The Secret Life of a Parts Model | Allure

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018
  • Parts model Robyn Williamson explains what it's like to be a body model. She tells us about how she keeps her skin in perfect condition for photoshoots and her five-step system of self-care.
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    The Secret Life of a Parts Model | Allure
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Comments • 184

  • Eunice Ndungu
    Eunice Ndungu Month ago

    She's kind of annoying.

  • Evelyn okay
    Evelyn okay Month ago +1

    Doesn’t seem too impressed with how her career is panning out for her

  • Jessica Allison
    Jessica Allison Month ago +2

    She seems miserable :/

  • Billy Yum Yum Two-by-Two

    Wow neurotypicals are w I L d

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 2 months ago +3

    She lost me at snail goop....

  • xanarchy martinez
    xanarchy martinez 2 months ago

    we see all of this on tv,and our thoughts are like 'i want to be like her,shes perfect' others tell us 'be like her,thats whats beautiful' but do we actually see how much they work to look like this,if they dont they would look just like us...

  • miss keisha
    miss keisha 2 months ago

    good thing i’m ugly

  • Joyce Celine Asuque
    Joyce Celine Asuque 2 months ago

    wow she looks a little like taylor swift and kinda sound like ts

  • Gwen Nakagawa
    Gwen Nakagawa 3 months ago +1

    I just wanna stroke her back and shoulders and just feel how soft it is lmfao..

  • sumaima alvi
    sumaima alvi 3 months ago +1

    She is doing sacrifice?

  • Gaya Tsuker
    Gaya Tsuker 3 months ago

    She’s legit one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen

  • Lily Stromhollow
    Lily Stromhollow 3 months ago

    Gal gadot’s sister?

  • Kaiah Marie
    Kaiah Marie 3 months ago +2

    Did she remind anyone else of Taylor swift?

  • •••
    ••• 3 months ago +68

    Why did I read this as Paris model

  • Cheryl Rose
    Cheryl Rose 3 months ago

    what's a parts model vs a regular model

    • persephonesun
      persephonesun 3 months ago

      Cheryl Rose hand model, foot model, etc

  • The Names Keira
    The Names Keira 4 months ago

    She’s so pretty!!!

  • bod bod
    bod bod 6 months ago

    This is like the child of buzzfeed

  • Kawaii Marshmallow
    Kawaii Marshmallow 7 months ago

    I’m 11 and I have acne but I have soft skin everywhere else and long legs everyone always tells me I should be a model but idk

    • sherry stoopid
      sherry stoopid 3 months ago

      I don’t have any acne and I’m 12 but I’m still flipping ugly :(

  • Ellav
    Ellav 7 months ago +3

    Secret life of Stock images models lol

  • irenic irenic
    irenic irenic 8 months ago

    so she is a body model?

  • Virginia Clark
    Virginia Clark 8 months ago +2

    Whoa whoa. Do they just have a snail-mill, with snails running on wheels and jars to catch their slime? An we rub it on our body. Gross!

  • Noyan
    Noyan 8 months ago +1

    she has an angelic face? What I mean is that she could actually be a model, like a real model, to show how pretty she is,and am I the only one who thinks that she's not entirely happy with her job

  • mklbln
    mklbln 8 months ago

    she sounds like Taylor Swift

  • Everything Ella
    Everything Ella 8 months ago

    Yess snail slime!

  • Samantha
    Samantha 8 months ago +5

    "its actually not very cool to have boobs, it's quite unique for a model to have them and that's probably why I probably get a lot of lingerie work" lmao girl I see no boobs on you you're apart of the majority, nothing wrong with that tho

  • Flor is my name
    Flor is my name 9 months ago +3

    Hand model?
    Part modle?
    I'll never be these things cause I do not want to take care of my skin 24/7 HELL NO

  • Shafiqa Helmand
    Shafiqa Helmand 11 months ago

    It's scary, she looks like my sister

  • Roses Are Red
    Roses Are Red 11 months ago

    How are celebs always hairless?

