I hate running but I ran on the Peloton Tread

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • Peloton released its second machine, the Tread, as a followup to its popular stationary Peloton bike earlier this year. This got us wondering - if a bike could build such a big community over indoor cycling, can the Peloton Tread help a non-runner train for a 5K?
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Comments • 490

  • The Verge
    The Verge  Month ago +27

    What tech has helped you achieve something you thought you could never do?

  • David Chabert
    David Chabert 2 days ago

    🌈Thanks So Much to speakout !!!
    3 times same🍀

  • Rehaan Manghani
    Rehaan Manghani 7 days ago +1

    2 time survivor? WOAH thats really cool!

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C 9 days ago +1

    Omg you survived pancreatic cancer.... twice

  • Nicole Barker
    Nicole Barker 16 days ago +1

    Here’s a PROMO CODE to save you $100 when purchasing the bike & accessories:

  • Heikki Leppänen
    Heikki Leppänen 17 days ago

    "Peloton" is Finnish and means "fearless". I agree that you have to have a lot of courage to invest 5000$ to a treadmill. I think I'm going to go running outside since it's summer at its fullest.

  • Victor chozen
    Victor chozen 19 days ago

    I want to forget I'm running though. Last thing I wanna see is another person telling me to run. Music or TV shows for me

  • ChiliContestWinner
    ChiliContestWinner 22 days ago

    You trained all month for a 5k and then you went out there and just sandbagged. You had way too much energy at the finish line which tells me you are a slacker. Next video push yourself and you will get that runner's high.

  • Morgan
    Morgan 29 days ago

    does it have a fan?

  • Kevin Kent
    Kevin Kent Month ago +2

    A two-time survivor of pancreatic cancer? Wow! That's more impressive than anything else!

  • katsbreez
    katsbreez Month ago +2

    Thank you for sharing your story. I plan to get a less expensive treadmill for walking, and hearing your story about your health, routine, increases and even falling out of routine... really help. I feel like the realistic expectations I have for myself are valid.

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago +1

      I believe in you! Don't be afraid to take it easy, athletes aren't made in a day :)

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan Month ago

    The zombie running app was quite useful for me. Can’t imagine spending that much on a treadmill!!! Yikes.

  • D S
    D S Month ago +1

    This is the best and most honest review of the Peloton Tread I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your progress!

  • Joe Crockenberg
    Joe Crockenberg Month ago

    You can run outside for free guys.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Month ago

    The best part of running is being outside- would rather pay 4K to run outside instead of on a treadmill

  • Ivana Celina
    Ivana Celina Month ago

    peloton is so cool, its such a step forward for tech and the fitness industry

  • TheCommentor Christoper

    2019 when u need ppl to teach u run :)

  • Leo Weir
    Leo Weir Month ago +1

    Well made video

  • Hannah Wilk
    Hannah Wilk Month ago +5

    I want Peloton to bring out a swimming pool. I have no idea how they'll do it, but I want a pool by the side of my bed.

  • just_be
    just_be Month ago

    Did the neighbors down below get annoyed? My fear of at home workouts.

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago

      I live on the first floor, no downstairs neighbor. Upstairs folks didn't say anything and we are friendly so if it was bad, I believe she would have let us know!

  • peonyinlove
    peonyinlove Month ago

    Too expensive to invest in a pelton you can train at a gym and also do monthly NYRR races. 5K run 🏃‍♀️ is too easy for a $4500 machine.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Love your jacket! Can you tell me the brand?

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago

      @Chris Haha you bet. Good luck!

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @Natt Garun hard to find one of these :) thanks for responding

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago +1

      Gosh, an old Billabong one from 2005?

  • mizuko2001
    mizuko2001 Month ago +2

    Good job, Natt! Starting and maintaining is the hardest part about any workout regimen.

  • Tyger Blue Eyes
    Tyger Blue Eyes Month ago +2

    You're beautiful! Keep up the hard work!

