London's Best Burger?!

  • Burgers, burgers everywhere...the boys have £80 to try out three different burgers around London. Does the highest price dictate the best taste? Which will be our favourite?
    Here are the places we went to:
    The Hyde Bar: thehydebarlondon | parktowerknightsbridge
    Burger and Lobster: burgerandlobster
    Up in my Grill: upinmygrilluk | streetfeastldn
    Music by Petrie:
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Comments • 80

  • D Bone
    D Bone 3 days ago

    There is a place in the U.K called "Canada water?"

  • Jason Hon
    Jason Hon 4 days ago

    How is Honest Burgers not on this list

  • bushyconn
    bushyconn 9 days ago

    The third burger really made the point - There is no need to muck around with perfection. it actually looked like a burger, not a messy pile of bits and pieces dripping with a garish looking sauce.

  • Stan B
    Stan B 11 days ago

    Sterling job on the video editing!

  • Juggernawt
    Juggernawt 12 days ago

    Horrible music makes this unwatchable.

  • PotatEX
    PotatEX 17 days ago

    1:16 The technique... you can feel the experience on that head twist.

  • Hunter Stewart
    Hunter Stewart 18 days ago

    On that first burger, did ben say oak leaf?

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 Month ago

    Definition of pretentious and pointless.. a gold leaf burger containing a ground wagyu beef (!!!!) what a waste

  • Humongous W
    Humongous W Month ago

    Best pudding in London

  • ToudaHell
    ToudaHell Month ago

    Can we get more London's best please

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Month ago

    london really doesn't have some of the best lmfao

  • Matt N
    Matt N Month ago

    You're paying for where you're eating it. I'd take the £10 one all day. Not keen on burgers being cooked anything than all the way through. Dont treat minced up meat like a steak.

  • Pursuit of Purpose
    Pursuit of Purpose Month ago

    Who eats burgers rare? Almost raw minced meat... ew

  • John Kristian Aasen

    The person who edited this is A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. Please learn VOLUME CONSISTANCY! The audio is just like my writing here. FUCKING LOUD and then very low. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB RIGHT.
    Anyway. These videos are great. More "Londons best...." please!

  • Sara Voakes
    Sara Voakes 2 months ago

    That Harvey nicks one looked awesome

  • Escapist
    Escapist 2 months ago

    A sports car spinning in the middle of the place seems a bit tacky to me. Rich people are tacky.

  • sean flanigan
    sean flanigan 2 months ago

    You people are idiots 23 for a 5oz buurgar is fuckin idiotic come to the southern states of America I'll show you a burger there's a place in Tennessee called monster mash 50 usd will get you a 15 pound burger that's amazing

  • Melissa P
    Melissa P 2 months ago

    The soundtrack made me a subscriber!!!

  • munnjean
    munnjean 2 months ago

    I can assure you of one thing definitely ,,, by the time they heap this burger up with gherkins, red onions, cucumbers, tomato, coleslaw you don't stand a bloody chance of telling what kind of beef you are eating in that silly " gold leaf " bun. I would make you a burger out of 70 - 30 beef chuck ( that's 70% lean muscle and 30% fat ), dress it up the same way and I'd bet you 100 bucks to your dime you couldn't tell the wagyu beef from the beef chuck ,, wagyu beef is fabulous but absolutely ruined as a burger when you pile all those toppings on it ,, how the hell can you possibly taste the beef ??

  • Lewis Elliott
    Lewis Elliott 2 months ago +1

    Dirty Bones are the fricken' boys for burgers in London!!
    Amazing burgers!! Awesome little underground restaurant area!

  • Knight of YouTube
    Knight of YouTube 2 months ago +1

    come to Detroit we have the Walking Ched Burger it will blow your mind and your bowels.

  • Jack Biss
    Jack Biss 2 months ago

    Get these burgers again and do a blindfold taste test and try to match the burger to the correct price points

  • Bare'l Barthis
    Bare'l Barthis 3 months ago

    Somehow you can tell when ebbers doesn't want to berate s dish

  • dinnynosher
    dinnynosher 3 months ago

    Gold leaf on a bap, while people starve to death in the street.

