What's inside COOL TECH of CES 2019?

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • Our top 6 Favorite Tech products from CES 2019! Discover more about Dolby here: bit.ly/2RClYMl Watch the full Dolby Booth Tour here: thexvid.com/video/Ku5ZrEhTHNY/video.html Thank you to Dolby for sponsoring this video.
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  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Day ago +1

    👨‍🏫 2:10 OPEN PROPELLA'S yer right uno some wanka's gunna end up as fertilizer :) 👉🔴🥵Don' neeed a license thiers your no1 problem there !diots on powerful jet bikes WARNING danger will robinson 🥵🥵🥵🥵😁👨‍🏫 so many problems i see on this hover bike it freaks me out the fans need to be inside a jet housing like a plane bro! really 1 fooked up bike -> THE TOILET NO1 WASHES & DRY'S YOUR BUM NO SMELL

  • Sit Pat
    Sit Pat Day ago

    Police can instantly cut bad guys head with that hover

  • Brian Wenani
    Brian Wenani 2 days ago

    i have just subscribed

  • Brian Wenani
    Brian Wenani 2 days ago

    that is bulshit and am from africa! Av not seen something awesome.. show a way to educate with wifi with a projector that uses solar.change the world ,,That makes you a global human

  • Cam Derb
    Cam Derb 3 days ago

    OMG they actually made it, a talking toilet! 😂

  • Anthony Duck
    Anthony Duck 3 days ago

    That hoverbike looks like it will cut off your leg!😱

  • treesmoke
    treesmoke 4 days ago

    Kinda weird how at 9:58 Ben Sullins is in the background but no one seems to acknowledge him. I guess Whats inside and rigseverything didn't know that the bearded white dude was a fellow successful TheXvidr. Kinda funny, if true. Or they do know each other but Ben is a 3rd wheel and is in the way of the bromance.

  • John James
    John James 5 days ago +1

    if that guy had let go of that button the hover cop bike would have cut him in two

  • M Hjalmers
    M Hjalmers 6 days ago +1

    So to summarize this we get flying toilets in the future

  • Dan non
    Dan non 8 days ago

    Smart toilet... lol
    If it was smart it wouldn't be a toilet.

  • Ty TheDM
    Ty TheDM 9 days ago

    Sorry, but I ain't having my toilet throw error codes at me, bruh. That's reversing roles.

  • Ty TheDM
    Ty TheDM 9 days ago

    @3:45 Nice save

  • Alain Brice
    Alain Brice 10 days ago

    Not impressed 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Tech World
    Tech World 12 days ago +2

    I love it how @JerryRigsEverthing Exposes them 🤣 Thats the funniest part.

  • outtersteller
    outtersteller 12 days ago

    Tech tech tech !
    We all love tech

    AMERICA FIGHTS 13 days ago

    Ok, with the Dream wave massage chair, I am moving into the Dolby Booth and NEVER COMING OUT! I'll pass on the toilet...

  • Marriz
    Marriz 13 days ago +1

    I don’t trust Alexa in my bathroom... oh no no no.

  • Virus
    Virus 14 days ago

    what is inside teslasuit? please

  • Hudson Hoeffner
    Hudson Hoeffner 14 days ago

    That bike is straight from Star Trek
    Good job

  • Ari OwO
    Ari OwO 14 days ago +1

    I’m glad that I live there

  • Ethan RZ
    Ethan RZ 14 days ago

    “I don’t want to wash my windows... I want a robot to wash my windows.”

  • Wav Station
    Wav Station 15 days ago

    imagine hot boxing your bathroom with that toilet

  • Tony Mind
    Tony Mind 15 days ago +4

    Hover bike.... Too high risk of cutting your own leg...

  • Michael Holopainen
    Michael Holopainen 16 days ago +1

    "...Lawgiver, your if you graduate. Hoverbike, yours if they ever get it to work"
    Judge Dredd (Sylvester Stalone)

  • Linda Del Rio
    Linda Del Rio 16 days ago

    I don't tell . 😗

  • Elmer Cachuela
    Elmer Cachuela 16 days ago

    What if you're mom name is Alexa and you're on the bathroom and you're about to finish.alexa flush the toilet and you're mom waiting outside of your bathroom holding a sleeper and ready to throw you the sleeper.

  • pro alpha
    pro alpha 18 days ago

    Going to be uber driver....hahahaha

  • Gilbert Cheng
    Gilbert Cheng 19 days ago

    That ppor toilet. It has no idea what it's in for.

