Taylor Swift Complete Grammys History (2008-2021)

  • Published on Mar 14, 2021
  • Highlights from the 2021 including ’s performance of and ALSO including red carpet, rehearsal, and backstage footage, ALL WINS AND NOMINATIONS, interview clips and more!
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Comments • 995

  • Mj rug
    Mj rug Year ago +5064

    The fact that Red, Reputation and lover have 0 Grammys together it’s just embarrassing for the Grammys.

    • Mohamed Khaled
      Mohamed Khaled 13 days ago +1

      The fact that bad guy won SOTY and lover didn't

    • L Feltham
      L Feltham 18 days ago

      Yeah sorry but Random Access Memories is a masterpiece. Red is a great album and there are some great singles on there, but RAM totally deserved the win.

    • Jimena
      Jimena Month ago +2

      literally like RED????

    • JJ the Rat
      JJ the Rat 4 months ago

      @Athin Yamani alright I certainly will! Tysm for the suggestion!

  • Beyza Eylül
    Beyza Eylül Year ago +4615

    I think reputation was Taylor's most grammy worthy album

  • Jonathán Lara
    Jonathán Lara Year ago +4501

    after watching Miss Americana, all I wanted to see was her smiling with a Grammy in hands🥺💕

  • LunaEclipse
    LunaEclipse Year ago +2250

    Ok, she was robbed (of nominations) for reputation, that is one of my two favorite albums of hers (along with folklore) and the fact that she said she needed to make a better record, that just had me in tears. So happy she got AOTY for the third time, making history, all love Taylor.
    Edit: tysm for the likes

    • Angela Marie
      Angela Marie Month ago

      Reputation is my favorite album too, and it's the best concert I've ever been to also.

    • Moai Emoji
      Moai Emoji Month ago

      @Piesause 13🧣 both were good stop hating

    • deva230
      deva230 3 months ago

      @Carlos Nazario L she deserved 2 aoty but definetly not for 1989, tpab has to be the best of the decade

    • Chandler Bing
      Chandler Bing 6 months ago

      Because she did not come profusely against Trump and for Hilary Clinton. True.

    • Annelisse
      Annelisse 6 months ago

      I agree. reputation got me into her music

  • Palaniammal
    Palaniammal Year ago +1455

    3 decades.. 3 different genres...3 album of the year and ONE TAYLOR SWIFT..Yes thats our woman 🥺
    Audrey you have done a beautiful job 🥺🥺🧡🧡

  • Beatriz Reis
    Beatriz Reis Year ago +4238

    Why have i never seen this before: “i’m not going to the prom this year, I decided to go to the grammy’s instead” - 😂😂

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph Year ago +1542

    "Any kind of Grammy, because I've never won a Grammy before"
    Little did she know, that she would win 4 that year and 11 to this day 🥺
    Edit: thanks for the likes

    • Withro Anime Edits
      Withro Anime Edits Year ago +4

      @kayy I’ve been here from red but I have listened to a bit of her old stuff here and there-

    • kayy
      kayy Year ago +5

      @Michael Joseph i love u im also new thou i've known her like from grade 2 (back in her 1989 era) bcs shakr it off and blank space was a bop but i feel stupid for not looking deeper in her catalog.. but oh well, taylor ever said that regrrt isn't fair to yourself because you didn't know then what you know now. *reference to song 15*
      wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now..... 🥲

    • Michael Joseph
      Michael Joseph Year ago +8

      @Kayla Farrensia Sameeeeeeee. I'm so glad that I've joined this fandom, I remember the first time that I started to listen to her music back in 2018 with reputation and just fell in love ever since 🥺💘

    • kayy
      kayy Year ago +47

      She wants a album of the year award.. now she holds the female record with 3.... im so proud my bby is growing real fastt

  • Beatriz Reis
    Beatriz Reis Year ago +2409

    Shake it off and Blank space. All nominated for the sme THREE categories, in different years. Her two biggest hits. None of them won nothing. They deserved something...