  • Danny Pak
    Danny Pak Month ago

    Imagine buying a 4k treadmill to train for a 5k 😂😂😂 does anyone know of any islands or countries for sale? Im training for a marathon 😂😂😂

  • Damien
    Damien Month ago +18

    I don't know this lady but I can't help feeling super proud of her

  • Timothy Topor
    Timothy Topor Month ago +2

    Great job but this product without live stream being main focus seems pointless to me for 5gs. Nice edit and review though!!

  • muffinmanmdor4
    muffinmanmdor4 Month ago

    4500?! I’ll chase u every day for a grand gtfo

  • Brendan Bergmann
    Brendan Bergmann Month ago +1

    These are the types of videos I like to see

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown Month ago

    Lol why would you get rid of your 4500 dollar machine? Is this sponcered? lol

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago

      Review unit. The Verge reviews and returns all items we receive to review, such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and - yes - Peloton equipments!

  • purdybby none
    purdybby none Month ago

    I love peloton

  • Mario Mosin
    Mario Mosin Month ago

    $4500 for a treadmill? No thanks.

  • Nicholas Chan
    Nicholas Chan Month ago

    In most of the marathons held, a 5km run in called a fun run. It’s called a fun run for a reason and I don’t think you need that much preparation for that and that doesn’t justify the 4500 dollar treadmill

  • Славик Сычев

    Sport tech is cancer

  • Mike Trieu
    Mike Trieu Month ago

    I would personally be interested in VR tracks of actual picturesque locations that you could run alongside others subscribed to that same location and eventually schedule a meetup IRL to actually so that run together as a way to cap off that location and move on the the next social experience.

  • E H
    E H Month ago +3

    Inspiring review... congratulations on the run. I so want one.

  • Firikka
    Firikka Month ago +4

    Step 1. Buy a normal treadmill = 200$
    Step 2. Buy a (big) Tablet (Android or Windows 10) + Floor Stand = 300-600$
    (Optional Step) Buy a Smart Swatch or Activity Tracker = 50-200$
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit at least 3500$! (4500$ - 1000$)
    Plus: You can keep using the treadmill setup when the company goes out of business or stops running the service.

  • mintico snout
    mintico snout Month ago

    How much is that treadmill?

  • Iulian Marinescu
    Iulian Marinescu Month ago

    Woooooaaaa !!! She is sooooo beautiful ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ! I love her !!

    USPATRIOT99 Month ago

    Damn that's crazy to me that people in their 20s or 30s are proud of doing a 5k.

    USPATRIOT99 Month ago

    There's your first problem, you are wearing Nikes for running.

  • username
    username Month ago

    Peloton Tread help a non-runner train for a 5K for 5K usd ? really, thanks i would run outside and save 5K :D

  • Zeexue Xiong
    Zeexue Xiong Month ago

    This is the equivalent of buying an imac to check your Facebook notifications. Overkill.

  • Dinkesh Shah
    Dinkesh Shah Month ago +1

    I should start running

  • 1toneboy
    1toneboy Month ago

    I'm up to 3:00, is this just an ad?

  • Ramon Solorio
    Ramon Solorio Month ago +1

    Really cool Natt🖤🖤

  • Noah Goldowitz
    Noah Goldowitz Month ago +1

    Damn two-time survivor?! Straight up unkillable.

  • Bo Luijten
    Bo Luijten Month ago

    The beginning of “fifteen million merits”....

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316 Month ago

    Not an ad at all🙄

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P Month ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA $4000!! This is STUPID. Only a very stupid person would buy this.

  • benjamin bernstein
    benjamin bernstein Month ago

    The reason Peloton exists is because people lack self motivation

  • NikeuuMaker
    NikeuuMaker Month ago

    Peloton means fearless in Finish

  • Bjarne Goldbaek
    Bjarne Goldbaek Month ago

    What a complete waste of money. But if you have the money and want to waste them, why not. I would rather buy a cheap treadmilll and a wahoo ticker x heartrate monitor. Sync it with Zwift running, and do their interval training program. BAAAM saved you 3500 dollars.

