Morbid Wedding Story SHOCKS Jimmy & Sean?! | Best of Guests Pt 2 | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  Month ago +31

    Do YOU have a wedding story as awkward as Isy's?!
    Watch the FULL SERIES:

    • Jack Skellington
      Jack Skellington Month ago

      Please fire that boring cunt Sean Lock!

    • Dave Richards
      Dave Richards Month ago

      When I got married I was walking to the church with my brother who turned to me and said " if you think this is expensive wait till you get divorced" harsh but true

    • Ricky Wei
      Ricky Wei Month ago

      Why channel4 app isn’t available in China?

    • MrMonkeyhanger
      MrMonkeyhanger Month ago +1

      Do YOU have any new clips that we haven't seen as many times as Isy's?!

    • Slave2PaperWithInkOn
      Slave2PaperWithInkOn Month ago

      Click on $ubtitles if you wanna ---- waste more of your life !!!

  • Reece Scrowston
    Reece Scrowston 10 days ago

    Johnny Vegas and that cake Jesus that made my week 😂

  • ukpauliogazzio
    ukpauliogazzio 14 days ago

    Johnny Vegas, what an absolute pig.

  • Xhalph
    Xhalph 22 days ago

    Gotta love Rachel with the deadpan.
    "Are there numbers up to a hundred?"

  • iFkNxLegend
    iFkNxLegend 25 days ago

    I just counted to 100 in under 27 seconds. Come at me Jon

  • Quaint Deliveries
    Quaint Deliveries 25 days ago

    In the beginning that guy was trying to show off knowing a triangle has three corners.

  • MrPoupard
    MrPoupard 29 days ago

    For me thing is that every one of the panellists could stand alone and make me wet myself with laughter Jimmy Carr's a fucker ….. I hope he never changes.

  • DrewSavo
    DrewSavo 29 days ago

    6:00 Sarah's got it wrong. There IS a Yorkie just for girls.

  • Mememe Me
    Mememe Me Month ago


  • Jayden Rutherford-Jones

    Did anyone else here the phone ring at 7:15

  • Linkeschamlippe 69
    Linkeschamlippe 69 Month ago

    That time David said "Shite" another word that would have worked is "Mephisto" wich would be a very good word

    • MrDyl666
      MrDyl666 Month ago

      Linkeschamlippe 69 isn't Mephisto a name

  • Gee Race
    Gee Race Month ago +1

    How do you spell cigarette the American way??

  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney Month ago

    Was Kate Nash in one of these?

  • Rina B
    Rina B Month ago

    I thought the red line on the sweater in the thumbnail was me being halfway through this video

  • Dingle-Berry
    Dingle-Berry Month ago

    Please stop showing the "best man speech" clip its so cringy & none of these women are funny :[

    • MrDyl666
      MrDyl666 Month ago +2

      Dingle-Berry plenty of the women are funny

  • tracy berry
    tracy berry Month ago

    Is it sad i tried to count to 100 in 30 secs and i acctualy managed to do it why am i excited😂😂😭😁

  • harold danny
    harold danny Month ago +2

    9:14... 74, 75, 78, 77, 76, 79....
    Jon realized it and made a nice quick swap...😃.
    Now do the alphabet backwards in 30 seconds...😊

    ANAMAKER Month ago +1

    'Call me if you wanna hear me shit this out' Gets me every single time 😂😂😂

  • Danielle♡
    Danielle♡ Month ago

    can we have a video of sean lock laughing really hard

  • OG Deadeye
    OG Deadeye Month ago +1

    Bring back these guys to 8 out of 10 cats! Nobody finds letters and numbers funny

  • Nilguiri
    Nilguiri Month ago

    Jon Richardson is so lame. How the hell did he become a "comedian"?

  • Wendy J. Cat
    Wendy J. Cat Month ago +1

    That whole Show is so posh lmao 😂they Look like puppets

  • Conor Mc Dowell
    Conor Mc Dowell Month ago

    sorry jon. counted to 100 in 26 seconds

  • AaronMcGinn
    AaronMcGinn Month ago +6

    That’s a set of teeth int it haha. Set of knashers on the boy

    • Steve Tayler
      Steve Tayler Month ago

      AaronMcGinn I still would tho to be fair

  • Nirmal Kirtisinghe
    Nirmal Kirtisinghe Month ago +1

    Johnny Vegas might be the funniest man in the world...

