Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Victorian England

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Victorian England
    Think you know your Victorian history? Think again. For this list, we're counting down the weirdest, grossest, most surprising and unexpected facts about the Victorian era. In many ways it was a time of great social and scientific progress... But not everything was worthy of celebration.
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    #10. Filthy Streets
    #9. Meat Face Masks
    #8. Grave Diggers
    #7. Workhouses
    #6. Surgery
    #5. The Racist English Gentleman
    #4. Child Labour
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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  • Teapot Inc
    Teapot Inc 23 hours ago

    I just fail to understand how it wasn't normal to clean a blade after using it, you'd have to be a mung bean to fail to understand that the rancid smelling blood on your knife probably won't help your patient. SMH!🤦‍♀️

  • Jet Girl
    Jet Girl 3 days ago

    Oh the surgery... I'd rather die.

  • Jet Girl
    Jet Girl 3 days ago

    Number 10... Yeah I would never leave the house.

  • Lincoln Y
    Lincoln Y 16 days ago

    Those Quacks clips though

  • Morgan Robinson
    Morgan Robinson 18 days ago +1

    *I’m such a dork for clicking on this but hell im curious*

  • Darling Stuff
    Darling Stuff 19 days ago


    • Karolina Buba
      Karolina Buba 18 days ago

      What about Americans and Asians ? You're the one that is racist . And stupid.

  • ASG66
    ASG66 21 day ago

    This is utter bullshit.

  • Boo ComplexMind
    Boo ComplexMind 21 day ago

    nothing is perfect even now but I'm thankful for how far the world has come in so many ways. My heart hurts for all the women, children, impoverished people, queer-identifying individuals who wouldn't have even known a damn thing about how they felt just that apparently they were wrong for feeling it and couldn't ever betray their status to be happy, and just everyone in general who died/lived miserably and deserved better because of how ridiculously ill-informed this era was. And the sad case is that this was still pretty advanced for that time in history. Like I said the world isn't perfect even now but so much has come such a long ways since the Victorian era

  • Abbie Halliday
    Abbie Halliday 23 days ago

    Do disturbing Scottish history facts? Plz?

  • Blue Victory
    Blue Victory 23 days ago

    #5= Conservatives in the U.S.

  • Medieaval Beabe
    Medieaval Beabe 24 days ago

    Actually, London has had filthy streets right up until, well, recently, so your comment about that basically applies to ANY historical film set in London!
    Also how can you not know how to pronounce era properly?

    Aaand why are there Sweeny Todd clips in here? Sweeny Todd was set in the Georgian era, way before Victorian times! Ha! Bet none of you knew that!

  • Bloody Rouge
    Bloody Rouge 26 days ago

    “Vile Victorians”

  • Róbert László Györgyi

    I'd have also included the fact that Victorian high society used to pay lots of money to bring mummies from Egypt to their homes, they would throw "unwrapping parties", and they would make tea out of the mummified bodies.

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes 28 days ago

    Another disturbing fact The jobs @

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes 28 days ago

    Another disturbing fact The jobs @

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes 28 days ago

    Another disturbing fact The jobs @

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes 28 days ago

    Another disturbing fact The jobs @

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes 28 days ago

    Another disturbing fact The jobs @

    GARY GRAY Month ago

    Third is what the Tories want to take us back to??

  • BeachBoy1122
    BeachBoy1122 Month ago

    first thing I heard was this guy's huge accent 🤣🤣🤣

  • chors420
    chors420 Month ago

    3:38 xd

  • AgentMrBig
    AgentMrBig Month ago

    4:42 ooooo ohhh noooo not the racists english engteman omg nooo LOL

  • Goatism
    Goatism Month ago +1

    England "Nazi germany and the soviet union killed and made the lives of millions into pure misery and killed tens of millions"
    Also the eternal anglo "lol victorian era and worldwide genocides are fine if its jolly old england who does it lmao"

    • Goatism
      Goatism Month ago

      @I Think My Dog Is a Cat Id beg to differ , british monarchy and constitutional democracy have always been hilariously innefective and their military and social change doctrines are the stuff of legendary mismanagement.

