Colin Quinn on O&A #12 - The Most Trans-Positive Comedian

  • Published on Jul 29, 2013
    Colin Quinn in studio. (2002)
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Comments • 58

  • Jesse Garrison
    Jesse Garrison 3 months ago +1

    Loose lipped nincompoop

  • LabrnMystic MK
    LabrnMystic MK 5 months ago +6

    Is he trying to voice Colin Quinn or Jim Florentine?

  • Shravaka Yogi
    Shravaka Yogi 8 months ago +10

    Colin's written statement at 25:21

  • Colin Quinn
    Colin Quinn 9 months ago

    What the fuck is a "train-ee"?

  • vedderisbetter29
    vedderisbetter29 10 months ago +7

    the funniest thing was Patrice's Intro lol

  • Doyle Hodges
    Doyle Hodges 10 months ago +1

    Soupy Dreck = exactly.

  • Josh Olson
    Josh Olson 10 months ago


  • Lil chippah D Tss tss

    Soupy dreck 🤣🤣🤣🤣😀🤣😀

  • Jason Goldstein
    Jason Goldstein Year ago

    God damn Anthony was a comedic God! And holly shit, Opie always incorrectly used "Ant and I."

  • redj2012
    redj2012 2 years ago +2

    Holy Fuck at Ant singing that Springsteen song as Colin

  • michi k
    michi k 2 years ago +1

    this says 2002 in information.
    part 11 and 13 are 2007, 2008

  • Lauren Cormier
    Lauren Cormier 3 years ago

    that Raven O has a blackbelt in taekwondo bitch

  • Skip Skipperson
    Skip Skipperson 3 years ago +5

    This is some of the worst riffing I've ever heard Anthony do. So unfunny and uninspired. Like he's just going through the motions. I finally had to just skip to the part where Colin comes on.

    • Molly Whop
      Molly Whop 8 months ago

      jrreogreugerugregreger You're a fan of The Anthony Cumia Show, and previously Opie Raqio/Opie & Jim but not original Opie & Aanthony? You should check out all the shows they've Jocktobered over the years, seeing as you're a fan of bad radio.

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo Year ago +1

      It was bad. But he did make Norton laugh when he said "so you're upset the men dressed like women didn't find you attractive"

    • Mike Honcho
      Mike Honcho Year ago +3

      jrreogreugerugregreger Not a fan of the shows before they lost their jobs?? Well there weren't any shows after they lost their jobs.

    • jrreogreugerugregreger
      jrreogreugerugregreger Year ago +2

      It really was fucking terrible. I'm not a fan of the shows before they lost their jobs honestly. They come off as trying way too hard to be cool and edgy.

  • thescoutabout
    thescoutabout 3 years ago

    That guy on the phone fucked Vos up.

  • ciscornBIG
    ciscornBIG 3 years ago

    I get the fucking chills leading up to colin's appearance. he is a BEAST on this.

  • Timo
    Timo 3 years ago +8

    My sweet god when Colin finally comes in to make his defense speech at about 25 minutes in, he is the fucking best! Somebody should force him by gunpoint to host a a weekly podcast.

  • michi k
    michi k 4 years ago +9

    colin comes in at 24 min in the best of colin quinn show ? and its 40 min long.
    these retards lol

  • jrreogreugerugregreger
    jrreogreugerugregreger 4 years ago +30

    I don't know if there's anything better than a good Rich Vos trashing. I get so excited when I hear him gear up for an obvious bomb. It's so satisfying.

  • fuzzygreenturtle _
    fuzzygreenturtle _ 4 years ago +2

    I'm pretty sure I have the rest of this show on cassette tape. Colin leaves cause he has a haircut at 6 and then Marion comes in while Lady Di is tied up outside the studio cause she's been "Pete Rose" banned from the show. Also they talk to a guy named Kevin who is a tranny but says he isn't. Ah memories.

    • Andrew Brookes
      Andrew Brookes 2 years ago +3

      How else would you record something from the radio back then?

    • kiewhite5
      kiewhite5 4 years ago

      +Matt Kuhlen why were you using cassettes in 2002

  • Molly Whop
    Molly Whop 4 years ago

    This was probably the best version of the Colin impression. Idk why they all changed it to the mumbling version.

    • jrreogreugerugregreger
      jrreogreugerugregreger Year ago +3

      Disagree. Colin mumbles like a mother fucker. This really doesn't sound like him tbh.

  • MattMonk
    MattMonk 5 years ago +3

    I listened to a few minutes before I checked for a date. I wasn't surprised to see it was from the early 2000s, the dynamic on this show used to be so different. Not in a good way, either.

  • vjm007
    vjm007 5 years ago +2

    What happened to Frenchy?

    • Doyle Hodges
      Doyle Hodges Year ago

      She fucked everyone associated around Ron and Fez? Oh sorry different frenchy. Zing!

    • c wilson
      c wilson 2 years ago +4

      vjm007 He surrendered.
      I just replied to a 3 year old comment you surely forgot about 6 seconds after leaving. Boy do I live the life.

  • Jake
    Jake 5 years ago +10

    Patrice's breathing after "early decade" is pure sadistic shit talking.

