Thank You White People

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    Mike Lazzo's favorite sketch no bullshit. He laughed his motherfucking head off over this one. Can u guess why this was not on TV?
    Dir: Ruse
    First actor did not know what was going on. Second actor knew what was up and did a million takes trying to sneak in Daily Show anti-White jibes and change the tone of the sketch but we got one good one outta him. Third guy was such a bad actor we just cut his lines entirely. The end effect is supposed to be a boulder rolling downhill on it's own (we woulda shopped the actors out of the shot) because da White man got distracted by a hoe)
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  • Pammy Badger
    Pammy Badger 2 days ago

    I’m not sure what I just watched, is this pro or anti white? I’m so confused, I have nothing to compare this with.

  • Juicy Dw
    Juicy Dw 3 days ago

    Great video.

    • Juicy Dw
      Juicy Dw 3 days ago

      If you dont understand this video, you are part of the problem.

  • Alexander Mooney
    Alexander Mooney 3 days ago

    Sam Hyde is actually a cybernetic being with AI comprised of all 4chan pol posts

  • Report all THOTS to the IRS

    Downloaded it before some Ethnic, Woman or Jew complains.

  • glaco
    glaco 4 days ago

    I love this so much

  • TeeMoff Tees
    TeeMoff Tees 4 days ago +1

    Blacks culturally appropriated mud hut construction from beavers and muskrats.

  • Sweetshare
    Sweetshare 5 days ago +2

    This will forever be the peak of humor for mankind

  • bathtub
    bathtub 7 days ago

    You're white. Mhm.

  • Wyatt Isrite
    Wyatt Isrite 7 days ago

    The comprula, the pyunsa

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill 8 days ago

    "By the way, did you know that I am 1/8 hoppe indian"
    "I don't give a fuck about that"

  • hello
    hello 8 days ago

    the comment section on this video is wild
    "great set!" to "I don't get it" to "other cultures suck" to "I'm offended" to "Jews ruin everything" to "women ruin everything" to "this was funny!"

  • D3w10n
    D3w10n 8 days ago

    The edge on this video... my god... watch with care xD

    • D3w10n
      D3w10n 2 days ago

      +MisanthropicDread Oy gevalt :(

    • MisanthropicDread
      MisanthropicDread 2 days ago

      +D3w10n ur not ready for million dollar extreme, goy

    • D3w10n
      D3w10n 2 days ago

      +MisanthropicDread Its a tick, I cannot help it.

    • MisanthropicDread
      MisanthropicDread 2 days ago


  • Rebel Friend
    Rebel Friend 9 days ago

    all the nasty anime poopers saying the asian said nothing because they're so great even though they still love pedophilia my boy

    • Hadoken 91
      Hadoken 91 7 days ago

      I've always found Asians fascination with school girls creepy af
      Why does no one ever mention it?

  • John  Naples
    John Naples 10 days ago

    Such a stupid goy. Danm gentiles

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight 10 days ago

    lol oriental - da boss!

  • Lee Wardle
    Lee Wardle 10 days ago

    Why isn't using things that originated from white culture classed as cultural misappropriation?
    I mean such things as Jerked chicken, Indian headdresses, dreadlocks, Mexican sombreros and curry are nice and all that but there is only so much that you can do with them, so on the whole it has not really been a fair exchange of ideas.

  • Lysergic Casserole
    Lysergic Casserole 11 days ago


  • Johny Doe
    Johny Doe 11 days ago

    I’d like to thank our special guest Margaret Sanger....... for helping keeping a lid on things

  • cheshire 12345
    cheshire 12345 11 days ago

    I was hoping he would roll that bolder on top of that stupid woman.

  • The Hero Of Kvatch
    The Hero Of Kvatch 11 days ago

    Not sure if I should feel attacked or whether she was actually positively aimed at whites.... Damn I can't believe it's actually come to this.

  • Doc Sturgeon
    Doc Sturgeon 11 days ago

    Idk if this is a joke or not xD

  • fAppIicationof SeIf
    fAppIicationof SeIf 12 days ago

    What did he mean by this?

  • lou fox
    lou fox 12 days ago

    We wuz kang

  • Taatelivaras
    Taatelivaras 12 days ago +1

    Nerd city deleted his comment. What's going on big guy.

