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  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Relive Manchester United's dramatic last-minute win over Bayern in the 1999 UEFA Champions League final in Barcelona.
    The #UCL Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition's history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season.
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  • cein2008
    cein2008 7 hours ago

    I was so happy when Man United won this game. Germans where just to cocky and they got what they deserved and to lose it all.

  • Dino Sjahr
    Dino Sjahr 22 hours ago

    I watched it from tv as 12 years old kid with my late uncle who was Arsenal 88th minute, i asked my uncle to turn off the tv and went to bed..and suddenly united scored 2 goals in 3 mins...even my Arsenal fan uncle celebrated the goals with of the best moments as united fan

  • Darma Putra
    Darma Putra Day ago

    Ini baru 2 team hebat.. kemenangan bersih, tidak ada intrik diving, tidak ada parkir bus apa lagi abu nawas.. yg menang di sebut juara sejati, yang kalah terhormat layaknya ksatria.

  • forcek1ng
    forcek1ng Day ago

    Why am I watching this at 3am and crying?

  • Tony Rae
    Tony Rae 2 days ago

    Matthaus is modest isn't he? haha. Jeez, " by replacing a personality such as myself". You can tell Bayern are very bitter at losing this, but they would not have dominated of Scholes and Keane were not missing that match. Totally different game.

  • Moggy471
    Moggy471 2 days ago

    Never say die.

  • Badari Prasad
    Badari Prasad 2 days ago


    MUFC TV 4 days ago

    Football... BLOODY HELL

  • Rhythm Of The Knight
    Rhythm Of The Knight 6 days ago +4

    Ole just beat Jose and Guardiola within 3 days. Have faith, we're building a team.

  • Denis Kuznetsov
    Denis Kuznetsov 7 days ago

    Who's here after yesterday derbi win? So inspiring to see sir Alex smiling again!

  • Mike R
    Mike R 10 days ago

    Chills. Literal chills.

  • Zaky irfan mohamed lazim

    Ole has much better english now lol

  • Chandra Kurniawan
    Chandra Kurniawan 11 days ago


  • D.K controle
    D.K controle 12 days ago

    Quem veio aqui depois do jogo River x Flamengo?

  • William Costa Da Silva

    20 anos depois Flamengo fez exatamente a mesma coisa na final da Copa Libertadores

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves 19 days ago

    Na Europa: Manchester United x Bayern
    Na América: Flamengo x River Plate

  • max max
    max max 19 days ago

    O Flamengo repetiu essa virada na final da Libertadores

  • Alek
    Alek 21 day ago +1

    Gabriel Barbolskjaer

  • Sebastian Castillo Monteza

    20 years later
    Flamengo does the same against River Plate

  • Pandji Aryo Poerwono

    Cmon, just admit, it has more heart attack effect than istanbul 2005 final.
    Liverpool yet made an epic comeback, but injury time has another magic of its own to made it more dramatic, even Ramos injury time goal in Lisbon 2014 was more epic than istanbul 2015.

  • InfinityPlusOne
    InfinityPlusOne 21 day ago +4

    Alguém aqui após Flamengo 2 x 1 River?

  • Nick Nunes
    Nick Nunes 21 day ago +3

    Coming here after my team beat River Plate in the Libertadores Final in the exact same epic way. I can't believe what my eyes just saw.

  • Jordan Arbieto
    Jordan Arbieto 22 days ago +1

    Y hoy volvió a pasar lo mismo con River vs Flamengo, que hermoso e impredecible es el fútbol!!

  • El Que comenta por ahí
    El Que comenta por ahí 22 days ago +3

    Ole Gunnar Gabigol

  • blade dave
    blade dave 22 days ago +2

    riber plate

  • VCAC Awana
    VCAC Awana 23 days ago

    this is why we love united

  • jayraj solanki
    jayraj solanki 23 days ago

    And, I'm Crying.

  • Meme god 239
    Meme god 239 24 days ago +2

    I asked my father, who watched the match live,” Was this the best match of your life?”

