How I Planned The Sidemen $20,000 vs $200 Holiday Video

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • SIDEMEN $20,000 VS $200 HOLIDAY:
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  • Joshua Adefarakan
    Joshua Adefarakan 6 days ago

    How did he know the boys would go Nando's and how did they get their meal for free?

  • Lark
    Lark 6 days ago

    omg Josh you've gotta plan my next vacation.. I would def hire you..i'll give you my budget and you can run wild, i want lists and story cards like the sidemen had. I want my activities planned out so I don't have to research. PLEASE

  • Juan Punch Man
    Juan Punch Man 7 days ago

    I dont know why
    I like it when josh just talks

  • Kasper Rydland
    Kasper Rydland 8 days ago +1

    Do «sidemen $10 000 vs $100 holiday in the UK» next. Or $20 000 vs $200 and send the teams to two completely different countries, because ngl, i was a bit disappointed when i heard that both teams were going to spain

  • JE EG
    JE EG 9 days ago


  • AjBro
    AjBro 9 days ago +1

    How I made $$$$ (REVEALED)

    10 ads on 1 video.

  • cmdrmeldoc59
    cmdrmeldoc59 9 days ago

    If you want an ok-ish place in Spain, that isn’t really somewhere young people go to party, but you have oppurtunities to, that isn’t expensive whatsoever, and is still a little nice, you can look up Torrevieja. It advertises itself as really fantastic, but it’s pretty much a small shit place where the lads would hate being instead of somewhere that’d cost $25,000.
    Look it up if you see this, Josh, and see if you’d be interested in sending the lads there. It’s a very safe place luckily, so not chance of being robbed etc. I’m recommending this place cause I went there once, and pretty much hated it every second I wasn’t drunk.

  • liam weaver
    liam weaver 9 days ago

    Do it again!!

  • Arturo Garcia
    Arturo Garcia 11 days ago +1

    Of course they said yes because it's a free holiday

  • Daniel Jacobson
    Daniel Jacobson 11 days ago +1

    Pls do one in Africa

  • Harry Thacker
    Harry Thacker 12 days ago +6

    My question is how did josh know they were at Nando’s

    • AjBro
      AjBro 9 days ago

      They constantly sharing their location on WhatsApp.

  • TSM Pale beatle
    TSM Pale beatle 12 days ago

    let Ethan on the good team and let him pick his team

  • J W
    J W 13 days ago

    Next time please do another Europe holiday, but they all go of by themselves and then meet up either by the good holiday or bad holiday. They all leave at different times as well.
    Please use this idea for one of the next holidays

  • Practical Wumbo
    Practical Wumbo 13 days ago

    Do one where both have holidays, so Ethan has a chance and it will be funny seeing the good teams laugh at each other because they will think the other teams are in the bad one. Like so Josh can see i hope he does this

  • Sophie O
    Sophie O 13 days ago

    i don't think saying you guys 'promote' expensive holidays is right. Because you show how much disbelief and excitement comes with the $20,000 holidays! Even JJ, a man who could afford to live somewhere like that, has crazy reactions to the things in that holiday that he could easily have. Showing that, no matter what u can and can't afford, you should be grateful and excited for any holiday.

  • jon larkulaklans
    jon larkulaklans 15 days ago

    Maybe have a winter challenge this time where they can go skiing etc in like switzerland or something. Or make a US challenge.

  • Alex Holland
    Alex Holland 15 days ago

    I absolutely love u I want my mom to plan something where I can meet u I love u so much and your my fav in sidemen xxxxxxx

  • Moe Ahmed
    Moe Ahmed 15 days ago

    If Ethan is not on the good team for the next one I’m disliking

  • Conor O'Boyle
    Conor O'Boyle 15 days ago

    sunnybeach bulgaria is a place and a half
    if you stay at the laguna park hotel lol

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 15 days ago

    three pools. Jake pool Logan pool, Greg pool

  • Jack Feldman
    Jack Feldman 16 days ago +1

    Josh trying to convince himself he is not mean.😂😂😂

  • Ian Rowley
    Ian Rowley 17 days ago +1

    u should do $30,00 vs $300

  • WolfGaming
    WolfGaming 17 days ago

    Song at 16:30?

