Thank You White People

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    Mike Lazzo's favorite sketch no bullshit. He laughed his motherfucking head off over this one. Can u guess why this was not on TV?
    Dir: Ruse
    First actor did not know what was going on. Second actor knew what was up and did a million takes trying to sneak in Daily Show anti-White jibes and change the tone of the sketch but we got one good one outta him. Third guy was such a bad actor we just cut his lines entirely. The end effect is supposed to be a boulder rolling downhill on it's own (we woulda shopped the actors out of the shot) because da White man got distracted by a hoe)
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  • Graham Hardie
    Graham Hardie 11 hours ago

    "and we wuz kangz" lost it

  • MisterProfessor
    MisterProfessor 3 days ago

    I clicked on the 2018 TheXvid Rewind and got this video.

  • Based Eggman
    Based Eggman 4 days ago

    So why didn’t the Asian say anything

  • Wrong Number
    Wrong Number 5 days ago

    White Supremacist

  • MrFuggleGuggle
    MrFuggleGuggle 6 days ago

    I do like pencils.

  • Johann Badenhorst
    Johann Badenhorst 10 days ago

    So wrong but so Right.

  • coprographia
    coprographia 11 days ago

    Ideology makes even geniuses stupid.

  • OreoVII
    OreoVII 13 days ago

    Didn't Sam once say there was no anti semetic signs or scenes in World Peace, and go off on Joel Bernstein for taking the show down?

    • White_CIS Internet_Males
      White_CIS Internet_Males 3 days ago

      Sam does comedy retard.

    • Joshie Woshie
      Joshie Woshie 5 days ago

      He denied the rumor that there were "hidden swastikas" in the show, if that's what you're referencing. I don't think he ever denied the notion that World Peace was anti-Semitic, though.
      Besides, I don't think they could sneak in an anti-Semitic joke if they tried; Adult Swim was constantly censoring their skits, and the closest thing to "anti-Semitic" that was aired was probably the Jews Rock skit, and even that was censored as it was originally supposed to be "Jews Rule."

  • strangebrew420
    strangebrew420 14 days ago +2

    That first guy tho. He’s really proud of himself for all that reading. It’s cute really

  • Tsoliassssssssssssss
    Tsoliassssssssssssss 16 days ago

    you forgot watermelon.

  • ienjoyapples
    ienjoyapples 16 days ago

    p a e i o u c a e i o u l

  • Rapsha100
    Rapsha100 17 days ago +2

    Your welcome black person.

  • Jumpy Cat
    Jumpy Cat 18 days ago +1

    I like the way the first guy says "pencil".✏️

  • Adam D.
    Adam D. 18 days ago

    Obviously this isnt analogous to reality, it's a parody of something very few people unironically believe, that's what makes it such a relatable and funny comedy sketch

  • Tony Wallick
    Tony Wallick 18 days ago +2

    We wuz kang

  • Kris Silver
    Kris Silver 19 days ago +1

    Thank you white man, for creating an entire generation dependent on technology

  • Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel 20 days ago +1

    you can turn your back on a man, but make sure they arent a shiftless minority

  • Rick Fredrick
    Rick Fredrick 20 days ago


  • Pee Pas
    Pee Pas 20 days ago


  • Fexlar Productions
    Fexlar Productions 23 days ago +1

    Thank you sam for this piece of art. I was thinking of doing something pretty drastic before watching.

