FROGFISH 101: The Frogfish Files (info heavy)

  • Published on Sep 23, 2017
  • Top 3 questions I receive on Frogfish: 1) Frogfish's tank requirement? 2) What to feed a Frogfish? 3) Where can I find a Frogfish?
    Smart ATO Micro (Amazon):
    5g Auto-topoff Container (Amazon):
    Reef Central's Frogfish Files Thread:

    One of the few threads on why freshwater feeder may not be good for marine fish:
    Mochi logo artwork by @comiquarium (Instagram)
    Music by: DJ Quads, David Cutter
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Comments • 154

    BALOCKE 4 years ago +18

    Looking for a frogfish for a 55 gallon tank. Anyone know wheres the best place to find them and some information?

    • Ak Fishing
      Ak Fishing 4 months ago +1

      I have a 55 gallon tank and I got a Sargasum FrogFish fish he is so cool!

    • Ashley Whitelaw
      Ashley Whitelaw 2 years ago +4

      Look on live aquaria

  • Jadon Outdoors
    Jadon Outdoors 4 years ago +10

    I have a yellow warty frogfish like yours and I had him for six months. I can't get him to eat fish so, I gutload large shrimp for him. This video helped me to know even more than I know about my fish. Thanks

  • AlphaBrolofsky
    AlphaBrolofsky 4 years ago +1

    Hey inappropriate reefer. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to dive into saltwater. In the previous years most reefers made it seem impossible to have a simple reef set up and sadly more often than not came across as both very arrogant and condescending. I was discouraged for the longest time. Thanks to you I've now got a nice soft coral nano reef with some clowns and its all going strong. Your reef tanks videos from your college days were really inspiring. I keep on dreading a tank crash but I wake up to my corals doubling in size and more bizarre creatures crawling out of my live rock every day. Also water chemistry is way more fun than it should be. But I'm also going to call you an arsehole because now I'm looking into setting up a bigger tank.

  • IsaacMilkTea
    IsaacMilkTea 4 years ago +34

    It's like watching a documentary. The video work is superb.

  • Alex Man
    Alex Man 4 years ago +2

    Ive had my painted frogfish for a few months already. He's about mochi's size may be a bit bigger so he has ALOT of room to grow. I love watching him eat live food but read a post about how freshwater food isn't good for them. However, luckily the method i use for putting food in tank was a net so my frogfish ate frozen shrimp regardless.

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      From reading the threads it seems like a variety of diet may be best... freshwater feeders would be OK as long as it is the only thing that the Frog eats day in and day out?

    • Alex Man
      Alex Man 4 years ago +1

      I'm still not sure about the diet and I think many are still debating if there are negative effects.

  • John John
    John John 4 years ago +8

    Considering that the majority of wild fish have internal parasites and that frogfish in the wild eat those fish regularly, I don't think you should be worried about parasites. Apparently, their digestive system kills them. Very acidic stomach fluids, perhaps, who knows? I saw a documentary where a frogfish ate a lion fish, one of the most venomous fish ever. If it can digest that with no ill effects, it can digest anything.

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago +1

      That makes sense. Sort of like we could feed our dogs raw food since they have a short digestive tract and the bacterias would not have time to establish themselves. It would make sense for their body to adapt to the type of food they eat.

    • Tyler Walker
      Tyler Walker 4 years ago +1

      Frogfish can eat lionfish, mine ate a dwarf zebra lionfish with no problems at all and no single sign or sickness or illness, but the spines can still cause trouble for the fish if they penetrate the skin.

  • J.K. Hobbyist
    J.K. Hobbyist 4 years ago +7

    I feed my snow flake eel fresh water feeder fish. Had it for eight plus years. Had to give him away to my LFS due to moving. Hope that helps with your decision also your pocket book!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 years ago +3

    Love the scape of the drop off... That GSP mat is beautiful! Mine is starting to cover the overflow on the back of my tank, can’t wait

  • Honey Corals
    Honey Corals 4 years ago +4

    Wow, that's expensive. At my LFS they had 2 frog fishes. A warty frogfish for $119, and painted for $89.99.

  • John SM
    John SM 3 years ago +1

    Lovely video, thank you for sharing. Your aquarium just keeps getting better and better.

