Star Wars: The Last Jedi "Tempt" (:30)


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  • Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Well I hope the Avengers will remember that movie and Skywalker's island is like Jurassic Park.

  • Sith Kryptonian
    Sith Kryptonian 3 months ago

    Ohh the potential...wasted....

  • That one person
    That one person 5 months ago


  • Alayne O'Solochain
    Alayne O'Solochain 8 months ago

    What do you see?
    Light. Darkness.
    And...And something else.
    (tense pause)
    A balance.
    Darkness rises and Light to meet it.

  • Willow Blaze
    Willow Blaze 8 months ago +2

    My path is Reylo

  • Miss Fangs
    Miss Fangs 8 months ago +1

    Rey can't resist ben swolo

  • Aleks Gjoreski
    Aleks Gjoreski 9 months ago +1

    Its sad that the trailers are better then the movie!

  • EDITニック
    EDITニック 9 months ago +1

    Love the music

  • Jonathan Weihe
    Jonathan Weihe 9 months ago +1

    I loved the movie🤩. Rian Johnson. You are a genius🤯

  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano 9 months ago +2

    Oh what the movie could have been like

  • Dylan Reece
    Dylan Reece 10 months ago

    Star Wars make a thrown trilogy as soon as you finish up the solo movie and the kenobi movie make a thrown trilogy NOW

  • Lorraine M. Torn
    Lorraine M. Torn 10 months ago

    resist the devil and he will flee

  • Benjamin Bedford
    Benjamin Bedford 10 months ago +2

    I love the music it's so hauntingly chilling, and it reeks of the darkside

  • last chance blueprint
    last chance blueprint 10 months ago

    These are fun to watch after watching the film, but they're also the most spoilery.

  • Hirmuinen
    Hirmuinen 10 months ago +1


  • T.O.Y.Z for fun1
    T.O.Y.Z for fun1 10 months ago +2

    whats this music sooo good

  • ugandan knuckles
    ugandan knuckles 10 months ago

    0:08 the good music

  • Shriraj Reddy
    Shriraj Reddy 10 months ago +3

    when the trailer is better than the movie

    JOHN BOKO SHOW 11 months ago +16

    This TV spot is lie of a good twist that should have happen.

  • Brositiv
    Brositiv 11 months ago +6

    Great movie!

  • Rolando Mallqui Velásquez
    Rolando Mallqui Velásquez 11 months ago +2

    only to be so fallen in the abyss.

  • zgialanella zgialanella
    zgialanella zgialanella 11 months ago +1


  • MaD SaM
    MaD SaM 11 months ago

    omg the hype is amazing

  • FUSI0N Cine
    FUSI0N Cine 11 months ago +1

    *Star Wars The Last Jedi* #StarWars8 movie [ ]

  • Paul Samson
    Paul Samson 11 months ago

    Snoke is The Son from Mortis in TCW. Head color, height, robes, quest for power and order by conquest and darkness, wounds, age, knowledge of the Skywalkers.

    BORN RED MUFC 11 months ago


  • kystraycat ‘
    kystraycat ‘ 11 months ago

    Talk about giving you some serious goosebumps with that Christmas Star Wars music!

  • Potato
    Potato 11 months ago


  • Evan Seal EVERYTHING
    Evan Seal EVERYTHING 11 months ago +1

    0:08 my face when I hear JJ Abrams is directing episode IX

  • Kevin 863_YT
    Kevin 863_YT 11 months ago

    I have that one feeling that there will soon be fanart on 0:14

  • Kevin 863_YT
    Kevin 863_YT 11 months ago

    Too many spoilers

    BURIX CZ 11 months ago

    Please trailer music

  • star theorie
    star theorie 11 months ago


  • Kenzi Ren
    Kenzi Ren 11 months ago

    Please tell me this song is in the soundtrack

  • Edgar
    Edgar 11 months ago

    Females should not be leading Roles. Period.