    • diego hdz
      diego hdz 9 months ago

      @apexswift SHE DESERVES IT

    • маша
      маша 10 months ago +1

      shake it off deserved a grammy, it was an iconic comeback. it was trending all over for a long time, and it was a response to the “serial dater” persona people tried to paint on her.

    • Multistanergg
      Multistanergg 11 months ago +14

      Shake it Off athough it was a great song, it couldn't compete with Sia's Chandelier ans Sam Smith's Stay With Me. And I think Sia was snubbed that year not Taylor. But the next year Blank Space deserved SOTY for sure. Blank Space was snubbed so hard.

  • nikkk
    nikkk Year ago +1258

    But the fact that she never won SOTY award and especially Blank Space and Shake it Off never won a award don't sit right in my head

    • Zara Rasheed
      Zara Rasheed 5 months ago

      What!!? She never won a award for Blank Space!???

    • Camilly Freire
      Camilly Freire 5 months ago

      Sometimes world is not fair...

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 7 months ago

      Alright >>>>>>>>>>> Blank Space

    • Hunniii
      Hunniii 9 months ago


    • Ricky _
      Ricky _ 9 months ago +1

      I am a swiftie and I wished those two songs had won an award but Katy Perry has never won a grammy even with beautiful songs like Roar and Dark Horse

  • Madi
    Madi Year ago +904

    i think her biggest snub was SOTY for Blank Space. that song is SO well written, possibly one of the cleverest songs ever written,,,,and it didn’t win an award for songwriting......like wtf

    • Jack Ren
      Jack Ren 5 months ago +1

      Nope is was album for the year for red

    • Jolie
      Jolie 5 months ago +3

      @Glen Warne I'm a Kendrick fan so this isn't shade alright has the weakest lyrics in TPAB now king kunta on the other hand would have deserved it if it was nominated

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 6 months ago +1

      @Jolie bruh what Blank Space has better lyrics than Alright ? Ok lol 🤣🤣

    • Jolie
      Jolie 6 months ago +15

      @Glen Warne SOTY is based on songwriting and blank space definitely has better lyrics so No.

  • honeydew
    honeydew Year ago +407

    “I’m not gonna go home with any men, I’m gonna go hang out with my friends, and then go home to the cats.”
    What a queen 😌

    • Just me
      Just me 5 months ago

      THE LIKES IS 274.2+7+4=13 Did you guys plan this??

  • Ariana Stachoski
    Ariana Stachoski Year ago +205

    The Grammys ripped Taylor off so many times, 41 nominations and only 11 of those she won, like come on, How did reputation not even get nominated thats pathetic. The award show that has respected Taylor is the AMA's. She broke records over there

    • lily mikaelson
      lily mikaelson Month ago

      @Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨ lover was nominated for soty

    • Mathews Lorde
      Mathews Lorde 4 months ago +5

      @Glen Warne you can cry about it

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 9 months ago +1

      She also has too many undeserved grammys don't forget that how 1989 is better than tpab

    • Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨
      Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨ Year ago +14

      @dacine and lover should have won aoty
      And Lover should have won
      ominated for soty

    • dacine
      dacine Year ago +19

      Not just reputation red shoud win for AOTY and blank space for SOTY

  • The Wildest Swift
    The Wildest Swift Year ago +743

    Taylor Swift has a strong connection with the Album Of The Year award

  • Keaton Hayes
    Keaton Hayes Year ago +1094

    I'm a new Swiftie and I'm so proud!!!

  • GeorgeMcMuffin
    GeorgeMcMuffin Year ago +455

    I remember when she had so many Grammys and couldn’t hold all and dropped one. Her face after that was hilarious. ☺️

    • steven stewart
      steven stewart Year ago +32

      She was like oh no but then you hear the guy say it's okay we got more and apparently she wasn't the first one to do it somebody in the background said that happened earlier

  • Just Simply Math VMPekit

    As a new fan of Taylor Swift, I thank you for making this compilation. So happy and proud for her. She’s a QUEEN!

  • Redentor Domingo
    Redentor Domingo Year ago +638

    I am manifesting that she’ll win another aoty next year for evermore. And a soty for a vault song.