    I finally got my frogfish, he is a painted I believe and he cost me $20, and he's lovely. I have been feeding him amano shrimp, but tomorrow he will try his first tetra.

    I am thinking about getting him a partner, which I have read is ok, but would like to hear other peoples thoughts.

    • John SM
      John SM 3 years ago

      Hey IR, Thank you very much, I will have to join instagram so I can show you some pictures.

      Luckily in China the amino shrimps are dead cheap, i get around 20 for about 3 USD, I have an extremely simple tiny aquarium and sponge filter to house the shrimp, they last just fine. They have quite a regular supply, although I had to buy some tetras this week because of the Chinese new year. He has eaten all 5 tetras in the last 4 days, and they were $1.50 for 5.

      Luckily frogfish are readily available here, so I will probably try a red colour variation and hope it doesn't change so much, my one changed from black to epoxy coloured!

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  3 years ago

      Hey John, congratulations on your Painted Frogfish! I hear Amano Shrimp is quite pricey, are you breeding them or do you have a good source for these guys? I was thinking about adding another as well and it seems possible as long as they are similar in size or a true pair (male in the pair seems to only be 1/4 in size of the female though, quite dangerous).

  • Roshan Patel
    Roshan Patel 4 years ago +2

    Great video man :). I've had my frogfish for about 2+ years at this point. Feed him a silverside 1/3-1/2 of his body length every 4 days. Usually poke some holes in it and infuse it with a bit of selcon. Sometimes I may get him a live snack such as a damsel, or feed him some frozen krill.

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      2+ years, that's quite impressive for a Frog, you must be doing something right! Silverside, good idea, let me see if I can find some at my local Asian market

  • Michael Kirby
    Michael Kirby 4 years ago +1

    Hey there great video your frog fish is gorgeous and your drop off tank is off the hook very nice indeed ! keep up with the videos they are all great and very educational and I still have a lot two learn ! Thank you sir for videos !!!

  • Reefgrrl
    Reefgrrl 4 years ago

    Loved watching this! And learned a lot - thanks for that! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • disillusioned
    disillusioned 2 months ago

    I have never seen a fish with ELBOWS before! wow that's so freaky!!

    Great video! Amazing editing, footage and soundtrack choices. Very entertaining :)

  • Katlee
    Katlee 4 years ago +6

    We just got us a painted frogfish. Honestly I just thought it was a super red frogfish but thanks to you, now we know exactly what it is. He hasn't eaten yet but it is super fun to watch the damsel get super close and is super exciting to watch. The best part is having people look at our tank and tell them that we have a new fish but they are unable to see it, even though it's directly in their face and is RED. If anyone is in the Houston, TX area, That Aquarium Place has amazing prices and if you ask the owner to order you one he can get one in his next shipment.

    • BADU GM
      BADU GM 4 years ago +1

      Do you keep him with other fish ?

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      That's awesome! I hear sometimes people use live brine shrimp just as a way to get some feeding response before weaning over to other more nutritional food. Good luck getting your Frog to eat and hope he continues to impress your friends for a long time to come. ;-)

  • Alex McCann
    Alex McCann 2 years ago

    How's the tank and Angler fish doing? I'm curious because I have a small reef tank, bored with the standard clownfish and others, these guys look so cool.and definitely something different. Been doing a lot of research and looking for one like yours.

  • Xevecx
    Xevecx 4 years ago +3

    you could get mollies and gut load them yourself in your main tank(might even breed in there but im sure the fry would get picked off) they can live in salt(altho generally in a reef they eventually die because they cant take the flow)

    • Xevecx
      Xevecx 4 years ago +2

      now you could use this as an excuse to make a low flow softy tank with mollies breeding

  • Simon Catt
    Simon Catt 7 months ago

    I breed black mollies as food, because by breeding them myself, I can ensure they're parasite free, well nourished and black mollies can be raised in fresh water, then acclimatised to salt.

  • Godwin L
    Godwin L 4 years ago

    Love ur frogfish videos! Thinking about starting up my 12g JBJ again, do you think, that size of a tank is appropriate for the warty frog fish?

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      Thanks for watching! Personally I think the 12g may be a tight squeeze for a frogfish for it's entire life, but for the earlier part whem it is smaller the tank would be OK!