  • gary 132
    gary 132 20 days ago

    that hover is a dangerous one wrong move with ur legs and smh....

  • mice Vasileski
    mice Vasileski 20 days ago


  • Bobby Greene
    Bobby Greene 21 day ago +2

    That flying bike needs readjusting, you would have to assume a rider will lose grip and come off the bike at one point, and will lose a limb or even worse face plant a propeller.
    Also, a ten foot fall can kill a human a thirty foot fall isn't better.
    No thanks, not yet.

    • Bobby Greene
      Bobby Greene 8 days ago

      WarpSounds It's bad enough we have to watch out for them on the roads, now they will fall out of the sky on us.

    • WarpSounds
      WarpSounds 8 days ago

      As if motorcycles aren't dangerous to, let people do what they want lol

  • Malcom X
    Malcom X 22 days ago

    U r not 6'2

  • A Light
    A Light 22 days ago

    I hate Alexa

  • Cérik Lemoine
    Cérik Lemoine 22 days ago

    why did you revealed everything at 0:03 ?

  • Khanxay Chommany
    Khanxay Chommany 23 days ago

    They should used this in the new avatar movie lol

  • Hitler
    Hitler 24 days ago

    This entire video is making me have happiness noises

  • Kristy McCauslin
    Kristy McCauslin 25 days ago

    I like this!

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 25 days ago

    Video game companies should consider returning to CES again

  • L3gendary Wolf
    L3gendary Wolf 25 days ago

    Soooooo how much is the motrocycle

  • Arno Dorange
    Arno Dorange 26 days ago

    What's Inside?, contenu de qualité

  • Ahmed Abdallah
    Ahmed Abdallah 26 days ago

    So beautiful phenomenen

  • BaDLuCK27
    BaDLuCK27 28 days ago

    In 2020 he's going to make a video called "what's inside of each tech in CES"

  • Darin Cates
    Darin Cates Month ago

    Dude you did not RIDE on a Hover Motorcycle ... you SAT on one.

  • Jeyson Suarez
    Jeyson Suarez Month ago

    why does he sound like Ryan renolds

  • MavenCree
    MavenCree Month ago

    Straight out of the Avengers?
    Um... No.
    Literally the ships from Avatar. Somebody owes James Cameron some money. (Though knowing him, it's probably under his own patent already.)

  • CobaltBlueVision
    CobaltBlueVision Month ago

    8:56 Lady's and Gentlemen, the *Future is Now*

  • ps3boiy
    ps3boiy Month ago +1

    If that flying bike went up at all the guy standing uncomfortably close to the blades would have a very bad time.

    • zachazow
      zachazow 27 days ago +1

      Yea, i couldn't believe they didn't have guards around the blades. And was the only thing keeping that thing from going up was him holding the button? if so, that is insanely dangerous to have it operational in there

  • Panic pickle
    Panic pickle Month ago

    Back to the future: in 2015 we'll have flying cars
    2015: we'll never have flying cars
    2019: Uber air, Dubai police

  • Balveer Bhatia
    Balveer Bhatia Month ago +1

    Who is here after google play scheme of technical guruji

  • 1M subscriders 33M views

    Without a protective cover that Dubai police hoverbike makes zero sense.... Especially for a cop who is always in high stress, high adrenalin situations and might react or move wrong and next thing u know his leg is chopped off... Not only that he is volernable to being shot at or having objects thrown at his propellers... *Bad Idea*

  • Zain G
    Zain G Month ago

    Wait Lincoln the Thumbnail says 2019, not 2018.

  • Jack the Gamer
    Jack the Gamer Month ago

    Dose the toy let wipe my behind hahaha

    W1CK3D WAYS Month ago

    Can anyone enter CES?

  • Meddy Bravo
    Meddy Bravo Month ago

    Wouldn't change women's touch on my back for that massage chair.

  • alex lopez
    alex lopez Month ago

    I had imagine that hover bike idea a year ago and now it got invented, great job lets keep inovating

  • Brett_Kendrick
    Brett_Kendrick Month ago

    Good thing hover surf didn't take colinfurzes build on that hover bike

  • Gadget Channel
    Gadget Channel Month ago

    Give us more coolness, yes plssss 🤟🤟🤟👌👌👌

  • RAWR Coding
    RAWR Coding Month ago

    Mad technology!

  • Jill Rolleston
    Jill Rolleston Month ago

    I cannot wait until the future

  • Majira Fan
    Majira Fan Month ago

    The future is here

  • Bagas Reza
    Bagas Reza Month ago

    If i have helicopter, I will be robbery 👌

  • Alberto Alcocer
    Alberto Alcocer Month ago

    Are you related to Ryan Reynolds?

