Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Victorian England

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Victorian England
    Think you know your Victorian history? Think again. For this list, we're counting down the weirdest, grossest, most surprising and unexpected facts about the Victorian era. In many ways it was a time of great social and scientific progress... But not everything was worthy of celebration.
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    #10. Filthy Streets
    #9. Meat Face Masks
    #8. Grave Diggers
    #7. Workhouses
    #6. Surgery
    #5. The Racist English Gentleman
    #4. Child Labour
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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  • jailyn Tomitis
    jailyn Tomitis 7 days ago

    Life during Victoria era is hell....!!!!!!

  • R.o.b
    R.o.b 7 days ago +1

    fact number 11

    they had too much tea

  • Marley Bu
    Marley Bu 11 days ago

    Hahaha, the grave digging part is Burke and Hare. Really funny film, I recommend watching it. Gotta love the Scottish 😂

  • jjezebeljj
    jjezebeljj 11 days ago

    For goodness sakes can there be one just one thing i watch that doesn't some how fit racism in . Gees let it go. It's getting boring now.

  • tyler ziemer
    tyler ziemer 16 days ago

    ive seen lots of old videos from 1930s where people are 100+ years old so it wasnt impossible to live a super long life

  • 1945joshuaruiz
    1945joshuaruiz 18 days ago

    Britain 1894 . A shitty place .

  • Liberty Hussein
    Liberty Hussein 22 days ago +3

    I think you mean grave robbers. Fresh-ish corpses were of high value to medical colleges.

  • Levi Culp
    Levi Culp 24 days ago

    "racist" English gentlemen, how about truthful English gentlemen instead?

  • Malcolm Canning
    Malcolm Canning 24 days ago

    Who built the underground tunnels. beutiful buildings .them scruffy kids a grave robbers. Please tell

  • Ghost
    Ghost 24 days ago

    Knew it all already but enjoyed the video none the less

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon 25 days ago

    I much appreciate this. In general I'm not an anglophile because so much of how it's portrayed is "life in England is better and more civilised" and that's pretty easily seen through but the image persists. Seeing the flaws allows me to appreciate the positives more, so genuinely I appreciate it. Intellectual honesty matters. :)

  • simsportif
    simsportif 25 days ago +5

    "10 disturbing facts for peoples who knew nothing abut the victorian era." That would have been a better name.

  • cBearTv
    cBearTv 25 days ago +1

    Oooh opium for sedation... Ummm where is this retreat ‼️

  • Gogo Shagara
    Gogo Shagara 25 days ago

    They can't drink water God ..

  • aki Thompson
    aki Thompson 25 days ago +1

    You forgot about

  • April Moore
    April Moore 28 days ago

    Pelvic massage... hmm...I think the old man would be really pissed about that...

  • GachaLife Jon
    GachaLife Jon 29 days ago

    I’m literally watching this because I listened to the vocaloid Twaddles of a Flue Faker lmao

  • Steve Masters
    Steve Masters Month ago

    The Victorians were right about Race.

  • Sunlight70
    Sunlight70 Month ago +3

    "Cholera, gas-lamp poisoning, social injustice . . . those were the days" - _Evelida Grey_

  • fus ro dahhh m8
    fus ro dahhh m8 Month ago +2

    0:18 T-posing intensifies

  • Alaa Adele
    Alaa Adele Month ago

    that was my favorite scene in the office 1:30

  • LiveLoveLift92
    LiveLoveLift92 Month ago

    This is watchmojo. The worst top anything channel on youtube. I highly doubt this list is as graphic as the title claims ..

  • N8
    N8 Month ago

    Dont ask for likes and subscribed at the beginning of ur videos. It makes u a toolmojo

  • F A I T H - F L 0 W 3 R 5

    Sweeny Todd!!! 😩👌👌💞

  • Freya is a Yandere
    Freya is a Yandere Month ago

    Kinda feel like this was made with Americans in mind. Learnt all of this in Primary school.

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 2 months ago

    10 no nhs 19thc dy 😏

  • Ambrose Self
    Ambrose Self 2 months ago

    Wot up gents

  • Kate Allsop
    Kate Allsop 2 months ago

    What A disgrace when royals such as Edward ate like pig whilst honest people had nothing

  • ashpriya1
    ashpriya1 2 months ago

    What's that narrator's accent?

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 2 months ago


  • ᛉᛇ ᚵᛒ
    ᛉᛇ ᚵᛒ 2 months ago

    The mad house and the work house are not the same thing. This rather facile little video is more crammed with disinformation that with information.