  • hugo rosales
    hugo rosales 4 years ago

    I got my red frog fish for 90$. I feed it once a week 2 chromis. And it's always fun to watch

  • werth6812
    werth6812 10 months ago +1

    Does your frogfish attempt to bite you when adding coral to your tank or performing glass maintenance

  • Matryx Michael Cimino
    Matryx Michael Cimino 4 years ago +7

    Have you considered raising guppies or mollies in a saltwater tank. I have kept both with no problem as breeders for feeder fish for my saltwater fish and anemones. Just a thought.

    • Matryx Michael Cimino
      Matryx Michael Cimino 4 years ago +1

      David Sitompul , yes. If you research guppies and mollies you find they are transferring brackish fish. Living in both salt, fresh, and brackish water. The guppies are known to be able to handle about 150 percent saltwater, more then most saltwater fish can handle. Tough lil guys. Mollies are well known to thrive in saltwater reefs. Both species just need a gentle transision to salt. Juvenile guppies need no acclamation. And both species are more nutritiously balanced for saltwater fish to eat if they are living in saltwater.
      Have a great day

    • David Sitompul
      David Sitompul 4 years ago

      Wait what? Saltwater guppies and mollies?

    • AlphaBrolofsky
      AlphaBrolofsky 4 years ago

      Sounds like a good excuse for a cheap planted tank...

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      Thank you Matyx, I will take a closer look at this. Right now I have my pair of mollies in freshwater, I may slowly convert it into brackish or full strength salt. Although that means I may need ANOTHER tank for the freshwater ghost shrimps...

    • Matryx Michael Cimino
      Matryx Michael Cimino 4 years ago +1

      They are a loved snack by many, so I suggest keeping them in a none predator tank unless you plan on buying as often as you were damsels. I know breeding them saved me alot of money. A female guppy or Molly was giving me approx 35 babies a month. And they were mostly grown to feeding size in a months time.

  • Lawrence Turlej
    Lawrence Turlej Year ago

    Its a shame they can't be kept with any other fish or invertebrates. Such an amazing species

  • Cade Hemond
    Cade Hemond 4 years ago

    Hi there, I was wondering if it would be okay to start a young frogfish off in a 10 gallon aquarium and then upgrade the tank as it grows?

  • Christopher Jameson
    Christopher Jameson 23 days ago

    I have fed a blue carpet ( S. haddoni ) on goldfish and silversides without issue for over a decade. My next tank will be a frogfish tank. Thanks for the video

  • Noah Fox
    Noah Fox 4 years ago +1

    loved the video, very informative

  • ReefDudes
    ReefDudes 4 years ago +6

    Very informative!!!!! Great video!

  • Billy Pipes
    Billy Pipes 4 years ago +3

    Awesome footage and awesome info👍

  • Cesca's Reef
    Cesca's Reef 4 years ago +1

    Nice video and great review on the Frogfish :)

  • Sonny Salamone
    Sonny Salamone 2 years ago

    I have 6 anglers (frog fish) and 2 rhinopias fish in a 100 gallon tank have had them about 2 years love them

  • Dave's Nano Tanks
    Dave's Nano Tanks 4 years ago +1

    Mochi is a good lookin guy. I think fresh water mollies are a good idea if you feed them Marine foods. Good thinking about fresh and salt water parasites. Drop off looks great bud

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago +1

      Thanks Dave! Got two mollies on standby, just waiting for them to get romantic so I could cradle-rob...

  • Ashlyn VanBuren
    Ashlyn VanBuren 3 years ago

    I have two 20 gallon filters for my 20 gallon tank, will this be adequate filtration or too much filtration?

  • Juan Castelan
    Juan Castelan 4 years ago +1

    I got a frog fish becuase i saw your videos it did some research and went to my local fish stores every week until I found my frog fish

  • Tyler Walker
    Tyler Walker 4 years ago

    I have a warty frogfish that is yellow and maroon in color; His name is Frogger and I only paid 100$ from my LFS. I have a 10 gallon Tank for him and it seems to be just fine. He has his spots that he sits in daily and does a couple laps around the tank. I was wondering could I possible add another that is white and maroon to my 10 gallon?

