Thank You White People

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    Mike Lazzo's favorite sketch no bullshit. He laughed his motherfucking head off over this one. Can u guess why this was not on TV?
    Dir: Ruse
    First actor did not know what was going on. Second actor knew what was up and did a million takes trying to sneak in Daily Show anti-White jibes and change the tone of the sketch but we got one good one outta him. Third guy was such a bad actor we just cut his lines entirely. The end effect is supposed to be a boulder rolling downhill on it's own (we woulda shopped the actors out of the shot) because da White man got distracted by a hoe)
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  • TurboDolphin
    TurboDolphin 47 minutes ago


  • Anima
    Anima Hour ago

    Holy shit I can't believe they actually managed to film this without getting kicked out immediatly

  • Dobs Checkum
    Dobs Checkum Hour ago

    Fucking rockstop.

  • Tor L
    Tor L 3 hours ago +1

    why ching-chong no say a word.

  • Range Ryder
    Range Ryder 6 hours ago


  • AlexForSale
    AlexForSale 9 hours ago

    I do enjoy telling folks all the shit “white people” did. Mainly ENDING SLAVERY... since most of these faux-liberals seem to think America is unique in having slavery, when in reality America/Europe were only unique in the crowd of historic slavers as being the first society to abolish the practice. Then spreading around the abolishment to everyone else.

  • Zach J.V.D.
    Zach J.V.D. 15 hours ago +1

    I want more! 👌😂. That was tops!

  • Jim joe Kelly
    Jim joe Kelly 16 hours ago

    What cruel world do I live in where woman have the right to vote

  • Al dente Johnson
    Al dente Johnson 17 hours ago +2

    This, is powerful.

  • Parsifal Von Vaterland

    Utterly brilliant!

  • Dinnershark!
    Dinnershark! 21 hour ago +1

    1:43 Look at how perfectly Sam turns around

  • chickenassasintk
    chickenassasintk Day ago +2

    I love how he dosent talk to the Asian guy

  • Truth Matters
    Truth Matters Day ago

    Oy vey gevalt! Shit it dowwwwwwwwwwwwn!

  • Vincent Rodriguez
    Vincent Rodriguez Day ago +1

    Send this to that stupid racist Korean bitch from the New York Times.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago +3

    Holy shit

  • Kill Slug
    Kill Slug Day ago +1

    I need another season SO BADLY!

  • Bob Square
    Bob Square Day ago

    Load of shit

  • Hendrius Oliveira
    Hendrius Oliveira Day ago +1

    White man gave women the right to vote: Women voted socialist policies and f**ked everything up.

  • Nehemiah Sharansky
    Nehemiah Sharansky Day ago +3

    People need to stop attacking Straight, Caucasian, Christian men. The left and right have gone too far. Stop thinking politics is about blaming subcultures, the problem is the massive wealth-gap between the rich & the poor.

    • R S
      R S Day ago

      Thanks Sharansky. Gotta keep the goy shabbos.

  • True American
    True American Day ago +1

    White people are awesome. Thank you!!😘😘

  • Suicidal in Cleveland
    Suicidal in Cleveland 2 days ago +1

    What could he possibly have meant by this?

  • Connor Ross
    Connor Ross 2 days ago +2

    I mean I'm not gonna step on a white guys foot because Hitler/Stalin was white for the same reason I'm not gonna kiss his boot for inventing the microwave. The colour of your skin doesn't in any meaningful way relate you to intellegent individuals and their personal achievements.
    I didn't cheer for Usain bolt because he's black, I cheerd because a world record was being broken, it was cool.
    Of course all the inventions through the years have been largely by white people, black people were slaves untill 3 generations ago, giving the population that's not enslaved a head start when it comes to filling out their résumé of cool inventions and such. And per my previously stated principle I would never blame a white guy walking the streets today for this, it's just how it was, history is said and done but not to be forgotten... making boasting about it when the history is well understood is bit cringey.

    • Connor Ross
      Connor Ross Day ago

      R S
      R S, I mean do white people cheer Michael Phelps because he's white? No that would be weird, same if I cheered Bolt because he's black.
      I'm not sure what point you're refering to, would be good to let me know so I can clarify?

    • R S
      R S Day ago +2

      That's a very white way of thinking, Connor.

