Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation - ASMR , Slime Pressing and more! (part 5)

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation - ASMR , Slime Pressing and more! (part 5)
    PART 1: thexvid.com/video/USisYR5Kw1Q/video.html
    PART 2: thexvid.com/video/cK_eydi7-Rg/video.html
    PART 4: thexvid.com/video/c8OiMnRSZ-s/video.html
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation - ASMR , Slime Pressing and more! (part 5)
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  • Carly Webster
    Carly Webster 19 hours ago

    😯 wow

  • panda girl
    panda girl 20 hours ago

    Why does azzy like fingers so much leave a like if you know

  • Aimee Li
    Aimee Li 20 hours ago

    And how many times did you say wow

  • Aimee Li
    Aimee Li 20 hours ago

    Plz come to Australia plz

  • avatars clan
    avatars clan 21 hour ago

    You are looking great today

  • Anna Reimann
    Anna Reimann 22 hours ago

    Oh shlurp 😂

  • Lailani Harris
    Lailani Harris 22 hours ago


  • Michaela Fobister
    Michaela Fobister 22 hours ago


  • Marci Moreno
    Marci Moreno 22 hours ago


  • Marci Moreno
    Marci Moreno 22 hours ago

    Oh no km alzó amuze

  • Marci Moreno
    Marci Moreno 22 hours ago


  • nhung Tran
    nhung Tran 22 hours ago

    Can I have some golden noodles? Like if you want some or a cookie! 👍

  • Amy Munnich
    Amy Munnich 23 hours ago

    I hate nodals sorry and try to read this. Vcj c tvjfr x yudyf6tu g u6r55 f2f f yt? y Dr c

  • KaleyBeThere
    KaleyBeThere 23 hours ago

    7:03 XD the wink

  • Jean Louie
    Jean Louie 23 hours ago

    0:54 😂😂 lol

  • Danicaxz Kay
    Danicaxz Kay 23 hours ago


  • Debbie Moeller
    Debbie Moeller 23 hours ago

    No to be rood but when it is asks can you plz be a little bit quieter

  • H2O
    H2O 23 hours ago

    I love youuuu

  • H2O
    H2O 23 hours ago

    I liked rung the bell ANS subscribed

  • josie black
    josie black 23 hours ago +1

    this is how many times Azzy said wow

  • Malaika Rivard
    Malaika Rivard 23 hours ago

    3:50=AZZY "I love the sounds" well miss azzy let us hear the sounds too!!!!!!!!!

  • Malaika Rivard
    Malaika Rivard 23 hours ago


  • Amy MacKenzie
    Amy MacKenzie 23 hours ago

    i love slime

  • Alisa liuu
    Alisa liuu 23 hours ago

    I have that smoke things

  • Brian Metcalf
    Brian Metcalf Day ago

    Like how many times azzy said satisfying

  • Callie Christensen

    Those things were in fact very satisfying, Azzy you are not the only one, guess what I am using my sisters account so this is her 10 year old little sister talking my friends watch your videos and they love them 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍

  • Carmelo Zepeda Alvarado


  • Natasha Gessert
    Natasha Gessert Day ago

    I’m a knee subscriber I love this channel your the best

  • Shonna Huntsman
    Shonna Huntsman Day ago

    It's chloe i 😍😘love you

  • Rose Martinez
    Rose Martinez Day ago

    Youre so pritty

  • Mia D
    Mia D Day ago

    I wish I could make good slime

  • Rosie Daemon
    Rosie Daemon Day ago

    i can role snow

  • hollythereindeer videos

    6:08 where's my cake man

  • Kameron Wunder
    Kameron Wunder Day ago

    i never get satisfied ={ no mader how many vids like this...whyyyyyyyyy. oh and i love you

  • M.C. Dominguez
    M.C. Dominguez Day ago

    the slimes was the bbbeeesssttt

  • Arlene Redmond
    Arlene Redmond Day ago

    How many times that easy says hi comment plz

  • KitKatPrincess
    KitKatPrincess Day ago +1

    *azzy talking when the slime is cruching*

    Me:SHUT UP


  • Gacha_Brittney 123

    0:46 that’s how you make wigs

  • Pricila Guillen
    Pricila Guillen Day ago

    11:06. Et loclayc ef et gous dacworda??

  • Sinh Vengthisane

    That was ice outside of a place there’s water azzyland

  • Lewis the gamer
    Lewis the gamer Day ago


  • covely11
    covely11 Day ago

    Azzy you post a lot of satisfying stuff. You rule

  • Mari Rosa
    Mari Rosa Day ago

    She’s brushing the hair

  • Yoonmin life
    Yoonmin life Day ago

    The hair thing is for cosplay

  • Yvette Wyatt
    Yvette Wyatt Day ago

    🦄🙊 shhh

  • Patricia Smith
    Patricia Smith Day ago

    Stop saying satisfying. It’s crazy and you are making my granddaughter say it.

  • Erin Kettrick-Dittrich

    Azzy never lets me down!!