    NPC NPC 12 days ago

    What a gem - so much truth

  • JoSe2349
    JoSe2349 13 days ago

    This confused me so much I almost fucked my dad.

  • All Mighty Ass
    All Mighty Ass 13 days ago

    White people invented everything i hate

  • cwstapleton
    cwstapleton 13 days ago

    I have white privilege for sale... never been used

  • mr. poo
    mr. poo 13 days ago

    you can't go grocery shopping in california without the risk of getting hepatitis from all the human waste on the sidewalk.

    GRANGEROUS DESIGNS 13 days ago

    Giving women a vote was a bad idea along with drivers licenses.

  • Sweet Willy
    Sweet Willy 14 days ago +1

    Forgot ended slavery in our countries, y’all should try it

  • Marco Casadei
    Marco Casadei 14 days ago

    Cotton Candy

  • sth drf
    sth drf 14 days ago

    why do white people as a whole take credit for everything, 9/10 of us havent done shit

    • Hadoken 91
      Hadoken 91 7 days ago

      Well 9.99999999/10 blacks and Hispanics haven't done shit so.....

  • Jay Cee Productions
    Jay Cee Productions 15 days ago

    *I don't give a fuck about that*

  • thatwasprettyneat
    thatwasprettyneat 15 days ago

    i think i saw this in the new york times arts & leisure section

  • Deenie Beenie
    Deenie Beenie 15 days ago

    Here come all of the woke dummies with peepee frog pics

  • Farrakhan Wolcott
    Farrakhan Wolcott 15 days ago

    ₜₕᵢₛ ᵥᵢ𝒹ₑₒ ᵦₐ𝒻𝒻ₗₑₛ ₘₑ

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 16 days ago

    I want to thank all the White people who died for nothing in the Civil War. It didn't earn any extra points and the cause was a waste of time

  • Jordan Adams
    Jordan Adams 16 days ago +2

    Overt anti-white jokes and criticism? **Corporate sponsorship**
    Pro-white satire? *BLACKLISTED, YOU FUCKING NAZI*

  • Jazz Jay
    Jazz Jay 16 days ago

    You're welcome.

  • frank reml
    frank reml 16 days ago

    This vidio is a trip

  • Jackson Bernard
    Jackson Bernard 16 days ago

    What about San Francisco everywhere you go there is human shit in the streets and i blame a black supremacist for that and white left thinking morons

  • IcantSeeReplies
    IcantSeeReplies 16 days ago +1

    The Black guy is shaking like the clan is waving a rope at him just off camera.

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 17 days ago

    “I don’t give a fuck about that” fucking hilarious

  • miliboy0522
    miliboy0522 17 days ago

    Seattle is primarily white and its nothing but shit in the streets lmao

  • Red Rocket
    Red Rocket 17 days ago

    I don't see how the hypothesis of evolution has had any positive or lasting effect on technology.

  • Shane Green
    Shane Green 17 days ago

    1200 dislikes from folks who disagree with TRUTH. Nuff' said. Although whites didnt do it all alone exactly...

  • nacanacoo
    nacanacoo 18 days ago

    C O T T O N K A N D Y

  • Winston Dudzic
    Winston Dudzic 18 days ago +1

    thank you for not telling us we need to die or give all our belongings because we are white

  • VipersHearing
    VipersHearing 18 days ago

    I dont understand

  • Sub if you want Hillary In prison

    They forgot car, plane, phone, cell phone, internet white people invent most of our modern luxuries.

  • alien brain
    alien brain 18 days ago

    what happened here?

  • Mike Kaila
    Mike Kaila 18 days ago

    That was just weird

  • Lime Rockwell
    Lime Rockwell 19 days ago +1

    And thank you, for the peanut butter

  • bill cruz
    bill cruz 19 days ago

    This is too good

  • Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson 19 days ago

    One mistake wipes out a whole lot of that-a-boys. One lousy mistake over a couple of thousand years … one lousy mistake. But it was a BIG one.

  • The Great Restoration
    The Great Restoration 19 days ago

    Let's not forget Guns!!!!