  • JaXu
    JaXu Month ago

    What we really need is a USB data interface in the treadmill which can output speed and other stuff so we can feed this into a computer and control our VR experience with it

  • . yohannes
    . yohannes Month ago

    If you have trouble running, run outside with a friend or someone else who shares your tempo. It's free, social and the conditions are actually real.

  • World Peace
    World Peace Month ago

    Xiaomi's treadmill can track many informations too.
    Get Xiaomi's smartwatch (Amazfit stratos) to monitor heartrate and VO2max.
    Both of them won't even cost $400 in total.

  • Enter Tain
    Enter Tain Month ago


  • Yosh Talwar
    Yosh Talwar Month ago

    Good video sadly let down by the host’s poor enunciation.

  • Dubleau W
    Dubleau W Month ago +2

    $4000.... I'm way ok.
    Nature is better, fresh air is a boon unlike stale bedroom air.

  • ShatterBrainz
    ShatterBrainz Month ago

    Zombie 5K app, go outside, meet people, get fresh air, see the sunlight, track your progress by route planning and timing yourself. $4500... no friggen way! Better spent on an actual nice bicycle and getting outside.
    You. Are. Spoiled.

  • Bowser914
    Bowser914 Month ago

    I actually have been getting my fitness from an Xbox One and Zumba: World Party. It was the best investment ever.

  • jmchez
    jmchez Month ago

    Does anybody live in the apartment below you? This is the worst example of the neighbor from hell.

  • Arian Sheth
    Arian Sheth Month ago +1

    Great video!

  • Preslav Rachev
    Preslav Rachev Month ago

    I am sorry, if I am a little rude, but keeping a threadmill next to your bed makes me feel sorry for where our generation is heading towards.

    MD SHADMAN Month ago +1

    I have Mi band 2 to keep up with my walking habit and challenges.

  • Lars van Koningsveld

    There's no reason to buy this, we still have a world to run. Way more exciting.

  • Max JF
    Max JF Month ago

    Just... go outside. Don’t spend 4500 on a treadmill. Treadmills train your body to have bad running mechanics which will get you injured. Plus, running outside and discovering your area and training your body to accept different runs instead of formulaic, straight runs is healthier for your body and mind

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml Month ago

    Meh. You'd make money instead of losing it with an average treadmill and live stream your sessions.

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Month ago

    4K for 5K

  • JiiruKoga
    JiiruKoga Month ago

    Why is it ridiculous having a treadmill in your bedroom? I don't get it.

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net Month ago

    PLus the other thing to realize that makes running on a treadmill so much easier, aside from not actually pushing so hard to go an actual distance, theres no rocky or hard concrete terrain, and the ai is usually very mild since treadmills are almost entirely used in doors( cause if your outdoor,s why not just run outdoors then?). So sure, I could run at full setting on a treadmill for over 2 hours, but actual running on the street in the cold or heat? 2 min lol.

  • AP
    AP Month ago

    Buy a good running watch and go run outside. They add the gamification. Added bonus: You get fresh air, you can run with other people, and you save $4000. Interesting video nevertheless.

  • GEEK
    GEEK Month ago

    I just bought a series 4 Nike + instead of this.

  • gasper gwanchele
    gasper gwanchele Month ago

    Get a pair of jogging eqrphones, go outside, set your smartwatch or phone, then RUN.... Trust me, you'll enjoy it

  • Roland Warburton
    Roland Warburton Month ago

    its for the person who thinks they can buy fitness instead of just going outside and running

  • Michael van Schalkwyk

    This is an advertisement Duhhhh. really should be a rule about disclosure when someone does poo poo like this.

  • Justin S
    Justin S Month ago

    Please change the title to: how to burn 5000 bucks.

  • 1MrBryn
    1MrBryn Month ago

    Listen to a podcast while you run. It's a lot cheaper and really distracts from the boredom of running.