  • Caiti B
    Caiti B Day ago +1

    I lif in aybertalery

  • Eevee_Animates &GaChA

    Honestly, I don’t even like Azzy that much, I’m just here for the ASMR

  • Lucy squad
    Lucy squad Day ago

    Azzy l feel sick in relly life

  • Zoey Hatt
    Zoey Hatt Day ago

    Hi love you vids oh and did you no the is a super slime simulator and it’s so go (it’s a tip) 🤗😺😸

  • Gigi_Weirdness
    Gigi_Weirdness Day ago

    Azzy they making a wig

  • Emma Beedie
    Emma Beedie Day ago

    How does snow twist?

  • KittRblx
    KittRblx Day ago

    1:11 That's not MaLk?

  • Эльнара Афлятунова


  • scooby doo
    scooby doo Day ago

    When the tree fell it was beautiful!

  • wolfy wolf
    wolfy wolf Day ago

    Why don't u ever shut up.ur so the annoying👿🖤😠😤👿💩

  • Sengmany Panyanouvong

    Tree: Bye :(
    Azzy: So satisfying

  • ypdor
    ypdor Day ago

    7:06 glass or ice i wonder??

  • Bella P
    Bella P Day ago

    Quit talking we cant here the sound?!!!!!

  • ramiro RAMIREZ
    ramiro RAMIREZ Day ago +1

    Azzi is sow cute

  • Taylor ok
    Taylor ok Day ago

    The cake slime is styrofoam

  • Vanessa Woods
    Vanessa Woods Day ago +1

    Like How many times Azzy said i want that

  • Mariel Recio
    Mariel Recio Day ago

    Can u do a another try not to hay woooooooooooooooooooooow

  • Mariel Recio
    Mariel Recio Day ago

    I love your vid
    And I love your hair
    U should make slime
    With your friend

  • Brandie St Peter

    This is what I hate 👗

  • Alex the kitty cupcake Gamer

    When i watch satisfying vids i dont blink and my mouth waters lol

    LIL MEL Day ago

    Somewhere in the deep dark ocean there is some sea plants that glow in the dark with bright neon colours i want to touch it much i would die instantly bc on the water pressure and i might drown now that is something probs more dangerously satisfying that lava in my opinion

  • Lea Ayache
    Lea Ayache Day ago

    You are like a 3 year old

  • Lora E
    Lora E Day ago

    Hey Azzy can you watch sand tagious

  • Shanda Tucker
    Shanda Tucker Day ago


  • Brandy Nissley
    Brandy Nissley Day ago

    We have two cats one we had to give away the other way it ran away and now we're going to get another cup of were allergic to cats and there's a type of cat that nobody it's me and my dad and me brother

  • Aya Kassab
    Aya Kassab Day ago

    I am shocked 😳 this is the first time i get satisfied ❤️

  • Emily Sens
    Emily Sens Day ago +2

    Azzy your right eyebrow forgot about it

  • ッᴍᴀʀɪᴇ-ᴀʀᴛs

    *tripofobia joined the chat*

  • Ellie Kemp
    Ellie Kemp Day ago


  • Jen Zaiatz
    Jen Zaiatz Day ago

    Something is satisfying and dangerous is poison twirling

  • Tabitha Johnswood
    Tabitha Johnswood Day ago +3

    Sorry for yelling
    And this is how many golden noodles you can eat😋

  • Yongxin Xiao
    Yongxin Xiao Day ago +1

    This is how many times she said YES

  • Imelda
    Imelda Day ago

    Slime can damage your hand

  • Karissa Smith
    Karissa Smith Day ago

    So satisfying

  • MrDavesgirl1978
    MrDavesgirl1978 Day ago

    I stayed up till 2am

  • lovly10000000000
    lovly10000000000 Day ago +1

    Do you know how you want to like touch the slime in the screen cause there not doing it the way you want it.

  • Unicorn fan club Unicorns


  • Ava Wytiaz
    Ava Wytiaz Day ago

    0:35 oh shlurp!

  • Elizabeth Franco
    Elizabeth Franco Day ago +1

    It not a wow challenge

  • Willow Beam
    Willow Beam Day ago

    Sorry azzy but your very gullible

  • Kitty T Meow
    Kitty T Meow Day ago


  • Juleslove S.
    Juleslove S. Day ago

    i have that inscence thing! i got it for my mom. it takes a long time and no wind/open windows. also, its not that thick.

  • Cori Pennypacker

    Azzy:why can't i hear it??!!
    Me:cuz ur TALKING!!
    I love ur vids but...u NEED to NOT talk when u do these videos cuz we can't hear it and u ruin the satisfyingness.i still love u thow!

  • Yandry Perez
    Yandry Perez Day ago

    If you want unicorn hair than dye it

  • Bailee Willett
    Bailee Willett Day ago

    That makes me sleepy

  • Maritza Rivas
    Maritza Rivas Day ago


    GUSTHEGOAT Day ago

    The galaxy my dad did it

  • Guadalupe Vidal
    Guadalupe Vidal 2 days ago

    Azzy. You. Are. Luky. From. Neyda

  • Xuping Miao
    Xuping Miao 2 days ago

    The blue to rainbow hair is also a tiktok

  • lightfury httyd3
    lightfury httyd3 2 days ago

    I hate slime

  • Ash Wolf
    Ash Wolf 2 days ago

    “I can’t even walk and these people are making masterpieces!?” If that isn’t a mood tho