    FLUTTERER 3600BPM 24 days ago

    Description makes it even better! Da Peyoncal

  • TreehouseINC
    TreehouseINC 25 days ago

    poor asian guy smh

  • jacob
    jacob 25 days ago +2

    “The Pewncel” 😂

  • Carla Mayer
    Carla Mayer 25 days ago +1

    People only care about things that white men created. There is no humanity or empathy. Humans only know how to create things and destroy the hearth. There no such a thing as becoming truely a better person. Just because someone gives you things does not mean they care about you for real. Material possessions do not make you a better person and they will never make you happy. Many people are brainwashed believing that white people are better people because they created things. White people are the only people who think they are flawless, they don't know what they don't know, they think they know everything. They call black people savages but white people are the ones who enslaved and killed many human beings for years, created guns and started many wars that killed thousands of people. Black people need to stop listening to white people. They will never feel empathy for you because white people do not feel empathy for each other in their own communities, most of them are narcissists. They are taught to act the way they do since they were children. Black people should start studying more about african history. They are many lies told by white peope about african history. Many African queens and Kings fought against white people in the past to protect their people. You should stop believing in what white people tell you, all they say are lies. They want to control you with their lies. They want to lower your self-steem to make you think they are superior to you. They stole everything from Africa and instead of rebuilding yourself, you are siding with the enemy? Many white people are pretending to be black people if you think I'm lying, go do your own research and you will see for yourself. Many black people are being kidnapped and their melanin is being drained to inject in white people. The movie get out is real. Black people need to wake up and do something about this, you need to fight back. There is a lot of interracial couple propaganda these days, I wonder why. They stole everything from your land and now they also want to steal your skin color, they want to become you. Some black people may think white people trying to become black is flattering but this is more scary than flattering. Think about all the black people that have been kidnapped and killed for white people to steal their melanin. Black people need to stop caring about what white people do and say.

    • Jake
      Jake 4 days ago +1

      you are dumb as hell

    • StripperTipper-405
      StripperTipper-405 23 days ago

      Do you have any idea that you are not intelligent or are you oblivious?
      Look up the Dunning-Kruger effect then smoke some DMT to understand how ill informed your ideas are.

    • Galna Dagar
      Galna Dagar 24 days ago +4


  • Like Clockwork64
    Like Clockwork64 25 days ago +1

    Well this isn't wrong.

  • M
    M 26 days ago

    That was incredibly boring & cringe. Nazis were full of shit and they still did this kind of thing way better than Sam

  • gopher urcell
    gopher urcell 27 days ago +2

    Silly goyim!

  • s.p.FOX
    s.p.FOX 27 days ago

    Mat Mundane took it.

  • jack tingle
    jack tingle 28 days ago

    the myth of sisyphuck

  • Holy Knight
    Holy Knight 28 days ago +3

    I'm so glad my ancestry dna came back 100% white. The results came with a white privilege card enclosed, and now I get free soda at burger king.

  • OJM #6
    OJM #6 28 days ago +1

    Where's ur boulder goy lol

  • Bluerecord
    Bluerecord 28 days ago

    The asian should have thanked whites for animal welfare.

  • Deceiver
    Deceiver 28 days ago +4

    I guess I'm a stupid goy

  • Shiest
    Shiest 29 days ago +1

    da pensul

  • 1st Soy Battalion 75th Bugman Brigade

    Heart breakingly, we will probably go extinct in the next 100 years due to race mixing and low birth rates.

  • jsdjsdssa
    jsdjsdssa 29 days ago

    Actually a Jew created the internet (bob kahn)

  • saxon
    saxon 29 days ago

    Not really understanding the 1k dislikes

  • Ievolovel
    Ievolovel Month ago

    you're white mmm hmm

  • Pepe Silvia
    Pepe Silvia Month ago

    The compruter

  • Dahmintius The Iron Wolf

    You're welcome good lads and lasses.

  • Aaron Rose
    Aaron Rose Month ago

    The pincuwl

  • Lotario Vergamota
    Lotario Vergamota Month ago

    0:52 that face says everything you need to know

  • plaksa
    plaksa Month ago

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure women can vote in Asian countries. For some reason Asian women voters haven’t destroyed their nations yet. Maybe it has less to do with women and more to do with globalists, why the asian man is now at the top and the white man has literally and figuratively let the ball drop.

    • DohTheEntertainer83
      DohTheEntertainer83 28 days ago +1

      plaksa China got "changed" by philanthropists that just so happened to be jewish. Their flags still the same as when that happened, so go figure.

