Labyrinth - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Feb 10, 2016
  • The Nostalgia Critic looks at one of the strangest movies to come out of the 80s, and that's saying quite a bit. It's time to look at Labyrinth.
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Comments • 8 848

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya 8 hours ago

    Myeah, Watership Down was a traumatizing movie...

  • gypsy freak
    gypsy freak 20 hours ago

    Supporters from a trump rally ...... they look more like lefties
    Lefties are ugly bastards

  • Eleonor Dazel Dynel

    I honestly LOVED Labyrinth, but yknow, I watched it when I was, like 19

  • Yana Bennett
    Yana Bennett Day ago

    Did not expect the Bill Cosby joke 😂👌🏻 That was hilarious though

  • Nick Brennen
    Nick Brennen 4 days ago

    The true protagonist is Bowie’s tights, the one thing that kept this film from going R.

  • Jason Forster
    Jason Forster 5 days ago

    "Resulting in her fantasizing David Bowies ""space oddity'""" . ;)

  • Kyle Boffa
    Kyle Boffa 5 days ago

    It's not only a metaphor for sexual awakening, it's a metaphor for her learning that your childhood can come with you, i.e. the dance reunion with her friends (who were really the toys in her room)

  • Cioda
    Cioda 7 days ago

    His motive was that he loves her, and he was trying to get her to love him back
    Just to be clear.

  • David Kim
    David Kim 8 days ago

    The rolling stones killed the goblins

  • Hein Beukes
    Hein Beukes 8 days ago

    The Watership Down bit got me. That movie just scarred me on so many levels when I saw it as a kid lol

  • Sascha Shám
    Sascha Shám 10 days ago

    Rest in peace, Starman. We all miss you

  • l l
    l l 11 days ago

    13:25 I recognize a bunch of speed freaks when I see them.

  • l l
    l l 11 days ago

    There's no need for adding politics to this movie.

  • marissa deceuster
    marissa deceuster 11 days ago

    Finds beautiful fairies and gasses them

  • allisonmcdonough1
    allisonmcdonough1 12 days ago

    This was my introduction to David Bowie, RIP Goblin King

  • Hunter Tyrre
    Hunter Tyrre 13 days ago

    review all dogs go to heaven !

  • the Gecko Brothers
    the Gecko Brothers 14 days ago

    The movie of my childhood😍

  • Amelia Morgan
    Amelia Morgan 14 days ago

    seriously I love your videos even the wall review but dawg why do you always have to go after trump and Republicans it really sucks
    you sound like an sjw snowflake could you just not?

  • Suki Lanakoro -nanbaka oc-


  • Glorious Phantom
    Glorious Phantom 16 days ago

    So I’m working on a story boarding assignment for a Digital Media Arts class and we had to make a story board for a “secret” movie (found out it was labyrinth because I LOVE this movie) and I’m watching this to pretty much cheat and know the scenes

  • Sunrie
    Sunrie 16 days ago +2

    SARAH: I WISH...
    SARAH: I WISH...
    TOBY: WAA!
    TOBY: WAA!
    TOBY: WAA!
    TOBY: WAA!

    So...yeah it did *LOL*
    Also, a Trump supporter joke? Yeah, get new material. There's a reason you people lost.

  • Jacob Bush
    Jacob Bush 16 days ago

    make top 30 david bowie dick jockes

  • Jack Strange
    Jack Strange 17 days ago

    11:00 And here we see the wild Bowie... Stroking out for a hot second, apparently...

  • Illés Gyurina
    Illés Gyurina 17 days ago

    The Kerimt scene. XD

  • MarioandLuigi101 Network

    Connelly before she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

  • Chop Top Sawyer
    Chop Top Sawyer 18 days ago

    *T R A L A LA*

  • Thagomizer
    Thagomizer 19 days ago

    Why are you guys acting like these 80's children's movies were traumatizing? They weren't. They were awesome, and actually respected the intelligence of their intended audience. I watched "Wizards" for the first time when I was only 9, and I found it disturbing, but I loved it. I also loved "The Dark Crystal" , 'The Neverending Story" and "Gremlins" when I was 6 or 7. I wasn't particularly freaked out by "Return to Oz" as a child, either. I think I was only 8 or so when I watched it for the first time. I think these movies are actually good for kids. They never felt "safe", and that was part of the appeal. They never felt patronizing.