  • Ishaan R
    Ishaan R Month ago +7

    Definitely not paying $4000+
    But you're super, super, super strong for surviving cancer twice! I hope you never have to go through that again. 🙏

  • Raj sanghavi
    Raj sanghavi Month ago

    So verge has now started advertising videos? 😢

  • HankDennemann
    HankDennemann Month ago +1

    Rock on. Pancreatic isn't an easy one to beat. I had testicular cancer, though, which was SUPER easy to beat. Super easy. I thank God every day that I got that one and not something else. 😉

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago

      Sending you the most positive thoughts my friend!

  • Baconbot
    Baconbot Month ago

    For 4k get a high end VR setup and play beatsaber wow that's pricey

  • Miguel Albarracin
    Miguel Albarracin Month ago +1

    It's an interesting product but definitely one built for luxury. I see who could use these but it's not in my wheelhouse.

  • sullyFL
    sullyFL Month ago

    Get a woodway and a tv with Netflix.

  • Evan Erickson
    Evan Erickson Month ago

    Two time survivor of pancreatic cancer and you look like you are 28? Damn how does that even happen?

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago

      @Evan Erickson thanks man! I just had a tumor growth that was resected and came back 13 years later in a different part of the body. That scary thing was that it's symptomless, wouldn't have known if I hadn't gotten annual MRIs.

    • Evan Erickson
      Evan Erickson Month ago +1

      Natt Garun What were your symptoms? I wish you the best in the future! Keep running!

    • Natt Garun
      Natt Garun Month ago

      Pinch myself everyday honestly. And good age guess!! (I am 29, but I was 26 when it happened.)

  • Fabtech
    Fabtech Month ago

    Wold be more interested if you could watch netflix on it 😂😂

  • asrar ahmed
    asrar ahmed Month ago

    I'm gonna win that 4000 cash price ! 😁

  • Nyle Omar
    Nyle Omar Month ago +1

    I feel like whatever gets you motivated. I need to get another Samsung gear fit to wear for basketball. I use my Gear s3 watch for treadmill and running

  • Lalboi Manlun
    Lalboi Manlun Month ago

    Buy a pair of running shoes and save a lot of money.

  • Ben Boggs
    Ben Boggs Month ago +1

    If it was $2000-$2500 it would be a hit product but double that price makes it a silly enthusiast only product. You would have to be running multiple times a day to make that worth it.

  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell Month ago

    This is one of those devices that’s perfect if you’re just really rich and don’t care what price your treadmill costs. It’ll probably sell really well in that community.

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m Month ago +5

    So that's not an iMac stuck onto it

  • Sparky Mahoney
    Sparky Mahoney Month ago

    Treadmill in your apartment? Really? I'm amazed that it's even permitted - probably isn't. If I lived below you you'd be getting sued right now. How utterly selfish of you. Your parents are monsters.

  • Norbert Roche
    Norbert Roche Month ago +1

    Good video!!!

  • N0ZP1K3R
    N0ZP1K3R Month ago

    Running on a treadmill is weak, running outside is way harder.

  • Amjid Khan
    Amjid Khan Month ago

    ‘Just $20 a month’

  • Robert Sterenchak
    Robert Sterenchak Month ago +535

    I think the most impressive part of this whole video is that she beat CANCER...TWICE

    • Rin615
      Rin615 Month ago +2

      Dee if she got cancer that young I doubt it’s her diet or lifestyle

    • Milo Carter
      Milo Carter Month ago


    • Caroline reilly
      Caroline reilly Month ago +1

      Pancreatic cancer? She made it, dam

    • mizuko2001
      mizuko2001 Month ago +2

      Wow! I'm even more impressed now.

    • Hey You
      Hey You Month ago +5

      Dee leave

  • Martin H
    Martin H Month ago +2

    Very inspiring video. I've been doing home workouts on and off (mostly off) for the last couple of years, but I've started using an app called Freeletics. It gives me just enough challenge throughout my workouts and it adapts to my performance over time 😊 Big fan!

  • Gary Coronado
    Gary Coronado Month ago +2

    Congrats Natt. As for me, I just got a Garmin fenix. For me, that is motivation enough. :)

  • Henric Emdenborg
    Henric Emdenborg Month ago

    “But then I ran on”