Thank You White People

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    Mike Lazzo's favorite sketch no bullshit. He laughed his motherfucking head off over this one. Can u guess why this was not on TV?
    Dir: Ruse
    First actor did not know what was going on. Second actor knew what was up and did a million takes trying to sneak in Daily Show anti-White jibes and change the tone of the sketch but we got one good one outta him. Third guy was such a bad actor we just cut his lines entirely. The end effect is supposed to be a boulder rolling downhill on it's own (we woulda shopped the actors out of the shot) because da White man got distracted by a hoe)
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  • Le Skooks
    Le Skooks 2 hours ago

    "you're white"
    O Y

  • Cory Goodman
    Cory Goodman Day ago

    "where they don't shit in the street"
    Yeah, San Francisco ruined that one

  • linky g
    linky g 3 days ago +2

    yfw you realize he's trying to say penicillin not pencil

  • dahuterschuter
    dahuterschuter 4 days ago

    How come it didn't make it to air?

  • Sangui
    Sangui 4 days ago

    Don't get Jew mixed with White.

  • kid_a_2000
    kid_a_2000 11 days ago

    This guy gets it. You can’t address the JQ without the WQ.

  • Десничар
    Десничар 12 days ago

    1938 will commence again!

  • Cis-White Russian Bot
    Cis-White Russian Bot 13 days ago

    I just clicked on the video without noticing the channel. I had no clue that it was Sam Hyde until the end

  • Melanitta nigra
    Melanitta nigra 14 days ago

    MDE was better when sam hyde didnt try to shoehorn race into everything. like he makes some valid points certainly but good lord he is starting to sound like a retard on r9k or some shit.

    • gouryoku
      gouryoku 10 days ago +3

      You're high on your own diarrhoeal ideas

  • Ayer Flite
    Ayer Flite 14 days ago

    that bit at the end
    about women voting
    and then the rock rolls back down hill.
    remember that.

  • James Volk
    James Volk 15 days ago +1

    Lol how the fuck could Sam have thought World Peace could have stayed on the air -maybe if he was on The Blaze TV

  • mitonitro
    mitonitro 16 days ago

    Thanke you

  • willem dafaq
    willem dafaq 16 days ago

    Woman - Thanks for creating the voting system, not giving it to women and dozens of different demographics of humans, THEN giving it to the women and others

  • Billy Bimkins
    Billy Bimkins 17 days ago +2

    Love how when he got to the Asian guy it was just silence XD

  • KaizoVG
    KaizoVG 18 days ago +1

    How about, in a logical sense, since everybody is born randomly, and one cannot take credit for all of their race's past inventions and ideas, so one should not feel prideful about such and use it as an argument, as they are not their ancestors. And vice-versa for criticisms. I see in the comments people who say "Thank God for that I am white" but then will go on to never be a productive person, or as productive as their racial counterparts. Does it matter today? Maybe for those who are ill-minded, and wish to keep everything confined to the past, rather than the present or future. This can only cause malice among races. Sure it is a fact, but, again, does it truly matter? However, for some other things this video presents, I can see reasons for.

    • R S
      R S 8 days ago

      That's a very white way of thinking, KaizoVG.

  • Nicholas Adams
    Nicholas Adams 21 day ago

    You can tell what level your fans are operating on because their favorite part is how the guy says “pencil”

    • R S
      R S 19 days ago +2

      What happened to your sense of humor, goy?

  • Nicholas Adams
    Nicholas Adams 21 day ago

    Lol i get it white men are like sisyphus and the boulder is the other races we are propping up with superior civilization, this is some smart shit and definitely not hackneyed

    • 0x07
      0x07 8 days ago +2

      T R I G G E R E D

  • BKrandy
    BKrandy 22 days ago +1


  • We ARE the people
    We ARE the people 24 days ago

    The *payne*cil

  • Syrup
    Syrup 25 days ago


  • Dave Griffin
    Dave Griffin 26 days ago

    Why was this scene deleted?

  • samson
    samson 28 days ago

    One must imagine Sam Hyde happy

  • JerrytheBaum
    JerrytheBaum 28 days ago

    Oy vey!