  • maz G
    maz G 2 days ago +3

    The WQ

  • Allen A
    Allen A 2 days ago

    I don't get the ending

  • Enderson
    Enderson 2 days ago +1

    He filmed this for tv...he’s the hero we deserve.

  • H H
    H H 2 days ago

    How is it possible that he keeps getting away with it.

  • doggydude98
    doggydude98 2 days ago

    Lol the comment section

  • Billy Brothers
    Billy Brothers 2 days ago

    The greatest thing ever invented.

  • Ms R
    Ms R 2 days ago

    So random...

  • oceanic deviant
    oceanic deviant 2 days ago

    yea old sammy boy mighta got a bit too cocky with this one

  • Bseroj Trbsr
    Bseroj Trbsr 2 days ago

    No idea what this channel is. If satire, please disregard.
    What the hell was this? What a piece of shit. I don't know if this is meant to be taken seriously (probably not) but, then again, it is #43 on trending right now. Never thank or blame an entire race or demographic for the actions of groups and individuals. People who have invented devices, ideas, and changed the way the world thinks should be given credit, not all people of the same demographic: most of them haven't done anything of note.

    • Bseroj Trbsr
      Bseroj Trbsr 2 days ago

      UnyieldingDefiance What do you mean? I don't see what you're talking about has to do with my comment

    • Bseroj Trbsr
      Bseroj Trbsr 2 days ago

      R S You're not being serious are you? Going for r/whoosh or just trolling me, right?

    • UnyieldingDefiance
      UnyieldingDefiance 2 days ago

      Unless they're non-whites right? Then we've gotta talk about how much African American and Jews have achieved and contributed to white America.

    • R S
      R S 2 days ago +5

      I can tell you're white.
      Only whites are stupid enough to believe in "individualism." Your mind has been Jew'd.
      I guess the good thing about forced demographic replacement these western governments are engaging in (United Nations Replacement Migration Program) is that muslims will wipe you out. Live an individual, die an individual.

  • William Poole
    William Poole 2 days ago +1

    "cotton candy"

  • Baota TV
    Baota TV 2 days ago

    do i dare comment here? ah heck with it, i am on all the lists anyway.

    • R S
      R S 2 days ago

      Welcome to the list my nigga

  • Final Hour HD
    Final Hour HD 2 days ago +3

    One sub = one thank you to white people

  • Cracoucass - bfheroes

    shit's on trending somehow

  • jpmvidal
    jpmvidal 2 days ago +1

    Free speech:
    "Kill white people"
    Hate speech:
    "Deport jews"

  • Frederick Schumar
    Frederick Schumar 2 days ago +1


  • Beats by Clover
    Beats by Clover 2 days ago

    1 k dislikes from (((them))).

  • Pieter Willem Botha
    Pieter Willem Botha 2 days ago +1

    I love how it's specifically a jewish woman who told Sam to give women the right to vote.

  • Yass On
    Yass On 2 days ago +1

    It wasn't on TV because TV is dead.

  • Retarded Pepe
    Retarded Pepe 2 days ago

    Fuck off literal ape

  • TristanRamizi
    TristanRamizi 2 days ago

    You’re welcome none white people

  • Belial61
    Belial61 3 days ago

    Absolute mad lad.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones 3 days ago

    weeellllll now San Francisco has a problem with shit on the streets

  • Trent Jones
    Trent Jones 3 days ago

    whoa, wrong timeline, we don't have the ready-O yet....

  • ?¿
    ?¿ 3 days ago

    No thanks black peoples

  • CankerousBooch Arís

    lol what

  • moxpanda
    moxpanda 3 days ago +2

    I would kill to see the embarrassing extra takes with the 1/8th native fruitcake.

  • Free Minds against Devolutionists

    i will sub gumroad tomorrow. :D

  • Some_Beach
    Some_Beach 3 days ago +1

    How long until it gets taken down

    • Some_Beach
      Some_Beach 3 days ago +1

      J Mason it's TheXvid, take a guess

    • J Mason
      J Mason 3 days ago

      Some_Beach for what?

  • super big boy bob
    super big boy bob 3 days ago +1

    bad goy

  • Hüseyin Buğra Mantar

    Thanks communists for destroying fascism.

    • Hüseyin Buğra Mantar
      Hüseyin Buğra Mantar Day ago

      "White consept" what does that mean.

    • R S
      R S Day ago

      "Racism" is a white concept.

