Munch Madness Taste Test: Chips


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  • J S
    J S 12 hours ago

    I love literally all chips but my favorite kind is plain lays ridges

  • Kaara Mirka Van Meggelen


  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias Day ago

    Who else is eating Pringles while watching this?
    BTW Pringles aren't Chips they're Crisps

  • John Meyer
    John Meyer 2 days ago

    Both of your favorite chips are my favorite chips

  • Sarah Usilton
    Sarah Usilton 3 days ago

    "No mater what happens we're getting laid" - Link Neal

  • Abdurrhman Saifi
    Abdurrhman Saifi 3 days ago

    I hate the people that take a chip and then bite half of it

  • Bryce Armstrong
    Bryce Armstrong 5 days ago +1

    What about Sun Chips, huh! They literally have “chips” in the name!

  • Invisible Bob
    Invisible Bob 5 days ago

    Pringles are the chips for people with OCD.

  • Rydal1
    Rydal1 5 days ago

    soo many better chips than these

  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen 5 days ago

    this series is upsetting me

  • kaylan28
    kaylan28 6 days ago

    I’m watching this while eating Dill pickle Lay’s lol

  • [magflop]
    [magflop] 6 days ago

    My favourite are Chilli Heatwave Doritos, im not sure if they are the same as sweet chilli in america.

  • Cody Heatherly
    Cody Heatherly 8 days ago

    The real winner is Frito Lay because they own all of the best chips

  • Random Me
    Random Me 8 days ago

    These munch madness has made me question your sanity and my subscribership

  • Ja'rell Seymore
    Ja'rell Seymore 8 days ago

    why no takis

  • TheRealBoss1113
    TheRealBoss1113 8 days ago

    I feel sorry for people who don't have Utz

  • Alex Hernández
    Alex Hernández 9 days ago

    Pringles are made with flour

  • L.N. Atkins
    L.N. Atkins 9 days ago

    Better Made Potato Chips are awesome! #MadeinMichigan

  • katie hutchison
    katie hutchison 10 days ago

    There are no miss Vicky’s chips

  • Paul Tran
    Paul Tran 10 days ago

    People like ruffles original? Dan

  • the gg team
    the gg team 10 days ago


  • Izabela Gannone
    Izabela Gannone 10 days ago

    This video brings me pain because I want to eat those chips sooo bad but as I’m watching this I have the Stomach Bug


    I prefer doritos nachos. Nice show

  • Bineapple Bizza
    Bineapple Bizza 11 days ago

    What about purple doritos

  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX 11 days ago

    Bbq ruffles are better then lays bbq

  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX 11 days ago

    No doritos sweet chili??

  • valerie lei
    valerie lei 13 days ago

    did anyone else want the original pringles to win just so that you could see how it would go on the board?

  • Danial Brown
    Danial Brown 13 days ago

    I hate lays all of them but I could eat nacho cheese Doritos all day long

  • Ryan Blue
    Ryan Blue 13 days ago

    You guys shoulda done bbq Pringles and original layes... Pringles would have won

  • The Theory of Pancakes

    Everyone arguing over Cool Ranch and Nacho Doritos and I'm here preferring the Sweet and Spicy Chili ones

  • Ray Heathcock
    Ray Heathcock 14 days ago

    I loved the episode guys but cool ranch and barbeque wouldve been my last choices but I'm glad y'all had fun with this episode. Thank all y'all for the work that goes into each video

    FDTHEGAMER 14 days ago

    Pringles Texas BBQ?

    FDTHEGAMER 14 days ago


  • Venxm _
    Venxm _ 14 days ago

    I like how nobody is talking about the fact how literally when they said I know and love these chips it sounded like an echo

  • Cassie Stewart
    Cassie Stewart 15 days ago

    Where r the ketchup chips???

  • ColtDogg45 Predictions,And vlogs

    Can’t believe nobody voted Snyder barbecue chips

  • Judy Wang
    Judy Wang 17 days ago


  • Judy Wang
    Judy Wang 17 days ago

    How can sour cream and onion chips be first

  • Carter Oneth
    Carter Oneth 17 days ago


  • rvg Dylan m
    rvg Dylan m 17 days ago


  • Benjamin Myles
    Benjamin Myles 17 days ago

    The fact that this show has turned some relatively random transmission repair man into a low key celebrity that I recognized instantly is fantastic

  • taylors repp
    taylors repp 18 days ago

    Link: “OoOoWoWoaH”
    Rhett: “...look what you’ve done now”

  • Birch • foot
    Birch • foot 19 days ago

    My mouth was watering while I watched this 🤤😻

  • Stacey Brown
    Stacey Brown 19 days ago

    I love bugels

  • HomelessSquidward
    HomelessSquidward 20 days ago

    4:43 is Link The Voice actor for crash bandicoot?🤔

  • Frajan Cladal
    Frajan Cladal 21 day ago

    Pringles will have their revenge!!!!

  • OzZwald CopperPOT
    OzZwald CopperPOT 24 days ago

    The worst tasting chips!!! Sour cream and onion every body and there grandmother has a half a bag sitting in there cabinet that nobody has touched sense January of 09.

  • TheOGGamer984
    TheOGGamer984 24 days ago


  • Joshua Florence
    Joshua Florence 27 days ago

    You're Welcome

  • Anonymous Commenter
    Anonymous Commenter 27 days ago

    I’m so happy the Fritos didn’t move forward. Used to live near one of their manufacturing plants and the smell is horrendous. I can’t eat Fritos anymore. 🤢

  • HeidoHo Mrfruit
    HeidoHo Mrfruit 28 days ago +1

    They need to get off the underdog train. They aren't even judging the flavor.