  • Cristian Halldark
    Cristian Halldark 11 months ago

    anyone knows the name of the OST that starts on 0:08

  • NickToVa
    NickToVa 11 months ago +1

    Mark Hamill is going to give his best performance ever

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy 11 months ago

    0:25 what a powerful teacher warned her

  • Jtg 16
    Jtg 16 11 months ago +1

    "Breathe, now reach out."
    "What do you see?"
    "Light, Darkness. There's something else."
    "Jar Jar."
    "Its calling me!"
    "Resist it Rey."

  • Dick Hodgey
    Dick Hodgey 11 months ago

    Could the “something else” that she sees be the balance between light and dark. I know either Luke or Rey is gonna become a grey Jedi

  • Sid Pirate
    Sid Pirate 11 months ago

    I'm mean I'm SID PIRATE...

  • Sid Pirate
    Sid Pirate 11 months ago

    I want to see it but what about Star Wars 8 Rise Of The Alliance... and 10 with me A Lost Jedi... tehe... huh... SID PIRATE...

  • Dean Quinlan
    Dean Quinlan 11 months ago

    Delivery Boy: I got an order here for one Oscar for best actor.
    Mark Hamill: Ahh... I believe that should be me.
    Delivery Boy: Alright that'll be one outstanding performance please.
    Mark Hamill: REY!!!!
    Delivery Boy: Alright, sounds good.
    Mark Hamill: Thanks! Keep the change.

    ESPEN 11 months ago

    Ray bad I think😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Flumez
    Flumez 11 months ago

    Anakin: wore black
    Anakin: death Vader
    Fin: wearing black

  • Joshua
    Joshua 11 months ago


  • Crystal Cox
    Crystal Cox 11 months ago +1

    I'm so pumped for the movie

  • Erik Jakstrand
    Erik Jakstrand 11 months ago +1

    00:07 possible Leia death..

  • Pipacs Levendula
    Pipacs Levendula 11 months ago +1

    " Resist my naughty nephew, Rey! "

  • DubstepD34th Xx
    DubstepD34th Xx 11 months ago +1

    Mark Hamil is such a good actor!!

  • A Lost Traveler _
    A Lost Traveler _ 11 months ago +1


  • TWO76
    TWO76 11 months ago

    EA it’s in the game and maybe your wallets

  • Edolina Fedaraviciene
    Edolina Fedaraviciene 11 months ago


  • Nicodemus Edwards
    Nicodemus Edwards 11 months ago

    I wanna say Abeloth. But I know it isn’t.

  • Sophie Perez
    Sophie Perez 11 months ago +2

    the movie was amazing, i saw this movie at [ ]

    • guystudios
      guystudios 11 months ago +3

      How could you see it if John Williams is still scoring it?

    • Mati Marambio
      Mati Marambio 11 months ago

      Sophie Perez Yes of course

  • John
    John 11 months ago

    Star Trek is still better.

  • bc a
    bc a 11 months ago +1

    music is wonderful

  • RealEmPrin
    RealEmPrin 11 months ago +4

    I need to know what instrument "Rey's theme" is played on for musical reasons.

  • Mati Marambio
    Mati Marambio 11 months ago +1

    It's calling me
    Resist it Rey

  • Mati Marambio
    Mati Marambio 11 months ago +1

    It's calling me
    Resist it Rey

  • Tim Dom
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  • Hammad Rizvi
    Hammad Rizvi 11 months ago

    I’m gonna stop watching these, I feel like some of these are gonna spoil some scenes.

  • Ian Awesome
    Ian Awesome 11 months ago


  • star wars king
    star wars king 11 months ago

    trop bien

  • PinkGinger
    PinkGinger 11 months ago +1

    As much as I want December to come faster, I do not want to present my science fair project in December

  • Mati Marambio
    Mati Marambio 11 months ago +1

    -It's calling me
    +Resist it Rey

  • Newt Origami
    Newt Origami 11 months ago

    another trailer, come on this sucks, they won't get my money for this one clearly this is a renter, cause i don't like seeing the same thing over and over again, and this will dilute and continue to make the OG Trilogy characters stories pointless.