  • Puffy Guffy
    Puffy Guffy 28 days ago

    man if you didn't fuck the shit out of that chick sam

  • Ian Sweet
    Ian Sweet 29 days ago

    “I don’t give a fuck about that”

  • Lucas Rousso
    Lucas Rousso Month ago

    Hahaha hahaha

  • chaos lord
    chaos lord Month ago +1

    The 3rd actor was the silent asian?

  • lex luther
    lex luther Month ago +2

    Why are pure whites so fucking stupid when they're young though? In my experience they soak up ignorant urban culture like a sponge in comparison to the mutt counterparts.
    Once they age most become good lads, more Hank Hill than Mgk but young white kids are very disrespectful and almost psychopathic. Seen some unassuming kids come in on some serious charges in the county and when you hear them speak it instantly makes sense. Thanks jews

  • Lil Shekel
    Lil Shekel Month ago +3

    At the end, "You're white." Umm hmmm. Yes indeed.

  • Shlomo Shekelberg
    Shlomo Shekelberg Month ago

    She's so hot

  • HiHaikal
    HiHaikal Month ago

    i thought many invention are from arab

    • Sargo
      Sargo 21 day ago +1

      When Arabs where white tho

    • strangebrew420
      strangebrew420 26 days ago

      They are. He's just reading from a /pol/ thread

  • Hop
    Hop Month ago

    True hero lol

  • Changeling Prince
    Changeling Prince Month ago +2

    mde is dead and sam is a hack fraud.

    • strangebrew420
      strangebrew420 Month ago +1

      MDE is definitely dead. Brett Gelman and Joe Bernstein killed it. Sam lives out of his truck now, Nick owns an antique shop, and Charls streams on twitch and is apparently getting into legit acting

  • Drake Byzerion
    Drake Byzerion Month ago

    Yeah, Youre welcome.

  • strangebrew420
    strangebrew420 Month ago +5

    "name one sketch that was remotely alt-right"

    • Severe Enjoyment
      Severe Enjoyment 27 days ago

      I believe what he said was “Name one skit with CODED racial messages” and even put emphasis on “coded”. He knew there was some blatant shit in World Peace.

      ONE VISION ONE PURPOSE Month ago +1


  • Den Mun
    Den Mun Month ago

    my grandfather used to call me skeesix

  • Sumner Stuart
    Sumner Stuart Month ago

    Holy shit

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker Month ago +1

    lmao this lacks subtly

  • Clean Up Crew
    Clean Up Crew Month ago +1

    Hey is there any way I can support your public access show if I'm in UK

    • strangebrew420
      strangebrew420 Month ago +1

      Call up Turner Broadcasting and say you want MDE: World Peace back on the air

  • jime Pendall
    jime Pendall Month ago

    Y'all welcome

  • Mom's Ravioli
    Mom's Ravioli Month ago +3

    MundaneMatt took his boulder.

  • Andrew Dreemurr
    Andrew Dreemurr Month ago +1

    "What happened to your boulder (aka civilization) goy?" "Idk, you keep fucking with it for giggles." "Hehehe such easily manipulated dumb goyim"

  • Terf1988
    Terf1988 Month ago +1

    SIREN VI Month ago +6

    rip r/MDE

    • Lucius
      Lucius Month ago

      So basically 4chan without anonymity.. what's the point man. When will people just accept that this white genocide, Jewish lizard conspiracy is at its conception fringe. You're not going to normalize hatred as being 'based' and 'real'. Normal people will always recognize this stuff as hideous trash. It will forever be the content of the subsewer systems of society (ie 4chan). Normal people use reddit, and will always use reddit, not 4chan 2.0.. reddit is guided by inherent human goodness, and 4chan et. all is guided by fringe rejects who are too weak to accept their flaws and so project them onto minorities and society in general. People find that repulsive, as they should

    • Terf1988
      Terf1988 Month ago

  • rich piana
    rich piana Month ago

    This is a satirization of the alt right mentality. You don't have to thank me for shit though, nor do I want to be thanked, most of us just want to be left alone.

    • Professor Cunt
      Professor Cunt Month ago

      This isn't satire my goy, but I get your point.

  • Coolmaster X
    Coolmaster X Month ago

    Funny how the native American had nothing to say.

  • Pzkfw5
    Pzkfw5 Month ago

    Wow, some one in google dropped the ball on this one

  • Alex Lucht
    Alex Lucht Month ago

    Should have had Frank play the Asian guy.

