Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding & the Cast of 'Last Christmas' Review Holiday Movies | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, and 'Last Christmas' director, Paul Feig, review Christmas-themed romantic comedies. Revel in the holiday spirit with rom-com aficionado, Emilia, and her castmates as they revisit classics like 'Love Actually,' 'The Holiday,' 'Elf,' and 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

    LAST CHRISTMAS is in theaters now!
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    Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding & the Cast of 'Last Christmas' Review Holiday Movies | Vanity Fair
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Comments • 305

  • slytherinheir
    slytherinheir Day ago

    Emilia is such a gem! I bet she’s watched these movies like a billion times. Henry’s utterly useless HAHAHA

  • Yna Ysabelle
    Yna Ysabelle 3 days ago

    michelle rocking that off white belt

  • Jim Believe
    Jim Believe 3 days ago +1

    Henry & Emelia were as perfect as ANY classic actor/actress combo. When Emelia smiles the entire theatre smiles. And when she sang last Christmas at the end of the movie I know for a fact that in 56 years I have rarely felt that much joy while watching a movie. Absolutely perfect.

  • Milla Suini
    Milla Suini 4 days ago

    Henry not liking the Love Actually scene but Emilia is soooo hyped about it hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Motuloa Toevai
    Motuloa Toevai 4 days ago

    Loved it.

  • smartalec1991
    smartalec1991 7 days ago +1

    Emilia is like a literal ray of sunshine. She’s totally me when watching love actually.

  • Mysma Andrade
    Mysma Andrade 9 days ago

    I love it. Love this four together

  • Flamesphere
    Flamesphere 14 days ago


  • Lll l
    Lll l 17 days ago

    Somehow Henry seems feel awkward

  • albert odillon
    albert odillon 17 days ago

    Hope to see the movie soon because l would like to listen to the song "Last Christmas " by George Michael

  • tsuki97
    tsuki97 18 days ago

    i have serious questions about emilia's eyebrows

  • Kim Nurse
    Kim Nurse 18 days ago

    Loved watching their perspective as people in the industry, and as individuals who love ChrisymS and fate and romance oc the season!

  • dkfca
    dkfca 19 days ago

    OK I love Emilia Clarke. She is amazingly sweet and great.I have to Binge watch rom comes and hers this week-end ☺️😘

  • melvina628
    melvina628 19 days ago

    There's nothing cute about a man trying to steal someone else's wife. What if the male actors switched roles. Would that scene still be adorbs?

  • Rosie
    Rosie 19 days ago

    Emilia Clarke has the most expressive eyebrows out there

  • Tim Donovan
    Tim Donovan 19 days ago

    this movie is pure crap mush brains will love it, the worst kind of shite a heavily marketed made for tv movie with completely unknown z listers, oh and love actually was also crap, brit crap movies suck

  • isha
    isha 20 days ago

    @1:55 it's the benefits of good handwriting 😂😂

  • isha
    isha 20 days ago

    Emilia is that girl who's loved by all the students and teachers 😁

  • Raisha Jauhar
    Raisha Jauhar 20 days ago

    It must a very fun movie set

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 21 day ago +1

    I love it when Emilia swears, alright I'm done.

  • gabrielle henry
    gabrielle henry 21 day ago

    emilia’s love for rom coms is so meeeee

  • gabrielle henry
    gabrielle henry 21 day ago

    this is such weird seating

  • crying atm
    crying atm 21 day ago

    They all have such good chemistry together!! I feel like it was so fun shooting the movie together

  • crying atm
    crying atm 21 day ago

    God what i wouldn't give to be emilia's best friend omg

  • Syed salahuddin
    Syed salahuddin 21 day ago

    10 mins and 9 sec of emilia clarke. Im DISSAPOINTED!!!!! I WANT MORE !

  • Heather Gibb
    Heather Gibb 21 day ago

    They need to show better parts of these movies. Love Actually needs to show the scene when she realises he has feelings for her and then show the carol scene. And for It's a Wonderful Life you need to show the scene where the town rallies around him

  • Annabelle Tuckrr
    Annabelle Tuckrr 21 day ago

    This movie is so emotional 😭

  • Name of the Rose
    Name of the Rose 21 day ago

    Keira Knightley and Emilia Clarke, both in Star Wars movies. Michelle Yeoh, Star Trek. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Serenity

  • Philippe Hunt
    Philippe Hunt 21 day ago

    They showed Its a wonderful life in colour? Really?

