6 Lists to Make to Organise your Life

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • In this video I talk about six lists that you can make to help you to get your life together. These are lists that I've made recently (or that I've had for a while!) that are helping me to keep my life together as a human that wants to achieve my goals and stay sane.
    What lists do you guys have that keep your life in control and help you to feel together?
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  • MargAbbottYou
    MargAbbottYou 22 hours ago

    Oh thank you so MUCH for this, LOADS of great advice here - one of which is a "Not to do [now]" list. I've seen the Someday/Maybe list but think that's for my pie-in-the-sky stuff. So consequently have nearly everything on one big list. This is a biggie for me - Thanks! 🌻

  • Brandi Newton
    Brandi Newton Month ago

    Would you be willing to share your lists as a starting point?

  • Liza Vandamme
    Liza Vandamme Month ago

    Hi Muchelle, thanks for all your amazing content. You provided so much value for me for free that I decided to buy your book 'Simplify your life' as a support. Keep up the good work!

  • David B
    David B Month ago

    Could you please do a tour of your things account. Just interested to see how you organise your different lists. For example would a list of books you want to read and places you want to travel go on your things app or your note taking app ?

  • ES
    ES 5 months ago

    I love Things as well!!

  • Annelise Kearvell
    Annelise Kearvell 5 months ago

    Trello is a real good (also free) app for making lists! It's been really helpful for planning my trip to Japan ❤

  • J.J. Day
    J.J. Day 6 months ago

    I'm in the middle of trying to reorganize/style my kitchen in my apartment... I have been planning the idea since the beginning of the week, and I started actually Trying... 3 days ago. I love the part in this video where you mentioned the concept of "baby stepping". Unfortunately, I started full throttle and emptied my entire kitchen of all the "stuff" and it is now, (and has been for 3 days) in my living room... I had the intention; not realizing how huge of a task it was actually going to be (not realizing HOW MUCH STUFF I actually had!!) of this only being a 1-day task. Ha- Wrong! Now, I am trying to go into it thinking "one step at a time it will all get done today!" aka "Baby Steps!" Some days I get inspired and I'm all go-go-go and get stuff done, but I hate most often when I get started and right in the middle of it, my inspiration dies and I'm like, "What the hell have I got myself into?!" Ever feel that way? If so, how do you trudge on thru?

  • MsSing101
    MsSing101 7 months ago

    Hi! What's the name of the tablet app you are using at 1:07?

  • My Production
    My Production 7 months ago

    u look like ann marie, now i can focus on the content.

  • Brooke Lilac
    Brooke Lilac 7 months ago

    Where’s your handbag from? 😍 I’m looking for a new black handbag that can fit all my stuff.

  • Jayne Maya
    Jayne Maya 7 months ago

    Haha... years ago I made a little ‘jingle’ for myself for every time I leave the house..”keys, purse, phone, cigarettes, lighter.” One thing for each finger on my hand. And I said it so many times over and over, that today it’s still drilled into my brain.. and has saved me many a time.
    (Nothing worse than being stuck out and about somewhere with cigarettes and no lighter! )😨😆

  • Mariajose Ochoa
    Mariajose Ochoa 7 months ago

    Love all your videos! Thank you 🙏🙏💖

  • whale junior
    whale junior 7 months ago

    Love this video! Exactly where I am.... I really needed this! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Music Theory With Nour
    Music Theory With Nour 7 months ago

    With me, the process of making one video at a time (idea, plan, script, shoot, edit, thumbnail, upload) is super redundant so what I do is do each of those in bulk.
    - Write 5-6 ideas
    - plan how to make those said ideas possible
    - script what needs to be scripted
    - shoot in bulk
    - edit
    - upload
    thumbnails happen as i go
    i find this method super better bc i can edit in bed when i am super tired from my uni or whatever and i can shoot on the weekends without worrying. I can write a script or two during my break at uni and there is free wifi ofc for the research part.

  • Nel Balitaon
    Nel Balitaon 7 months ago

    munchable hahahha cute watching this again before 2018 ends

  • Yeva Bog
    Yeva Bog 8 months ago

    I love this. I love your channel! This and ChannelNotes. It's been so helpful, you break things down so well that its easy to take notes and apply to my own life... immediately! So fantastic (:

  • Samantha H.
    Samantha H. 8 months ago

    You are after my own heart! I love lists !!!!

  • Sundara Gandhi
    Sundara Gandhi 9 months ago

    Microsoft To-Do is a blessing in my opinion. It gave me hope and confidence.

