Labyrinth - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Feb 10, 2016
  • The Nostalgia Critic looks at one of the strangest movies to come out of the 80s, and that's saying quite a bit. It's time to look at Labyrinth.
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Comments • 8 623

  • クロケイ
    クロケイ 4 hours ago

    The people who made Labyrinth had a vision, and they weren't going to let the fact that they didn't have an idea for a plot get in the way of that vision.

  • クロケイ
    クロケイ 4 hours ago

    I thumbs upped and subscribed because of the kermit bit.

  • James Aggas
    James Aggas 5 hours ago

    "Jesus, I don't think I like this new version of Mary Poppins!"

    Just wait until you see Mary Poppins Returns.

  • Incognito Burrito
    Incognito Burrito 9 hours ago +1

    Hogal’s voice gives me the best nostalgia from that show “the story teller”

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 10 hours ago

    mmmmm and the roger rabbit wquote
    didnt notice until second watching

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 11 hours ago

    ooooo watership down

  • Alex Dusfraine
    Alex Dusfraine Day ago

    "Dance, magic dance" ~Tamara overdosing, and I think my all-time favorite bit from Channel Awesome.

  • Superblockboy
    Superblockboy Day ago

    My David favs are 6,4,2.

  • Vincent Santangelo
    Vincent Santangelo Day ago +1

    Finally some more backstory for everyone’s favorite nc character bill.

  • Sean Shogun
    Sean Shogun 2 days ago

    Let’s be honest that child is mainly angry because she wasn’t exposed to 80s movies quick enough

  • kryceksangel
    kryceksangel 2 days ago

    🖕for promoting abortion

  • Michael Austin
    Michael Austin 3 days ago

    Beware the bulge

  • Mila Alt
    Mila Alt 3 days ago

    To be fair Sara is a hormonal moody teenager, who has a stepmother and stepbrother she does not feel close to. Also she keeps her stuffed bear on a high shelf that even the baby cannot reach so.....the stepmother is coming into her room and taking her stuff for the baby to play with

  • Miya2306
    Miya2306 3 days ago

    Is this also the backstory of BILL? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Paul Bucher
    Paul Bucher 4 days ago

    David Bowie: "I brought you a gift."
    Critic: "FUCKING BUBBLES!"
    That's what got me laughing stupidly for the last week.

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson 4 days ago

    Somebody has to arrest this man for the intro he created for this stupid video

  • Joeslactadepills OwO

    *ground control to major Tom G E T O F F T H E B L U E P I L L* 🤣

  • Jazzy Wood
    Jazzy Wood 5 days ago

    I'm a 2000's kid, but I remember when my dad got me a DVD for Secret of NIMH and played it before I went to bed each night. Good yet slighty traumatic times. :-)

  • Writermist
    Writermist 5 days ago

    1:36 - 1:49 LOL so true

  • Prototype Kaito
    Prototype Kaito 6 days ago

    Jennifer Connelly back then looks like my ex

  • Danny Caracciolo
    Danny Caracciolo 6 days ago

    "What made me a stronger human being"
    Ladies and gentlemen *POLITIFACT'S LIE OF THE CENTURY*

  • Devaughn Johnson
    Devaughn Johnson 6 days ago

    Kermit is mad wht do u do next

  • John David Endicott
    John David Endicott 7 days ago


  • David Rosales
    David Rosales 7 days ago

    80.s films prove Hollywood was on good drugs 😎🚬

  • Jacob Joffrion
    Jacob Joffrion 7 days ago

    Did anyone noticed Kermit's creepy smile at 15:12.

  • Alexslaw
    Alexslaw 7 days ago

    Trump 2020...unsubscribed

  • Rose Palmer
    Rose Palmer 8 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve see your video and opinions, i don’t like you, the way to Criticize different parts of the movie, so I’m not watching you any more...your an dirty minded idiot.....but I will give you a thumbs up for your speech at the end of Labyrinth....maybe there’s hope for you yet....

  • DaBatchOf Cookies
    DaBatchOf Cookies 8 days ago

    Pg movies back then: FUCK SHIT KILL DEATH horror Gore
    Now pg movies: pee pee poo poo is a cuss word and we say destroy instead of kill

  • Mercy Knight
    Mercy Knight 9 days ago

    supporters from a trump rally? yeah umm not funny for you to be an obvious left wing nazi but ok whatever

  • Lily Stephans
    Lily Stephans 9 days ago

    I love this review. It makes me and my mom laugh our butts off every time. 😂😂😂

  • Where the Fucknut is my Gun?!

    I think he looks more like the Rum Tum Tugger...he's a curious cat.

  • A.J. Price
    A.J. Price 10 days ago +1

    Don't know if Laurell K. Hamilton saw this movie, but having read the *Merry Gentry* books, I've finally figured out why the goblin king doesn't look like a f--cking goblin. It's because he ISN'T one! He's a member of the Seelie court who pissed off someone important and now has to deal with these ridiculous characters for eternity. No wonder he wanted Sarah and Toby to stay with him!!!

  • A.J. Price
    A.J. Price 10 days ago

    One of my friends who saw it said she'd invade a small nation to get Bowie's owl cloak. She's right; it's worth invading for ;-)

  • CraZY Gaming
    CraZY Gaming 11 days ago +1

    David bowe is the funniest and curliest goblin king in the entire world but thousand years ago i keep on thinking about him and cring and dreaming about him a lot and i have this sad song inside of my head I,ts called when will i see you again it was stuck in my head and it made me cry and i can only imagine
    That he is living inside my reality shows and it made me smile everyday 😭😭😭😨😨😨😨😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Karmas Vengance
    Karmas Vengance 11 days ago

    The fire gang scene was mainly for world building really

  • Watersman 93
    Watersman 93 11 days ago

    6:42 F*CKIN BUBBLES!