      Even today, one could argue that even back then Britain was unchangeable from the mere fact they completed many atrocities oversea and probably on the outreach of a congress or parliament as it was an army and or colonial matter more than anything else (like with the facts of their acts in several theaters including the native american genocides, australian colonial genocides, opium wars, african colonial genocides and so forth).

      I just think it doesnt matter if its a single party or a democracy causing these things, with nazi germany it was democracy that bought them to power and the same could be said with the early days of the soviet union when the russians were mustering a more mild democracy (during the revolution and after, just before the bolsheviks killed every democratic parties, moderate communists and anarchists that were their allies beforehand).

      You can say theres grey areas here but what Britain often did in the past was just evil for evil sake, or worst, evil for greedy profit sake.

    • I Think My Dog Is a Cat
      I Think My Dog Is a Cat Month ago

      @Goatism Well, those other powers were just plain evil. You could enter politics and change things for Britain and the US, but in the other powers, you could not

  • Ms. Sonshine
    Ms. Sonshine Month ago

    In France, they drank wine instead of water.

  • Riccardo Alcaro
    Riccardo Alcaro Month ago

    What about imperialism? And child labour should be ways above the rest. Underpaid workers is another good (bad) one. Lack of universal suffrage is another one

  • perliva
    perliva Month ago +1

    No.5 - They were right all along. Just look at Europe today. We should bring those Gentlemen back!

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Month ago

    I wonder if the Irish genocide makes the list ...

  • Trusteft
    Trusteft Month ago

    Don't forget, no video games! The horror!

  • Dean PD
    Dean PD Month ago

    Now we are teaching kids that they are not the gender they are born with. Nah nothing wrong with our era.

  • Bombsquad85
    Bombsquad85 Month ago

    3. Yeah "creepy" to keep the recently deceased in the families memory by making a photo of them, which was the only thing they could do.
    2. Female hysteria is real, get fuckt. Even though the seriousness and treatment was overblown, but hysteria is a thing.

  • Fatslug 740
    Fatslug 740 Month ago +1

    0:16 I'm sorry for laughing

  • Ivan Davies
    Ivan Davies Month ago +1

    All of these could be applied to any city, anywhere in the 19th century.

  • Mo Fa
    Mo Fa Month ago

    the "racist English gentleman ... " ?! Is there any people on earth that isn't racist, then and now ? Tribalism, as it's otherwise, called is a natural part of human nature ! Get over it !

  • Faux Manchu
    Faux Manchu Month ago +2

    Other Victorian grim realities:
    Children were taken to baby farms (Childcare) where fatality was nearly 100%
    Babies were given gin and laudanum (opium) to keep them quiet.
    Most food were adulterated; chalk and alum added to bread, floor sweepings to tea, verdigris to Color pickles green and other toxic adulterants like lead, arsenic, et al.
    The Thames stank to high heaven because sewage, trash and dead carcasses were disposed in the river. Therefore Victorian London stank.
    Most Englishman never bathe their whole lives. The poor were separated in churches, buses, clinics, trains because they stank terribly. Didn't help that they washed their clothes in urine.
    Alcoholism was the norm for both men and women and kids suffered terribly from child abuse.
    These are but a very few examples. Sources: books -- Massacre of the Innocents; The Foundlings; The Workhouses; Cruel Habitations, The Great Stink, et all.,

  • Pablo Americano
    Pablo Americano Month ago

    Did they ever to think to use their white privilege to make things better in these harsh times? (Sarcasm)#MAGA

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    If I had a time machine, Victorian England is the first place I'd visit ... And I'd definitely tread on a few 'butterflies'.

  • Charity Lloyd
    Charity Lloyd Month ago +1

    Ahhh pretty sure you mean “grave robbers” not “grave diggers”.

  • chitrangi powale
    chitrangi powale Month ago

    I feel proud
    India had a rich culture back then

  • chitrangi powale
    chitrangi powale Month ago

    Reflects that the monarchs din give a shit about their subjects

  • Plerp Plerp
    Plerp Plerp Month ago +1

    Racist English gentleman? Hmm🤔 Not much has changed then.