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      Doh! Pretty surprising your Frog was able to gulp down an entire Dward Zebra Lion! How large is your Frog??

    • Tyler Walker
      Tyler Walker 4 years ago

      I also at the of buying the frog fish I bought a dwarf zebra lionfish to go with it, they were just fine until I left to go watch a movie and the frog fish ate the lionfish without a single problem when I came back. My frogfish eats anything I give it for the most part to, got lucky there.

  • denis avdic
    denis avdic 3 years ago

    one of the best looking reef tanks i’ve seen

  • Alohacoralreef
    Alohacoralreef 2 years ago +1

    I just got my warty same color, for 75$ from lfs I love them!!!

  • Ray and Sarah
    Ray and Sarah 3 years ago

    Great video mate, we will be gettiing a frogfish soon :)

  • werth6812
    werth6812 8 months ago

    I have a frogfish! First time I’ve seen someone with another frogfish!! I’m on Instagram @zabasreef

  • Redhood
    Redhood 3 years ago

    Would I be able to put two frog fish in one tank ?

  • Miami Reefer
    Miami Reefer 4 years ago +13

    Would love to have one , but it would eat my clowns :(

  • Victor Fox
    Victor Fox 4 years ago

    I tell people to never buy rosyred minmows or commet goldfish for marine carnivores. Instead, I recommend using mollies and ghost shrimp. Sailfin mollies are much larger and have bigger babies than most regular mollies. They can be raised in a marine sump. Most bait shops also sell blood worms but that can be expensive option.

  • Cat Farrow
    Cat Farrow 2 years ago

    Do you still have your frog fish? Can you make a slo-mo reel of this fish eating? It happens so fast I rewind it but still he is too fast lol

    • Aquatic Maniac
      Aquatic Maniac 2 years ago

      Mochi passed away around a year ago :( Theres a video if you look it up. I heard they dont have long life spans

  • no no
    no no 2 years ago +1

    In looking for a Frog fish,I would keep it in a 25 gallon but later get a bigger tank for it mabye like a 30 or 35 gallon,i can only find the assorted frog fish which it says they grow up to 9" and there 49$ (if anyone is looking for a assorted frogfish i can give you the link)but i really wanted a warty frogfish .

  • Murphy's Aquatics
    Murphy's Aquatics 4 years ago +2

    Great info, that's a really nice frogfish

  • Gallery Aquatica TV
    Gallery Aquatica TV 3 years ago

    Awesome video!! 😍👌

  • Karnivorous Keyz
    Karnivorous Keyz Year ago +1

    I was anticipating the Mochi to eat the 3rd damsel & then BAM!!!! Damsel #2 was GONE! 😳😂

  • reefs
    reefs 4 years ago

    awesome video!

  • Jonny Escobar
    Jonny Escobar 4 years ago

    I have a marine betta, can i put them together ?

  • Mike Carpenter
    Mike Carpenter 2 years ago

    Hey i just picked one up. Not sure on the breed hes pretty grey. Black friday deal $30. Anyways. I got some shrimp to feed him. My question is how long will freshwater shrimp or fish last in saltwater before they die?

  • Tikimohn
    Tikimohn 4 years ago +3

    I'd stay away from Freshwater feeder fish just because of the chance of disease.

  • mads bech-Hansen
    mads bech-Hansen 4 years ago

    Since you have saltwater fish and coral, I guess you are like the coral reefs and marine ecosystems. I am therefore worried that you feed with live damsel fish. It will probably be good for your frogfish, but not for our marine ecosystems and coral reefs (Cyanide and other toxins are often used to catch hobby fish in the marine environment which is participating in destroying the coral reefs). Many of the fish we have in the aquarium hobbies cannot be bred in captivity. However, some species can, but not all of the species can breed quickly enough to satisfy supply and demand. I would therefore recommend you to train your frogfish to eat dead feeder fish that can be purchased in bulk at your retailer, as I think these are a more environmentally sound decision.

    I'm in this hobby myself, but want to make my decisions as environmental friendly as possible :) Otherwise, I love your videos so keep up the good work. I have attached a link from the National Geographic about the above topic, maybe you can make a video about this one day 😊

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I have read the link you sent before and actually wanted to visit one of the net catching exporter in Philippines during my last Asia trip, sadly it did not happen this time but that is on my to-do list, I want to see what actually happens on the other end.