  • shenlun
    shenlun 3 months ago +1

    curries next please

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan 3 months ago

    Mike you hottie

  • Milanista
    Milanista 4 months ago

    Bleecker burger

  • Nick Jim
    Nick Jim 5 months ago

    Its quite interesting, the cheaper the price went, the better the burger seemed to be. The first one just seems excessive, and i honestly dont care for lettuce and tomato on my burgers either

  • Jessica Stevens
    Jessica Stevens 5 months ago

    if Barry had gone for the burger w/foie gras, would have been even more decadent and stayed w/in the budge

  • Kyle McClure
    Kyle McClure 5 months ago

    I would love a chance to have Mike, Ben, and Barry... (Especially Mike) as a foodie tour guide.

  • Beardy Ry
    Beardy Ry 5 months ago

    Hi can someone help me im still stuck in the fridge !

  • ixekun
    ixekun 6 months ago

    I got to taste the first burger as well just recently and I have to say; Ben is right, everything else about that burger makes it taste better, because my god that patty was not juicy and was very lean; something I did not expect. I'll be honest, I hated that it was so lean and lacked any juiciness.
    That gold leaf was stupid, and using wagyu in the way that restaurant did it was an insane insult, typical barry to pick it just for something stupid as gold.

  • Rain In July
    Rain In July 6 months ago

    Just go to maccies 99p

  • Erin Marie
    Erin Marie 6 months ago

    Finally repping Vermont!!! 🌲 🏔 🧀

  • Linsey Dutcher
    Linsey Dutcher 6 months ago +1

    Best burger I had was with horseradish Cheddar on it

  • lfc777372
    lfc777372 6 months ago

    These seem like really poor burger choices. Even your average five guys is better then the first two.

  • Maxime von Blumencron
    Maxime von Blumencron 6 months ago

    you need. to try. 45 park lane Australian wagyu burger

  • Singledad
    Singledad 6 months ago

    The best burger is all about the meat patty and the bun, Everything else is condiments and random topping.

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom 7 months ago

    Eating gold is just showing off that you have so much money you can afford to waste it, and in 2019 it should be abolished.
    F you for showing off

  • awks_eats
    awks_eats 7 months ago

    London's Best Curry Edition one day?

  • P. Sherman Fortytwo Wallaby Lane

    Started listening to Petrie bc of this episode

  • Jim The Raspberry
    Jim The Raspberry 7 months ago +1

    Why the FUCK would anyone use filthy Vermont cheddar in England? Vermont cheddar is passable, when in America and all you’ve had prior is ‘American’ cheese, passable at best. It’s got fuck all on proper cheddar though...

  • NTO Drizzy
    NTO Drizzy 8 months ago

    Guys do London best doner kebab 🥙

  • Pratyush Juneja
    Pratyush Juneja 8 months ago

    Bring these back:(

  • TheBigH
    TheBigH 8 months ago +4

    7:16 I only now realize they took the background music and added a hall-effect to it, to make it sound like that was the music being played at the place.
    Nice touch editor.

  • Roo Tehconqueror
    Roo Tehconqueror 8 months ago +1

    Speaking of seafood and beef the best meal I have ever eaten was a steak oscar.

  • Christopher Dowd
    Christopher Dowd 8 months ago

    Im sorry auto tunes sounds like a fat man being played like a bagpipe.

  • freeinko
    freeinko 8 months ago

    Just out of curiosity, would it even be possible to do this with like "best Slavic dishes" ? :D

  • ciarab141
    ciarab141 8 months ago

    Editing is on point. Well done

  • Nicolas Mattison
    Nicolas Mattison 8 months ago

    Amazing how regional ingredients are at such a premium... I can spit up in the air and it will land on Vermont cheese...

  • Berserk Berserk
    Berserk Berserk 9 months ago

    london has the best food in the world ............... AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH

  • Chiaki
    Chiaki 9 months ago

    who does sound for these videos? half the time its too quiet so i have to turn it up then the music plays again and is so loud i have to tug my headphones off

  • KL005
    KL005 9 months ago


  • peter richmond
    peter richmond 9 months ago

    these three are twats,don't buy food in horrible London, make your own food, hey presto. Oh yeah and these brit males are evolving into stupid weak cunts,man up white brit males and avoid elite agenda brainwashing.