  • Elizabeth Athineu
    Elizabeth Athineu 20 days ago

    Major Tom to ground control; Tell my wife I love her . . . long time!

  • Voice of REASON
    Voice of REASON 21 day ago +1

    In 2002 I was in down town Jackson, MS seeing a concert..... i took a few hits of lsd before hand.... anyways, as I was sitting on the ground by a tree I looked up to the sky and I saw those damn hands from this!! They were in the clouds, was fairly epic tbh!

  • StardustLive5
    StardustLive5 22 days ago

    9:41 stop it! STOP IT! I CAN’T STAND THOSE PUNS!!!

  • I guta
    I guta 23 days ago

    Hey, this story is of a fan girl of real musician bowie (she had magazine clips in her room of him as proof real obsession), she spent her days daydreaming and learned a thing or two. The endig is quite amazing he offers a dreamlike bubble (mental institution where she will be daydreaming rest of her life) or real life. Read a michael endes "neverending story" (not the movie), maybe than you will understand a message of escapism in dream worlds.

  • This is ̶ ̶a̶l̶3̶6̶9̶9̶..GOOGLE'S CHANNEL

    I'm from the UK and finished school in 88
    I can remember one day we went to a rival school because they had their own purpose-built cinema (posh bastards)
    we were going there to watch Watership Down as part of our English lesson.
    before the movie we were shown a short film about life in France and in one scene a goose was picked up by it's neck and as it's wings flapped in terror it was forcefully rammed onto a metal pipe and force-fed until its insides ruptured, to make fois gras
    I now know this was to de-sensitise us for the leporine horror we were about to be exposed to
    fuck you too, Simon & Garfunkel

  • Ben Z
    Ben Z 23 days ago

    RIP JeWarrio and Howie.

  • Jerome Lancashire
    Jerome Lancashire 23 days ago

    David Bowie was like a superhero, A badass despite wearing a stupid costume.

  • Jerome Lancashire
    Jerome Lancashire 23 days ago

    I love The Labyrinth but I swear the main character is a pain in the crotch.

  • Grudgingly Walawigi
    Grudgingly Walawigi 23 days ago

    As a child this film always scared the holy bejesuss out of me

  • Skydrathik
    Skydrathik 23 days ago

    The weirdest thing about this fantastic/strange movie is te teased romance... with the 15 year old and... a Bowie XD

    • Skydrathik
      Skydrathik 23 days ago

      And the leggins - the horrible leggins XD

  • GrimRper
    GrimRper 24 days ago

    I can’t help hearing the Top 15 in Chills’ voice....[monotone] “Number 15: I’ve seen less stuffing in a thanksgiving turkey”

  • ejay1118
    ejay1118 24 days ago

    Here's another bizarre thought; they originally were considering Michael Jackson, Prince, or Mick Jagger for the Goblin King! Henson wanted Sting until his kids suggested Bowie! Realize that there would have been NO "Magic Dance," no "Underground" and, whatever the Hell that final song was!

  • ejay1118
    ejay1118 24 days ago +1

    One critic said Labyrinth was a $5,000,000 movie that looked like $50,000,000. Whereas "Legend," (the Tom Cruise/Tim Curry thing that came out at the same time) was a $50,000,000 movies that looked like $5,000,000!

  • Tadeu Ferreira
    Tadeu Ferreira 24 days ago

    Don't talk that way about my loved Sarah, Doug, LOL... without all seriousness, I really like her character on the movie, the 1st heroine I actually came to see and like! And let be honest here, it's Jennifer Connelly, how could one don't like her?