    • Rama Shrestha
      Rama Shrestha Month ago

      Evermore didn’t win

    • Olivia sheerio
      Olivia sheerio 4 months ago +1

      well evemore is nominated :)

    • Butterfly World Tour🦋
      Butterfly World Tour🦋 5 months ago

      @moshd Yes!!

    • moshd
      moshd 5 months ago

      @Butterfly World Tour🦋 im manifesting it blondie deserves it!!! also i heard that the short film for all too well may have what it takes to be qualified for an oscar (short film category of course). cause i heard they have to last a certain time frame of minutes (for example in order to qualify for short film it has to be between 10-30 minutes, of course that isnt the actual time frame but from what i heard ts all too well fits the criteria) also it has to be premiered in a theater and showcased in one and she did just that in a theater in nyc . so heres to hoping she has nominations all around because theres no doubt she deserves it all!!!

    • Butterfly World Tour🦋
      Butterfly World Tour🦋 5 months ago

      @moshd wait wait actually-

  • Duane Romano •
    Duane Romano • Year ago +472

    I'm still traumatized that Red and Reputation, two magnificent, outer worldly, powerful and starts with the letter R, didn't win a grammy...

  • Lekshmi Sreekumar
    Lekshmi Sreekumar 10 months ago +211

    "I'm not going to prom this year. I've decided to go to the Grammys instead."
    - Taylor Swift, 2008

  • All Tay Well
    All Tay Well Year ago +448

    Red deserved a Grammy! Change my mind!!!❤️

  • •Zofia Louise Cayetano•

    That Girl Really Deserves A Many Grammy awards since she's one of the best Singers!

    • Best Protagonist
      Best Protagonist Month ago

      She said one of the best not the best.

    • Yuki Ukanami
      Yuki Ukanami 6 months ago +1

      Not the best singer but the best song writer

    • Yu Cm
      Yu Cm Year ago

      Not the best singer. But not bad.

    • •Zofia Louise Cayetano•
      •Zofia Louise Cayetano• Year ago +3

      @Stacey Sold yeah And totally
      I must be a like of her voice everytime i sing one of her zongs!

    • Stacey Sold
      Stacey Sold Year ago +17

      And THE BEST song-writer

  • Brooke Mckinley
    Brooke Mckinley 10 months ago +61

    She absolutely killed that “Out Of The Woods” performance at the Grammys!! That’s one of my all time favorite performances of hers so to see her upset after that makes me kinda sad 😢 I have never seen a bad performance from her, ever! She’s way too tough on herself, or was, she seems to be a lot happier with herself now a days and I think Joe has a hand in that too 👏

  • Emily Kirk
    Emily Kirk Year ago +130

    Lover is her favorite album she said she made, I felt so bad when it did not get nominated.

    • lily mikaelson
      lily mikaelson Month ago

      @me lol for pop vocal album but not for album of the year

    • Amee ra
      Amee ra 4 months ago +1

      lol yes it did!

    • me lol
      me lol 4 months ago

      i thought it got nominated?

  • ❤️ Taylover ❤️
    ❤️ Taylover ❤️ Year ago +233

    She is the music industry ........

    • Mj23
      Mj23 Year ago +5


  • Lex GC
    Lex GC Year ago +74

    I’m a reborn swiftie- when I was younger like about ten years I guess I was a huge tswift fan and I decided like three weeks ago to watch miss Americana and I fell back in love with her I- I-

    • Frank The Great
      Frank The Great 8 months ago

      that was me

    • ashley h
      ashley h Year ago +10

      SAME BAHA i came back when folklore came out i was like sheesh this shit slaps and now i’m obsessed

  • Help Me Reach 300 Subscribers

    can we appreciate how Taylor has the most awarded country album of all time with Fearless, most awarded pop era with 1989 and is now smashing alternative with folklore and evermore?! she simply doesnt fail, queen tingz! 😘✨💅

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph Year ago +107

    I still get chills over her AOTY wins, every one of them

  • Taylor Swift Amon
    Taylor Swift Amon Year ago +93

    Pause to 27:55. I feel you Taylor. This is the time when she only have one Grammy left, and that is Album of the year. After losing 5 nominations, she won Album of the year!

