Offset Migos Brings His Crashed Hellcat To Album Release Party!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
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Comments • 57

  • John White
    John White 21 day ago +1

    That's a v6 not a hellcat

  • Timithos
    Timithos 22 days ago +1

    hah, Samcrac just published a new video proving that this is not Offset's car and Samcrac was correct from the beginning. This is not even a Hellcat replacement. So Offset bought a wrecked Challenger and falsely claimed it was his original Hellcat.

    • Samir H.
      Samir H. 22 days ago

      That Is Correct. It Was Very Obvious.

    • TheKilla063
      TheKilla063 22 days ago

      Timithos see my comment

  • DarnLevel
    DarnLevel 22 days ago

    Everyone totally misses the fact that the car you see is an SXT. Quite a few trim levels down from a Hellcat... Its missing quite a few badges and trim pieces. Also the rear spoiler isnt black like most Hellcats are.

  • dsch1znit
    dsch1znit 22 days ago

    That’s not even a hellcat in the video, it’s an older SRT-8.

    NICK The QUICK 23 days ago

    Boy living like a true rockstar

    VALMER LYNN 25 days ago

    *Cardi b enter chat*
    *Cardi b leave chat to see IF her cheating BD okay*

  • XMore Coleman II
    XMore Coleman II 27 days ago

    Bruh just need a damn bicycle lol

  • Dillon Radcliffe
    Dillon Radcliffe 27 days ago

    That’s not the car from the crash but father of 4 is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • A Profit87
    A Profit87 27 days ago

    Not the real car. The real car was sold off at a insurance auction

  • life roller
    life roller 28 days ago +4

    That’s not a hellcat

  • Tony Brown
    Tony Brown 28 days ago

    Trash cat garbage dodge

    MIKE PHILLIPS 28 days ago +2

    Offset got gave a Warning buy the illuminati lol that's what happen I think that why Jay z and offset had a talk LMAO

  • William  Thomas
    William Thomas 29 days ago +2

    Illuminati Clone, Offset is no longer here with us people, FAKE NEWS!

  • ひDarius Paul
    ひDarius Paul 29 days ago +1

    Ya sucking dick he literally brought the car there to represent what he’s been through and what has happened to him nobody cares if it’s the real car or not

  • Dionne Odom
    Dionne Odom 29 days ago

    His album and the work put in is appreciated it's a closer look into who is truly is

  • Jeremy Walton
    Jeremy Walton 29 days ago

    Y'all funny as hell..

  • Rocky Maserati
    Rocky Maserati 29 days ago

    I thought somebody bought it

  • A-Trak 88
    A-Trak 88 29 days ago

    Okay big deal you almost died in a the car crash people die every day in car crashes...... Meanwhile subscribe to my channel (A-Trak 88)

  • Deshawn Real
    Deshawn Real Month ago

    He already a CRASH DUMMY

  • David English
    David English Month ago +4

    “Real talk” I just saw that same car on the back of a flatbed tow truck from this vid on University yesterday in Atlanta.. 🤔🤨

  • guda gram
    guda gram Month ago +5

    This is hella fake cause the crashed hellcat was purchased and restored by a professional restorer....the car was purchased from a junkyard in austell Georgia in an auction

  • Tony Freeman
    Tony Freeman Month ago +10

    He died on that green crash this a clone lol

    • Moegreen Them Ms
      Moegreen Them Ms 27 days ago

      Tony Freeman lolol oh lord here u ppl go wit this clone shit that don’t make since lolol u ppl just like to say shit just to get a like or so no such thing ass clone u fucking idiot

  • James Walker
    James Walker Month ago +8

    That's not that same car y'all that car had a black hood!!!! His hellcat!!!!! Go look at the video from last year....

    • Dani J.
      Dani J. 20 days ago

      And also had black rims

  • Solo Dolo
    Solo Dolo Month ago

    Not an hellcat

  • TheKilla063
    TheKilla063 Month ago +53

    Real hellcat fans know offset car was sold at copart and was featured on samcrac channel 💯

  • Ronald Watson
    Ronald Watson Month ago +6

    Definitely not a hellcat


    For the video ... Creative

  • a list
    a list Month ago +4

    Anything to make that album sale😆😆😆

  • C Y
    C Y Month ago


  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee Month ago

    This nigga made it seem like he was in the brink of death in that crash foh that wasn't shit

  • Andre Alston
    Andre Alston Month ago +1

    Goddam clown.

  • Hollywood 469
    Hollywood 469 Month ago +1

    But why though??

  • Maurice R
    Maurice R Month ago +3

    Nobody cares

  • Joy Lesile
    Joy Lesile Month ago +1

    They need to do this after they drop a ablum... get the bag 😭😭😫 I support cardi b he is makes his own art. He is Sagittarius breed ✊💯

    • Swae Slime
      Swae Slime 29 days ago +1

      Joy Lesile reading this gave me a brain malfunction

  • Odk
    Odk Month ago +13

    This fake someone already bought that hellcat and Fixing it

    • Samir H.
      Samir H. 22 days ago

      +Bill Walton Car Was Bought For $9600 And Flipped For $13500.

    • dsch1znit
      dsch1znit 22 days ago +1

      Bill Walton Then explain why the car in this video isn’t even a hellcat, it’s just an older SRT-8.

    • souf 9sixteen
      souf 9sixteen 25 days ago

      +Bill Walton gullibland

    • Bill Walton
      Bill Walton 29 days ago

      Swae Slime that is it! Bro I’m from the land,he got his car back a while ago! And he kept it to show how good God is!!!

    • Swae Slime
      Swae Slime 29 days ago

      Bill Walton not the original boy

  • Fuk Yuo
    Fuk Yuo Month ago +12

    Should've been playing one day you here and the next day u gone

  • Carlos Russell Jr.
    Carlos Russell Jr. Month ago

    TF why? Celebrities do the weirdest shit.

  • DRUNKLIFE alcoholic

    On god this nigga can't drive