    My father said,” yes son, this was the best three minutes ever”

  • Diana Yusuf
    Diana Yusuf 26 days ago +1

    Pngen nanges nek ndelok iki kapan MU ngene maneh yo setan abang ku

  • Happyow b Daar
    Happyow b Daar 29 days ago

    Who is here after the strategy moment in pl by man united?

    Lol STRØMSTAD Month ago

    Ole er den beste fra norge

  • Why B
    Why B Month ago


  • Haibara ai
    Haibara ai Month ago

    ဒီလို သမိုင္းရွိခဲ့တယ္

  • Ell Torn
    Ell Torn Month ago

    they chose completely the wrong commentary for that. Any United fan remembers the equaliser being "Giggs with the shot... Sheringhaaaaam" followed by "and Solskjaer has won it"

  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D Month ago

    I was in a Berlin pub as an LFC fan watching it. My first instincts were to hope United lost. But a few beers and a Berlin crowd that were very much MUFC fans that evening got me in the mood. I celebrated all along.

  • Andria Gaming
    Andria Gaming Month ago

    Typical bayern... they lost the trophy from english team.. a couple season next they won it

  • Andria Gaming
    Andria Gaming Month ago

    0:50 that's was phil jones bus 😄

  • Papa Amir
    Papa Amir Month ago

    That is the day when I started supporting Manchester United

  • Kadek Dwipayana
    Kadek Dwipayana Month ago

    The Bayern squad are already working hard. And they finally got their results in the 2001 final.

  • muhammad ridho adriani

    this is the only one my best my childhood moment, and my tears about streaming down while watching this

  • Ben B
    Ben B 2 months ago

    A lot of foreigners called us Manchester cause the other one was not known

  • Paddymysterio1
    Paddymysterio1 2 months ago


  • KingslayerSrb
    KingslayerSrb 2 months ago

    5:28 formed my childhood, taught me not to screw around until the business is done and done. Thank you, Junker, for a valuable lesson.

  • Scooter 15 Mujkic
    Scooter 15 Mujkic 2 months ago

    Manchester United ❤️❤️

  • Awuah Akomeah
    Awuah Akomeah 2 months ago

    Bxt 4 ever

  • Epic Gaming21
    Epic Gaming21 2 months ago

    How times have changed i would love to see Roy Keane and The Mighty Sir Alex Ferguson in our dressing room shouting at our players and talk about the state were in

  • Aditya Nafis Gunawan
    Aditya Nafis Gunawan 2 months ago

    the greatest footbal story ever

  • Big B
    Big B 2 months ago

    Remember watching this when I was 10. Gives me goosebumps.

  • Daniel Mercer
    Daniel Mercer 2 months ago

    It feels like Matthaüs felt like he should’ve won

    WAJIH 2 months ago

    Trophy came to camp nou

  • Steven Wong
    Steven Wong 2 months ago

    Alex went on to win many trophies, fantastic , respect!

  • Alex Sanjaya
    Alex Sanjaya 3 months ago

    ga ada pelatih sehebt alex ferguson

  • Adisusilo Susilo
    Adisusilo Susilo 3 months ago

    # You ' ll never walk alone six time🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Cookie_monster96
    Cookie_monster96 3 months ago

    Can someone tell me name of the tune in the begining?I cant get it out of my head!!

  • Roger Revollar
    Roger Revollar 3 months ago

    Amazing what happened that night twenty years have passed since that epic triumph 🏆🏆

  • MagirusDeutz Jupiter
    MagirusDeutz Jupiter 3 months ago

    MUFC through and through, till I die, till the earth is wiped out of the universe, this is what I lived for, best memory ever I could of dreamed of came true. Forza MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

  • Zard zumi
    Zard zumi 3 months ago

    맨체스터 유나이티드 멋진 팀 언젠가 영광을 되찾길

  • simon tamba
    simon tamba 3 months ago

    Where is Kufor s

  • Devendra Jadhav
    Devendra Jadhav 3 months ago

    One's a winners ,now they are fighting for qualifying in champions league.
    Time changes for everyone☺️

  • Tom Speller
    Tom Speller 3 months ago

    I wasn't even born then.. I wish I could see something like that now but, I don't think it will happen anytime soon..