    • john bloggs
      john bloggs Month ago

      He’s weird and unfunny .. Sean is the man

  • GWB Plays
    GWB Plays Month ago

    With stupidity like that, how is Joey Essex still alive?

  • iain kambic
    iain kambic Month ago +6

    Best of Fabio?

  • unknown
    unknown Month ago +4

    Which season and episode in joey Essex on?

    • unknown
      unknown 20 days ago

      +Channel 4 thanks! 👍

    • Channel 4
      Channel 4  Month ago

      Series 5, episode 2! 😀

  • Dick Van Dyke
    Dick Van Dyke Month ago +14

    Susie Dent is 54, but I’d still smash her on every piece of furniture in the house. Imagine that voice, mid coitus?

  • Rhythm Is A Dancer
    Rhythm Is A Dancer Month ago +54

    "It's got 3 corners, innit?"

  • Ignacio
    Ignacio Month ago +15

    Danny dyers actually the direct descendent of Edward the 1st😂
    True fact

    • Ignacio
      Ignacio Month ago

      Ben Tibbles there are a lot but not loads

    • Ben Tibbles
      Ben Tibbles Month ago +3

      most people probably are when you think about how many generations it is.

  • craigr98
    craigr98 Month ago

    All 4 why is your content not in HD?

  • Brydon Sinclair
    Brydon Sinclair Month ago

    I absolutely love Cats Does Countdown!

  • M1 2bunny
    M1 2bunny Month ago

    Is no one going to mention that “fartzam” would be an amazing app. Imagine being able to pinpoint the smelly fucker who ate a chicken tikka masala the night before.

  • Alice Langman
    Alice Langman Month ago +72

    I have seen this video on my feed THREE times and EVERY time I thought I had already watched half of it but it was just DAVID'S RED STRIPE ON HIS JUMPER ON THE FRIGGIN THUMBNAIL

  • Slap Of Reality
    Slap Of Reality Month ago +29

    I live in America and I have been binge watching all of the 8 Out of 10 Cats videos that I can find. Especially the ones with Jon Richardson in them... He defines comedy in my opinion. I think over the past few months, I have watched almost everything he's been in. Too bad, due to the lack of sense of humor in America, we can't have this type of comedy here. Too many people in America are spineless and take shit to heart way too much!
    What I would love to see though is Jack Whitehall and Jon Richardson do a show together, other than a game show or even a chat show. More along the lines of something adventurous would be freakin funny as hell! To put the adolescent and comical behaviors of Jack Whitehall with the OCD playing it perfectly safe comical behavior of Jon Richardson together? One of them would be bound to crack the hell open and I would put my money on Jon Richardson. Because he would not in any way be willing to do anything outside of his normal boxed life routines... Haha
    The sense of humor in the UK is entertaining! Glad to see that you either lack those with a constant stick up their asses or yall just don't give two shits about those with the constant stick up their asses! Haha... Either way, America is forced to cater to ours!! This country has turned into Pansy central!!

    • jevan king
      jevan king Month ago +3

      Slap Of Reality watch “the I.T crowd”

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Month ago

    A Johnny Vegas special!

  • foxylee
    foxylee Month ago +9

    Who here immediately tried to count to a 100 in 30 sec?

    • Kayleigh
      Kayleigh 14 days ago +1

      Yeah and did it easy peasy!

    • Wolfways
      Wolfways Month ago +1

      I got to 36 before I stopped, thinking "Wtf am I doing?"

  • Iain Cole
    Iain Cole Month ago

    Yet another repeat clip compilation.

  • Finnegan Woolley
    Finnegan Woolley Month ago

    36.71... suck it losers

    MikeMJPMUNCH Month ago

    It is so hard to count to 100 in 30 seconds

  • Indy Dhanjal
    Indy Dhanjal Month ago

    10:03 - You’re welcome

  • afab munz
    afab munz Month ago +10

    5:24 Roisin

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi Month ago +1

    Why have i gotta watch the same 8 minutes of clips before the new one. You guys are a pain

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath Month ago +11

    Who else would like to sling one up Susie?