  • GregWalkerZzZ
    GregWalkerZzZ 5 years ago +10

    Opie has come up with some of the best bits, if not most of them. He is not the quickest gun-slinger, of course, you can't compare anyone to Norton, Quinn, O'Neal, CK, and other comedians they have hosted regularly, but he is also more of a show host than Anthony. He is essential, people who think he is not worthy of the show oversimplify the job, Opie literally made the show and the organization and order that goes into it is all up to him. Without him there is no O&A show.

    • eric anton
      eric anton 2 months ago

      Than why are the shows where he wasn't in-better?

    • Vince Williams
      Vince Williams 6 months ago

      Doyle Hodges
      Nobody listened to hear Opie take phone calls from mouth breathing fucking listeners. That bitter, resentful little girl. Look at his TheXvid channel... The only poscast episode that got views was the one titled "O and A Drama." He better hope he can keep the drama going. Once it stops nobody has any reason to listen to his horseshit.

    • Vince Williams
      Vince Williams 6 months ago

      Doyle Hodges
      Yeah, Opie is really setting the scene on fire. Has he passed Joe Rogan yet in podcast listeners? What?... He's being decimated by CHIP??? Nobody likes Opie?? This just must be some kind of conspiracy!!

    • Doyle Hodges
      Doyle Hodges Year ago +2

      People don't realize Opies importance to both ant and Norton's career. Norton was a fuckin nobody, kind of like he is now.

    • jrreogreugerugregreger
      jrreogreugerugregreger Year ago +10

      Hilarious seeing people trying to defend this idiot 4 years ago. He's an unfunny cunt. He was than, he was 20 years ago and he is today. Difference being he's an unemployed cunt now. LONG overdue. Fucking piece of shit destroyed that show from the inside out. And he hindered it for many, many years. Not once has he contributed something funny to the show. Throwing things and stomping on cakes isn't funny. It's what pieces of shit do when they think they're funny. Only retards laugh along with that hacky shit.
      Ask Ant today if that asshole was a good host. He'd have a much more honest answer for you.

  • needles kane
    needles kane 6 years ago +5

    opie isn't a hack, he's just not a comedian. being the funny man isn't his job, that's ant and jimmies job...he's the one that guides the show and keeps it all centered. that being said i do find him funny at times, even if the humor comes from a bad joke or what an ass he's still funny nonetheless

    • Adam Carbo
      Adam Carbo 4 months ago

      If opie is such a cool guy, then why does NO ONE from the show talk to him anymore? All the comedians hated him. You know how much of a douche you have to be for people to like Cumia and his irrational racism more than HIM? Listeners could smell his insincere POV and phony shtick. Went against the entire the core of what the show is and was. Glimpses of him being decent were to few and far between.

    • Vince Williams
      Vince Williams 6 months ago

      needles kane
      Opie couldnt even do the straight guy act. He couldnt accept his role and he got bitter and pissy. Its not like everybody who came in didnt notice him lashing out at everyone because he had NOTHING to contribute.

    • Google User
      Google User 9 months ago

      Yeah, grown men throwing online tantrums about another grown man isnt childish at all. Ope is a cool dude, people forget his backround, like the fact that he can have a fully immersed conversation with someone like Florentine about music, the hours of glorious bits he's made for the show, decadent and depraved! Hello "Slave Girl" that was an awesome bit.

    • Jz
      Jz Year ago +3

      Ok opie

    • jrreogreugerugregreger
      jrreogreugerugregreger Year ago +4

      Diane, this was planted in their minds by Opie, Ant and Jim having to say that repeatedly on the show. Because if a fan called out Opie he'd go into his cunty little temper tantrums and ruin the show. They had to constantly pump him up because let's be honest here. He knows he's fucking useless.

  • michaelWakka00
    michaelWakka00 6 years ago +5

    Colin comes in at 24:40

  • InandGreen
    InandGreen 6 years ago +3

    i like hearing older o&a shows,..back when they tryed harder lol.

  • vitaminrstudios
    vitaminrstudios 6 years ago +3

    I actually think Opie is pretty funny for a regular guy. It's just he's surrounded by so much comedic talent he pales in comparison.

    • dreesdroeftoeter
      dreesdroeftoeter Year ago +1

      I think you're right, in the sense that he occasionally has good lines that make professional comics laugh. But for me that's outweighed a hundredfold by the amount of smiles he has wiped off my face with the things he tends to do the rest of the time.

    • jrreogreugerugregreger
      jrreogreugerugregreger Year ago +2

      You were incorrect. Painfully incorrect...

  • Demendred
    Demendred 6 years ago +2

    This upload is trans-fantastic!

    • TheShortMan
      TheShortMan 5 months ago +1

      Tran-tastic is how that works.

  • GodForHire
    GodForHire 6 years ago +14

    Opie is such a show stopper.

    • Vince Williams
      Vince Williams 6 months ago

      Fell in to this world with all those killers and he was too fucking stupid to appreciate it and not lash out every chance he got because people didnt view him in the way he wanted people to. Useless, bitter, resentful little baby.

    • Jason Goldstein
      Jason Goldstein Year ago

      He eventually ended up stopping his own career!