    • Julie A
      Julie A Month ago

      I'd say racist everyone. Not just English gentlemen.

    • peter burry
      peter burry Month ago


  • Maria Mercedes Llopis Candelarese

    I LOVE THAT time BUT......memento UFFFFF.death photos......aaaaaay KISSES FROM SPAIN

  • Caleb Rivera
    Caleb Rivera Month ago +1

    Victoria, Roman Goddess of Victory

    • shedevil50337
      shedevil50337 Month ago +1

      The Greek equivalent was Nike, hence the name being used for sportswear.

  • Bianca Bella
    Bianca Bella Month ago +1

    To bad they didn’t like blacks 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh and they call us weird and monkeys but they’re the ones doing weird stuff 😆😆🤦🏾‍♀️ how do these people get away with this

    • Bianca Bella
      Bianca Bella Month ago

      Trixmay 988 I don’t believe that !!! Some white man told y’all that & y’all believed it

    • Trixmay 988
      Trixmay 988 Month ago

      Because blacks made a tiny, tiny portion of the population

  • amit
    amit Month ago

    i thankyou for changing the old boring watchmojo intro and the same old woman's voice . Phew. Thanks man.

  • theother account
    theother account Month ago

    Grow up eating poision like that an not be seriously fucked up as a person....wait we still eat fucked up!!!!The USA is a testing ground for foods no other country would allow in there remove the health value state they are market to us after.

  • Gabby Diomand
    Gabby Diomand 2 months ago

    Death photos are cool to me

  • Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt 2 months ago

    I've seen most of this elsewhere. Yes, it was horrible by our early 21st century standards. But, at the time, the British thought that they were the epitome of culture and civilization. Today, we think the same in the West and about a century from now someone will be uploading a 3D holographic video to some future version of TheXvid that provides the 10 most disturbing facts about 20th century America. And so on and so on into eternity...

  • WiggaMachiavelli
    WiggaMachiavelli 2 months ago

    Still sounds better than to-day. Let's go back.

    • peter burry
      peter burry Month ago +1

      Racism was much better back then.

  • Fheem Khalid
    Fheem Khalid 2 months ago

    euwwwww very civilised they said. disgusting moron

  • naly202
    naly202 2 months ago

    at 0:15 i swear i heard Dumbledore's (Michael Gambol) voice

  • Jen Keep
    Jen Keep 2 months ago +1

    Several of the photos of dead women were real police photographs of Jack the Ripper's victims. So disturbing.

  • Escapetheratrace Escapetheratrace

    What a horrible era to have existed in, especially if you were poor! I feel like the powers that be will take us back to that era without us even knowing it with all the distractions we have in life....people are starting to wake up tho. Hopefully it won't be too late.

  • iconoclast
    iconoclast 2 months ago +1

    I would so like to be able to send all the trumpoid motherfuckers back to the Victorian England London with its miserable tenements and horse-shit-laden streets so that they can be in their natural element.

  • Aelric Kofoid
    Aelric Kofoid 2 months ago

    Charles Dickens books themselves do not make light of the work houses. It is certainly true in the movie adaptations but if you read dickens books which are the original versions work house treatment is far from made light of. The work houses were drawn from his own experience in his books

  • Elaine Evans
    Elaine Evans 2 months ago +1

    I would have hated to live in the Victorian era.

  • Lena Morningstar
    Lena Morningstar 2 months ago

    Not to scare anyone, but I'll be a grave digger if I could. Also taking pictures of a death people is more sad than scary. People needed pic of their loved ones, in mourning.

  • you are a pEaSaNt
    you are a pEaSaNt 2 months ago

    I learnt all this in primary school

  • Goomba Pizza
    Goomba Pizza 2 months ago

    6:17 Did he just say "ma-CARB" for macabre?

  • im in
    im in 2 months ago

    Why did not they mention the year

  • Judy Motto
    Judy Motto 2 months ago

    I need some of those smelling salts