  • Luis Sweeny
    Luis Sweeny 11 months ago

    😄This🎞is going to be very huge much bigger then the recent ones❗️

  • Daniel Day
    Daniel Day 11 months ago

    reach out... touch faith

  • star theorie
    star theorie 11 months ago


  • Tayden Ellis
    Tayden Ellis 11 months ago +2

    It's like if Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the sith had a baby, then drove it through some of the VFX effects from The Force Awakens

  • Class Act
    Class Act 11 months ago

    Magic reaches farther than the Force Daisy Ridley cest la vie

  • Werewolf Fam Guy
    Werewolf Fam Guy 11 months ago


  • rudteko
    rudteko 11 months ago

    don't blame Disney they don't like microtransactions on battlefront 2 and go blame EA.

  • Milten MagOgnia
    Milten MagOgnia 11 months ago

    Oł jea

  • Trailer Mashup Production
    Trailer Mashup Production 11 months ago +1

    People are saying luke or rey will turn to the dark side but notice when rey says "dark" it shows finn with his stormtrooper weapon walking up to phasma. Could this mean something?

  • 정성현
    정성현 11 months ago

    Can't wait

  • Kolorowa Natka
    Kolorowa Natka 11 months ago +1

    I don't why but this video reminded me very much about some article about a Force Tree revealed to a girl and a boy do you think it may be related with the movie????????

  • Kuzy Gamer
    Kuzy Gamer 11 months ago +1

    The Music Is What Gives Star Wars Any Feeling, Without IT,.......Star Wars Would Be Nothing. :(

  • River Douglas
    River Douglas 11 months ago

    Guys The light the dark and something else what is the something else??

  • JRplays
    JRplays 11 months ago +3

    snoke is one ugly dude

  • Newt Origami
    Newt Origami 11 months ago +1

    countdown to another repeat of characters, nostalgia, and plot points etc. Ill pass on this besides the first one of these sucks

  • SUPERMEGA Mauricio
    SUPERMEGA Mauricio 11 months ago

    0:09-0:23 sounds like something from the it movie

  • HailStorm 43
    HailStorm 43 11 months ago

    Who's a Star Trek fan here.... I'm not

  • Skystreak, the Northstar Prime Pilot

    Star wars fan here

  • CJ Animations
    CJ Animations 11 months ago


  • Agent T. Yang
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  • MarStoryTime
    MarStoryTime 11 months ago

    Why do they keep spoiling it in these trailers?
    Unless it's a red herring.
    Making it obvious what's going to happen.

  • LIGHTNING691 plays
    LIGHTNING691 plays 11 months ago

    Im going to watch it as soon as it is in theater

  • Eh Ler Tha
    Eh Ler Tha 11 months ago +1

    Plz come out earlier plz come out earlier 🙇🙏

  • Matthew Skudzienski
    Matthew Skudzienski 11 months ago

    It will happen in 2017 Star Wars but luke and Rey will fight kylo Ren from last lightsaber fight

  • samdog
    samdog 11 months ago +1

    Hyped? Me. Sorry. I really want these movies to be good, know.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 11 months ago

    Tempted by the dark side, she is.

  • Tactical Analysis
    Tactical Analysis 11 months ago

    One of the best ones... So far.

  • Esther Eckstine
    Esther Eckstine 11 months ago


  • Chini the chinchilla
    Chini the chinchilla 11 months ago

    I think she is resisting the dark side

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 11 months ago

    Idk why did i put my hand put

  • درع ماس
    درع ماس 11 months ago

    Man.. trailers are spoiling too much of story

  • Parveg Hawlader
    Parveg Hawlader 11 months ago


  • The Top Loader
    The Top Loader 11 months ago

    Love. The music. Hope the hook is part of a new tune