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago +74

    She deserves the grammys ❤

    • M
      M Year ago +6

      The Grammys don t deserve her : RED surely deserved AOTY

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill Year ago +33

    Taylor’s went 0/5 on her Song of the Year nominations, 0/4 on Record of the Year, but is 3/4 on the most prestigious Album of the Year, of 8 eligible albums. Meaning half her eligible albums have been nominated, winning all but one. The true albums artist.

  • FilmZen Studios
    FilmZen Studios Year ago +50

    imagine how proud her mother is honestly... to watch her grow up and win awards year by year. Honestly can't imagine how happy she is

  • Matt Poyzer
    Matt Poyzer Year ago +93

    excuse me... 41 nominations?! That's insane.

  • bubz
    bubz 6 months ago +25

    I wanted the Red AOTY win for her more than any other album to days. That album was easily the most emotionally intense and valuable for her at the time. It really broke my heart when she didn’t win that one.

  • Angela S. G.
    Angela S. G. Year ago +250


  • Anushka Kaithwas
    Anushka Kaithwas 5 months ago +23

    Taylor dropping her Grammy will forever be the most iconic moment ever!!!

  • AlpineM3
    AlpineM3 Year ago +218

    Really don't understand how Reputation didn't even get nominated for anything... Taylor Straight up got fleeced lol

    • Andi Febri
      Andi Febri 10 months ago +5

      @Hunniii rep get nominated for best pop vocal album

    • Hunniii
      Hunniii 10 months ago +10

      @Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨ no rep didn't even get a nominated

    • Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨
      Lizzie ✨Taylor‘s version✨ 11 months ago +1

      It got nominated but didn’t win

  • Mahi Singhvi
    Mahi Singhvi Year ago +63

    I am a person who never really gets teary eyed but when she won tht album of the year for fearless I gotta cry 😢

  • kayy
    kayy Year ago +60

    Wait was she really upset because she thought she missed a note?!?!! Poor taylor, doesn't know how amazing she is and we're blessed to have her :(

  • Laura Laura
    Laura Laura 4 months ago +9

    I love how much she enjoys herself at awards. She’s still making the best out of it and I’d totally dance along with her! People around her look so bored

  • robin hood
    robin hood Year ago +82

    "im not going to prom ive decided ima go to the grammys instead"
    an absolute frikin queen

  • Helin 🌱🐸
    Helin 🌱🐸 Year ago +36

    Taylor is amazing singer and she deserves all the grammys and nobody can change my mind!!!

  • baden closson
    baden closson Year ago +150

    She has really grown as a singer 💖

  • Kristel Pi
    Kristel Pi Year ago +252

    Greatest songwriter from the first half of the 21st century 👏👏

  • atreyi goswami
    atreyi goswami Year ago +223

    41 nominations and 11 wins😭

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 3 months ago

      @Best Protagonist tpab is way better than 1989

    • Best Protagonist
      Best Protagonist 3 months ago +1

      @Glen Warne LMAO. 1989 was literally in the top 10 charts for a whole year. It’s definitely Album of the year.

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 7 months ago

      @grace critics think otherwise Random access memories is more critically acclaimed than red

    • grace
      grace 7 months ago +7

      @Glen Warne plz Red is a masterpiece. Stop hating on an artist who clearly deserved it

  • Sarah Higgins
    Sarah Higgins Year ago +75

    I don’t understand why folklore songs were nominated in the pop category. I think its part of the reason they didn’t win. Pop voters are gonna vote for the more pop style songs/album. Also why it didn’t win pop album but did win album of the year, beating the album that took best pop.

    • athmi S
      athmi S 10 months ago +1

      I don’t think it would stand a chance in alt (I’m a big swiftie don’t attack me pls) there are better ones in alt but it kinda fits in between pop and alt!

    • TRG
      TRG 11 months ago +7

      ikr! folklore is the opposite of pop, idk why it was in the pop categories.

    • Sarah Higgins
      Sarah Higgins Year ago +11

      @heather they're voted for by the academy. Every member votes for record, song, album and artist but the individual categories for pop, country etc are only voted for by people with expertise in that field. So experienced pop music industry members vote for the pop categories.

