We Made a Video you guys HATED - WAN Show July 12, 2019

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of mars myk)
    0:54 AMD controversish controversy
    2:20 today's sponsored video
    2:55 technical problems resolved ... kind of
    4:00 today's sponsored video vol.2
    16:45 micro USB justified
    19:14 vidcon but not vidcon
    21:49 TheXvid content id
    30:28 switch lite vs switch
    36:38 linus shows his true strength
    45:30 sponsor seasonic
    46:53 sponsor ridgewallet
    48:30 sponsor savagejerky
    49:45 google employees listening
    53:10 LTT merch
    55:25 ASUS old motherboards PCIe gen 4 capable?
    1:02:10 floatplane
    1:04:20 luke intel
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Comments • 2 706

  • Henry Garrett
    Henry Garrett 10 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video. On a side note, seeing Linus type early on in this media made me want for a contest among the LMG staff about who can build fastest, who can type fastest and most accurately (the Mavis Beacon event), etc.

  • Randy Hayden
    Randy Hayden 23 days ago

    They called the one kid in and he's not allowed to talk

  • xXzelda masterXx
    xXzelda masterXx Month ago

    Good job for taking responsibility guys, I forgive you for sure

  • DesertCookie
    DesertCookie Month ago +4

    53:20 Luke propably has herpes. 3/4 of the world's population has herpes. It's just that it often stays without symptoms.
    Source: Adam Ruins Everything

    • DesertCookie
      DesertCookie 10 days ago

      Musn't, but is likely, given how well they do their research and link their sources. Either way, it wouldn't make a difference, right? :)

    • Miles Edgeworth
      Miles Edgeworth 10 days ago

      Since it's from Adam Ruins Everything then it must be true

  • karehaqt
    karehaqt Month ago

    I thought all the negative votes were just down to Taotronics terrible audio quality.

  • au51emu
    au51emu Month ago

    Delta means change, not difference.

  • Karl Åström
    Karl Åström Month ago

    Fuck you linus, you smug friend having bastard!

  • Gerardo Amador
    Gerardo Amador Month ago

    Free content that I don't like? TIME TO RAGE!

  • LATRX199
    LATRX199 Month ago

    38:47 Brandon : what I’m even doing here

  • clickallnight
    clickallnight Month ago

    Guys the new Switch Lite is a new form factor for people who want that. It is not supposed to be exclusively a money saver.

  • UndefinedEssence
    UndefinedEssence Month ago

    There is far too much whining on the internet. You guys are doing great and all your channels and videos are fun to watch and very often helpful.

  • Sacco Belmonte
    Sacco Belmonte Month ago +2

    I wonder if Luke would go crazy if he had his hands tied and couldn't pull his t-shirt down.

  • 42thgamer
    42thgamer Month ago

    I also think that a local solution for Google Home and Alexa would be way safer. But that way Google and Amazon don't get their data so they will not do it.

  • MrJpeary
    MrJpeary Month ago +1

    Linus: do they not have friends
    Me: nope... :(

    P.S I'm getting a switch lite cause handheld is my preference and my gd right joycon just does not stay connected in handheld mode and I will keep my standard switch for the occasional time I want to play tv mode

  • Dustin Nguyen
    Dustin Nguyen Month ago

    Switch lite I would only get for a couple reasons. 1. as a second switch for pokemon to do online raids with another friend with two switches and 2. for displaying the switch lite pokemon edition. Honestly if the switch lite didn't have pokemon edition skin I wouldn't bother. The best value in my opinion is the new nintendo switch with better battery life coming out soon. Lastly, like linus says you give up way too much for $100 (docking, some joy con related games, and repairing/replacing when the joysticks and d pad goes bad), plus if you do get separate joycons you will have to buy a dedicated joycon charging station.

  • Robin Johansson
    Robin Johansson Month ago +1

    That face Luke had when "Omg, we can wear bras" @ 54:50

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago +4

    I don't think the influx of terrible comments was justified. It's some words on a screen and at the end of the day (literally!) It was changed.
    People get really nasty when their free content isn't up to par.
    The dislikes will hurt the channel but I think that's a TheXvid problem, and I don't think the ratio should make any difference in the algorithm, but rather a choice the user makes. Controversial content can be just as informative and shouldn't be hidden just because it upsets some very sensitive people.