    • plaksa
      plaksa Month ago

      Well I meant in the sketch, but in reality I would say the asian man is poised to take over as the race at the forefront...but then again I don’t see how that would be in the unmentionables’ interest. China doesn’t give a fuck about what happened in WWII and I don’t know if they’re allies with the nation of Israel.

    • R S
      R S Month ago

      I don't disagree, although I am curious about voting patterns for Asian women (i.e. are Japanese women also more likely to lean "left wing"). I wouldn't say the Asian man is at the top yet, that's another certain unmentionable ethnicity, especially since it's them coordinating European/white-majority countries getting flooded, not Asians.

  • dio brando
    dio brando Month ago +1

    Thank You White People for making this sketch

  • ouachitaMTNSroamer 87

    I iz woke

  • taylortuckey313
    taylortuckey313 Month ago

    SHUT. IT. DOWN!!

  • Ed Gein
    Ed Gein Month ago

    Red Bull gives you we wuz Wangs.

  • c c
    c c Month ago

    fucking LOVE THIS man

  • IrrationalBees
    IrrationalBees Month ago

    Don't thank me, I didn't do shit.

    • DohTheEntertainer83
      DohTheEntertainer83 28 days ago +3

      IrrationalBees Edgy.

    • IrrationalBees
      IrrationalBees Month ago

      +UnyieldingDefiance Thank a bunch of dead people for this meaningless, empty Hell we live in. Ok.

    • UnyieldingDefiance
      UnyieldingDefiance Month ago +4

      Thank your ancestors and all that you take for granted.

  • Lou Siffer
    Lou Siffer Month ago +1

    I'm enjoying this video while I can.

  • Xander Patten
    Xander Patten Month ago

    The description just made my day.

  • Stoned Prophet
    Stoned Prophet Month ago

    Thank you!

  • 123 456
    123 456 Month ago

    So frustrating NPC normals got this taken down and even they dont know why

  • Sowjet
    Sowjet Month ago

    where did that japanese ninja go, he just fucking vanished

  • Infantry Captain
    Infantry Captain Month ago

    You're welcome.

  • Nate Freeland
    Nate Freeland Month ago

    This is like a fucked up pee wee episode. Awesome

  • Ken Waller
    Ken Waller Month ago

    That was great

  • Jay Roy
    Jay Roy Month ago

    the PEOWNCIL

  • lola1984
    lola1984 Month ago

    effing priceless!

  • Chad Blankenship
    Chad Blankenship Month ago

    I am amazed they made this and I’m amazed it’s on You tube

    SUCKRPUNCHED Month ago

    He calls the Jewish guy white lol

  • Chad Blankenship
    Chad Blankenship Month ago +1

    What is with black folks and saying COMPURTER? Haha

  • Chad Blankenship
    Chad Blankenship Month ago

    Where did this video come from?

  • John Manzuki
    John Manzuki Month ago

    How did you get to film on the Infinity War set?

  • CyanPunch
    CyanPunch Month ago

    If this is the funniest comedy the alt right can excrete, then it will be dark times in twenty years when we're all stuck in the ancap white ethnostate :(

    • Galna Dagar
      Galna Dagar 24 days ago

      Million dollar extreme is the kind of fever dream I want to live in.

    • bocrillz
      bocrillz Month ago +6

      CyanPunch I think you meant to say " heaven on Earth " their bud...

  • OneTwo
    OneTwo Month ago +1

    as if inventing any of that shit has anything to do with race

    • StripperTipper-405
      StripperTipper-405 23 days ago

      Your understanding of Anthropology and Geography is embarrassingly poor.
      One glaring point I'll bother typing is that Africa is the most resource rich land on the planet. South America is second. Their weather and coastlines are perfect.
      These people have no excuse for their perpetual failures. The only variable that really matter- is the people.
      Replace the Bantu with Dutch and you have a first word power in a generation and a nuclear power in a few.
      Do the same with the Mexicans and you'll have the same result. Mexico would be transformed into a well oiled paradise.
      Look, I used to believe like you as I thought it was the most sophisticated and well thought position. It's not.
      Peoples are not equal. Difficult truths are still true.
      One cannot simply be a shoe in for the next. All people have the right to their land. If it's wrong for china to occupy Tibet then it's wrong for Mexicans to occupy Boston.
      Peoples have places and they build them to the level that they can.