    • heather
      heather Year ago +1

      Wait idk what I’m talking about which is why I’m asking but are Grammys fan voted or by a committee of some sort?

    • Agnes N
      Agnes N Year ago +28

      Agree! Should have been in alternative or folk album

  • Kate Loren
    Kate Loren 11 months ago +21

    Her saying "this is my first grammy you guys!!",gosh my heart,it's crying in joy!

  • Sal
    Sal 8 months ago +14

    My new favorite fact about Taylor is that each time she one Album of the year, she broke a record, each in a different decade…and with a different genre.

  • Audrey Jade Tenorio
    Audrey Jade Tenorio Year ago +36

    u can see she almost places more importance on having fun at the show rather than the awards themselves and its so cute uwu

  • _folklored_
    _folklored_ 7 months ago +9

    I honestly had never imagined that we would ever get albums like folklore and evermore from Taylor. You can just feel the transition, folklore era just hits different.

  • Lynne Mc
    Lynne Mc 5 months ago +10

    I hope Taylor wins more and more Grammys in her time. She's an amazing artist and she steps up her game with every album and re-recording. She's also an amazing person who appreciates every fan and awards she's won

  • Ruby
    Ruby 11 months ago +14

    i don’t know why but i get emotional everytime she wins her first aoty it’s the purest reaction i’ve seen and she was so young 🥺🤍

  • Auldwyne
    Auldwyne Year ago +68

    I hope that her own version of Reputation would win at least a single Grammy cuz that's gotta be surprising but well-deserved for that underrated album of her.

    • Ary 💛
      Ary 💛 9 months ago +1

      @Auldwyne ooh that's cool

    • Auldwyne
      Auldwyne 9 months ago +1

      @Ary 💛 yep, apparently.

    • Ary 💛
      Ary 💛 9 months ago +2

      @Aldiwn Magno...so will singles that are not from the vault win?

    • Auldwyne
      Auldwyne 11 months ago +7

      @S. M. umm, it actually does, go look it up, i didn't believe it at first but I was surprised that re-recorded albums are allowed as long as they have original material in them.

    • S. M.
      S. M. 11 months ago +5

      I don't think re-recorded albums can get nominated...
      But let's hope for the best.

  • Elle Elle
    Elle Elle Year ago +14

    I love her for appreciating all the hardworks made by her co-writers, staff and loved ones who contributed to her success.❤❤❤

  • Filip Marinkovic
    Filip Marinkovic Year ago +78

    Ones she should've been nominated/won
    Reputation:Pop Vocal Album,Sweetener was perfect choice btw
    Delicate:SOTY or ROTY idk
    YNTCD:Pop Solo Performance
    Blank Space:SOTY
    Shake It Off:ROTY
    Style:Pop Solo Performance,or even SOTY,i just love style
    Out Of The Woods:Music Video,or SOTY too,since it's about songwriting,the bridge alone is for a Grammy
    IKYWT:Pop Solo Performance
    Red:AOTY,but 4 is maybe too much..?

    • Noname
      Noname Year ago +3

      Repuation should win AOTY too

    • Filip Marinkovic
      Filip Marinkovic Year ago +7

      @Glen Warne it is
      And also SOTY is as i've heard for songwriting, but in popularity, Bad Gux ofc

  • äżől·
    äżől· Year ago +95

    I'm so proud of her 🥺🎀

  • slideshowgurl
    slideshowgurl 3 months ago +3

    Been with her since day 1! I was 13 when her first album came out and was hooked ever since… I watched many of these moments live. So proud to be a Swiftie from 2006 to Forever and Always!

  • Angela Shrum
    Angela Shrum Year ago +24

    Reputation deserved ALL the Grammys. I'll forever be pissed about it.

  • Anna henrium
    Anna henrium Year ago +317

    I don't know if anyone saw this but, the grammys uploaded a video of Taylor and Harry talking.

    • Withro Anime Edits
      Withro Anime Edits Year ago +1

      @kayy 😂 they just want the money from people who still ship Haylor even tho its over and they’re happy with other people.