  • tubularbill
    tubularbill 2 months ago

    We have it really, really, really, really good today

  • Slipknot3eb
    Slipknot3eb 2 months ago

    I'll order one Medieval Meal

  • Heathen Heather
    Heathen Heather 2 months ago +1

    Get off your fortnight....... RIGHT. When I heard that... I look at my son who is playing fortnite.....

  • 火王電ジェイソン

    White privilege

  • Hightex 2004
    Hightex 2004 2 months ago

    There are still grave diggers

  • Shipping Zone
    Shipping Zone 2 months ago

    How is physical exercise for therapy primitive?

  • Digger Ob
    Digger Ob 2 months ago +1

    india 2019

  • Stevie HeBe
    Stevie HeBe 2 months ago +2

    god what an obnoxious voice

  • 90sbaby 00skid
    90sbaby 00skid 2 months ago

    Bring back the work houses! 😂

  • Senior Scientist Tho So STFU Charlie Brown

    The video was ok but WatchMojo sucks , so I thumbed it down .

  • M H
    M H 2 months ago +2

    The most disturbing thing about this is the narrator's voice

  • Morningstar Ghuleh
    Morningstar Ghuleh 2 months ago

    Death photography... Even though photography was getting more popular, not everyone could afford their own camera or even to sit for portraits. So death photography was usually the only photo the families had of their loved one. It wasn't gross, scary or weird, it was a memento for the family.

  • Mark Tuson
    Mark Tuson 2 months ago +4

    "The Vicrorian error".

  • Grace's Sconzo
    Grace's Sconzo 2 months ago

    Well with Grave Digging some Doctors or Scientists would study the bones and scull to see there diet and how old they were and who they were. They could even tell what they died from to prevent anyone else dying from the same thing, they can even somewhat tell there time of death that is somewhat accurate but sketchy at times.
    But... I also wouldn’t, not saying that people do which I hope people don’t do that still but it’s just another part of something I learn about.
    I mean yes we do still learn from bones or bodies Doctors and Scientists find. For example Mummies, Old Bones We find to today, Fools or Human or Other creature before are time, we even learn from animal bones and things they may have left behind for someone to find.
    Sounds weird but hey it’s away to learn and get better at things than to not learn at all...
    You never know what else we could find next.

  • Sandra Winkler
    Sandra Winkler 2 months ago +9

    Work Houses? That's hard for me to wrap my mind around. All I know is not much work gets done around my house!

    • lava _pizza
      lava _pizza 29 days ago

      Play the guild 2 them work houses aint clean no wonder why my buildings got vines even tho they were only build 1 week ago

  • Rain Walker
    Rain Walker 3 months ago

    Aah, the good old days.
    Interestingly, some of the same things are happening today. In Asia a food vendor was using ground cardboard soaked in a liquid (a carcinogen) and adding it to ground beef as a cheap filler. A few years ago, I read a report that some poor people in Haiti were adding clay to flour to make bread. Just saw a documentary last night about poor people in the Philippines living in a cemetery. It was really horrific. Wherever there is extreme poverty and deprivation, you will find people resorting to some of these practices. I think we in modern times have our own weird habits, e.g., butt implants, Botox injections, paying lots of money to others to MAKE us exercise, completely changing our appearance through cosmetic surgery that we no longer look like our former selves. I could go on. As long as people have been on the earth, there have been weird habits that future generations saw as odd.