  • Reshmi Kennedy
    Reshmi Kennedy Year ago +1

    She seems so not happy with life

  • Graffbomr
    Graffbomr Year ago +1

    Can she die

  • alessandra samuels

    The 666k tho

  • Beyza
    Beyza Year ago

    Robyn Williamson? Seems like their parents were like "Copy. But changed it a little".

  • Raisa Angelin
    Raisa Angelin Year ago

    She looks like gal gadot!

  • Esha
    Esha Year ago

    Damn giving her a hickey must be a pain

  • Stacey Carlisle
    Stacey Carlisle Year ago +1

    Petroleum Jelly also retains moisture in the skin for anyone looking for a simpler alternative

  • Sam HL
    Sam HL Year ago

    She gives me this professional vibe. She seems to take her work seriously and I appreciate that because that's not what you always feel from models. We associate models with this lux life but she demonstrates a mature aspect of the business.

  • An. Ib.
    An. Ib. Year ago +1


  • Meenakshi Roopesh
    Meenakshi Roopesh Year ago +1

    After working with difficult ppl .. 😂

  • Nilturien2016 Greenleaf

    She looks a littl3 like gal galdot :)7

  • Reno Sphinx
    Reno Sphinx Year ago

  • Isaac Dobson
    Isaac Dobson Year ago +3

    "cleanse myself of natural energy?" Tf

    YNGODS Year ago

    The way she said retain

  • Strawberry Syrup
    Strawberry Syrup Year ago +11

    am I the only one that gets anxiety watching this? very cookie cutter, lots of "have to's" her life sounds miserable

  • MariTheBarb
    MariTheBarb Year ago

    She dosent have boobs like that though...

  • Chloe Jade
    Chloe Jade Year ago

    Why does she remind me of Taylor Swift?

  • silverdragonfour
    silverdragonfour Year ago +56

    I really like her attitude, she was very adamant that modeling is hard work and it is and I like that she's portraying that. People have this idea that modeling is always really glamorous and sometimes it isnt and that's okay.

  • Kevin Fong
    Kevin Fong Year ago +2

    Her skin must be *so* soft

  • aj pixles
    aj pixles Year ago +7

    She hardly has a chest tho ?

  • Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee Year ago +1

    Highkey read Paris model and was confused

  • Sara Goldfarb
    Sara Goldfarb Year ago

    I have that Edgar Cayce Almond Glow, Very good stuff from the health food store

  • Honey Butter
    Honey Butter Year ago +1

    “Lanolion” oil, I wonder if she means lanolin, i wonder if she’d use it if she knew what it was.

  • Diana Muller Thies
    Diana Muller Thies Year ago +451

    See? That is a problem. We get acostumed to comparing ourselves to models or their bodies or body parts, when actually they do this for a living, they are paid to maintain a flawless skin, hair, body, etc. And regular people have other things they apply their time, energy and focus on. Ofc she's gonna have amazing skin because she dedicates time and effort to it, cus it's her job tools. And on top of that makeup, photoshop and image retouching making her even more soft and flawless. Be easy on your bodies people 💕

  • passionskayandmiguel

    What boobs tho?

  • blep blep cat
    blep blep cat Year ago

    Imagine how much money she is spending on the products...

  • Lauren Bennett
    Lauren Bennett Year ago +1

    You’re not going to reference the products she uses in the description?! Seriously??

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson Year ago

    A what model

  • Aleyah Malone
    Aleyah Malone Year ago

    Interesting, bet she works out too. And bralettes are life, so light and comfy

  • Kate McCormick
    Kate McCormick Year ago +2

    Seems to stressful to be beautiful. Ill stick to my routine my brushing teeth, a shower, and mascara. Im always tired, I got no time for that bs

  • Sara Tryzelaar
    Sara Tryzelaar Year ago

    You can buy the sage spray that she is using at 😻

  • Ken Calvelo
    Ken Calvelo Year ago +8

    The oil she’s using can literally kill me