  • Nicolò Bertocco
    Nicolò Bertocco Month ago

    Stop interrupting Brandon, you monsters

  • deminybs
    deminybs Month ago

    Listening to this,20 min in and oh hey I've heard this wan show already lol

  • Nick Farrell
    Nick Farrell Month ago +2

    I like how Linus actually explains the business to you neckbeards instead of just being like REEE GAMERS RISE UP

  • LaymensLament
    LaymensLament Month ago

    I mean, I appreciate the effort to be trustworthy but having showcase content this way, still muddies the water. Yes everyone is doing it, but I think it could be a big plus of this channel that you don't do it. You're one of the few channels that are big enough to be able to afford it.

  • EverythingGaming
    EverythingGaming Month ago +2

    The fan base can be a bunch of idiots. It is not in LMGs best interests to annoy the fan base or mislead them. They would not do this intentionally. They are only human - cut them some slack. Keep up the good work guys and good on you for your honesty.

  • Kage Song
    Kage Song Month ago +11

    So, people are mad that you keep your ads separate from reviews? That's absolutely what you should do. I've always liked that I knew which videos were paid ads vs. actual opinions.

  • Martin Bishop
    Martin Bishop Month ago

    definition of "dank" unpleasantly damp and cold. why call your own cash cow unpleasantly damp and cold !!!

  • Rick
    Rick Month ago +2

    I think the issue you are missing is that a showcase for headphones is objectively useless. I want to know what you think of them. I know what headphones are and what features they usually have.

  • ThexWITCHxMaster
    ThexWITCHxMaster Month ago +1

    Apologize for NOTHING guys..... keep it moving and good luck! Love the channel.

  • Arik Jones
    Arik Jones Month ago +12

    LTT: This content is sponsored
    Audience: OMG Y U NO OPINION?!?!
    LTT: Because its a sponsor and they paid for the video, these are ads

  • Demospolsion
    Demospolsion Month ago

    The only thing I bought extra for my Switch was a car charger, which obviously I would have to do the same with a Switch lite. Also I only use my dock with my monitor

    • Demospolsion
      Demospolsion Month ago

      ArtisChronicles Is it the official Nintendo one? If not beware because those things will brick your system

    • ArtisChronicles
      ArtisChronicles Month ago

      I just bought a extra type c to use with my battery bank so I could charge my switch if I happen to bring it with me as well as a slightly more mobile charging in home.

  • Rick van Kempen
    Rick van Kempen Month ago

    Well played Linus. Solid!

  • Adhi 1023
    Adhi 1023 Month ago +1

    Heck yeah

  • Steve ldnuk
    Steve ldnuk Month ago

    the lite can connect to other hand helds so...its pretty good option if you dont really need to have it play on TV or monitors. Also you went strangely deep about the who psyche behind choosing Lite v the Switch - a bit heavy dont you think? Its about fun and giving options to people. That is it.


    The thing about AMD is actually because it was never expected to work in the first place. With Intel, it's obvious it would work however they purposely locked it down and never opened arms about it. AMD on the other hand DID open arms and accepted the fact that it would work out well.

  • Mike Hudgins
    Mike Hudgins Month ago +1

    You guys have caused me to spend like $250 on jerky over time. I love Savage Jerky. I have started making my own jerky because of them to try to copy their recipes. Thanks for the new hobby!

  • brutalhonesty07
    brutalhonesty07 Month ago

    Do you guys still use epiphan capture cards? I’m looking for a good one.

  • B Carty
    B Carty Month ago

    38:00 no Linus....no I don't

  • Roset03
    Roset03 Month ago

    22:23 D'oh!

  • Skippy McGee
    Skippy McGee Month ago

    Hmmm... I was going to buy a Switch... fvck it, not anymore. F-off Nintendo, you are too dumb to deserve my cash.

  • will16320
    will16320 Month ago

    holy shit the intro worked

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 Month ago

    How is it even remotely close to what Intel did? Intel dropped the chipset entirely. 3*** era chips work in literally every way other than PCIe 4.0 support on X370 and X470.

  • Chris D
    Chris D Month ago

    If the Switch Lite was $100-$150, I'd probably actually buy it.

  • pranamd1
    pranamd1 Month ago +4

    38:01 If there was ever an example of Linus being out of touch with his audience...

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name Month ago

    I didn't dislike that video because it was misleading. I disliked it because if I want to watch ads, I will turn off adblocker and browse the web. The video attracted hate because it provided no direct value to the person watching it in any way shape or form. It was fair, just cheap, and obviously we (the general audience) don't care for that behavior. Defend it all you want, the video was a waste of everyone's time, except that the revenue LTT generated presumably goes to the videos people actually care about.