  • Thank you Kanye, very cool!

    your lil nuts are gonna be quakin

  • bones020694
    bones020694 Month ago

    loling at goyim

  • гарри стоя
    гарри стоя Month ago +1

    Is sammy gonna make another ig and yt account?? 😩😱😭 i miss them

    • R S
      R S Month ago

      he's on twitter

  • Jordannadroj20
    Jordannadroj20 Month ago +6

    Not exactly an exercise in subtlety is it

    • viciousspew
      viciousspew Month ago +2

      Shut up libtard. This is extremely deep and thought-provoking.

  • contingent exe
    contingent exe Month ago +1

    Basicly, other races let us advance to just have them take advantage of us when we had a moral crisis in the end.

  • lenin1928
    lenin1928 Month ago

    BEAUTIFUL......except for the asians. They have a lot more to say thank you for.

  • NewJackRustler
    NewJackRustler Month ago

    You're not welcome.

  • TheRealJackRyan
    TheRealJackRyan Month ago

    Best thing I have ever seen ever, literally unirioncially. But for real do, seriously. Twist ending master race.

  • Teadon Urajh
    Teadon Urajh Month ago

    This is a comedy nuke!

  • Yzzami
    Yzzami Month ago

    Oy vey

  • Ben Industries
    Ben Industries Month ago +1

    The Peyuncul 😂😂😂

  • Christopher McDonald
    Christopher McDonald Month ago +5

    Boulder's gone?
    Must be Matt Jarbo spending time with his daughter.

  • Miska34
    Miska34 Month ago +6

    The Asian didn't say a word because he knows it's only a matter of of time before they rule the world.

  • Gustave Viking
    Gustave Viking Month ago +1

    Standing in line.... invented by the white man...

  • Vre83
    Vre83 Month ago +1

    The compurter

    • 104832
      104832 Month ago +1

      prolly on coke

    • Vre83
      Vre83 Month ago

      His hand shaking so hard

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Month ago

    It's... It's beautiful.

  • PV Pike Mence
    PV Pike Mence Month ago +2

    I feel like im being thanked for something i didnt do. Feels awkward. I have this similar feeling when im condemned for slavery all the time

    • R S
      R S Month ago +3

      Better get used to it. Your government handed your country to Mexico on a silver platter. Now as they colonize and conquer you through "immigration", they are taught in your schools that *you* are privileged, white supremacist, an oppressor.
      Of course it's not true, it's a powerplay.
      But what do you think is going to happen when the struggle between La Raza and Americans reaches it's pinnacle? "Kill Nazis" they say. Except this time, you're the Nazi.

  • Jessica Opal
    Jessica Opal Month ago

    No one on the left would even understand any of this.

  • Jessica Opal
    Jessica Opal Month ago +1

    I don't give a fuck about that 😂😂😂

  • Lol Guy
    Lol Guy Month ago

    Show me one funny thing Sam has ever done. I don’t believe it exists.

    • donny walmart
      donny walmart Month ago

      yeah this one is great too. my favorite part is when the video is too long and not funny

    • donny walmart
      donny walmart Month ago

      funny like a schizophrenic fever dream!

    • donny walmart
      donny walmart Month ago

      yeah this one is long so it's funny. nice! keep the great recs coming!

    • donny walmart
      donny walmart Month ago

      yeah dude, that was so funny to watch him get mad and hit something. unreal. very funny.

    • donny walmart
      donny walmart Month ago

      oh yeah, that one is really funny. that part where he almost hits the camera guy is so funny. amazing.

  • Lol Guy
    Lol Guy Month ago

    I wonder if any of these brainwashed loonies will ever admit that Sam isn’t funny. Like, at all.

  • Lol Guy
    Lol Guy Month ago

    Man, this is funny!

  • Danny McCaffrey
    Danny McCaffrey Month ago

    How'd he get Weird Al to do this?

  • BuckBreaker 14/88
    BuckBreaker 14/88 Month ago

    W E W L A D

    BOSS MEDIA Month ago

    White peoples invented liberalism that helped create racial problems

  • Pirate Bear
    Pirate Bear Month ago +3

    I thought the sketch was ballsy from the beginning, but when the Jew popped up at the end, I was like, "These MFers did NOT!" lol

  • david nichols
    david nichols Month ago

    All I know is that, at this point, ONLY this matters: The trenchant declaration of history is that blacks and whites are utterly incompatible and have no business living together.

