• Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • You guys love it when I react to the dismal Love Island contestants here in the UK, so today... we're going down under for the Australian version of Love Island.
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  • HarryConnell
    HarryConnell Month ago +6945

    jackmaate is arguably one of the funniest youtubers like


    • Mr Froggy
      Mr Froggy Day ago

      You should see the buttsmarn

    • Louise Høeg Aaltonen
      Louise Høeg Aaltonen 9 days ago

      Funny how I also feel like he's got the most punchable face in TheXvid

    • TI Pilot
      TI Pilot 10 days ago


    • Neo 101
      Neo 101 13 days ago

      @HarryConnell ...and 75000 people liked this video. That's a whole Stadium that agrees with you.

    • HarryConnell
      HarryConnell 13 days ago

      BigDog Tabooya it doesn’t matter about his ‘precious ego’ it’s just hilariously funny how your whole argument is him not being funny, why are you here 🤣 take a look at how many likes the comment has, 6400+ people agree with me🤣

  • Bianca Gallegos
    Bianca Gallegos 6 hours ago

    I don’t care what anyone says Love Island Australia is wwwaaaayyyy better than any other love island out there

  • TheHungryApple
    TheHungryApple 10 hours ago

    You’re hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Synnerit
    Synnerit 12 hours ago

    *theres a show on the TELLY* OK BOOMER

  • Efraim Monsale
    Efraim Monsale 18 hours ago

    Cynthia is very ugly.

  • Mohsen
    Mohsen 19 hours ago

    Mate, hypo here is getting charged up on the pip on a Monday and sleeping on the Friday after numerous break and enters etc.

  • riley hofman
    riley hofman 21 hour ago

    I’m a Aussie I’m 15 and at school all the overs are going have you watched love island I want to die

  • David Clark
    David Clark Day ago

    What left tit?

  • Kado Potato
    Kado Potato Day ago

    Did anyone realise how Owen spelt his name?

  • fliegu
    fliegu Day ago

    noticed how none of these fuckers come from sydney, showing we are the superior city. and, i mean, perth is alright, since the nice guy hails from there, but it’s never been shit

  • Grace Khupchawn
    Grace Khupchawn Day ago

    Your so funny

    No Joke

    UK is worse because they don’t know how to spell mum or fairy floss

  • fliegu
    fliegu Day ago

    yes, i know, and over here it’s winter

  • Charlotte Louise
    Charlotte Louise Day ago +1

    They’re actually not a bad bunch.

  • Rainer Schwachsinn
    Rainer Schwachsinn Day ago +1

    You earned that like for the left tit Jesus burn xD

  • Archie Andrews
    Archie Andrews Day ago

    We need to create a russian love island

  • Arie Sombekke
    Arie Sombekke Day ago +1

    FUCKING hilarious 😂 the stupid cunts at school can't get enough of this shit smh

  • Terra Chase
    Terra Chase 2 days ago

    Dad saw one ep to laugh at and now has to see every episode.😂

  • Kire
    Kire 2 days ago

    im a simple man, i see boobs in the thumbnail. im gonna click

  • 303en
    303en 2 days ago

    So love Island is that one Show Format that gets copied by practically every nation in the world. Great. Just can't wait for Love Island India.

  • remy d
    remy d 2 days ago +2

    leave my baby adam out of this, as an aussie he was the highlight of the show, so leave my baby alone 🥺

  • kieran mitchelle
    kieran mitchelle 2 days ago +1

    you're actually worse than the people in the vid.....

  • Liam Österberg
    Liam Österberg 2 days ago

    you're fuckin hilarious mate

  • Amelia Lowndes
    Amelia Lowndes 2 days ago

    11:15 😂😭

  • Infamous4215
    Infamous4215 2 days ago

    It's HYPER ffs. Hypo means the literal opposite of what that dickhead Adam is trying to say.

  • Some Random Soviet Dude

    “I’m Cartier from Sydney and I’m a lifeguard and I have so much make up that if I jump into the pool the bottom of the pool is not going to be visible and a hamburger is smarter than me since I decide to join this show I’m now dumber than a box of fruit loops”
    I bet you that ain’t even her real face there is so much makeup on her face when she goes to bed and shags a guy and they wake up in the morning the guy won’t even recognize her

  • Samurai II
    Samurai II 2 days ago

    Swedens version is even worse

  • Dumbledonttouchme
    Dumbledonttouchme 3 days ago

    Is no one commenting on the one guy named Eoghan?

  • FIFA Monstah
    FIFA Monstah 3 days ago

    you are the funniest guy ive ever seen and this is the first time ive seen one of your videos. im definitely subscribing!