    • R S
      R S Month ago +1

      That's a very white way of thinking, OneTwo.

    • OneTwo
      OneTwo Month ago

      +UnyieldingDefiance they obviously didn't, neither did Africans - but I'd argue that's more a product of climate than anything else - how are you gonna build a civilization with that little water, hot temperature and hard to domesticate animals? The Chinese & the Arabs have been considerably further ahead than any Europeans in certain points of history. If you want proof for whites not being superior, just look at Nazi websites or pathetic shit like this.

    • OneTwo
      OneTwo Month ago

      +bocrillz well throughout the ages, the sinic people, particularly Chinese & Mongols have been much further developed than any Europeans - where was your great white race then? It's all ideas that win, not genetics.

    • UnyieldingDefiance
      UnyieldingDefiance Month ago +2

      Name something groundbreaking that an Aboriginal invented, go.

  • Hirohito's Waifu
    Hirohito's Waifu Month ago

    based and redpilled

  • J R
    J R Month ago +2

    "Second actor knew what was up and did a million takes trying to sneak in Daily Show anti-White jibes and change the tone of the sketch but we got one good one outta him" I thought that was Nick

    • bocrillz
      bocrillz 22 days ago +1

      StripperTipper-405 Do you just patrol TheXvid looking to correct people who make spelling mistakes at 3 am?

    • StripperTipper-405
      StripperTipper-405 23 days ago

      Would HAVE*
      Not "would of".

    • bocrillz
      bocrillz Month ago +1

      Javier Ramos I heard that to. He kept trying to add his own shit because he knew what was going on. I would of just tossed his ass out and hired a dumb ass inbred Puertorican off the street to spit a few lines. Too stupid to know, and too poor to care. He would of wanted that $

  • The Original Gamer
    The Original Gamer Month ago

    Cotton candy was technically invented by Asians. Are they white?

    • bocrillz
      bocrillz Month ago

      The Original Gamer yes honorary Whites. Also the only thing you could come up with on that list to try to negate all the other incredible things IS FUCKING COTTON CANDY. LMFAO!

  • Isaac Chay
    Isaac Chay Month ago +1

    yea ok, but was u kings n shit ?

  • fatkiller1000
    fatkiller1000 Month ago +5

    I love how the asian doesn't say anything because they have a society that isn't shit.

  • the chav
    the chav Month ago

    This is a bit far off. The average white person didn't invent these things
    Capital and clever white people did. And they both don't give a fuck about you

    • R S
      R S Day ago

      the chav
      Somewhat true, however at least the average white can keep their societies and inventions made by "capital and clever whites" going. We can't say the same for blacks. Detroit, Africa (Empire of Dust documentary)...

    • DohTheEntertainer83
      DohTheEntertainer83 28 days ago +3

      the chav "I'm so inferior! Fuck the superiors!" This is a mental disorder.

    • Hydrogen Valve
      Hydrogen Valve Month ago +2

      Its a joke retard

  • Zachary Rose
    Zachary Rose Month ago

    It's OK to be white!

  • GZA036
    GZA036 Month ago +2

    Sam, what were the lines for the Asian man?

    • R S
      R S Month ago

      Sam's Asian impression is hilarious, it'd be funny if he released a video doing an Asian impression reading off the original lines for the Asian.

