The Greatest NFL Game That Nobody Watched

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Browns vs. Lions, November 22nd, 2009.
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  • Highlight Heaven
    Highlight Heaven  2 months ago +805

    Sorry about the reupload, I had a copyright problem I needed to fix. Also, I understand that there obviously was some viewership of this game. The title of the video is just for emphasis because the game had extremely low viewership.

    • GYMMYT
      GYMMYT 11 days ago +1

      @Ken Sturm trust me, everyone knows it, even those die hard in SE Michigan clinging to the false hope that the Lions will ever amount to anything.

    • GYMMYT
      GYMMYT 11 days ago

      @Nighthawk7x20 it would be too long. I think TheXvid has limits on length.

    • Kelly Benson
      Kelly Benson 23 days ago

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    • Spencer Jones
      Spencer Jones Month ago

      Jeff Talbot duh I did!

    • Spencer Jones
      Spencer Jones Month ago

      Best game never watched= Browns 6, Seahawks 3

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi Day ago

    Yep, nobody watched. Because nobody cares about the Browns or the Lions. Lmao

  • Nicky Doto
    Nicky Doto 2 days ago

    The announcer is terrible!

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 4 days ago

    daa troit no no no thanks

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 6 days ago

    nobody cares about nfl players taking a knee and disrespecting the flag and country

  • TheDevilockedzombie
    TheDevilockedzombie 7 days ago

    Lol fuck the Browns forever and always

  • slong fellow
    slong fellow 8 days ago

    I remember this game.....i had to change the channel after the last interception and changed it back right before Stafford got hurt....when Culpepper came in i really thought he was going to throw but when Stafford vs came back in it showed a different attitude in Detroit he wanted to win and show he was real.....this is why Stafford is underrated and my favorite quarterback of the new era

    JTBYM 8 days ago +2

    This was the ultimate Tank Bowl of the 2000's.

  • Willian C. Silva
    Willian C. Silva 8 days ago

    Man, the lions secondary was so trash.

  • J Mak
    J Mak 8 days ago

    Only the Browns could lose that way. It's comical I feel like half the games they play end in some similar fashion.

  • john McLain
    john McLain 9 days ago

    Unfortunately this is the highlight of staffords career

  • Irritating Films
    Irritating Films 10 days ago

    This is Matt Stafford's greatest moment and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but wouldn't it have been cool if Daunte Culpepper got to throw the game winner?

  • Eric T
    Eric T 11 days ago

    Lions o-lineman 77 worst effort on potentially the most important play of the game for them...

  • Painted Wolf
    Painted Wolf 12 days ago

    The clock skipped a second at 13:06!

  • Tony B
    Tony B 14 days ago +1

    This game was such a good tank bowl

  • Hanalei Taculog
    Hanalei Taculog 15 days ago

    He’s trying to pull Aron Rodgers

  • Richard Siemion
    Richard Siemion 17 days ago

    I vividly remember watching this game. I thought to myself “Matt Stafford has arrived”..... 10+ years later he’s still playing with zero playoff wins. 😢

  • R S
    R S 21 day ago

    Brody fugging Poole...

  • Off Rip
    Off Rip 22 days ago

    Put stafford on a normal team and he'll win in the clutch and become a legend. Unfortunately he's too loyal to Detroit.

  • Kelly Benson
    Kelly Benson 23 days ago

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  • Tee Red
    Tee Red 25 days ago +1

    At the 3:20 mark, did Megatron just run away from tackling the little guy?

    • Tee Red
      Tee Red 24 days ago

      Was i the only one to peep that?

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright 25 days ago

    Great plays but i can't see this being a great game !!! IMO

  • Cody G
    Cody G 27 days ago

    Both teams were garbage.
    Both offenses were garbage.
    Both defenses were garbage.
    I can see why nobody would wanna bother watching a game like this. If the Ford family actually cared about the Lions instead of just owning them to say they own an NFL team, Detroit would have a watchable NFL team. But their owners are awful.
    This is coming from a Broncos fan.

  • underdogoonit
    underdogoonit 28 days ago

    If you call terrible tackling, poor defending, and horrible quarterback play great? Then this is the shit show you're looking for. Want to see a classic game? Try the 1990 NFC Championship Game.

  • Guile Weaver
    Guile Weaver 28 days ago +1

    Statt Mafford !

  • Don Nebes
    Don Nebes Month ago

    Where’s the greatest game? Didn’t see it.

  • mohawk 47
    mohawk 47 Month ago

    I understand , I guess , but FYI good or bad I watch them all . That's what real fans do.

  • Crobin008
    Crobin008 Month ago +1

    The shoot out with Brady Quinn??.... ahhhhhh I remember that shit... I think this is the game the ultimately gave Stafford his franchise/tough as shit reputation. Lions would be dirt without him.

  • Kyle Hallman
    Kyle Hallman Month ago

    Brady Quinn's stats are so wierd to look at because he doesn't have "average" games, he has like four really good games, and the rest are shit. All his touchdowns came in five games, out of 25.

  • Dome Patrol
    Dome Patrol Month ago

    The Browns should have never called that timeout....

  • Dome Patrol
    Dome Patrol Month ago

    I remember this game

  • Juwan Anderson
    Juwan Anderson Month ago

    Lol Brady Quinn vs Matt Stafford

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith Month ago

    Cant believe Pettigrew didnt drop that

  • Wil Brown
    Wil Brown Month ago

    Imagine people's benches in fantasy for this game. I'd be so fuckin pissed.