  • M P
    M P 3 months ago +1

    raw meat pulls out the toxins

  • Little Kitty
    Little Kitty 3 months ago

    So not that much difference to today then.
    Again the powers that be claim that they can recognize potential "criminals" from the shape of their faces. This has led to innocent people getting arrested.
    Again they claim that the poor are poor through their own fault and that the poor are sub-human. An article in the British "Daily Mail" a few years ago claimed that poverty automatically causes a lower IQ, whereas being wealthy gives people a higher IQ. Shockingly enough, the vast majority of readers agreed, going by the comments under that article.
    Again all wealth goes to the rich whilst the poor get poorer. The poor get forced into slave work ("work experience"), and endless sanctions (ie leaving the unemployed with no money at all) has led to a 60 % increase in prostitution in deprived areas.
    Food is still being bulked up with poisonous substances that are harmful but mean more profits for the big companies. Chemicals that cause cancer and infertility are in all processed foods, to bulk food up, to make food look better, to make food last longer. This often causes serious health issues, allergic reactions, cancer, infertility, even behavioral issues in children. Water is contaminated with fluoride which causes rotting teeth, lower IQ, dementia, Alzheimers, cancer and infertility. They now even want to add lithium to water. Lithium is an antidepressant. Apparently the incessant drive to get everybody on antidepressants to turn everybody into unthinking, unfeeling slaves is not enough so they now add it to the water.
    Even the disturbing issue of grave robbing is back, worse than ever - poor people don't even get a funeral any more at all, their bodies get hacked to pieces for organs and the rest cremated and the ash thrown out with the garbage. But nobody cares about the poor and those who have nobody.
    People in work houses were sedated - well, nowadays everybody who is not wealthy gets sedated with antidepressants, tranquilizers. sleeping tablets, pain killers etc etc. Doctors push these things at everybody and close to 100 % of the population are addicted to such poisons. Go to any NHS doctor with any health problem and all you get offered is antidepressants or pain killers. And most people keep swallowing their pills without asking any questions.
    Filth in the streets - absolutely do we have that, and far worse than a bit of horse manure. We now have to deal with discarded needles from drug use, used condoms, vomit from drunks, people using the streets as a toilet, piles of garbage - all this at least in the inner cities.
    And what we are now dealing with is so much worse on so many levels - our young are all on drugs and leading promiscuous life styles, both of which gets heavily promoted in schools and the media, every aspect of normal human behavior gets called "mental illness" and people reacting in perfectly normal ways get pumped full of drugs until they forget who they are, violence is everywhere, people are stabbing each other in the streets (at least here in the UK), pregnant women get pushed into having abortions, anyone old or disabled gets killed off by doctors, police are corrupt - hence there is a state of anarchy, schools promote confusion between the sexes and tell children that they must want to be the opposite sex to what they are, normal family life is seen as old fashioned...etc etc etc...
    Progress? Where???

  • Derek Barrantes
    Derek Barrantes 3 months ago +3

    I never knew how messed up Sherlock’s England was

    • Sam I am
      Sam I am 2 months ago

      Ralph Vermolen Dude you’re awesome :D The first time I went to the Netherlands I was 12 and I went with my family we stayed at the holiday park witterzomer in Assen. We went cycling to go see some windmill or other, we ended up getting lost and cycling for a LOT longer than we intended lol it was a lot of fun though.
      The second time was two years ago, it was just me and my dad. We went to Amsterdam in different hotels every couple of nights. It was quite scary to begin with cycling there, because there was literally hundreds of people all around you, but we got the hang of it. We met up with some other English friends my dad had and they were horrified to see no one was wearing a helmet lol
      My family has never used helmets on bikes, so I actually hadn’t noticed XD but it was good fun. We stayed for about 3 weeks. Good times..

    • Ralph Vermolen
      Ralph Vermolen 2 months ago

      @Sam I am Haha, if you want to go cycling, this would be the country for you. We have dedicated cycling lanes next to most roads (except highways or very rural areas). Plenty of history and art too. Not only in museums, but in nature and architecture too. If you visit a park or forest and head of the main road, you'll probably end up walking on some ancient roman roads or a medieval maze.
      I highly recommend to visit the Veluwe if you like nature. It's great to bike or walk through.
      As for the people, most are really friendly. Just as anywhere else in the world, people tend to be friendlier in villages or smaller towns. And if you do learn Dutch, you'll notice that some words and phrases that sound incredibly rude when you translate them to English, aren't rude at all here. Flikker is probably the most obvious culprit. Calling someone "vuile flikker" can be pretty lighthearted depending on how you say it and who you say it to. My grandmother often calls me or my cousins that whenever we play a joke on her.
      But if you'd literally translate it to English, it means: "Disgusting faggot." So, yeah... Be careful of those lol.