  • Arthur Lindkvist
    Arthur Lindkvist 9 months ago

    I wouldn’t pay £36 for a burguer

  • Val Real
    Val Real 9 months ago

    These burgers all look bad.

  • yeemo trash
    yeemo trash 9 months ago

    Who did the music?

    AFRIN AKTAR 9 months ago

    Nice 😋😋খুবই মজা খাইতে 😀😀😀

  • AimyS91
    AimyS91 9 months ago

    I’m kind of surprised we haven’t had one of these for afternoon tea?? Mike, dude get on that please!,

  • B Woodcock
    B Woodcock 10 months ago +17

    "And at just £10 for a burger, I've got the budget option."
    Fuuuuuuuck you London.

    • Matt N
      Matt N Month ago

      @Michael Xz blessed is just slang for good. It has nothing to do with religion. If something is blessed its decent. It's more of a london slang as well rather than british.

    • Michael Xz
      Michael Xz Month ago

      yeah but "they feel really blessed" that they have the opportunity to pay so much for a good burger... btw. if people say blessed so much is that code meaning they believe in God? or is it just a standard word used by Brits on a daily basis?

    • Randolph Clarke
      Randolph Clarke 9 months ago +1

      B Woodcock this video doesn’t represent the price of burgers in London vey well. They’re usually under £7

  • doctoryoinky
    doctoryoinky 10 months ago

    That third burger looked barely cooked at all... I like medium rare burgers but that one looked raw almost

  • Focalplane
    Focalplane 10 months ago

    Most truffle oils are fake with absolutely no truffle in them. "Much of the truffle oil found at your local market is a cheap imitation, made with oil and a chemical that is naturally found in the truffle. It contains no real truffle at all". Ben be sure your truffle oil is real..............!!

  • Corleone
    Corleone 10 months ago

    £36? What a joke. ‘Wagyu patty’ is a marketing ploy, because the whole point of wagyu beef is that it’s got a lot of marbled fat, but guess what? You can add fat as freely as you want to grounded meat. Pointless. Then they overcooked the burger itself so that’s pretty cool.
    The gold leaf is just disrespectful. Whoever’s in charge there needs the boot.

  • Rebekah Spears
    Rebekah Spears 10 months ago

    I live in the US and love watching these types of shows (best price point foods).

  • Kari Houghton
    Kari Houghton 10 months ago

    I could literally make that burger that Barry bought and I’m poor lol except obviously the good leaf 🍂 but I guess that’s the advantage to living on a farm in Vermont

  • raven scott
    raven scott 10 months ago

    nice videos, hello from america. But our burgers are better than yours. lol

  • Pouchey2
    Pouchey2 10 months ago

    In all the times I've watched this, I've only now noticed the lady in the UEA Jacket at 7:00 😂 - A UEA graduate

  • IchigosHanyo
    IchigosHanyo 10 months ago

    I’m coming to London for the 1st time this coming week. I’m binging your videos trying to find places to eat. Can’t wait!

  • R.S. G
    R.S. G 10 months ago

    Rather go burger king and spend 3 quarters less and get a better burger and better chips

  • Laughin Coffin
    Laughin Coffin 10 months ago +1

    Where is Morleys chicken burger ?

  • Richard Bryant
    Richard Bryant 10 months ago

    Looks nice but I wouldn't pay 80 quid for it

  • Revaldi Hafiz
    Revaldi Hafiz 11 months ago


  • Numann Din
    Numann Din 11 months ago

    Ben gets exited over wet wipes

  • Mark Fernandes
    Mark Fernandes 11 months ago +1

    These burgers are mildly interesting at best but goddamn if that music isn't fucking CHOICE

  • Marcus Mattingly
    Marcus Mattingly Year ago

  • Lesley McKirdy
    Lesley McKirdy Year ago

    Bun and bar on green lanes!

  • Christiane Strauss

    Gold leaf bun - what a waste...

  • Giggidy-Goo
    Giggidy-Goo Year ago

    have the guys done a best buffet choice? could be interesting to see the regret of everyone after 3 buffet meals lol

  • Dash Boots
    Dash Boots Year ago

    I would never eat something with gold in it, I don't see the point.

  • .imightlikeyou
    .imightlikeyou Year ago +1

    So many ppl commenting on the music (1st and 3rd track) and all i want to know is the 2nd track =P...they use it in so many videos.