  • Amir Sedaghat
    Amir Sedaghat Month ago +9

    There was a sheeeep giving biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirth in the fieeeeld XD i just love the accent

  • Noora Z
    Noora Z Month ago

    guys theres this bit i saw in a compilation once that i cant remember. see if u can help out. there was a guy, a one time guest, who had to do a challenge of like helping jon not choke on food? and so he like did the chest pump thing from behind and then kissed him on the cheek? i cant remember

    • Poppy Harris
      Poppy Harris Month ago

      I can't remember what episode it was but I think you're talking about the time Humphrey Ker gave Jon a heimlich to help him stop choking, is that helpful at all?

  • dave smith
    dave smith Month ago +3

    You can only get double-sided tapeworm from Waitrose.

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago +36

    Seeing Jon on strictly would make life worthing living

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago +2

    Beef can also be a source of a large tapeworm variety, but more commonly from eggs in undercooked pork and give you small ones.

  • ThatGirlHolly 8D
    ThatGirlHolly 8D Month ago +8

    you should do 'best of audience'

    iCHADAZ Month ago +6

    Rachel in that pink dress 😍🙌

  • what's going on here
    what's going on here Month ago +51

    thank you for these videos they brighten up my tragic life

  • sean clements
    sean clements Month ago

    AAAHHHHHH That sheep story cracks me the fuck up

  • Skellyrox17
    Skellyrox17 Month ago +6

    I hate myself a little for this, but I counted to 100 in 20sec. Sorry Jon

    • Skellyrox17
      Skellyrox17 Month ago

      +Avril hah! I muted the sound

    • Avril
      Avril Month ago +1

      A little faster than I managed. Well done. Lol. I had to concentrate pretry hard not to listen to him at the same time or it slowed me down.

  • Azizah Manzur
    Azizah Manzur Month ago

    I did 100 in 30 seconds fuck you jon!

  • Sgt James Doakes
    Sgt James Doakes Month ago +259

    “John without a ‘h’?” One of my absolute favourites.

    • Joyful Ghosts
      Joyful Ghosts Month ago +2

      People who say “haitch” sound like people who can speak English.
      The majority of words beginning with h sound the h. Hamster, hotel, hate, happy, house. Not amster, otel, ate, appy, ouse. You pronounce the “huh” sound, it’s a breathy sound. It’s “haitch”, not “aitch”. Aitch implies the very letter you are saying in its singular form is silent, which would cancel out the letter itself from existing.

    • Nilguiri
      Nilguiri Month ago

      +Jonas Hamill
      Me too. Maybe he said "without a haitch" just to wind Jon up although I seem to remember him pronouncing it like that before. It should be illegal! It's ridiculous. People who say "haitch" sound like morons.

    • Jonas Hamill
      Jonas Hamill Month ago +1

      It irritated me that Jimmy said Haich instead of Aich

    • Nilguiri
      Nilguiri Month ago +1

      +Caroline Randle
      What? No, it's not! It is used in Euskadi but not the rest of Spain.
      It's Juan.

    • Big Shaq!
      Big Shaq! Month ago +2

      The irony of that was immediately after it (not in this video) he questioned the spelling of "john" saying it's not pronounced jo-h-n. Yet he was saying the correct spelling is "chris" not "kriss"

  • Boris Müller
    Boris Müller Month ago +113

    As a Swiss person, I can confirm that Yodelr would be really handy to help me find more of my kind.

    • fenhen
      fenhen 9 days ago

      Can you not hear yodellers? I thought that was the whole point?

    • FOG GOF
      FOG GOF Month ago

      It shows you post from other jodlers within 10 km of your position

    • FOG GOF
      FOG GOF Month ago +1

      Boris Müller jodel is a thing, just download it and see for yourself

  • DjAlanBarratt
    DjAlanBarratt Month ago

    I counted to 100 in 5 seconds, but I didn't say it out loud I imagined a number counter with the numbers whizzing round at speed...... easy!