    • Sam I am
      Sam I am 2 months ago

      Ralph Vermolen ohh that’s really cool :D
      I’m from Somerset and my boyfriend is from Devon we’re both finishing university this year and we’re both going to be vets. We’re really excited to go, he’s never left England before lol Neither of us drive but we love cycling. Cycling in England is a nightmare if you want to do it practically, so we have to get trains and buses everywhere. My dad lives on a narrow boat (currently on the Kennet and Avon Canal) and he’s moving with his girlfriend to The Netherlands soon as well :D
      We are also both obsessed with art and history, so moving to the Netherlands seems pretty ideal. We can’t wait 😊

    • Ralph Vermolen
      Ralph Vermolen 2 months ago

      ​@Sam I am Really? That's awesome! If you move there, I could maybe hook you up with my sister and her fiance. They have been living in Amsterdam for a while now and are pretty outgoing, always willing to meet new people. They could show you and your boyfriend around if they aren't too busy with work. She is also lived in London for a while and graduate from some college there. (I think it was King's college?) So her English is pretty amazing, much better than mine at least. I get by when I am reading or writing, but when I have to speak I sound like I am having a stroke lol.
      I always like visiting concentration camps as they give you this weird, almost peaceful feeling.
      Where are you from by the way? I mean, I just figured you were from England since you knew Horrible histories, but you could also be Irish, Scottish or Welsh. OR CORNISCH!!!! (Forgive me, I recently found out about Cornwall's existence and I am a little obsessed with it)

    • Sam I am
      Sam I am 2 months ago

      Ralph Vermolen oh wow that’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to visit a concentration camp, it’s a very disgusting part of human history that we shouldn’t ever forget, in memory of those who suffered, and to make sure we learn from our mistakes. I’ve been to the Netherlands twice, it’s the only place I’ve ever been abroad. I’ve always been able to speak German but I’m learning Dutch as a third language because me and my boyfriend plan to move to Amsterdam soon XD..

  • Sherry Applegate
    Sherry Applegate 3 months ago

    You have confused grave diggers with grave robbers.

  • Anna Steasia
    Anna Steasia 3 months ago

    "The stress of female life - of the Victorian woman" ... Since they were considered not smart enough to get out of their own way, or plain chattel, I'd say that would be sufficient to send many over the edge. Female hysteria must have been a booming business, caused by the very men/society treating it.

  • BellaMusical
    BellaMusical 3 months ago

    Hysteria is a brilliant and funny movie. One of my favorites.

  • huo bam
    huo bam 3 months ago +1

    Geez, were English cities filthy shiteholes brimming with savages

  • Herbert Pell
    Herbert Pell 3 months ago +3

    Workhouses survived in Britain right up into the 1930's and some even survived into the 1950's.

  • Todd Rickey
    Todd Rickey 3 months ago

    So right then, get on now, tarry not! Let that be a lesson to you, shirkers all!

  • Micheila Satie
    Micheila Satie 3 months ago +5

    Food producers haven't changed much with all their poisonous additives, secrecy, etc...

    • geo-george2
      geo-george2 2 months ago +1

      @Morningstar Ghuleh No, just GMOs.

    • Morningstar Ghuleh
      Morningstar Ghuleh 2 months ago +1

      At least the bread isn't filled with sawdust , plaster of paris or alum, no paraffin wax or lead sulphate in chocolate and sweets (unless it's from some seriously dodgy company now), no red lead in cheese, copper in pickles and sulphuric acid in vinegar. I'd rather eat food made now, than possibly die straight away from eating 'normal' food during the Victorian era.

  • Jay Saenz
    Jay Saenz 3 months ago

    The Victorians were ruled by a woman... Are you saying that a having a female ruler doesn't have a positive impact in the wellness of the people?

  • Monsieurturmoil
    Monsieurturmoil 3 months ago

    The pall of Victorian outlooks are still with us today ..... Being poor is a crime...... Sex is officially disgusting but privately highly perverted for many ... Indeed in Victorian England wealthy men often slept with 10 yr old virgin girls as this was supposedly a cure for Syphilis. .... The poor must be housed on top of each other as to allow the wealthy space... and on it goes

  • Dimitris Χ.
    Dimitris Χ. 3 months ago +1

    Medieval and victorian eras I thing were the worst times to live.

  • Baby Boo
    Baby Boo 3 months ago

    A nasty dirty place.

  • e m
    e m 3 months ago

    AND... YET... We Are Still Here! Amazing!!!!

  • Riverlette- -Riverlette

    Meanwhile the people they called "savage" were much cleaner than they were

  • Tamu Malone
    Tamu Malone 4 months ago

    That explains pants tucked into socks horse shit everywhere 😱then add on the rare bathing 😝😛😜

  • Nyctophora
    Nyctophora 4 months ago +2

    I think you've confused grave diggers with grave robbers, there.

  • LCMary62
    LCMary62 4 months ago

    I expected to see Victorian things and all I saw was clips from modern movies and TV shows. Why?