  • Rebecca Gersh
    Rebecca Gersh 29 days ago

    Doritos spicy nacho is one of the best chips ever. Why didn't it make the list.

  • AnToNcHaMp96
    AnToNcHaMp96 Month ago

    Classic lays all day bruh!

  • 韩爽
    韩爽 Month ago +1

    I cannot understand why there are people actually enjoy eating ORIGINAL flavor... Why not just eat potatoes then?

  • Dylan O'Donnell
    Dylan O'Donnell Month ago

    The purple bag of Doritos beats cool ranch and nacho cheese combined

  • Riley Sumerix
    Riley Sumerix Month ago

    Yay! Rhett and I have the same favorite! Ruffles sour cream & cheddar baby!!

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs Month ago

    Utz are really good. I think they're only available in the eastern half of the country.

  • Scott Doherty
    Scott Doherty Month ago

    bbq fritos over nacho cheese doritos
    dont @ me

  • Zeru 96
    Zeru 96 Month ago

    But it’s such a weak chip. You have to eat 20 just to see what flavor it is.

  • QtLady
    QtLady Month ago

    This competition has caused me to go out and buy a variety of snacks *crunch* mmmmm chips.... 🤤

  • Sunny Side Up
    Sunny Side Up Month ago

    I just noticed all the lays bags have a picture of someone's mouth on them. Weird.

  • bvbyknj
    bvbyknj Month ago

    Does anyone remember Sun Chips? 💕

  • Bruce Tang
    Bruce Tang Month ago

    Enough about chips. I love Goorgen Zargarian. He's so pure.

  • Excalibur Gaming
    Excalibur Gaming Month ago

    Wait wait WAIT!!!! NO ALL DRESSED CHIPS?!?!

  • Tigraximus
    Tigraximus Month ago

    Link freaking out when he tips over the barbecue lays, priceless

  • Purdue the turtle
    Purdue the turtle Month ago

    To bugles

  • Christian Osweiler
    Christian Osweiler Month ago

    Lays is way to salty like the salt level is the core of the earth to the core of Jupiter

  • Dark Nation
    Dark Nation Month ago

    Nasty. Salt-n-Vinegar all that way.

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Don't call me gentle lover😂

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Month ago

    Where’s the French onion SunChips?

  • Mommy Edward
    Mommy Edward Month ago

    In my opinion ruffles are the best chip. Tied with dorito.

  • Julia Onyisa
    Julia Onyisa Month ago

    Can I order now??🙄

  • Nico Di Angelo
    Nico Di Angelo Month ago

    That's because a lot of people, like me, find salt and vinegar chips disgusting.

  • Erich Chaplin
    Erich Chaplin Month ago

    You remember him from a second ago i was crying so funny

  • Tiffany Maree Hodgson

    Nacho cheese Doritos all the way! Cool ranch are amazing too but they have this after taste like if you ate a stick of butter.

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson Month ago

    Crunchips Paprika is Hands down better than any American Brand

  • Aldo Montero Carrillo

    Gmm if you comment on this comment i will subscribe

  • Ariel Renee
    Ariel Renee Month ago +1

    My favorite chip is Cheddar Sour Cream Ruffles too Rhett

  • ARGuitar
    ARGuitar Month ago

    Who loves when Gorgon comes out in episodes? Because I do!

  • Breatheable
    Breatheable Month ago

    Bugles? What a load of horse shit!

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner Month ago

    My favorite potato chips go in two opposite directions: either Pringles, the most processed one ever, or the higher-end ones like Kettle or Miss Vickie’s. I don’t play with those in-between brands like Lays and Ruffles.

  • Katie Gilbert
    Katie Gilbert Month ago

    So weird to see Pringles in a bowl 🧐

  • KD F
    KD F Month ago

    lays stax > pringles (and usually cheaper!)

  • Myda Lopez
    Myda Lopez Month ago


  • Desmond Kwong
    Desmond Kwong Month ago

    Lay’s Classic Still my fav

  • Whitney Schauffler
    Whitney Schauffler Month ago

    You guys should do plan chips. That should be a totally separate test. Lays original, Pringle’s original, ruffles.. ect.

  • Animated Snack
    Animated Snack Month ago

    I clap for Goorgon. Well don’t. He knows what he’s talking about. GOORGON 2020

  • Nick Storm
    Nick Storm Month ago

    I like the sweet spicy chili Doritos

  • Tellie Keene
    Tellie Keene Month ago

    I love Goorgen

  • slav lord
    slav lord Month ago

    im on a diet and watching thia makes me so hungry 😂😃😅😢

  • Random Commentor
    Random Commentor Month ago

    My top 3 are ruffles all dressed, lays s&v or ketchup and sun chips

  • Gary Xie
    Gary Xie Month ago

    4:38 (moment of seriousness and smarts) "For some reason, psychologically this needs to be at a barbecue. WUUuuAAaAAGgh!"
    - Link 2018

  • Jose Miller
    Jose Miller Month ago

    After watching them choose Lays over Doritos, I had to watch every Will it episode so i could watch them suffer.

  • oh 8908
    oh 8908 Month ago


  • Goose Neck
    Goose Neck Month ago +1

    No one laughed at the laid joke?

  • Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson Month ago +1

    original pringnals shoud be in salty

  • Scarcasm
    Scarcasm Month ago

    lays ruffles doritos and pringles r de best

  • Uz0 CWaZ
    Uz0 CWaZ Month ago

    I haven’t seen gorgen (sorry if I spelled it wrong) since the commercial episodes

  • tetrisgoat
    tetrisgoat Month ago

    I've tried lay's a few times. But they are superfluous compared to domestic potato chips. Meh. Not a fan.

  • Hollow Hill Falls
    Hollow Hill Falls Month ago