  • ashley richards
    ashley richards Month ago +158

    British Comedy > anything else

    • MistressOfChaos
      MistressOfChaos 13 days ago

      British comedy > Kris Akabusi > Ashley Richards > Irish comedy > British comedy > anything else > ManBearPig

    • MrPoupard
      MrPoupard 29 days ago +1

      +Saoirse del Tufo Ed Byrne ...

    • MrPoupard
      MrPoupard 29 days ago +1

      +Saoirse del Tufo Dave Allen ...

    • JohnyG29
      JohnyG29 Month ago

      +Saoirse del Tufo If you say so... I guess people have different tastes.

    • Saoirse del Tufo
      Saoirse del Tufo Month ago +2

      JohnyG29 Tommy Tiernan, Dara Ó Briain, Dylan Moran, Aisling Bea. Some of the best comedians out there are Irish

  • KT926
    KT926 Month ago +3

    I can't believe Bob said that during his speech!! I don't blame the bride's family for walking out because he called her a whore! I bet none of them ever spoke to Bob again

    • Rauno Veberson
      Rauno Veberson 6 days ago

      +Wolfways thanks a lot. I always heard it as "the bride's leg stutters" and that made no sense.

    • Wolfways
      Wolfways 6 days ago +1

      +Rauno Veberson "It's lovely to see them together. The brides legs, that is."

    • Rauno Veberson
      Rauno Veberson 6 days ago

      As a non-native speaker I can't quite make out what Bob is saying there and thus don't get the joke. Could somebody help me out with that (@10:13).

    • Alan Machin
      Alan Machin Month ago

      or he just made it up to get a laugh on the show

    • Wolfways
      Wolfways Month ago

      +Big Shaq! Yeah I know...

  • MaliKix
    MaliKix Month ago +33

    Is it battery

  • GabeAsterd
    GabeAsterd Month ago +16

    What's Suzie thinking? Cigarette the American way is... Cigarette.

    • Damn Tutin
      Damn Tutin Month ago

      For some reason, 'cigaret' was an accepted Associated Press Style Guide spelling through the early 70s.

    • skeemer01
      skeemer01 Month ago


    • Wolfways
      Wolfways Month ago +3

      +GabeAsterd In Newcastle we spell cigarette like this: Tab

    • GabeAsterd
      GabeAsterd Month ago +9

      Apparently cigaret was the American English spelling from 1820-1835. I still think that considering that to be the implied still current spelling is a silly as believing 'ordynarye' is current in British English.

  • Adam Gill
    Adam Gill Month ago +2

    8:00 - I snorted my tea out of both nostrils.... b*st*rd!!!

  • Matt Mosley
    Matt Mosley Month ago +12

    *Isn't this re-upload from 2 days ago? :-/*

    • little bit
      little bit Month ago +1

      same shit different will probably see it again in two days from someone else...

  • Six Beer Math
    Six Beer Math Month ago +5

    1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100.
    I am faster than Jon

  • 》Yttir 《
    》Yttir 《 Month ago +18

    They did surgery on a grape.

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer Month ago +7

    Hey, I'm just curious if they are ever going to do another season of the original 8oo10c? I haven't seen a new episode in - I think - 1 or 2 years, maybe. I just hope they bring back Sean rather than Seabiscuit, and maybe Mickey Flanagan instead Jon or what's-her-name.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer Month ago

      +Jonny Hancox no. For some reason I always assume most things are BBC, some itv, and even less Sky. I thought those were the primary British channels. Also, Jimmy tends to be on the BBC so much. I mean, it seems to be the BBC helps supplement the incomes of stand up comedians.

    • Jonny Hancox
      Jonny Hancox Month ago

      +Eric Burkheimer "It was first broadcast on Channel 4 on 3 June 2005". A 30 second google search can help you out

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer Month ago

      +Jonny Hancox but didn't it start on BBC? I'm really confused now.

    • Jonny Hancox
      Jonny Hancox Month ago

      +Eric Burkheimer No Channel 4 is a separate company, that has Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4Music etc.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer Month ago

      +Jonny Hancox but isn't channel 4 part of BBC... As in BBC 4?