  • Not the Doctor
    Not the Doctor 4 months ago

    Half of these are not disturbing at all, if you're minimally informed about modern history. Surgery was avoided because it was practically lethal. Taking pictures of dead family members is only weird by our standards, where you're supposed to be scared of a dead body. Also hysteria lasted all the way up to the sixties, because as usual, women were dismissed.

  • Stephanie Martin
    Stephanie Martin 4 months ago

    American psycho my fave 😂

  • CarolynsATeam
    CarolynsATeam 4 months ago

    I'm so glad my relatives grew up in Wales - a land full of daffodils and leeks lol!
    They had the Welsh not in schools, where if you were heard speaking Welsh, you would have to wear some placard around your neck as a punishment for speaking your own language!!
    I'm sure life was just as hard in the other UK nations, not just England!

  • JVCcam96
    JVCcam96 4 months ago

    ''Dangerous factories'' Yeah dangerous by today's standards. Back then that was the norm, thank God for the industrial revolution, it gave opportunity compared to the worse conditions of the physical tasks on the farms. The industrial revolution thankfully gave us the knock on effect to the technological advances that we have today, and can cut down the demands for humans having to do all the work by hand. Back then it was the best conditions to work in those factories, and was the earliest stages of the technological explosion of engineering.

  • Kaleo Mariz
    Kaleo Mariz 4 months ago +2

    What most surprises me is not the terrible evils of this society, but what really disturbs me is that this was a Christian nation but with a severe lack of Christian charity.

  • Koksal Ceylan
    Koksal Ceylan 4 months ago

    Thats why they needed a Great War,to get rid of thies sicly,sadistcly,Moreless poor,sick people,were killed in there milions befor the new centurys down,finished it in seconde Great War. Thies twoo great wars were planed and excecuted by the Elites,Powerful ,Bankers!.
    Man the Victorians were a bunch of murdering tugs,its a wonder how the British people survived that era at all.

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 4 months ago

    Grave digging was very necessary, the bodies wouldn't get underground other wise. You're referring to bodysnatchers, more often than not the bodies were sold to schools and hospitals for research and teaching.

  • James Pagous
    James Pagous 4 months ago

    1:00 omfg that shot is set in Liverpool and it was filmed at the Titanic hotel, I live in Liverpool and I see that all of the time! It’s actually so weird to see it like that, also even weirder I’m going to town today and I’m seeing it today as I pass it!!!!!! 😱 it’s so weird but it does not look like that at all, it is much brighter and actually very close to a Costco and shut down Toys r Us

  • urspendy
    urspendy 4 months ago

    It has been proven that death portraits are not real. The did not pose dead bodies. The pictures took so long to expose you had to freeze your facial expression so a lot of times people looked very odd..

    THE TWO FINGERED BRUTE 4 months ago +2

    So just like most places in Europe and the US then!

  • T OB
    T OB 4 months ago

    A lot of these scenes depicted were after 1901 so they were not in the Victorian age anymore and should not have been included

  • Theodisc
    Theodisc 4 months ago

    They also believed that you could deduce that someone had the capability of criminality if they could not spell words correctly in the by then standardised English. What began as behoving to "polite" society after the 18th-century grammarians had prescriptively standardised English, had, by the 19th come to mean "educated" society, helped with the sales of millions of grammar textbooks such as Lindley Murray's famous grammar on both sides of the Atlantic. Received Pronunciation is a by-product, probably, of the 18th-century standardisation of English. We are just coming out of over two centuries of prescriptive attitudes. We still call people who cannot spell the standard way "stupid" for example. The standard does have its place in government and the courts and many published works, but freedom from such is also now being seen in how we text message each other, for example, commonly using non-standard Englishes for such.

    • Lisa T
      Lisa T 4 months ago

      so,I guess most commenters on you tube are crimminals, then

  • Theodisc
    Theodisc 4 months ago

    I hear that the streets of San Francisco have become the harbouring ground for piles and piles of human excrement. So much for a first world country in the so-called modern age...

    • geo-george2
      geo-george2 2 months ago

      @Lisa T Actually, just one pile is more than enough, I'd say.

    • geo-george2
      geo-george2 2 months ago

      Horse shit vs human shit.

    • Lisa T
      Lisa T 4 months ago

      I live in san francisco, this is not true!, we do have a large homeless population, but, there are public restrooms for them, maybe not enough, but there are no "pilesand piles" in the streets!