      I remember scientific paper has been published on the impact of ornamental reef fish collection and how it was minimum compared to commercial fishing (fish specie population actually increases overtime at collection site), but this is of course assuming collectors stick to the rules. There has been many debates around this topic and maybe one day I will be brave enough to put in my $0.02 as a hobbyist, I think my personal believe puts me somewhere in the middle leaning more towards your side. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and following the channel!

  • Emma Cooter
    Emma Cooter 3 years ago

    I so want a frog fish 😩

  • Al H
    Al H 2 years ago

    I use guppies and mollies for mine😄

  • Gary Montgomery
    Gary Montgomery 4 years ago

    Love your frog fish!

  • Nick SBF
    Nick SBF Year ago

    I like feeding freshwater feeders bc they can’t add parasites to the tank. Just got a yellow Wartskin for 130$.

  • Ydmoney 6544
    Ydmoney 6544 2 days ago

    What kind of green layout is that at that? I want that for my tank

  • sixar lewis
    sixar lewis 3 years ago

    Awesome tank mate

  • Duraticate reef
    Duraticate reef 4 years ago +1

    Looking good. Sorry to see your clam. I follow you on instagram. Always lookkng forward to your videos

  • TheCalcarAvis
    TheCalcarAvis Year ago

    are they all wild caught? if so i dont think its ok to get them.

  • Gold63Beast
    Gold63Beast 4 years ago

    Please let me know where I can get one. Thanks

  • tomaz silveira
    tomaz silveira  4 years ago +2

    What does it mean when a damsel flares its fins?

    • Tetrapod
      Tetrapod 4 years ago

      stressed, or aggressive display

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina 4 years ago +1

    Look fwd to your videos every Sunday man!!!

    XTAL XKX 2 years ago

    AWESOME 🐠Video!

  • Tuli Iuli
    Tuli Iuli 2 years ago +6

    Dang!!, 6:02 I saw three I looked away for a couple of seconds there’s only two 6:12

  • Vawero_0237
    Vawero_0237 4 years ago +1

    The leaf fish you used to keep are in the family of frogfish?

  • YO888555
    YO888555 2 years ago +1

    How is your frogfish doing??? My kids and I are about to get one just like Moshi!

    • werth6812
      werth6812 8 months ago

      Did u get a frogfish ?

  • Purple Avacado
    Purple Avacado 4 years ago +1

    love that tank

  • Almost painting
    Almost painting 4 years ago +1

    Great update, I have two frogfish and they are fun to watch...hunting.

    • BADU GM
      BADU GM 4 years ago

      Inappropriate Reefer if they are a similar size it can work if have seen 3 together at the LFS and they where wart skins

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      Thanks! Are the two pretty close in size? I thought it would be cool to keep two Frogs but worried that one may eat the other...!

  • Ak Fishing
    Ak Fishing 4 months ago +1

    Looking back at your older videos 🤟

  • Flacos Beer Reviews
    Flacos Beer Reviews 2 years ago

    Got mine free found him in the washed up sea weed . In the gulf coast 🍻

  • Rogue Stomper
    Rogue Stomper 3 years ago

    would i be able to have a small cleanup crew like some snails and maybe a couple emerald crabs or would he go after them?

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  3 years ago

      Snails are no problem, I did have an emerald crab and an Anemone crab disappear in that tank, although I did not catch Mochi in the act but I would not put it pass him...

  • Villa.Cardenas_5
    Villa.Cardenas_5 3 years ago

    My lfs a has like a 6inch red frogfish for 80$ I'm thinking of scooping up 👆

    CUBAN REEFER 4 years ago +2

    OMG that’s beautiful view on the last seconds of the video, that has to be on the Philippines

  • Xav Lee
    Xav Lee 3 years ago

    What kind of tank do you have?

  • Chenglong Liu
    Chenglong Liu Year ago

    need help frogfish got rash, what should I do?

  • technology and pet hobiest

    i have seaweed frog fish and he ate my smaller fish 😂😂

  • Rock Micah
    Rock Micah 4 years ago +1

    Love the reef of Philippine

  • RipVan Winkle
    RipVan Winkle 4 years ago +2

    Ending is the boat you were on in the Phils. ( I recognize that loud motor :D ) Great Vid, thanks.