    • Hüseyin Buğra Mantar
      Hüseyin Buğra Mantar 2 days ago

      I think that is a little bit racist.

    • R S
      R S 2 days ago

      Ah yep, communists destroyed those evil fascists and now our children are being taught to be genderqueer while governments are replacing their populations with 70 IQ Africans and Muslims. I mean, could you imagine the state of the world if those goddamn fascists had won? Me and my wife's son hate fascists.

    • Night Of The Long Knives
      Night Of The Long Knives 3 days ago

      What's that quote from that corny movie? Oh yeah. "Ideas are bulletproof"

  • White Working Class Male

    Da soam sheen

  • aprilia addict
    aprilia addict 3 days ago +2

    Don’t mention it.

  • Michael Dominguez
    Michael Dominguez 3 days ago +1

    Just sub to this guy

  • Hx. Williams
    Hx. Williams 3 days ago +2


  • joseppi gabson
    joseppi gabson 3 days ago +1

    trending in uk

  • Itz Mo
    Itz Mo 3 days ago

    I don’t get it

  • Eric Bullock
    Eric Bullock 3 days ago +1

    The pencil lol

  • christopher Loughran
    christopher Loughran 3 days ago +2

    White Man: Your Welcome

  • Fallen Viper
    Fallen Viper 3 days ago +1

    Your Welcome

  • Cyler Sullivan
    Cyler Sullivan 3 days ago +2

    Hahaha the asian had absolutely nothing to say. Thanks for the fireworks man.

  • Owjaha
    Owjaha 3 days ago +2

    Honestly, just amazing.

  • 0451 Shodan
    0451 Shodan 4 days ago +1

    This video is stupid af

  • 0451 Shodan
    0451 Shodan 4 days ago

    White man didn't invent medicine wtf

    • Nautilus
      Nautilus Day ago +1

      Hippocrates wuz a nigga

  • MNA Bhuiyan
    MNA Bhuiyan 4 days ago

    Why the the people say black white grey

  • 1960ARC
    1960ARC 4 days ago

    Thank you white man for faking space, closing Antarctica to hide your illusion and for getting mankind to ignore God's words.

  • Alonzo Stanway
    Alonzo Stanway 4 days ago +1

    you're welcome

  • taesha talbot
    taesha talbot 4 days ago

    I will never thank white people for for stealing and raping my foreparents and re writing history.

    • R S
      R S 2 days ago

      White people didn't do anything different than what others were already doing to each other.

    • Michael Hoffman
      Michael Hoffman 3 days ago

      Fuck you.

    • MrCaptain
      MrCaptain 3 days ago +9

      can you at least thank them for the website you're using ya ungrateful son of vah......

  • taesha talbot
    taesha talbot 4 days ago

    Some of you dont know your history at all

  • tony O'Donnell
    tony O'Donnell 4 days ago +2

    Trending 29th in the UK

  • flippyhambone
    flippyhambone 4 days ago


  • Ayy Linder
    Ayy Linder 4 days ago +1

    Hey Sam most of us can't even afford a car much less the car we want so we don't give a shit about your "let's talk cars with nick" videos.

  • Geni anthea
    Geni anthea 4 days ago

    Well this was...interesting

  • pewpie99
    pewpie99 4 days ago

    np nigas

  • Jamie Woods
    Jamie Woods 4 days ago

    How is this on trending with only 177k views

    • Light Dark
      Light Dark 2 days ago

      R S you seem like a genuine dude. Trust me man, there is no Jewish agenda, and minorities are the same as you and me, just people who are generally good and want to be happy. People like your boy Sammy use the feeling of fear and hatred to gain power. They manipulate people to gain influence because they can. Hitler did it, every moral defective with charisma does it. Find a scapegoat to unburden the miserable and gain power. Its like an Original Story created at the beginning of time that just gets repeated endlessly. Don't be a pawn.

    • Light Dark
      Light Dark 2 days ago

      Its completely neutral. It uses math and nothing else. I was suggesting that Sams fanbase were exploiting the mathematics of the algorithm to promote this video. Who knows, I wouldn't disbelieve it got this popular organically either. It has good production values and is offensive enough to engage emotion to go viral. Its all about clickability + watch time if it has both it will blow.

    • R S
      R S 2 days ago +1

      Weird huh? Almost like TheXvid's algorithm promotes videos with certain keywords and titles. I mean, it's not like we see anti-white shit promoted and trending on the front page frequently. There's no social agenda pushed by companies.