  • Tombola 69
    Tombola 69 19 days ago

    Josh you should do a ski version of the holiday videos

  • Jonathan Loch
    Jonathan Loch 20 days ago

    It’s winter so next send them to a snowy country such as Alaska etc

  • Raf P
    Raf P 21 day ago

    The Europe edition should have been in Greece

  • knightsters
    knightsters 21 day ago

    please next time u do a 100 dollars - 10 000 dollars don't spoil it in the thumbnail

  • OscarM452
    OscarM452 22 days ago

    Fully want to see ethan enter a proper relationship with that bird

  • Mohd Waseem
    Mohd Waseem 23 days ago

    Do a $100000 vs $1000

  • More Star
    More Star 24 days ago

    We need more shows like this

  • Ricky Ellis
    Ricky Ellis 24 days ago +2

    do a $50,000 vs $50 like if you want them to do that.

  • Aaron Deacongregory
    Aaron Deacongregory 24 days ago

    You should film the whole planning process next time would be a good video

  • Marcus Gibbs
    Marcus Gibbs 24 days ago +1


  • kyle
    kyle 24 days ago +1

    Make the videos 3 hours we will watch the whole thing

    IKI BOSS 24 days ago

    africa edition

  • Bridget Dervan
    Bridget Dervan 24 days ago +2

    Sidemen Face Their Fears: eg. If someone is deadly afraid of heights, take them skydiving, If someone hates bugs, bring in an animal keeper etc.

  • overlayz
    overlayz 25 days ago

    I though Callux lost his phone before he arrived in spain

    • frizider ledeni
      frizider ledeni 23 days ago

      He lost one before spain and another one after spain

  • Joe Hewitt
    Joe Hewitt 25 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Oliver Schweizer
    Oliver Schweizer 25 days ago

    Josh make the sidmen go to garmany

  • PJ Vis
    PJ Vis 25 days ago

    What this tells me is that the Sidemen is a perfectly running company, managed by people that know what they're doing, that stand behind their product and deliver a quality product every time. That being said, I wouldn't mind these behind the scenes videos from time to time. Giving a high level overview of what it takes to plan these videos.

  • TheGumshuda1
    TheGumshuda1 25 days ago

    U should sideman dose Top Gear

  • rrcding psn
    rrcding psn 25 days ago

    MummyZerk smasher it 😂

  • Darren Dickinson
    Darren Dickinson 25 days ago

    Can you do an all around the world edition

  • Josh Kenton
    Josh Kenton 26 days ago

    you should do global edition next

  • Jandi
    Jandi 26 days ago

    Maybe pre-record this while you are actually planning the trips, it would be interesting to see every step of the process.

  • Matt riley
    Matt riley 26 days ago

    the next one should be a prank and be a horrible one for both teams and you should go on the sick one!

  • Awesomer X
    Awesomer X 26 days ago


  • Mitheo Masole
    Mitheo Masole 26 days ago

    Can’t wait for the Africa Edition

  • ANS
    ANS 26 days ago

    Underated sidemen here

  • Aidan- RevenantOfDaybreak

    Josh you're a legend fam plz do more of these holiday videos they're such a refreshing concept and cool!

  • RS Clanning
    RS Clanning 27 days ago

    "Romania" loads of farms in that gaff

  • Drizz Up
    Drizz Up 27 days ago

    St Louisa would be maddd

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 28 days ago

    josh next time u should go with the bad team

  • ShadowBullet Games
    ShadowBullet Games 28 days ago +1

    And this is why Josh has white hairs...

  • Cláudio Nogueira
    Cláudio Nogueira 28 days ago

    You should read the comments more often, because you will see that because of you, we think these videos are some of the most entertaining things on TheXvid and obviously we love that the other guys make for great reactions, but you're the master mind behind it, so thank you from us all, man. Sidemen are the best thing to happen to TheXvid, so keep coming with great content.

  • Fifa Mazzas
    Fifa Mazzas 28 days ago

    best sideman for sure

  • LUFC. Tommy
    LUFC. Tommy 28 days ago

    I think that Josh has some questions to answer from Freya

  • FBI
    FBI 28 days ago

    why do the tags say "sidemen $100, sidemen $200, sidemen $10000, sidemen $20000"

  • Max Osborne
    Max Osborne 28 days ago

    I reckon add a couple more twists per vid

  • Ruvaid Ali
    Ruvaid Ali 28 days ago

    Next holiday video put JJ in the good team and make him stay in the Maverick House which ultimately will make the holiday for JJ a bad one. Makes sense?