    • RipVan Winkle
      RipVan Winkle 4 years ago +1

      I've been on many Philippino boats like that. I was out on one several days ago at Calatagan. Hey, I sent you a message on your FB. :)

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago +1

      Hahaha nice eye and deduction skills! It was indeed from Philippines!

  • werth6812
    werth6812 8 months ago

    Looking for a second frogfish

  • Ak Fishing
    Ak Fishing 4 months ago +1

    @6:00 the FrogFish Is like yoo Stop Moving...

  • Ryan Rookey
    Ryan Rookey 4 years ago

    Do videos two times a week

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      I thought about it often but ultimately decided that I just don't have enough time to edit with all the other stuff going on. Maybe an additional live stream every week?

  • Chris Vasquez
    Chris Vasquez 4 years ago +1

    My lfs has the frog fish for 40$

    • BADU GM
      BADU GM 4 years ago

      Warty frogfish are £60 where I get fish and they have some tiny grey ones (not sure of species) that sell for £26 each

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago


  • Salty box Reef
    Salty box Reef 4 years ago

    Are you ever going to save that damsel?

    • Inappropriate Reefer
      Inappropriate Reefer  4 years ago

      For whatever reason, Mochi seems to be ignoring him completely. I am on the fence about pulling him... maybe in a month or two if I grow more attached to it.

  • Monagirl Lewis
    Monagirl Lewis Year ago

    Thank you

  • Serena Bowman
    Serena Bowman 4 years ago +1

    Bad ass when it took that damsel lol deserves it rite when damsels are aggressive with other fish lol

  • Mike TYPHOON Foote
    Mike TYPHOON Foote 3 years ago

    i was hoping to have 1 ut you killed dream by saying hed eat dassels i have 1 lonely 1 i can't murder, i just ordered ( CN-66284 SW - Flame Angelfish (Christmas/Marshalls)- Small Qty: 1, Price: $54.99 each = $54.99
    CN-76453 SW - Powder Blue Tang (Maldives) - Small/Medium Qty: 1, Price: $55.99 each = $55.99
    CN-86538 SW - Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crab Qty: 5, Price: $1.29 each = $6.45
    CN-39097 SW - Dwarf Yellow Tip Hermit Crab Qty: 5, Price: $1.29 each = $6.45
    CN-90037 SW - Red Gracilaria Feeding Algae - Aquacultured 1/4 lb Qty: 1, Price: $9.99 each = $9.99
    Subtotal: $133.87
    Next Day Air: Free!
    Tax: $11.25
    Shipping Category 1 Sub-total: $145.12

    but i love exotc fish if i choose frogfish should i buy live shimp or frozen

  • Cool Candy Fish 🐠

    How big do Thay get

  • David Shammas
    David Shammas 4 years ago +4

    i like your background music, its not annoying like most other youtubers

  • ThatFishGuy
    ThatFishGuy 3 years ago

    Frogfish are cool but they eat everything and are a pain in the ass. I had one eat a drumfish twice it’s size.

  • lLeafyッ
    lLeafyッ 3 years ago

    I’m looking for a frog fish

  • neuwave1
    neuwave1 4 years ago

    Why not try to feed saltwater ghost shrimp? They are the same price and size.

  • Shayli Blue
    Shayli Blue 4 years ago +1

    Mochi is so cute!

  • dil yure
    dil yure 4 years ago

    Looking for a for a 150 gallon tank. I to haverify more info

  • Shy0matick
    Shy0matick 2 years ago +1

    Are they saltwater or freshwater 🧐

  • brandi brown
    brandi brown 2 years ago

    I want a frog fish can you help me

  • Mike TYPHOON Foote
    Mike TYPHOON Foote 3 years ago

    or can i get oxfish

  • Ultimate BrickMasters
    Ultimate BrickMasters 4 years ago

    I have read its okay

  • ryanrobertsmba
    ryanrobertsmba 3 years ago

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  • curiexr
    curiexr 3 years ago


  • pop mon
    pop mon 2 years ago +1

    Guppies are not fatty