Bollywood VS. Real Life | Part 2 | Rickshawali

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
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Comments • 7 874

  • Rozy Garg
    Rozy Garg Day ago


  • Radhe Yadav
    Radhe Yadav 2 days ago

    Par mai bed se. Nahi girti real life me

  • Sohini Majumder
    Sohini Majumder 4 days ago

    Varun kya saachme tumhari boyfriend hai?

  • Badriyo Mohamed
    Badriyo Mohamed 5 days ago

    She is coping another movie

  • Vihaan
    Vihaan 5 days ago +1

    Who else

  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma 6 days ago +1

    PK SCENES 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma 6 days ago +1


  • Uma Mondal
    Uma Mondal 7 days ago +3

    Act teacher vs student it dwill be very interesting . Keep on doing very good

  • Namita Pandey
    Namita Pandey 8 days ago

    acting that anisha had done of Bollywood one is quite similar to acting of one of her video - poo Vs geet

  • Kiran Chaurasiya
    Kiran Chaurasiya 9 days ago


  • Deepti nair
    Deepti nair 9 days ago

    Did u cut ur hair for varun

  • Srirupa Roy
    Srirupa Roy 10 days ago

    East or west, Anisha Di is the best😀😃😄😍😋😊😉🦌🍉🌏🎇📢🚺🇮🇳.

  • Jisha Kc
    Jisha Kc 10 days ago

    I Love your but

  • Aarohi's World
    Aarohi's World 10 days ago +1


  • Lila Thapa Baral
    Lila Thapa Baral 10 days ago

    2:47 exactly you look like alia bhatt when you do makeup but you look more like a ghost than human without makeup
    #Appreciate natural beauty

  • rumi das
    rumi das 10 days ago

    i like your video
    so funny..

  • Abdul Wahab
    Abdul Wahab 11 days ago +1

    who is watching comment while video😅

  • Prince Kumar
    Prince Kumar 11 days ago

    मै भि BOLLYWOOD हु

  • Roshini Reddy
    Roshini Reddy 11 days ago

    It became toooo over

  • Shreya Rawat
    Shreya Rawat 11 days ago

    Kabhi khushi kabhi gam ka cheat Kara he

  • Shiv Kumar
    Shiv Kumar 11 days ago

    Kis kis Ko Inka expression hai daya pasand hai then like this comment

  • Nagma Rashid
    Nagma Rashid 12 days ago +1

    Make on video which has more fun

  • purvi pandey
    purvi pandey 13 days ago

    Kaun kaun video dekhte same thora bohut comment dekhte ho 😘
    Agar dekhte ho to
    Hit the like 😁button

  • purvi pandey
    purvi pandey 13 days ago

    I love SRK movies.
    He is my favourite Actor.

  • MRIDUL KUMAR Banerjee
    MRIDUL KUMAR Banerjee 14 days ago +29

    Who loves rickshawali a lot plz like 👍👍👍

  • MRIDUL KUMAR Banerjee
    MRIDUL KUMAR Banerjee 14 days ago +1

    You look ossum in 3:47.👌👌👍👍 .

  • manu sharma
    manu sharma 14 days ago +1

    your hai daiya is superb ... love that word which adds extraaaa fun 😎😎

  • Angelina Gomes
    Angelina Gomes 14 days ago +24

    Who is watching this video in 2019

    I too have b612 app

  • Sunita Upreti
    Sunita Upreti 14 days ago +1

    Your English is very best

  • Pradeep Tripathi
    Pradeep Tripathi 15 days ago

    Very nice and beautiful

  • Parth Sarthi
    Parth Sarthi 15 days ago +1

    hii anisha di you look stunning in Indian suit🥰🥰🥰

  • ASJAD 10
    ASJAD 10 15 days ago

    Copy vat

  • Simran Parihar
    Simran Parihar 15 days ago

    😀 you looking beautiful ☺

  • ashok sahoo
    ashok sahoo 16 days ago

    🔥Bahet gandi n

  • Simran Nadeem
    Simran Nadeem 16 days ago

    Ma b simran hu or konsi dusri simran dekh rhi ha ?

  • inayat's fun corner
    inayat's fun corner 16 days ago +1

    Your smile is very cute

  • Shabahat Aini
    Shabahat Aini 19 days ago

    Mera name aini h

    VIJAY SINGH 20 days ago

    I have loaded the B612

  • Sachin Rai
    Sachin Rai 21 day ago


  • Rupali George
    Rupali George 23 days ago +1

    U look like a churel with overacting

  • Anita Soni
    Anita Soni 28 days ago +1

    Ape bhout sonder ho

  • Arlene's vlog
    Arlene's vlog 29 days ago +1


  • Pinki Khatun
    Pinki Khatun Month ago

    Hi anisa you looking ghost

  • Babae Kangabam
    Babae Kangabam Month ago


  • Asharfi Yadav
    Asharfi Yadav Month ago

    Sorry don't like

  • Vishnu Soni Roda
    Vishnu Soni Roda Month ago +1

    You are making video osam

  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar Month ago

    Video Bollywood

  • shampa sharma
    shampa sharma Month ago

    Do poor and rich challenge please

  • Monju Bora
    Monju Bora Month ago


  • Bandita Jena
    Bandita Jena Month ago

    yes fat

  • Muskan Chandani
    Muskan Chandani Month ago


  • Eustace Gonsalves
    Eustace Gonsalves Month ago

    Your amazing

  • Awadhesh Sinh
    Awadhesh Sinh Month ago +1

    Anisha look too beautiful and I like rikshawali videos

  • sanam queen
    sanam queen Month ago

    I hate rickshawali

  • Reena Rajeev
    Reena Rajeev Month ago

    You are verry bueatiful and I am your fann....

  • Imran7864u Bhaya
    Imran7864u Bhaya Month ago

    Dirty video

  • Abanindra Daimary
    Abanindra Daimary Month ago +5

    Kon kon meri tarah comment parna ka bimari ha.. aur is bimar ko leka ma doctor ka pass ilaj karwane gai thi toh.. doctor khud comment padne ma busy tha😂
    By the way love your video....

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar Month ago +5

    Oo bollywood girl
    Copycat kabhi khushi kabhi gam waali pooja

  • Raj Shekhar
    Raj Shekhar Month ago

    Zara style nahi Thorsi si desi bun

  • Rubi Ansari
    Rubi Ansari Month ago +5

    6:05 u r looking so so beautiful 😄😄