    • Withro Anime Edits
      Withro Anime Edits Year ago +2

      Lol yeah great to see there’s no bad blood

    • kayy
      kayy Year ago +5

      Yeahh feeling like the grammy's ship them or like pay attention to the celebs love world for some reason
      It can be private but.. ehehe

    • does it matter?
      does it matter? Year ago +21

      yeah they did, they know what can get views

  • äżől·
    äżől· Year ago +86

    She Is My Role Model 💕

  • Sakshi Modi
    Sakshi Modi Year ago +91

    The fact that she had different hairstyles every year after the first 2years is crazy 😂😂

  • Sakshi
    Sakshi 3 months ago +3

    I was so broke when Red didn't won the Grammy,it just hit me hard that Red, How is it possible that such a deserving album wasn't given a Grammy?! ...but I am still so glad at the time of Red tv that I have no regrets about that.

  • Upscale Avenue
    Upscale Avenue 8 months ago +11

    Her 2016 appearance/speech is one of the most iconic in Grammy history.

  • Natalie-Rose.
    Natalie-Rose. 5 months ago +8

    The fact that Taylor didn't win any Grammys for RED proves they have no clue what they are doing. Although I think if her label had put it into Pop instead of Country it might have won pop album.
    Fearless, 1989, Red, Reputation & Folklore def all deserved album of the year.
    Reputation is one of those that was ahead of it's time. Re release will make people see that I think.

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph Year ago +202

    Bruh the Grammys were so sophisticated and old school back then lmfao now it's so high tech

  • Jo Cormier
    Jo Cormier 7 months ago +5

    You notice in the thumbnail that her surprise face gets less surprised as time goes on - that's because she gets more sure of herself and realizes that she deserves all of it

  • Lauren
    Lauren Year ago +160

    Haylor style remix with a Harry verse?!? The world would stop🔮summoning witchy willow energy to make this happen!!

  • nikkk
    nikkk Year ago +72

    Literally academy never let her sweep the Grammys lol like 1989 and Folklore was really THAT album. But if it was Adele or now trending Billie it might had happened trust me

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 3 months ago

      1989 was not that album 1989 robbed to pimp a butterfly

    • Best Protagonist
      Best Protagonist 3 months ago +1

      Reputation should’ve got all the big categories tbh. Production, song writing and the whole Album was top tier. She didn’t even got nominated Lmao what a joke.

    • Jack Ren
      Jack Ren 5 months ago

      No just AOTY

    • Zedric Louis Bores
      Zedric Louis Bores 11 months ago +5

      she did sweep the grammys in 2010

  • Lexci623
    Lexci623 Year ago +8

    The best award she’s ever gotten that I’m proud to be a fan of 10+ years for...Artist of the Decade! Best happy, crying moment for Taylor I’ve ever had!❤️😍🎶

  • Mansoor Yousaf
    Mansoor Yousaf Year ago +65

    let me say this loud and clear , she has been snubbed multiple times and were awarded the obvious ones to avoid controversy.

  • jeng Sadangsal
    jeng Sadangsal 5 months ago +2

    She's born to be a superstar brilliant song writer. Singer. what Can I say all her song the best...

  • Kristel Pi
    Kristel Pi Year ago +27

    She’s monumental ✨

  • Nikesh Shahi
    Nikesh Shahi Year ago +21

    She never forget to thank her fans 🥺

  • Evy
    Evy 9 months ago +4

    Eu amo o fato de que mesmo não ganhando ela se diverte nas premiações,apoia e torce pelos outros,Taylor é um amorzinho ❤️

  • Androman
    Androman Year ago +90

    She is still the same old Taylor. ❤️

    AARYAA Year ago +50

    I say that's my queen and i'm really proud

  • Soule Tunes
    Soule Tunes Year ago +8

    She is smart and down to earth, what a great compilation!

  • aly rodriguez
    aly rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    she’s so genuinely happy when she wins awards and she’s never lost that excitement even when she’s become more famous over the years

  • dezlynn
    dezlynn Year ago +18

    i'm so proud of her!