  • WierdGamer
    WierdGamer 12 days ago +1

    David Bowie in the labyrinth is the epitome of 80s.

  • Marvin Cuffee
    Marvin Cuffee 12 days ago +1

    The first part made me weeeee my self 😶😶😶

  • Brickboss
    Brickboss 12 days ago

    This movie traumatized me because I was scared of it and my parents forced me to watch it over and over

  • Ghost Killer
    Ghost Killer 12 days ago +1

    Jennifer Connely was 16 in this movie, grass on the field play ball, also legal age in Nevada is 16.

  • Ghost Killer
    Ghost Killer 12 days ago

    Yup they scared me.

  • Gia Princess
    Gia Princess 13 days ago

    Out of everything I laughed at “F U C K I N G B U B B L E S”

  • Amberlin McHugh
    Amberlin McHugh 15 days ago

    Mick Jagger REALLY wanted to play the goblin king. Although Bowie is Bowie , Jagger would've been epic

    • Austin Smith
      Austin Smith 14 days ago

      They just should have hired em both and made a feature length dancing in the street movie. That would've been hilarious.

  • Amberlin McHugh
    Amberlin McHugh 15 days ago

    🎶🎵dance magic dance.... smack that baby till he's mine🎵🎶

  • bigoldinosaur
    bigoldinosaur 15 days ago +2

    00:50- Just so you know "Watership Down" is not a movie from the 80's, it was released in 1978. That being said it will still scare the crap out of you.

    • bigoldinosaur
      bigoldinosaur 6 days ago

      @BadWebDiver I loved both but the book is definitely better.

    • BadWebDiver
      BadWebDiver 7 days ago

      Loved the novel, hated the movie.

  • jo white
    jo white 16 days ago +2

    Doug's impression of the bad guy from Roger rabbit is to good.

  • Nick Caldwell
    Nick Caldwell 16 days ago

    Her mother's shoulder pads 😂 😂 😂

  • Spork Witch
    Spork Witch 16 days ago

    Except we the greatest dick joke is still "Labyrinth, starring David Bowie's package, co-starring David Bowie"

  • Geek Chorus
    Geek Chorus 18 days ago

    Trump rally hahahaha.....F*ck you.

  • Mike Smolen
    Mike Smolen 18 days ago

    we need more kermit

  • Aftersun 20XD6
    Aftersun 20XD6 18 days ago

    The Nostalgia Critic seems so gay.

  • Ez0n3 Games
    Ez0n3 Games 19 days ago


  • Panthir 67
    Panthir 67 19 days ago

    Labyrinth game
    Take a shot for every time u see a Bowie boner

    MISTER TORQUE 19 days ago

    Not going to lie when I was younger that scene with the creatures that are able to take off their body parts always scared me!

  • pandora darkwater
    pandora darkwater 19 days ago +1

    u twat think u are funny ??? i love this movie and u piss me off ....go die on cancer u ugly shit ....i really hate guys like u ...i really do ....this movie is a timeless masterpiece and u make fun of it so u get shitassmoney out of your "review" ...u are pure garbadge ? u can't dare to hope to do something worthwhile so why not rip on things u never can accomplish ...again u fucking suck ...just die ...painfully ....fucking trash ...

  • Noah Estrada
    Noah Estrada 19 days ago

    "Hogwarts calling biatch!" Lololololololololololololololololololol

  • Shamrock Sans
    Shamrock Sans 20 days ago +1

    Thankskilling 4 the search for the nc 17 cut of the labyrinth

  • uNs7oPaBL3
    uNs7oPaBL3 20 days ago

    i loved this movie as a kid ever thou it had 2 parts i alleys skipped with channel surfing when they re-aired this one on tv

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake 20 days ago


  • Rian Power
    Rian Power 21 day ago

    Pretty sure the whole slave for a slave thing was a metaphore for vulnerability or some shit. Jareth wanted love but didn't understand it maybe? Like, what he wants is a mutual love but mistakes love for weakness and that loving someone is selling yourself into slavery and giving yourself up.
    I dunno.

  • victor graham
    victor graham 22 days ago

    Watership down

  • Amanda Todd
    Amanda Todd 22 days ago


  • Abbumi Nitez
    Abbumi Nitez 22 days ago

    Honestly Chilly Down is one of the songs that actually suddenly gets stuck in my head for no reason xD

  • Lostariael
    Lostariael 22 days ago +2

    "Don't worry ladies, I will visit you all in your dreams... Not even joking, I can really do that."
    I, uh... *awkward throat clear*... can confirm.

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt 22 days ago +3

    R.I.P. David Bowie (1947-2016)

  • Philip Marlow
    Philip Marlow 22 days ago

    David Bowies pants are so tight,
    if he farts he'll blow his pants off.

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster 22 days ago

    The movie is best viewed when you are wasted

  • lunayoshi
    lunayoshi 23 days ago

    "Fucking bubbles!!" will never not be funny.

  • Max B41
    Max B41 23 days ago

    music at 2:55 ?

  • David William
    David William 24 days ago

    Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave, that makes no sense