  • G S
    G S 9 months ago +2

    i LOVE the idea of a not to-do list, that’s exactly what i need right now. thankyou!

  • Jenny Marie
    Jenny Marie 9 months ago

    I absolutely love your channel! Your videos are so informative!!

  • The Craft
    The Craft 9 months ago

    Omg so your name is spelt Michelle not Muchelle in real life. Yep that works.

  • Sara Martin
    Sara Martin 9 months ago

    I cant find that to do app. ☹️?

  • Kaylan B
    Kaylan B 9 months ago

    I’m so glad I found your channel. They are motivating and helpful! You mentioned lists I hadn’t really thought of , but are super helpful! Thanks again and take care!

  • Aahana Dudani
    Aahana Dudani 9 months ago

    omgg aussie representation yess, have just discovered your channel and am binging all the vids :) so excited to start afresh thanks for all your hard work and great content, will defs be following x

  • Valentine
    Valentine 9 months ago

    Tick Tick is my favourite to do list app

  • Anna Rae
    Anna Rae 10 months ago

    I love your videos!! You have a gift. So much good information and you make it seem like I am talking to a friend instead of watching a video lol

    • muchelleb
      muchelleb  10 months ago

      Thank you so much 🙏🙏 sending all of the love n good vibes your way xoxo

  • Creamy_Bunny
    Creamy_Bunny 10 months ago

    Do you duplicate the lists because that way you don't have to "uncheck" them every time? I'm not sure if I got it.

  • Creamy_Bunny
    Creamy_Bunny 10 months ago

    I just found out about Taskade... and I LOVE it! Check it out @muchelleB

  • sella blah
    sella blah 11 months ago

    I love you and I love your channel and your content. pretty sure you've heard that before but its really really inspiring me

  • Albert Velez
    Albert Velez 11 months ago

    before I leave I say " testicles, spectacles, phone, wallet keys." its funnier to say out loud of course​.

  • Amy Elizabeth
    Amy Elizabeth 11 months ago +1

    This channel is so rad. I'm loving it!

  • Stephanie Tardif-Bennett

    Please do a weekly review video please!

  • Miss Nata
    Miss Nata Year ago +1

    I would love an AusPol for Dummies channel/videos. Please do that! Maybe a monthly special?

  • N Bee
    N Bee Year ago

    So excited for all your upcoming videos! I LOVE that YOU love making this type of content, bc it shows!! Thank you :) Xx

  • Tiffany's Korner
    Tiffany's Korner Year ago

    What camera do you use?

  • Diletta Villa
    Diletta Villa Year ago

    i use an app called notion! i love it 'cause it has a backup in the cloud and it's accessible from your computer + you can create subpages and keep all your lists together

  • C CCMV
    C CCMV Year ago

    I love your organizational video however organize is spelled wrong on your title 😊😫

  • Catherine Chen
    Catherine Chen Year ago

    Love your new video scheme

  • amandaintheworld
    amandaintheworld Year ago

    Not to do list! Definitely needed to hear that one this week. Already have a few to-dos that involve “stop doing the things I shouldn’t have said yes to in the first place,” but how much easier is it to pre-plan not doing those things? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Debbie W
    Debbie W Year ago

    I love your videos sooo much!! They inspire me to be more organise and just make me happier in general! I love creating routine lists! Xx

  • Sola Orelaja
    Sola Orelaja Year ago

    What's the calendar app you use?

  • Jay Alexander
    Jay Alexander Year ago

    I permanently live in the fuzzy feeling of not knowing what to do next..... 😢😢😢😢

  • taylor henzlik
    taylor henzlik Year ago

    These videos could become so much deeper and influential if she'd just turn that viewfinder back around..the constant looking at the monitor at herself is distracting.

  • Balance Belle
    Balance Belle Year ago

    I am OBSESSED with lists! They literally are life savors and I have no idea how I would function without them. They're like your own little personal assistant. Thanks again for another awesome video --; )

  • jcatyoon
    jcatyoon Year ago +13

    Hi Michelle,
    Is your boyfriend on board with your decluttered lifestyle? I am reading ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ and I am ready to start getting rid of the things I don’t love. However, I’m worried that getting rid of my own things will just create space for my boyfriend’s clutter to invade. How do you control your space when you are sharing it with others?

  • i-want-fries
    i-want-fries Year ago

    Idk why but you're sounding more lifeless with each video. Are you okay, Muchelle?