  • The Descendant
    The Descendant Month ago


  • James Fischer
    James Fischer Month ago

    I'm so confused and then I read the description and became even more confused.

  • Roku Thedog
    Roku Thedog Month ago

    Is that crank lucas?

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks Month ago +1

    Wow the ending... Goy

  • Mustard Tiger
    Mustard Tiger Month ago +1

    WE ARE Americans, we're not Black, white, Yellow or Red people!!!!!! WE ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! Stop the division NOW!!!!!

    • UnyieldingDefiance
      UnyieldingDefiance 18 days ago

      Oh the irony, it's boomers keeping this egalitarian system going, dumbass. I'm a millennial.

    • Sargo
      Sargo 21 day ago

      +UnyieldingDefiance go away boomer

    • UnyieldingDefiance
      UnyieldingDefiance Month ago +1

      +Mustard Tiger No.

    • Mustard Tiger
      Mustard Tiger Month ago

      +Yung Pac - how did you get SO stupid???????

    • Yung Pac
      Yung Pac Month ago +2

      Black people love to divide us so why not?

  • Tonraq Korr
    Tonraq Korr Month ago

    Thank you, black ppl, for inventing modern music. Great sketch, hope we won't go overboard to the other side after this boat rocks back.

    • Tonraq Korr
      Tonraq Korr Month ago

      +Imperial Japanese Soldier i mean funk, soul, rhytm&blues. I don't mean contemporary music, which is their fault as well

    • Imperial Japanese Soldier
      Imperial Japanese Soldier Month ago +2

      Modern music is absolute garbage.

  • Andrew Bacon
    Andrew Bacon Month ago

    Oh are we gonna play this White/Black game?
    Just know you niggas are going to lose this fight.......

  • Paradox xodarap
    Paradox xodarap Month ago +1

    Yeah ok, I can understand why they'd accuse him of being a white supremacist now.

  • Edward Hester
    Edward Hester Month ago +2

    He forgot the airplane, the ability to refine oil, the automobile, the motor.....

  • Edward Hester
    Edward Hester Month ago

    Holy shit you better download this if you want to see in the future..they will definitely delete this channel

  • Gliese 380
    Gliese 380 Month ago

    anytime, bubba

  • White Devil
    White Devil Month ago

    When did we invent the "compruter" and the "prencil?"

  • Jake The Snake
    Jake The Snake Month ago +1

    Asians don't have anything to be thankful for of whites

    • Bojaxs
      Bojaxs Month ago +1

      ungrateful swine!

  • Mike Grace
    Mike Grace Month ago

    Lol wtf did I just watch

  • 92Vucgy
    92Vucgy Month ago

    O wey

  • Relative Points Now

    The fuck is this shit I just watched

  • Capitán Rastrero
    Capitán Rastrero Month ago

    lol that hispanic was white.

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds Month ago

    White? No, Caucasian, european, yes

  • conker466
    conker466 Month ago

    Thank you youtube comment section for continuing to give me cancer :D

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh Month ago


  • Crown Admirer
    Crown Admirer Month ago +1

    I only thank the people that invented things, everyone else trying to hitch a ride based on skin colour can kiss my ass.

    • Crown Admirer
      Crown Admirer Month ago +1

      Nalis Solus Why would I feel guilty for something I didnt do? I think we are on the same page.

    • Nalis Solus
      Nalis Solus Month ago +1

      Alright but then say goodbye to collective guilt as well!

  • Dirty D Disagrees
    Dirty D Disagrees Month ago


  • Crown Admirer
    Crown Admirer Month ago

    Colour of skin is not a people. Stupidity of people today.

    • R S
      R S Month ago

      That's a very bizarre segue, Crown Admirer. Pretty clear you're admitting to something I didn't even have to ask.

    • Crown Admirer
      Crown Admirer Month ago

      R S I know where I'm from, fuck off lost boy.

    • R S
      R S Month ago +1

      That's a very white thing to say, Crown Admirer

  • Ammonite Shell
    Ammonite Shell Month ago

    Lel no who even wants white stupidity.

  • hecatomb
    hecatomb Month ago

    so is the boulder a metaphor for the world?

    • Postal England
      Postal England Month ago

      Metaphor for the progress of Civilisation, it fell all the way back down because Sammy is just a dumb Goy.