  • yaya 2019
    yaya 2019 19 days ago +1

    😂 the only video on TheXvid that brings up race and DOESN'T hate on white people

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards 19 days ago

    Amazing.. people are losing their self-esteem. These days.. thanks you Jesus Christ.. it's was written mankind knowledge will increase in the last days and you make it happen amen

  • Jon Anthony
    Jon Anthony 20 days ago

    You’re certainly welcome.. we also had all these things on Mars also.. even the Pyramids which can still be seen today.. also we established all this on what everyone calls the “planet moon” which also has these structures among other things.. we brought what you call the “moon” to this solar system 12,790 years ago to throw off the balance of the earth and wipe out “civilization” the great deluge aka “the flood”. It is hollow and there’s absolute proof but not everyone can wrap their minds around that yet..But earth had been corrupted by “man” due to breeding with other species but one man and his family was spared because “he was pure in his generations”..We call him Noah.. when his sons came down from mount Ararat “we” saw them and named the mountains “the Caucasian Mountains” which is still being fought silently to preserve.. we all are important to long sustaining life but don’t seem to be helping further that agenda due to “some people” listening to what’s left of the line of Cain that survived the harsh waters.. we call them the “elite”..12 families that have controlled mankind ever since..
    Look to the 33rd parallel and sacred geometry for the answers and check out the”God Code” in your dna or go find Gregg Braden’s reveal of the MESSAGE FROM GOD in our DNA 🧬.. there’s a good start .. learn these things and HOW to pray and life will LITERALLY get better by the day.. peace to all
    Edit-and if I misspelled anything,I don’t care..I’m not a robot.... u probably understood anyway. Don’t be too harsh

    • Hadoken 91
      Hadoken 91 7 days ago

      What have you been reading?

  • HauntedCircuit
    HauntedCircuit 20 days ago


  • exenon 404 _not found
    exenon 404 _not found 20 days ago +1

    Surprised this is still up

  • exenon 404 _not found
    exenon 404 _not found 20 days ago

    Where are all the feminists and *libtards* to tale this disgusting video down

  • The Crow
    The Crow 20 days ago +1

    Thank you white people.😂😂😂

  • Skyrim's_For_The_Nords
    Skyrim's_For_The_Nords 20 days ago +2

    Black people invented peanut butter, how absolutely dare you forget that contribution to the galaxy!!!

    • Gon J
      Gon J 19 days ago +1

      Actually, that’s not true lol.

  • Jason Trilla Dilla Wilson

    All white people did was take the ten commandments and mad some of them laws.

  • Chris Devol
    Chris Devol 20 days ago

    You're welcome. LOL!

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 20 days ago

    Thank you Asians for inventing paper and gun powder and kites

  • Brock Smeltzer
    Brock Smeltzer 20 days ago

    Your welcome

  • Gizmo Balboa
    Gizmo Balboa 20 days ago +5

    Also thank the men. This was white men that did this
    I'm not white but can appreciate the unrivaled contribution to philosophy, exploration, music, science, political theory, government accountability, separation of powers, Enlightenment scientific revolution and Christian based human rights, bill of Rights and legal representation.
    My culture and many others never accomplished these things.
    I can be humble and accept this, because I and my family benefit.
    Thank you white man !

  • Theepic SkyrimPlayer
    Theepic SkyrimPlayer 20 days ago +1

    Civilization will fall though, fact.

  • Martin Riggs
    Martin Riggs 20 days ago

    Why was that black guys hand shaking like crazy?

  • ivgondef
    ivgondef 20 days ago

    Was that weird al.

  • SPPSports
    SPPSports 20 days ago +2

    What I find funny is that a bunch of honkey tonk hillbillies from Arkansas can claim to be the cultural ancestors of Brahams and Beethoven.
    Being white doesn't make you better, Cleetus. Just because there were great white men in the past doesn't mean you're great because you're white. GETTR'DONE YEEEHAW WE THE SUPERIOR RACE

    • Ohio ChemTrails
      Ohio ChemTrails 19 days ago +5

      found the oooga booga

    • Gon J
      Gon J 19 days ago

      It also definitely calls into question the so called equality for races. Yelling Cletus won’t make anyone more equal genetically

  • dopey dopey
    dopey dopey 20 days ago

    We need more stuff like this on TheXvid 😀

  • Cravez IV
    Cravez IV 20 days ago

    I can’t tell if it’s anti or not either way I love this video. It’s fun.

  • patrick jane - Flat Earth Forums

    Thanks my nigga !!!