  • Interdimensional Jerk
    Interdimensional Jerk 25 days ago

    Guys, what film with a rabbit on 0:50? I really wanna see it, but I don't know the title, help me please :')

    • Interdimensional Jerk
      Interdimensional Jerk 24 days ago +1

      @ejay1118 thank you very much 🤗

    • ejay1118
      ejay1118 24 days ago +1

      That, my dear IJ, is "Watership Down." A film presented on the box as a happy go lucky tale about rabbits. Then you watch it. Woah! Seriously, the film is about a tribe of rabbits, one of whom has a vision of an upcoming disaster in their "warren." Several of the rabbits leave, and try to find a new warren, then, with the help of a seagull (Zero Mostel in one of his last roles) try to free some "does" from a hutch so they breed! (Only "bucks" escaped the disaster.) There's bureaucratic rabbits, fatalistic rabbits, evil rabbits, and a cat. Watch it. But be aware, it IS on this list for a reason. Or as my kid put it; "Not scarred enough by "Bambi?" Watch "Watership Down!" "

  • Max Welsh
    Max Welsh 25 days ago

    At roughly 10 year-old I had seen Maximum Overdrive and Creepshow 1 and 2 among other things, and was not bothered Any Way Beyond the normal thrilling fright, but Dark Crystal freaked me right the hell out to where I couldn't watch LOL

  • Ben Z
    Ben Z 25 days ago

    Is that baby the same one from Ghostbusters 2? Oscar?

  • sonofjafarreturns
    sonofjafarreturns 27 days ago

    We need an indie game based 80's kids movies. It worked for old Mickey Mouse cartoons and Chuck E Cheese robots.

  • MidnightBanshi
    MidnightBanshi 28 days ago +1

    Still one of my favorite movies of all time. David Bowie put a lot of magic into that movie, and fit right along with all the wonder Jim Henson and his crew gave us. A flight of fancy well worth taking time and again!

  • J A K
    J A K 28 days ago

    There's something that always bugs me with these "one always tells the truth and one always lies" riddles. If they truly are one truth teller and one liar, the liar would never admit to it. That would be telling the truth. The only way they can make that statement is if they are BOTH lying.

    • Mariokemon
      Mariokemon 21 day ago

      the way i know the riddle is that a sign nearby says one tells the truth, and the other lies

  • Tristan McCann
    Tristan McCann 28 days ago


  • Morty W
    Morty W 29 days ago

    Many effects like the green screen didn't have to hold up to 1080. They were on wavy VHS players in the 80's with bad heads on a 18 inch Tube television held over from the 70's that you literally screwed the cable into, with an analog knob to control the sharpness and color, and a tracking knob that never seemed quite right... seems unfair to judge it so harsh because the effects worked at the time.

  • Sam Whitfield
    Sam Whitfield Month ago

    apparently, after my sister watched labyrinth she kept waiting outside my door and checking my crib because she was scared that DavidBowie would take me away

  • Spencer French
    Spencer French Month ago +3

    Can I sujest the Dark Crystal review.

  • Der Wolf
    Der Wolf Month ago +3

    "Don't ever touch me bill, that was Rizzo the rats mistake" that's me

  • bronwen brown
    bronwen brown Month ago

    Fucking bubbles

  • Bo Bagwell
    Bo Bagwell Month ago

    I'm pretty sure David Bowie is the first actor who can turn Hederowsexuals gay and that's ok

  • Into Love
    Into Love Month ago

    The David Bowie dick jokes are too much!

  • Cauzie
    Cauzie Month ago

    Little monsters messed me up lol

  • PLeChuck23
    PLeChuck23 Month ago +1

    I don't think I've ever not laughed at "Fucking bubbles!" and never will not laugh.

  • Jerry McPeake
    Jerry McPeake Month ago

    the door riddle could be instead be a perfect lie where the door of truth says nothing and only the lying door speaks and only with patience can you solve this riddle where the best lies have half truths while the truth doesn't have to say anything

  • Justin Wahlne
    Justin Wahlne Month ago

    20:54 I've replayed this clip too many times. So damn funny.

  • Vigriff
    Vigriff Month ago +4

    I would like to see the NC do a review of The Dark Crystal.