  • Mekronid
    Mekronid Month ago

    Regarding your mysterious lag: check the firmware/drivers for your network components. I had a case where one computer mysteriously wouldn't connect to the server. It turned out the server's network card driver had bugged out but was somehow functioning normally for _every other PC._ It even reported that the non-working PC should have connectivity, was able to ping, had the correct settings, etc. Reinstalling the driver fixed the issue.

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari Month ago

    1:03:15 - that's why it's safer dumbass… ¬¬


    Just wanna note tht 100$ is about 400 of my country's currency. Which is way more than a kid would have. So in countries like mine. Switch lite makes a lot of sense

  • Jzwiz
    Jzwiz Month ago

    Nintendo is horrible for copyright claims, they flag every pokemon game video every mario game, its a meme at this point.

  • Androkless7
    Androkless7 Month ago

    Linus: Do they not have friends?
    Me: I’m in this video and I don’t like it

  • Miles Waltrich
    Miles Waltrich Month ago

    I would love to be sitting on a plane and have the guy next to me suggest a game of Mario Party. If that happens, I'm buying drinks!

  • Carbiniz3r
    Carbiniz3r Month ago

    1k dislikes=1k amd fanboys

  • qwer55555555
    qwer55555555 Month ago

    folks are not using their brains. It's freaking obvious that paid video is an AD...just think.

  • MageToLight
    MageToLight Month ago

    Kids aren't going to drop a lot of money on extra controllers just for Smash. It's for people who are playing single player or online.

  • MF101
    MF101 Month ago

    LTT uses its popularity for additional revenue. BIG MYSTERY UNVEILED BY AN ACCIDENTAL DATA LEAK - READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE

    Like, what the actual fuck, people. I'm sure a lot of you are going to get offended by this, but a ton of you North American folk are way too entitled. Are you so used to being spoonfed information that you can't even think for yourself? You realize that nobody's forcing you to watch a video that you dislike, correct? It was an honest mistake, get the sand out of your vaginas. I mean, I don't wanna pull a Blizzard on you, but don't you have TVs? Don't you know how commercials and ads work? Stop being bad at life and instead use your brain to form an opinion of your own. At the end of the day, you're the one buying whatever the ad is selling. Shocking, I know.
    This whole aspect of "Thank you so much for correcting yourself, Linus, my life's back to normal again" is just mind-boggling to me.

  • WYT Fish
    WYT Fish Month ago

    floatplane team, welcome to the iOS app development experience hahahaha

  • Robert Cavender III
    Robert Cavender III 2 months ago +49

    I love how you approach these. It speaks to your credibility and makes me wonder why this isn't a standard!
    Keep it up!

  • Kevv Wang
    Kevv Wang 2 months ago

    The problem I had with the video was that... it wasn't any interesting at all. For a video about how it's supposed to be more of a value noise-cancelling headphone, I don't even remember the price of the headphone being talked a bout that much. I also felt like some of the content of the video wasn't targeted well, since in a video about value ANC headphones, it kind of implies what ANC is, but then you take some time explaining how ANC works, but it feels like it's framed as this is something original that the Taotronic headphones did and I felt like that was mis-represented.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

    After the show, now I'm hungry for some bacon.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

    I don't thing Asus is looking at the whole gen 4 specs. And AMD is looking at the whole thing.

  • Alexander Nähring
    Alexander Nähring 2 months ago

    The "problem" I see (although for me it wasn't much of a problem in the first place) with the Taotronics video or the showcases in general:
    All LTT videos feature a sponsor message at the beginning and end, so "labeling" an ad with "sponsored by" is not *really* obvious imo. Also, the "showcase" is at the very end of the long title, so is actually not visible until the video is actually open.
    I love this channel and I understand that you guys have to make money out of it, but still you really blurs the lines to your honest and really likeable reviews when adding "showcase" material that is not reaaaaaally so obviously marked as an ad. E.g., I would drop the intro, which I mentally link to you original content from ads like this, but this is just my perception.

  • Yovarni Yearwood
    Yovarni Yearwood 2 months ago

    I think the bigger argument for the Switch Lite is for parents to justify buying multiple handhelds for their children. I was talking some parents in Target once and they thought they had to buy one Switch for each of their kids (they had three.) I explained that no, they can dock it and all play together. However, that's only a good solution WHILE it's docked. At $200, it's much more justifiable to buy one for each child; granted, I think it should have been $150-170 or the price of the Joy-Cons should come down. Not even PS4/X1 controllers are that much, lmao.

  • xtreamchance
    xtreamchance 2 months ago

    I like and "feel" safer with the HARD curation of the APP Store, having people look at things before it's just dumped on the ios populace.