five times it was ready. Then again my slot channel is non-existent, lol

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago +1

      HAHAHAHAAA you never know Patrick, sometimes those feelings are right and damn is it sweet when it happens

  • larry king
    larry king 25 days ago

    Love your channel, you sure know your slots. LET'S SPIN LET'S WIN.

    DJ KYLOWW 25 days ago

    Gotta love those cherries 🍒😊🙏

  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 25 days ago +1

    Thanks for playing Crazy Joker. I always did pretty good on that machine. It was the precursor to Quick Hit! Glad you did well!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      YES very good Dave it really was the first of its kind

  • Adam McIntyre
    Adam McIntyre 25 days ago

    Thumbs up bitches!

  • B H
    B H 25 days ago

    You’re not monetized yet!? What a shame! Your vids are GREAT!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      no no i am this is just an older video that i didn't post yet

  • SlotsForever1
    SlotsForever1 25 days ago

    love tour slots!! add my channel im just starting out

  • The one The only
    The one The only 25 days ago +1

    And hell yeah brother finally made it !!! Thx for your incredibly cool content!! I really appreciate all your action!!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      i really appreciate you watching man

  • powerguy101
    powerguy101 25 days ago

    Good video...always have to stop and watch ya in action...

  • David Banas
    David Banas 25 days ago

    Old School Is So Much Better

  • lisa P
    lisa P 25 days ago

    Love your videos, and yes you’re going to hit the big one, Can feel it

  • Bella Dawn
    Bella Dawn 25 days ago

    I wanted you to keep playing the 5x machine. I had a feeling.

  • anthony alessi
    anthony alessi 25 days ago

    The stack of Benjamin at 7:55😂

  • Mark Challed
    Mark Challed 25 days ago

    Nice win and great job hitting and running! Love those cherries 3X when you were talking to the insecurity guard.

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long 25 days ago +1

    Haaa😂😂 are we smart? Yes and no , life is meant to live. You always make me laugh NJ Slot Guy 👍🏼

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      HAHAHA TIM LONG!!!! I will never forget you for the #1 comment on my channel man

  • Bobby Madera
    Bobby Madera 25 days ago


  • C-Sagan N-Tyson
    C-Sagan N-Tyson 25 days ago

    I realized the screen ratio of your videos based on your camera distance makes it literally look like we're there, cooool!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      YES!!!! Thats the point! its as though you are playing it with me just commentating

  • Matty P
    Matty P 25 days ago +1

    Do you ever play 10X Pay instead of the 5X? I like em both!!!!!

  • Jeff Hallett
    Jeff Hallett 25 days ago

    Nice hit for a grand! Thanks, man

  • jason curtis
    jason curtis 25 days ago

    holy fackn cherries bub nice vid NJSG

  • adrian avalos
    adrian avalos 25 days ago

    Gotta love those cherries!!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      YES ADRIAN!!!! Glad to have you man

  • Roslyn Goodwin
    Roslyn Goodwin 25 days ago +1

    I couldn’t wait to get off so I could watch your video and as always, you never disappoint. Your commentary is fun to listen to

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      thank you so much Roslyn that means a lot

  • Sara Brown
    Sara Brown 25 days ago

    I'm always amazed at the places that allow people to film. The main casino I go to they are aggressive about telling you not to film or even take a photo of a win you had. As someone else mentioned your ability to cash out once you won is admirable.

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      thank you Sara and trust me, why do you think you see the same casino over and over from me. I get rejected constantly from casinos about filming

  • pamela northup
    pamela northup 25 days ago +1

    You can’t push that up to the line.lol thanks for sharing I enjoy your vids

  • Robert Daluga
    Robert Daluga 25 days ago

    Sure seems like grind, those machines sure tease u a lot.

  • Me and You Hello
    Me and You Hello 25 days ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • mwg911hk
    mwg911hk 25 days ago

    Read the paper while on the toilet or watch this.. this!

  • Jonathan Maisonet
    Jonathan Maisonet 25 days ago

    It was like cherry picking season today , everytime I land cherries you’re voice pops into my head ... Gotta love those cherries!!!

  • HeyHey Helen
    HeyHey Helen 25 days ago

    I also enjoyed the Big Jackpot clip today featuring you! Glad to see you both got a handpay!!!!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      that was so much fun!!!!! Hes coming for me in round two

  • Michael Colorado Gambler

    You walked away ahead on both machines! Very nice! I played Five Times Pay on quarters up in Cripple Creek -- that was a farce. Only got one cherry and one mixed bars hit, only one 5x symbol hit the line (and not for a winner)... I stopped after losing $10. I beat it back to my Red White & Blue slots after that, lol!
    The Crazy Joker game reminds me of a cross between Blazing 7's and Wild Cherry. The payoff for double bars is quite high (100!), but I'll bet they don't come out very often. I'll wager most payouts are blanks and single jokers. Good video nonetheless! Handpay next time!

  • gary billingsley
    gary billingsley 25 days ago

    Thank you NJGUY love to watch a real slot player

  • Begoodto Yourself
    Begoodto Yourself 25 days ago

    Congrats!! Very "smart" to quit!! Keep'em coming.

  • Margie Smith
    Margie Smith 25 days ago

    Like your videos but have to tell you that I get sick of hearing "gotta love those cherries" to the point I turn the audio off !!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      its all good Margie i appreciate your opinion

  • Margarita Ortiz
    Margarita Ortiz 25 days ago

    Hello l love you style nice intro congrats 😎

  • Richard BottSlotsAndMore

    Great run...Always nice to walk with a profit....Good.Luck To You!!!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago +1

      thank you Richard and the best to you as well

  • Douglas Themis
    Douglas Themis 26 days ago


  • Diane K
    Diane K 26 days ago

    Good Afternoon NJ SLOT GUY 🌞another great video !! So glad you cashed out with a profit . I love you video's So much 💞💖 they go Way to fast !! Just can't get enough !! Thank you for sharing !! Love ya. Your biggest fan 💞💖✌😎

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      Diane, i must say, i always look forward to your comments. Thank you for your continued support

  • Beau Cannon
    Beau Cannon 26 days ago

    Great hits on both machines. Thanks NJ

  • just keep going
    just keep going 26 days ago

    May I ask you something? One hand spinning, the other holding a cigarette, but your camera was perfectly steady....how is that?
    Also....I like that you're posting more often.

    • just keep going
      just keep going 20 days ago

      @NJ Slot Guy oh.....right

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago +1

      well there is only one other thing that could possibly be holding it up...........a tripod of course!!!

  • Alan Lynch
    Alan Lynch 26 days ago

    Well did you give them up yet ?

  • valerie glasgow
    valerie glasgow 26 days ago

    learned about a new game @ the Nugget , also glad to see a win!

  • eda gish
    eda gish 26 days ago

    Thanks for the fix.

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      youre welcome eda thank you for watching

  • Steven Gully
    Steven Gully 26 days ago

    Sweet! Those Machines look like Fun!

    • NJ Slot Guy
      NJ Slot Guy  20 days ago

      its always fun when you get a little something

  • Charles O
    Charles O 26 days ago

    I'm 1/2 way thru watching this they screwed you .. especially on the cherries..