• Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • #SidemenSaturday
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Comments • 3 975

  • yurafarquit
    yurafarquit 2 days ago

    23:40 look at tobi. youtube compression thought he was part of the background for a bit cuz he sat still so he just froze lmao

  • Nicholas Ramgoolam
    Nicholas Ramgoolam 4 days ago

    Sidemen make a rap song?

  • Rickky Bobby
    Rickky Bobby 5 days ago +1

    This came out the same week as the Tinder vid. Oh what a banger they could have included

  • Sipposauro 05
    Sipposauro 05 5 days ago

    Part 2

  • Harley Homer
    Harley Homer 8 days ago +1

    Deal or no deal ?????

  • mxmrroverkill
    mxmrroverkill 10 days ago +1

    Do an update of this at the end of the year

  • Socks aka Oprah side's depressed cat

    5 million was the criteria for a banger, quite crazy how the least viewed video to feature in this video has 4,7 million and atleast half have 10 mil +

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong 13 days ago

    vik is annoying in the vid

  • Umbreon LeafeonGirl
    Umbreon LeafeonGirl 15 days ago +1

    I wan them to do tinder when surprisingly Phil turns up to decide

  • Rinesh -
    Rinesh - 16 days ago

    so far until 15 minutes no freaking banger video but you guys take breaks too much for work you dont show.So let us know what is actually happening in the sidemen, i feel you act too much on camera

  • GibletPlays
    GibletPlays 16 days ago

    Blue team 100vs10000 holiday is undefeated

  • Eddie Cochrane
    Eddie Cochrane 17 days ago

    faze cross bar challenge is asssss

  • Elsaplays
    Elsaplays 18 days ago

    Sideman x factor

  • Iniesta 8
    Iniesta 8 21 day ago

    I think that Tobi, Simon, and Ethan had much better evaluations.

  • jack armstrong
    jack armstrong 22 days ago

    The calorie challenge should be a banger

  • Soft Drink
    Soft Drink 22 days ago

    JJ legit sounds like he has a hangover

  • Espy
    Espy 23 days ago +1

    This video did the job 👍🏼

  • BahamurYT
    BahamurYT 26 days ago +1

    i rate this video "it did the job"

  • Conscious
    Conscious 29 days ago

    More PHIL

  • Nikolay Filipov
    Nikolay Filipov 29 days ago

    They were too harsh on themselves

  • Werewulf
    Werewulf Month ago

    Love how Ethan is repping FaZe merch

  • Lose Lose
    Lose Lose Month ago +29

    Little did they know... 2019 would be the greatest year they’d have. Every week for months has been straight bangers

    • Gaia Golashi
      Gaia Golashi 6 days ago

      Tinder 1 and 2,back to school, wheel of fortune, reverse hide and seek, bingo, tipping point, holiday video number 2, holiday video number 3 STRAIGHT BANGERS

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma Month ago

    This video itself is a what were you guys thinking.

  • ChrisSmoovefan
    ChrisSmoovefan Month ago +1

    One group banged in this video, while the other group "did the job" lmao

  • Hamzah Khan
    Hamzah Khan Month ago

    All hide and seek should be in a couldn't think of nothing and cba tier

  • lia
    lia Month ago

    Y didn't they rank the tinder videos bc those were BANGERS

  • Mike Briffa
    Mike Briffa Month ago

    this video was a did the job lol

  • ryan flanno
    ryan flanno Month ago +1

    $100 vs $10000 holiday 2 is the best video on youtube

    change my mind

  • Vuna 20
    Vuna 20 Month ago

    do this again you have more bangers

  • TRG
    TRG Month ago +2

    Countdown should’ve been banger low key like cmon bamgen

  • Arron Michal
    Arron Michal Month ago

    You need a new editor

  • Arron Michal
    Arron Michal Month ago

    Just stop doing kiddie videos like “world records”... I don’t think they understand that when sidemen channel dies they die Cus apart form JJ, they are all dead

  • Niklas
    Niklas Month ago

    this video did the job but would have been solid if the others react to the other ratings

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma Month ago +6

    I whole-heartedly agree with Simon and Tobi's team on this one

  • Theo Sergiou
    Theo Sergiou Month ago

    This video is definitely SOLID

  • Roman Gilbert
    Roman Gilbert Month ago

    jj underrated jabawokeez

  • Krii Chan
    Krii Chan Month ago

    I'd rank it in how funny the video was

  • Tiana S
    Tiana S Month ago

    I love Vik in glasses. That's it, that's the comment.

  • Tiana S
    Tiana S Month ago

    I love Vik in glasses. That's it, that's the comment.

  • ITZGarikONE
    ITZGarikONE Month ago +1

    What's the app or website they use to rate these videos?

  • MarkF4
    MarkF4 Month ago

    they would rate this video a did the job

  • Kerr Lyon
    Kerr Lyon 2 months ago

    I loved the what’s in the box or box of lie video

  • Gaia Golashi
    Gaia Golashi 2 months ago +1

    My opinion is that if they did this again Ethan, Simon, and Tobi are bangers while the others are solids

  • Gaia Golashi
    Gaia Golashi 2 months ago +1

    They're right about the food video the idea was ok but the video has actually stayed on my recommended for a long time

  • Aser Geremew
    Aser Geremew 2 months ago

    JJ just sits and agrees with each opinion like a b-itch

  • Matthew Kolakowski
    Matthew Kolakowski 2 months ago

    JJ and Josh are greedy cunts

  • RuLeZ1988
    RuLeZ1988 2 months ago

    16:45 JJ's presentation was not perfect, if you wanna make a perfect video, but it was funny. It added additional humour and character to the video. :D

  • Mast Agame
    Mast Agame 2 months ago

    How are they ranking them I want to do it

  • Leah Clarke
    Leah Clarke 2 months ago

    more one word interview

  • Isaac Scott
    Isaac Scott 2 months ago

    Eathan ha faze clan merch

  • FuryBeab
    FuryBeab 2 months ago

    Ethan with the FaZe X Champion jumper lmao

  • Regis
    Regis 2 months ago

    Tobis hair is fucking mank

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M 2 months ago

    Haloween Hide an seek was a banger

  • kartik tyagi
    kartik tyagi 2 months ago +1

    They're being too critical lol

  • amber williams
    amber williams 2 months ago

    i have so many vids to watch now

  • JPK Games
    JPK Games 2 months ago

    Just saying all vids are banger my opinion

  • Oliwer Larsson
    Oliwer Larsson 2 months ago

    SDMN vs FaZe was trash

  • Haden Carroll
    Haden Carroll 2 months ago

    I only watch bangers watch’s James Charles palette video

  • Godlike Nestric
    Godlike Nestric 2 months ago

    For me most of you guys videos are bangers and solids and barely sometimes did the job

  • J0RD4N The Meh
    J0RD4N The Meh 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie after watching the sidemen awards I thought they were gonna say all their vids was S class