  • James M
    James M 20 days ago +3

    Lol imagine how panicked TheXvid is going to be or already is knowing this is on their trending page. I love it so much.

  • Cwick Yo momma
    Cwick Yo momma 20 days ago +7

    Thank you black people for destroying most of the cities in the United States

  • Mike Piazza
    Mike Piazza 20 days ago

    we all do are best to contribute to a civilization and society one day we will all just be beings white black we are just people gotta learn to except it and move on . theres always going to be racism because there will always be differences lately internets popular opinion has been anti man and anti white .discord is a opportunists best tool besides fear . i cant tell if this is a joke or not thanks to the this selfi generation type approach to everything. originality is scares these days thanks to over saturation of the internet and its brainwashing tactics. if you look in between the writing on the wall youll see the true intentions

  • Matthew Cook
    Matthew Cook 20 days ago

    I really dont get this....umm you're welcome?

  • Анна Нифёдова

    Thanks white people for freedom of speech? Come on, man... That's a 100% pure mongolian invention.

  • Christopher Thorkon
    Christopher Thorkon 20 days ago


  • lol
    lol 20 days ago

    Oh god

  • linna *
    linna * 20 days ago +1

    You're welcome.

  • Electro Man
    Electro Man 20 days ago +3

    So... Everything was going great until the women got the right to vote? Yeah, I guess that is when it all started to fall apart. Feelings became more important than common sense and all of these problems manifested. Illegal immigration and the welfare state were made possible thru false compassion... "what about the poor children...". Women fall for this and politicians use them to create "compassionate" government programs that build empires for the politicians.

  • Logical Beast
    Logical Beast 20 days ago

    WTF!! How did grape soda not make the list?

  • the stortford watch
    the stortford watch 20 days ago +7

    Give a white man some rubble he will build a city give a black man a city he will reduce it to rubble

    • the stortford watch
      the stortford watch 16 days ago

      Apparently it's down to brain size something to do with sub Sahara genetics what the f*** does science know a all I know is the whenever you have a city there's always a ring of s*** around it usualy has high crime rates and his majority made up of black people

    • Deathsite99
      Deathsite99 16 days ago

      +the stortford watch Cool story bro

    • the stortford watch
      the stortford watch 16 days ago

      +Deathsite99 yep it's the white man the black man not a brilliantly spotted well done

    • Deathsite99
      Deathsite99 16 days ago

      Never seen one man build or destroy a city.

  • MrRensoku
    MrRensoku 20 days ago +1

    fun fact about the whole DNA thing by our DNA that there is only 3 races of human today. Caucasoid,Mongoloid and Negroid. so not sure who in the hell keep trying to make up a new race based on culture,location and belief system. but even still the Caucasoid or white people are still the minority of the world. people keep trying to enter here at the same time we got people trying to bitch that we suck or so. well if you are part of the minority group do not like the countries of the minority of the world then maybe you should leave and rejoin your majority group.

  • Ivan Bryan
    Ivan Bryan 20 days ago

    Asians aren't thankful for shit! 😆

  • Adam Curtis
    Adam Curtis 20 days ago +1

    Should be played on mainstream media for the next 20 years to make up for the rubbishing we whites have allowed to happen.

  • SirWrecksy
    SirWrecksy 21 day ago

    you're welcome... don't mention it...

  • The mighty Iowa
    The mighty Iowa 21 day ago

    This is the best

  • william crofton
    william crofton 21 day ago

    This is retarded... why the fuck would anyone spend time on something so stupid?

  • Brandyn Evans
    Brandyn Evans 21 day ago

    Shouldn't have looked at the comments...

  • Bridget Walker
    Bridget Walker 21 day ago

    Thank you black man for inventing peanut butter.🥜

  • Rocco 76
    Rocco 76 21 day ago


  • Aloan Pikachu
    Aloan Pikachu 21 day ago

    Oy vey

  • Greg Mccumber
    Greg Mccumber 21 day ago +2

    Actually this video could go on much longer. The list of white contributions to humanity goes on and on and on......... The white race has almost single handedly created the modern world that all races enjoy today.

  • Ace Frehley
    Ace Frehley 21 day ago +1

    Fact is that bolder represents America/western civilization. We get everyone to the top but if non whites ever get control then it literally falls/fails. 😊👌