  • I'M HERE
    I'M HERE 3 days ago

    Lmao this guy talks so fast, I couldn't even understand most of the jokes

  • semisi raitamata
    semisi raitamata 3 days ago

    First time stumbling across your Chanel Nd 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 you’re funny mate 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂

  • Reins Phoenix
    Reins Phoenix 3 days ago

    6:26 lmao

  • Brendan Hellyer
    Brendan Hellyer 4 days ago

    Is this guy the pommy issac butterfield

  • Conscious Films
    Conscious Films 4 days ago

    Bahahahahahahahahahahhaha! Funny as fark!

  • The dragon Master
    The dragon Master 4 days ago

    Last season was better 😂

  • Zeb Mita
    Zeb Mita 4 days ago +1

    This generation of self absorbed wankers marks the end of a once proud nation.
    I am one embarrassed Aussie.

    MFFM_AGGROBOGAN 4 days ago

    Show did I use to play for that football club

  • Isobel Traves
    Isobel Traves 5 days ago

    WHat aRe tH ey

  • bella
    bella 5 days ago +3

    honestly mate i haven’t laughed as this hard at something for a while! keep going mate love what you do! -a fan since the calendar

  • Lena C
    Lena C 5 days ago +1

    The australian love island was so funny this year tho. There was no drama. I hate our love island version (german) tho

    • Sarah Amanda
      Sarah Amanda 3 days ago +1

      Lena C I just wanted to comment that he shouldn’t be watching the German one 😂😂😂😂

  • makeup_meerkat
    makeup_meerkat 5 days ago

    It's much better in my opinion 😂

  • Solar_ Baills25
    Solar_ Baills25 5 days ago

    Coming from an Aussie that is not hypo that is a wanker

  • Vankruze
    Vankruze 5 days ago +2

    Clearly Australians are more attractive.

  • Mothership Videos
    Mothership Videos 6 days ago

    You're funny as man.

  • muff patrol
    muff patrol 6 days ago

    Mate, you actually make me laugh. Not just exhale out of my nose, like stupid girly laugh. I can't watch your videos in public because of it. You embody Ricky Gervais (I know you probably don't like hearing it) but it's a good thing. You are taking the rains and I share your sense of humour. You're brilliant mate, and ftr, you don't need to slag people off. I do enjoy that content because fuck 'em! But I'll enjoy anything you out out, including stand up!

  • 〖Oh𐍉ney〗
    〖Oh𐍉ney〗 6 days ago

    His TheXvid recommendations must just be shit he hates 😂

  • BROtosyntheSIS BS
    BROtosyntheSIS BS 6 days ago

    I agree, but its kinda funny how he uses the same kinda clickbait as the show he is mocking. Hypocryth. Yea idk how thats spelled.

  • Declan Thompson
    Declan Thompson 6 days ago

    keepy uppys with a baby omg i died ahahahaaha that made me subscribe

  • TheLittlestNut
    TheLittlestNut 6 days ago +3

    I feel like all the people on the UK version are just brain dead chads and stacys, running around with fake tans and silicone injections being super shallow and saying the same thing all day- "I fancy them, I gotta graft, I'm gonna get to know them, etc" and there's no break from that. It's all brainless conversation. The only thing that's fun to watch are the activities, which are 1 every like 3 episodes. At least with AU there's more activities, the announcer is funnier, there's more random funny moments and the islanders are a little less brain-dead and fake

  • Zannonymous T
    Zannonymous T 6 days ago

    Jaack Maate, love your lonnnng poem 🤣🤣

  • aisha sahin
    aisha sahin 6 days ago

    Baba means dad in multiple languages soooooo

  • The DIY Shop
    The DIY Shop 6 days ago +4

    we need a butterfield and jaackmaate crossover

  • Michael Rosen
    Michael Rosen 6 days ago

    Hypo means low! Fuck sake!

  • Allegra Trajkovski
    Allegra Trajkovski 7 days ago +1

    i love how i am australian and watching this

  • Paigeee xx
    Paigeee xx 7 days ago +19

    anyone gunna tell him that adam and jessie didn’t get together

  • TwixLegacy
    TwixLegacy 7 days ago

    Why’s this guy so not funny

  • Amielle Venus Perez
    Amielle Venus Perez 7 days ago

    oh this has ads... nice.

  • Roos Jasmijn
    Roos Jasmijn 7 days ago

    You should watch the Dutch Love Island from the Netherlands..... it’s even more horrible

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper 7 days ago

    "Maybe matched 2 numbers max" :D

  • Lara Mauduit
    Lara Mauduit 7 days ago

    This is one of the youtubers that I actually find funny x

  • Nour Imam
    Nour Imam 7 days ago

    Adam just looks like he woke up from a nap