  • C S
    C S Month ago


  • Yoinkus Mcgee
    Yoinkus Mcgee Month ago

    what about that "1st & 1" on the scroll at the bottom at 5:26 ??

  • Nerak Patterson
    Nerak Patterson Month ago


  • Big River Records
    Big River Records Month ago

    This is the kind of game that would’ve been perfect for NFL Primetime with Boomer, TJ and the bad ass ESPN music in a highlight package.

  • anythingbutcash
    anythingbutcash Month ago


  • DIAZ52
    DIAZ52 Month ago

    Wow!! Amazing! I cant believe Detroit actually won a close/crazy finish game!!!!

  • Jew and Greek
    Jew and Greek Month ago

    What I see is a couple of teams playing really sloppy ball. Little pursuit on defense. Wide open gaps. In short it's two teams that aren't very motivated.

  • FNL 4EVA
    FNL 4EVA Month ago +1


  • Midway7 Monster
    Midway7 Monster Month ago +1

    This one is right up there with the 2018 Rams vs chiefs. No defense. But Stafford has been a gutsy QB throughout his career. I'll give him that.

    • 14Avenue
      14Avenue Month ago

      Midway7 Monster my saints were robbed :(

  • Shawn Wakefield
    Shawn Wakefield Month ago

    I got put out my buddy house because of this game... he was major pissed!!! Lmmfao!!!

  • Jay Woods
    Jay Woods Month ago

    Lol I was at that game too 😆

  • Mason Barto
    Mason Barto Month ago

    Where is Jon Bois when u need him?

  • jabba dabba
    jabba dabba Month ago

    this is the worst played nfl game of all time.

  • Ryan Weisenberger
    Ryan Weisenberger Month ago

    Oh I was watching. This was what made Staff9 what he is. Tough as nails!

  • dameat9932
    dameat9932 Month ago +5

    I am oddly satisfied still knowing alot of the players names from playing Fantasy Football.

  • MnG
    MnG Month ago

    Guess which franchise will become a dynasty. Not Detroit

    • The dude
      The dude Month ago

      MnG Y’all should probably start by qualifying for the playoffs, something the Lions have done several times since the Browns last did

  • MnG
    MnG Month ago

    This is the reason we have been stuck with nothing for a decade

  • Konnonic
    Konnonic Month ago

    Titans Lions was also really good and really irrelevant. I forget the year but Jake Locker was QB

  • Carlos Mendieta
    Carlos Mendieta Month ago

    NFL QB Rankings (skip ads):

  • tannman sharpie
    tannman sharpie Month ago +1

    now the browns are gonna be good they got odell beckem jr and baker mayfield

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott Month ago

    Beautiful upload, my man. Thanks for showing Detroit some love, the Motor City is making some progress here, things are looking up.

  • Nut_nasty R
    Nut_nasty R Month ago

    Lions are the best worst tem in history. They got the craziest games of all times. For real

  • Bruce Cleef
    Bruce Cleef Month ago

    I miss Mangenius.

  • John Fischer
    John Fischer Month ago

    I was at Buffalo Wild Wings when this happened.

    BIG BUCK Month ago

    neither team could play defense - thats not what I call a "GREAT GAME" ~

  • vasco saldanha
    vasco saldanha Month ago


  • Natewatl
    Natewatl Month ago

    A close game between two teams that have such lousy defenses and can't keep the other from scoring. What makes it a great game?

  • Natewatl
    Natewatl Month ago

    What a pathetic looking stadium with barely enough room for a player to go out of bounds without smashing into a wall

    • Natewatl
      Natewatl 28 days ago +1

      @Angus Hambone I do not consider Arena Football a sport at all

    • Angus Hambone
      Angus Hambone 28 days ago

      You ever watch arena football? Makes me feel claustrophobic

  • khpitbos17
    khpitbos17 2 months ago

    These titles are so fucking dumb and make me not want to watch these videos. You’re trying to act better than everybody like you’re the only one to watch/remember these games when they’re only a decade or so old and tons of people remember them.

  • Michael Sciuto
    Michael Sciuto 2 months ago +1

    I loved Brady Quinn
    Too bad he didn’t have a better career

  • Billy Lucas
    Billy Lucas 2 months ago

    this wouldn't be the last time the browns would lose a game they were winning with :00 seconds on the clock in the 4thqtr

  • Sean Gentry
    Sean Gentry 2 months ago

    what a surprise that the Browns lost.

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 2 months ago

    Haven't watched NFL for several years, but this looks like a High School game. No defense at all. Nearly every receiver had 3-4 yards around him wide open.
    No wonder these teams were 1-8.

  • Dolla Bill
    Dolla Bill 2 months ago

    Lionz got robbed

  • ME 91
    ME 91 2 months ago

    The worst NFL team of the 2000s (The Lions) handing off the baton to the worst NFL team of the 2010s (The Browns)

  • Adam Kratos
    Adam Kratos 2 months ago

    Personally could care less about either teams, but let's think about it this way, if Cleveland did not call the time out when Culpepper came in, you have a QB that hasn't warmed up, hasn't barely played at that point, they could of won the game..but then again, this is Cleveland we're talking about here.