  • Cuppie Cupsters
    Cuppie Cupsters 8 months ago +3

    I starting to LOVE Taylor's music and I'm so glad she's won so many Grammys!

  • Random vids online
    Random vids online 9 months ago +9

    Taylor: I'm a making better records
    Masterpieces ❤

  • almost do
    almost do  Year ago +458

    I have no joke been trying to upload this since 9AM 😭I'll be getting back to my normal update schedule soon hopefully hope you like the video!

    • Puspita Pita
      Puspita Pita 11 months ago

      @almost do look what you made me do

    • Flipper Rules
      Flipper Rules Year ago +2

      I Love Your Videos They Are So Great I'm A Big Fan Of Taylor Swift & Now You 🐬

  • 별
     6 months ago +2

    the fact that she still gets giddy and excited over being nominated is very humbling ❤️ love you taylor!!

  • AteAki
    AteAki Year ago +5

    She's the whole representation of grammy ❤️

  • steven stewart
    steven stewart Year ago +6

    I love how you watch the Grammys performance and when she singing mean and says that line about singing this at the Grammys you're like wow that's some cool revenge and then she wins the Grammy for that song you're like no that's ultimate Revenge

  • 💛SC
    💛SC 5 months ago +1

    She deserves every single Grammy she won ✨

  • Wazeem Ahamed
    Wazeem Ahamed Month ago

    She deserves even one grammy for Red,reputation and lover also a record of the year 1989

  • Hancel De Torres
    Hancel De Torres 4 months ago

    She has surpassed all the artists in her generation. What a legend! :)

  • jordan
    jordan Year ago +12

    How did she not win anything for blank space or shake it off??!?

  • Bagel
    Bagel Year ago +133

    Oh noo. She thought she had it in the bag, because the album started with R, just like Red.

    • Glen Warne
      Glen Warne 9 months ago

      Random access memories was far better

    • nynke
      nynke Year ago +8

      @Island Rebel Makeup true! i wasn’t criticizing random access memories, i was just saying that i think that red deserved better.

    • Island Rebel Makeup
      Island Rebel Makeup Year ago +5

      @nynke I mean, yes and no. Random access memories is a phenomenal album. When you have multiple albums that are THAT good nominated it could really go in so many directions.

    • kayy
      kayy Year ago +5

      Right. Just knew that was why.. i didn't realize the winner had theirs start with r like red too :( red deserved one

  • Chandrika Srinithya
    Chandrika Srinithya 8 months ago +7

    REPUTATION doesn't need a Grammy
    That is the best albums she have ever created

  • atreyi goswami
    atreyi goswami Year ago +3

    This video deserves so much more views. You did a great job at collecting all those clips

  • Sai Monga
    Sai Monga Year ago +4

    The fact that she's so thankful is why she's able to achieve so much. I feel so Happy for her..

  • Bethany Midwest
    Bethany Midwest Year ago +11

    Thank you for making this for us 🥰🥳

  • Hunniii
    Hunniii 10 months ago +3

    The best albums of 2017 imo were Reputation and Tell me you love me and the fact that both were not nominated still drives me insane

  • keya ac
    keya ac 8 months ago +1

    Every single thing in her discography deserves a Grammy and honestly - the fact that Red, Reputation and Lover didn't win is .... I just can't even....

  • Althea Osborn
    Althea Osborn 5 months ago

    I will forever be salty that Reputation and Red haven't won any Grammy's. However, I'm so happy that she's won so many for her other albums, she is truly deserving of the honor. ❤️

  • Wan Tse Loh
    Wan Tse Loh 4 months ago

    The thing that I respect and can absolutely relate is her love for her craft even when her hard work was not recognized or when people gave her harsh criticisms for the work that she was proud of because she put her heart and soul into it. She continues to rise and get better, improve on her craft because she just loves it so much.

  • Lil!_ thiccPeach
    Lil!_ thiccPeach Year ago +27

    Red should have gotten that Grammy✨

  • Stan Aether For Clear Skin

    When she said she wanted to win album of the year not knowing she will win it three times in the future. Legend.

  • Freya Quon
    Freya Quon Year ago +45

    24:12 breaks my heart every time