  • Azat Rum
    Azat Rum Month ago +148

    'Call me if you wanna hear me shit this out' Gets me every single time 😂😂😂

    • musicgarryj
      musicgarryj Month ago

      Sarah Millican didn't look amused at all.... which is quite ironic as most of her stand up material is based around bodily functions1 LOL

    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham Month ago +2

      Love Vegas. Some people don't but I find some of his stuff can be a little strange but if you listen to what he says really hard you realise he's actually a comedy genius. You couldn't write what he says but he's spot on every time. He's up there with Sean Locke.

    • Corey Rees
      Corey Rees Month ago +1

      Azat Rum best clip of all time from this show

  • MrLuwid
    MrLuwid Month ago +14

    Just got to the end, this is just a repeat from different episodes channel 4 has uploaded but into another video. Actually kinda pissed off... unsubscribing.

    • C. Riley
      C. Riley Month ago +2

      +MrLuwid Sorry buddy

    • MrLuwid
      MrLuwid Month ago

      +D J I aint your pal, pal.

    • D J
      D J Month ago +3

      +MrLuwid Sorry pal.

    • MrLuwid
      MrLuwid Month ago +2

      +D J I'm not your mate, mate.

    • D J
      D J Month ago +8

      If that makes you angry, you need to sort out your priorities mate. :D

  • george h
    george h Month ago +91

    (Not so fun) Fact:
    Pigs get tapeworms by drinking water contaminated with human excrement containing the eggs of the tapeworm.

    • george h
      george h 29 days ago

      +Big Shaq! that's not the only reason, as you can also get it from infected drinking water, which may had been contaminated by an animal excrement, decaying body, or just a tapeworm suriving outside of a host (which is very rare)

    • george h
      george h 29 days ago

      +Cary O Phil Len Nope...I just remember everything I read

    • Big Shaq!
      Big Shaq! Month ago +4

      The only reason they get it from human excrement is because it's a human who recently ate some pork.

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl Month ago

      +Cheezsoup, being a Brit does give me an advantage. I mean, one of our most famous dishes is pig and chips.

    • DFW_Motorrad
      DFW_Motorrad Month ago +3

      "It's the circle of life..."♬♫♪

  • James Eastgate
    James Eastgate Month ago +9

    You ever had a big peepee

  • michael Longford
    michael Longford Month ago +188

    And I bet after Susie had that cigarette, that's when she kicked that dog to death. xD

    • Linkeschamlippe 69
      Linkeschamlippe 69 Month ago

      +sean clements for that episode they should have hired steel panther just to play "glory hole"

    • EnoVarma
      EnoVarma Month ago +6

      @Shaekur ROUF I know what you mean. It makes me happy to be this well-versed in Catsdown lore. Even if it is one of the reasons why I'm famous for letting my family down.

    • Shaekur ROUF
      Shaekur ROUF Month ago +10

      ​+sean clements I love that I understand this.

    • sean clements
      sean clements Month ago +22

      All this immediately after that time at the glory hole

  • I_ Helios
    I_ Helios Month ago +120

    I love sean.
    God! they really should try and get him on Taskmaster. That one be amazingly funny.

    • Saskia
      Saskia 24 days ago


    • I_ Helios
      I_ Helios Month ago +3

      +mijaco999 but u do have Rhod and James, they are definitely gd and funny.

    • mijaco999
      mijaco999 Month ago +1

      I_ Helios I’ve been catching up on Taskmaster and was waiting for Sean to appear, I’ve just started series 7 and no Sean :(

  • Alex O'Condell
    Alex O'Condell Month ago +15

    Tyson fury will beat deontay wilder 2nd round knockout

    • mc finn
      mc finn Month ago

      I'd like Fury to win too but that's not gonna happen...

    • Mark Wright
      Mark Wright Month ago +1

      +Rocket Raccoon I think he is being realistic but if won't be round 2. Wilder is very sloppy but has the knock out power. I don't think that will phase Tyson.

    • MCCH
      MCCH Month ago +1

      I think points, I really hope he wins, he deserves it. Lets just hope Wilder doesn't get lucky with a swing

    • Joe D
      Joe D Month ago +1

      Based on his last 2 performances I'm not so optimistic, hope to fuck he rises to the occasion though, would be great if he took that belt. I'm still putting a bet on for a Fury KO.

    • Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon Month ago +1

      Love Tyson but cmon man be realistic