  • Chad Ramirez
    Chad Ramirez Month ago

    Las Vegas!!

  • Bart Abarico
    Bart Abarico Month ago

    There's a lot of Japanese

  • martin šegula
    martin šegula Month ago

    it fellls many arms will be lost still no mesh for legs.. insane risky.. policlegles will be name they will live on irt.

  • Chris Christensen
    Chris Christensen Month ago


  • Sommer Rainey
    Sommer Rainey Month ago

    Cool stuff

  • AquariuZ
    AquariuZ Month ago

    Youll better be careful what you wish for. If Bender from Futurama hears about robats washing your windows because youre lazy. He's gonna revolt and you will have a terminator war on your hands. Just because you where lazy!!

  • aCatThatMakesEclairs

    the pinnacle of technology is when a toilet can open itself and play music- good job humanity on being lazy

  • 中華民國陸海空三軍總司令五星特級上將馬英九大元帥

    Looks like the helicopter motor will cut my feet off

  • jmarks881
    jmarks881 Month ago

    seems like a bigger pain in the butt to goto each then find an outlet plug it in wait for it to get done so you can move to the next one rather then just washing them

  • biego Santos
    biego Santos Month ago +1

    Its like live in 2058/the fucher.

  • Mingyar
    Mingyar Month ago

    also, I am wondering if the toilet wipes after flush and if .... I guess I wait for a review on that.

  • Mingyar
    Mingyar Month ago +1

    Jerry didn't riggit, he kill it! hahaha!😭

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel Month ago

    Lazy well at least your honest

  • xcogames
    xcogames Month ago

    Great Upload!

  • Babak Hamedani
    Babak Hamedani Month ago

    Yes please go back every year and make sure you know how that flying motorcycle does

  • emanandchill
    emanandchill Month ago

    This was cool.

  • Jorge mxjp
    Jorge mxjp Month ago

    all these mini helicopters do not impress me, I am still waiting for magnetic something :P, at least you can still scream aaahhhh, get to the chopper!!

  • Bmw EM
    Bmw EM Month ago

    lol on the Toilet, " Open the lid HAL, I'm afraid I can't Dave you stink too much ",

  • Loïs ÙwÚ
    Loïs ÙwÚ Month ago

    t first I read hobo... oh no wait...
    and i dont think i want a talking toilet cus thats awkward

  • Shankar Nishant
    Shankar Nishant Month ago

    these guy is always looking for screws 😂😂😂😂

  • SPARKY 1
    SPARKY 1 Month ago

    Its Doubly! Spinal Tap.

  • Bobby Knight
    Bobby Knight Month ago

    I want to go to the 2032 show event.

  • TrapGxDDROmoney
    TrapGxDDROmoney Month ago

    1:52 hoover bike

  • C Flat
    C Flat Month ago +1

    I wonder if anyone from the booths was all like, "Hey, don't start chopping up my products to see what's inside."

  • Whitney Davidson
    Whitney Davidson Month ago +1

    I wanna window cleaning robot

  • Yeassir Ullah
    Yeassir Ullah Month ago

    9:00 that's the new uber drone ... I guess that's what its called

  • Oscar Neilson
    Oscar Neilson Month ago

    Wow 😮!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ph4nt0m 0ps
    Ph4nt0m 0ps Month ago

    great now robots are washing our windows

  • TheSirjull891
    TheSirjull891 Month ago +1

    Elon also said that he didn't like the idea of flying personal transport because the upkeep of them and the possibility of crashes/failing over cities would be, well... bad...

  • Yejoon Yang
    Yejoon Yang Month ago

    My galaxy s8 just got Dolbt Atmos from android 9 pie

  • ArizVern
    ArizVern Month ago


  • Jocelyn de Goey
    Jocelyn de Goey 2 months ago

    Where is linkon

  • Julian Klimek
    Julian Klimek 2 months ago

    What about the video games ?😁

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 2 months ago

    Alexa, flush my turd.

    JOSEPH ASWATH 2 months ago +2

    2:02 hi Joseph!
    Im Joseph
    And nice to meet you!

    • J mchenry
      J mchenry Month ago +1

      I am also Joseph! Nice to meet you!

  • Maraud Odd
    Maraud Odd 2 months ago +1

    CES is the abbreviation of my school lol

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 2 months ago


  • JM G
    JM G 2 months ago +1

    If i hear dolby vision and dolby atmos ONE MORE TIME...!!