    • Dylan  Burdett
      Dylan Burdett 3 days ago

      I k r, it is extremely narcissists like view
      personally race should have never existed.
      I guess white man created race also...

    • Light Dark
      Light Dark 4 days ago

      Probably algorithm manipulation

  • George Zackrison
    George Zackrison 4 days ago

    Sam real question, how do we comment (if at all possible) on Gumroad?

  • CrimsonGold
    CrimsonGold 4 days ago +2

    we created everything that's of any use basically. ... blacks, well they dindu nuffin 😉

  • corn-dog lebron
    corn-dog lebron 4 days ago +2

    *when this video gets guideline striked*
    what happened to your video, goy?

  • CrimsonGold
    CrimsonGold 4 days ago

    people don't shit in the street 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Proscriptus
    Proscriptus 4 days ago +4

    Blue eye blonde hair master race number one.

  • Nevena Tanaskovic
    Nevena Tanaskovic 4 days ago +1

    Thank you Nikola Tesla, my fellow country man, and Mihailo Pupin, thank you too! And thanks everyone who doesn't shit in the street.

  • Fred
    Fred 4 days ago

    You’re welcome, Mohamed, M’Bele and Alejandro

  • Josh White
    Josh White 4 days ago +1

    The fucking white man's burden lol

  • Josh White
    Josh White 4 days ago

    Lol amazing love it my nigga

  • BlueIsPeace
    BlueIsPeace 4 days ago +1

    You are f*ing welcome , you as*holes...

  • Barry Benson
    Barry Benson 4 days ago

    Lmao, it's fucking trending.

  • Invictus
    Invictus 4 days ago

    You're welcome (except for giving women the vote, that was a mistake).

  • Poppin Melanin
    Poppin Melanin 4 days ago

    This meant be selfish of me to say but can someone explain what just happen? And what it means if you look further into it?

    • Desert beagle
      Desert beagle 4 days ago

      The Boulder is civilization and the man pushing it is the white population. The people it interviews are the ones that contribute the least to the most in society. With Women getting the right to vote, the boulder drops down.

  • No Name
    No Name 4 days ago +1

    Racist As Fuck ! Yo my Nigga how must bullshit do they paids you fam ?

  • MaxAero
    MaxAero 4 days ago +1


  • V8 - Human
    V8 - Human 4 days ago

    Fuck that's good

  • radioactivehied
    radioactivehied 4 days ago

    What did I just watch I feel this new feeling its like... Like.... Happy Ness

  • Big Tommy G
    Big Tommy G 5 days ago


  • Tiny w
    Tiny w 5 days ago

    There no are racial, national or gendered achievements, only individual people and individual achievements, I refuse to take credits for other people's work. I also refuse to be held accountable for atrocities carried out by those with whom I share a Nationality Race or gender.
    Evil stright white male

  • Kanyesige Muhumza
    Kanyesige Muhumza 5 days ago +1

    Thank You White people

  • Lamisa Chirpy
    Lamisa Chirpy 5 days ago

    The invention of radio by Marconi is not 100 per cent true. Wireless communication method was first invented by a Bengali scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.He was born in India ( now Bangladesh) in my hometown. Marconi had just used this method. Check it out on google.

    • White Working Class Male
      White Working Class Male 4 days ago +4

      Heinrich Hertz was the first to create UHF spark wireless transmissions in Germany in 1885. He made a radio controlled model boat he used to fuck around with in Manhattan docks and tried to get the navy interested in it. Tesla then made a giant transmission tower on Long Island to make worldwide radio transmission services. He ran out of money so fucked the idea off. Tesla has the patents to radio

    • Lamisa Chirpy
      Lamisa Chirpy 4 days ago

      +White Working Class Male Bose is known as the father of wireless telecommunication. He invented Mercury Coherer which is a radio wave receiver. Marconi used it to build an operational two-way radio.

    • White Working Class Male
      White Working Class Male 4 days ago +5

      Nikola Tesla invented radio technology. That's why they are called Tesla coils

  • wandering vagabond
    wandering vagabond 5 days ago

    Save a white chick,slap a feminist

  • Morinitio
    Morinitio 5 days ago +5

    we wuz kang

  • Quality People Programming

    I love how they do the races in order of shit they’ve actually contributed to society. MDE will never die.