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan 21 day ago

    Emilia is perfection

  • josephine9975
    josephine9975 21 day ago +1

    I feel like Emilia and I could be awesome friends. We watch the same movies. And know everything she’s talking about. I’m sure many of us, feel the same way. I’ve rewatched many of these around the year. She probably could have a TheXvid channel about romantic comedies and it’d be great movie commentary.

  • purple tea
    purple tea 22 days ago

    Ehw!! Don't like this guy for Emilia!! He is too old!

  • Darrin Ramroop
    Darrin Ramroop 22 days ago

    I want Emilia Clarke to write a Rom-Com

  • Jessica Mayne
    Jessica Mayne 22 days ago +8

    Fun fact, I used the “you missed” line to share my first kiss with my now husband 😂

  • Jessica Mayne
    Jessica Mayne 22 days ago +10

    I love how it seems that Emilia is friends with literally everyone she works with. She seems like such a genuine, fun person

  • Laboon 344
    Laboon 344 22 days ago

    That was a great James Stewart impression

  • Laboon 344
    Laboon 344 22 days ago

    Sleepless in Seattle

  • wpl
    wpl 22 days ago

    Love Actually is a very uneven movie. There was a lot of gratuitous nudity in the middle of a romantic comedy. I never really understood that. People who watch the version on TV probably never even saw the original movie. Four Weddings And A Funeral was a much better movie by the same director.

  • Paulinute C
    Paulinute C 22 days ago

    I was just rewatching Sabrina the teenage witch...Mr. Pool is that you??!

  • cocoanouk
    cocoanouk 22 days ago

    last christmas was heartbreaking

  • c17sam90
    c17sam90 22 days ago

    Why are the watching the colourised version of it’s a wonderful life ?

  • Midnight Fandoms
    Midnight Fandoms 22 days ago +1

    This is the first time watching that Love Actually clip after watching The Walking Dead riCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING 😂

  • Nikhita 2809
    Nikhita 2809 22 days ago

    I see andrew, i click

  • Auro 82
    Auro 82 22 days ago +2

    “Keira is just a babe” Emilia I love you so much😭💖

  • Severed_J Edwards
    Severed_J Edwards 22 days ago +1

    Die Hard is the best Christmas film.....

  • buddabudda
    buddabudda 22 days ago

    Hey, it's the guy who made the bad Ghostbusters movie!

  • Rossy Sánchez
    Rossy Sánchez 22 days ago +1

    Emilia not wanting to admit to have watched The Holiday more than once... Yep, I can relate. 😂

  • Andrew DeLotto
    Andrew DeLotto 22 days ago

    Emilia should write and maybe direct a rom com, I think she’d do it wonderfully!

  • Grace P
    Grace P 22 days ago

    What a great group! I wish I was sitting right there with them or that I was watching a RomCom with Emilia!

  • HoopleHeadUSA
    HoopleHeadUSA 22 days ago

    Terrible setup for 4 people

  • SJnight
    SJnight 22 days ago +2

    Who knew that a simple Christmas movie like Love Actually can spark so many debates?

  • Kaysey
    Kaysey 22 days ago

    I just love Emilia with all my heart

  • keeponrockin
    keeponrockin 22 days ago

    that movie was beyond meh... So bland

  • Marochka Minkeng
    Marochka Minkeng 22 days ago

    I actually pride myself on having never seen disgustingly cheesy movies like love actually or the notebook or titantic

    • Marochka Minkeng
      Marochka Minkeng 21 day ago

      Enakshi Nandi right. And you definitely don’t come off as agressive.
      I’ve never sat down and watch the entire movies, but i know the story lines and i’ve seen clips. But thanks for your passive aggressive comment, that really advanced the debate.

    • Enakshi Nandi
      Enakshi Nandi 21 day ago

      How do you know they are "disgustingly cheesy" if you've never watched them? You just come off as judgemental instead of knowledgeable about the movies you talk about when you say that.

  • Tiffany Lastinger
    Tiffany Lastinger 22 days ago

    ....Michelle... is definitely not the "rest of the cast" I'm offended

  • Hailey Boyle
    Hailey Boyle 23 days ago

    Was the "It's a Wonderful Life" in clip in color? What sacrilege is this?

  • Mayara Miquidade
    Mayara Miquidade 23 days ago

    I am both Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding when it comes to romance.

  • aung khant
    aung khant 23 days ago +3

    My boy Henry is not having it with that scene of Love actually. I felt the same way haha. My G

  • nick t.
    nick t. 23 days ago +2

    I see Rick Grimes, I click!

  • Ralph Huerto
    Ralph Huerto 23 days ago

    Ok. Michelle in really nice clothes then with an Off White belt. I stan!