  • Alex Colvin
    Alex Colvin 4 months ago

    If you want an idea of the filth of the 19th century medical profession, consider that, the major cause of death during the American Civil War was not battlefield wounds, but pre and post-op infections and camp disease. Germ theory did not yet exist and so, the surgeon who cut off a soldier's irreparably damaged limb, (without benefit of anesthesia, ) wiped the filthy bone saw blade on his bloody apron and moved on to the next patient in agony. The patient, his remaining stump tied off with a rag to stop the bleeding was set outdoors under the nearest shade tree to "recover." And amputated limps were heaped in a pile out the back of the surgical tent.

  • Lorraine Tucker Pitman
    Lorraine Tucker Pitman 4 months ago

    The old streets back in the day had to smell bad. No system was set up for keeping it clean like today.

  • Mouse Potato
    Mouse Potato 4 months ago

    @1:22 The bridge you see the people walking on should be New London Bridge which was there at the time of Tower Bridge being built. New London Bridge is also the same bridge that is now in Arizona, USA. But it clearly doesn't look the same as you can see by the blue railings this one has.

  • kmeccat
    kmeccat 4 months ago

    --Grave robbers made money stealing dead people from their coffins for medical researchers. Any jewelry would have been a plus, I'm sure.
    From what I've read, they would even "part" out the corpse...hands, head, etc sold separately.
    --Work houses---as horrific as they were, they were sought out by the homeless. It was a chance to have some food and get out of the weather.
    They would sometimes go from town to town hoping for "vacancies". The alternative was freezing/starving to death on the streets. The lucky ones got the workhouse.
    --Child labor...many societies still have their kids work...esp rural and religious, like the Amish and farm families.
    --Horse manure was also swept up constantly by adult road/street sweepers. Cross sweepers swept paths in front of people to cross the street.
    And many people collected the horse manure to burn for heating and cooking. Actually, if you find old Victorian pictures of streets, they are remarkably clean! We have Amish around here...even without cleaning up after the horses, the manure is usually gone within a few days.

    • Lisa T
      Lisa T 4 months ago

      at Disneyland, they have people who sweep up horse manure the moment it falls, literally, that's their job!

  • ScottyFox
    ScottyFox 4 months ago

    We need to eat more pussy for sanity's sake...yes Miss you need to swollow for better health...

  • Stephan Reichelt
    Stephan Reichelt 4 months ago +1

    ladies' fashions were hot ; llingerie wise:)

    • Lisa T
      Lisa T 4 months ago

      there's one in every crowd!

  • David Davis
    David Davis 4 months ago

    It was a nation that made fortune on empire colonies but keep most its citizens in abject poverty and treated them like slaves. The full saying is the empire where the sun never set and the blood never dried.

  • mk floyd
    mk floyd 5 months ago +4

    Opium for sedation right on man, right on...

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 5 months ago

    Victorian scotland tòo, although in dundee parents guarded there childs graves

  • Mister Goat
    Mister Goat 5 months ago

    Talk about streets that reek, walk Bourbon Street in New Orleans. It's a unique combo of stale alcohol and urine. And this isn't back in the day, it's right now.

  • George Alderson
    George Alderson 5 months ago +1

    There are lots of things a lot worse than horse manure

  • ThePulseRyder
    ThePulseRyder 5 months ago +2

    Now get off ya Fortnite 😂😂😂

  • gamer forever
    gamer forever 5 months ago

    and in today's world you have to be inbred to be in the royal family, things have gotten so much better

  • Ray Farthing
    Ray Farthing 5 months ago

    The racism bit is bullshit. In Britain racism was rife up until the 1990s

  • maria gilardi
    maria gilardi 5 months ago

    annoying clips from modern movies

  • hadi Zen aldeen
    hadi Zen aldeen 5 months ago +4

    sounds a lot like today

    • geo-george2
      geo-george2 2 months ago +1

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Paul R
    Paul R 5 months ago

    Aesthetics was not allowed to be available even though it had been around for thousands of years.

  • Janice Bowman
    Janice Bowman 5 months ago

    In the mean time indegenous people kept their villages spotless.

  • Paul Gray
    Paul Gray 5 months ago +1

    The jeremy Kyle brigade would notice a difference. I think a job would miraculously appear from somewhere.

  • peter lewis
    peter lewis 5 months ago


  • Megan B
    Megan B 5 months ago

    Many of the standards of Victorian England are maintained in many countries today, At least the West learned and moved on.