  • robbietownfantastic
    robbietownfantastic Month ago +1

    Just so people know IF the United State wanted to cut violent crime IN HALF (things like you know, rape, murder, battery, aggravated assault ect) we would only need to get ride of 13% of the population, the blacks. We need harmonious societies not ones who force people to live around each other which leads to racial tension, violence and having to live in fear of your own countrymen and their crime stats. Do fathers of white daughters really want to live around blacks once they find out the interracial rape statistics of black on white rape vs white on black... the difference is alarming. Is forcing people to raise their kids around these people really the moral highground on this? Seems like I am pro harmony and safety and the moralists are pro rape of women. The open boarder people certainly are.

  • robbietownfantastic

    They call us racist when they are trying to destroy our race and we point that out and say we don't like that and that's not cool. We get called racist when their is a global genocide being orchestrated against our people. Read the Talmud Goy, find out who the most racist people on the planet are and have been for thousands and thousands of years.

  • FloorPannel
    FloorPannel Month ago

    im not white im pink

  • meanbeats
    meanbeats Month ago

  • meanbeats
    meanbeats Month ago

  • meanbeats
    meanbeats Month ago

  • Trash Dove
    Trash Dove Month ago +1

    What happened to your boulder goy?

    • Hydrogen Valve
      Hydrogen Valve Month ago +1

      I don't know. I wasn't looking, next thing I knew, boulder's gone. I guess i'm a stupid goy.

  • Ryan Bannerman
    Ryan Bannerman Month ago

    The scariest bit was when the Grabbler turned up, I wasn't expecting sir, not one bit

  • Quel
    Quel Month ago


  • l1ght
    l1ght Month ago

    what kind of nightmare is this?

  • Patrick Chinaski
    Patrick Chinaski Month ago

    It's "we're kings".

  • tt
    tt Month ago +4

    Jew takes a fucking mechanical lift to the top. Oy vey!

  • Pim Hendrix
    Pim Hendrix Month ago +1

    no problem, but as a white dude i didnt really do any of these but thanks anyway!

    • StripperTipper-405
      StripperTipper-405 23 days ago +1

      But you can support yourself financially right?

      That's more than the average black guy can say.

  • SweetBro HellaJeff
    SweetBro HellaJeff Month ago

    You're white.

  • I.
    I. Month ago

    remember the 90s guys? ...look for "Mr. Show Cracker Barrel"

  • Kommandant Franz
    Kommandant Franz Month ago

    That girl so annoying

  • Kemal Ficici
    Kemal Ficici Month ago

    white man invented the atom, you heard it here first.

    • Kemal Ficici
      Kemal Ficici 8 days ago

      +Lung Butter prolly just stupid tbh

    • Lung Butter
      Lung Butter 9 days ago +1

      Are you being intentionally disingenuous or you just stupid?

  • LaTrell
    LaTrell Month ago

    No wonder his show got cancelled.

  • Phranger
    Phranger Month ago

    You're welcome.

  • White Makes Right
    White Makes Right Month ago

    Too woke for TV. A wonderful, beautiful sketch. MDE are geniuses and madmen.

  • Gummie Worm Productions

    Am I supposed to take this sketch on face value, or is this mocking itself?

  • Simon Peter Abraham

    I disagree about since the beginning of recorded history. My people can mark down the alphabet, mercantilism, and sailing, making all of this possible. I don’t ask for a thank you, but I’d appreciate recognition. Maybe that’s all white people want.

    • Simon Peter Abraham
      Simon Peter Abraham 23 days ago

      StripperTipper-405 in terms of the video, yeah. I guess you’re right, all people just want recognition.
      Edit: I’m not white.

    • StripperTipper-405
      StripperTipper-405 23 days ago

      Sure you are.

  • geo man
    geo man Month ago

    Where's the footage of the last guy's lines? You didn't just throw 'em in the garbage can didga?

  • Joseph Rudowicz
    Joseph Rudowicz Month ago

    Why don't Jewish people know they are white too? That was such a passing comment at the very end, it was almost subliminal.

  • Spencer Stevens
    Spencer Stevens Month ago

    I want to know what the Asian was going to say!

  • Father Of Decay
    Father Of Decay Month ago

    And thank you for being such great sports.