  • tyagaraja
    tyagaraja Year ago

    I watched the video when it came out but had to go back. I'm genuinely in love with making lists and you seem like a master of it :)

  • Masha
    Masha Year ago

    My personal form of your “pkwstl” is “wpkg - wallet phone keys glasses”

  • Kat R
    Kat R Year ago

    Please an auspol 2nd channel please! As much as I love love love the content on this, I find it really hard to find online dicussio/ guides/ explanations of auspol amoungst Young Australians,

  • jnnts
    jnnts Year ago

    i love these kinds of videos!!

  • Mariné Lavfair
    Mariné Lavfair Year ago

    You really are my favorite youtuber 💕💕💕

  • ellensarah
    ellensarah Year ago

    I absolutely love Todoist, it's the first I've found with all the functionality I'd like, and with a simple interface. Alternatively, I'd suggest Habitica - it's a really cute, gamified to do list app, I used it for a long time

  • Rena Goss
    Rena Goss Year ago

    fairy elf

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    lilheba-هبة Year ago

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  • The Goldfish
    The Goldfish Year ago

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    Lara & Co. Year ago

    Wow I took a bit of a break off youtube and instagram so have only just seen your hair!! loveeee it

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    FauxPunkkFatigue Year ago


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    Kelly's Daybook Year ago

    SO chill to watch xxx

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    Dewi Brugge Year ago +1

    You are my favourite TheXvidr at the moment. Please continue making content like this ❤️

  • Nora Csiszar
    Nora Csiszar Year ago

    Loved this video thank you for the ideas, Michelle, now I will start working on them and implement the changes. I already have a packing list, it is so useful!

  • Elsayed Ali Aboulila

    You are so cute and I love your look and love your beautiful channel 💖💖💖

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    Islam Sedek Year ago

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  • The Wanderess Diary

    Hi Muchelle!
    How do you make your videos looked a little bit pinkish tone, crisp and consistently edited nicely? do you do colorgrading? which software you use to edit and camera?
    You're my angel! I hope I can make a personal video channel like yours. 💕 Love your vibe!

    • The Wanderess Diary
      The Wanderess Diary Year ago

      muchelleb Yes, I am watching your videos as well on your other channel 🤗

    • muchelleb
      muchelleb  Year ago +1

      Hey!! I have a second channel, channel notes, that talks about all of this stuff! It might be helpful for you ☺️ just search ‘Channel Notes’ on youtube.

  • Jane Gaffney
    Jane Gaffney Year ago +8

    Your video production keeps getting better and better. Loving all the b-roll cuts that reference what you are talking about - super helpful/interesting!!

  • Aime's WearAbouts
    Aime's WearAbouts Year ago +2

    Wow this video is amazing. I'm really inspired by the types of videos you create. It has helped me discover that I also want to do these types of videos on my own channel. Also my favorite to do app is swipes!!

  • Kathy Doyel
    Kathy Doyel Year ago +2

    I definitely need a NOT TO DO list! I have more than a few bad habits that I want to change, and a not to do list helps remind me of that! 👍🏼😃

  • HeidiBidels
    HeidiBidels Year ago +2

    Tasks: todo list, task list, reminder
    for Android has a similar set up to the list app you use here! For the android friends 😋
    I've been loving it so far!

  • Erika Ramirez
    Erika Ramirez Year ago

    TeuxDeux 😻

  • Michelle Schaller

    Are you a Virgo?

  • D A
    D A Year ago +1

    I’m making an everyday list. Things I must complete everyday. To get me slower to my goals ! Really enjoyed this video !

  • supriya jain
    supriya jain Year ago

    OneNote- different notebooks and different sections under each notebook.. pages in each section.

    • Jingle Jungle
      Jingle Jungle Month ago

      Do you have any issues when you copy paste things to it? Like mine changes format, font and style, deletes stuff I worked on before or changes font & shit after I am done, I get back on it.. only to find things have changed since. Don't know if it's an app problem or my malfunctioning computer

  • Crystle Rose
    Crystle Rose Year ago +1

    I love OneNote for lists galore. I don't use Apple products, so I'm not sure if it's available there, but it is available on pc, android, and even kindle.

  • Abiyah Yisrael
    Abiyah Yisrael Year ago

    thanks for the great video !!

  • Annika C.
    Annika C. Year ago

    this video is so helpful thank you!!! what was the app that you were using on your ipad around 1:08?

  • Maxime Genôt
    Maxime Genôt Year ago +71

    You've said list 55 times 😂👍🏼

    • Jingle Jungle
      Jingle Jungle Month ago

      Omg, I'll never sit through the counting. I can watch again for the content though

    • muchelleb
      muchelleb  Year ago +7

      Hahahaha amazing 🙏