We Tried Every Shaving Subscription Service

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
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    Creative Director - Garrett Kennell
    Editor - Silas Orteza
    Coordinator - Anniken Aalbu
    Services Reviewed:
    Dollar Shave Club
    Gillette Pro Fusion
    We were unable to review any of the following because of our location in the US:
    Friction Free Shaving
    FYI - Harry's also has a female complement called Flamingo! We didn't review it in this video because it technically is not yet a subscription service (it's just a-la-carte purchases online).
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Comments • 810

  • Julio Sierra
    Julio Sierra 6 days ago

    Lotion works well to!

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 13 days ago

    Is Olivia a stinker ?

  • Brogan Kay
    Brogan Kay 13 days ago

    these kinds of videos kinda annoy me cause when there was a website covered in diverse women they were so happy and all for it but when there was a website covered in diverse men they got kinda angry that it was for men. at least they have websites deigned for men AND women

  • Teehee_its_ Grabshab
    Teehee_its_ Grabshab 20 days ago

    Do flamingo!

  • Bryn DeGraw
    Bryn DeGraw 21 day ago

    I use Billy's it is the best and I have dream pop

  • Strxberri_milk
    Strxberri_milk Month ago

    I use Billie... Ngl I love it 😭😭💗

  • Angi Taramona
    Angi Taramona Month ago

    Try the JOY razor!

  • Catherine M
    Catherine M Month ago

    Hi Michelle can u please do a video on trying the best rated at home (vpl) laser hair removal gadget please!!

  • BossLadyD 86
    BossLadyD 86 Month ago

    I was excited for Billie to I'm kinda disappointed

  • Ana Maeve O'Donnell
    Ana Maeve O'Donnell 2 months ago

    those closeups of them shaving with just water are so cringy lol and Dollar Shave Club could have been the best because they used lotion

  • lou nyc
    lou nyc 2 months ago

    This Moment when you’re German and at the Harry’s part 😂

  • Cheyenne Strickler
    Cheyenne Strickler 2 months ago

    I use a mans razor too lol

  • Bekka McCloud
    Bekka McCloud 2 months ago

    Eos’s shave cream is actually amazing and smooth. I would suggest it for anyone who doesn’t like foam

  • lamelama22
    lamelama22 2 months ago

    The little rotating ball thing on the Gillette razor is a somewhat recent addition, it's supposedly intended to help prevent cuts when going around the curves of a face. I assume it would also help on your knees. It's the version I use, but I get the kind with a little AA battery / vibrator built in, as I found through trying it out, that it makes a huge difference in preventing pulling/cuts and also seemed to get a slightly closer shave. They claim it makes the hairs stand up better. Maybe worth trying out on your legs too?

  • Bridget Teahl
    Bridget Teahl 2 months ago

    i was gonna get dollar shave club but they made their refills $44 and billies is only $9

  • sausy velasco
    sausy velasco 2 months ago

    hey please check out my dollar shave club review if your intrested~~ thexvid.com/video/fBMjiKluWq4/video.html

  • Danielle Mörlund
    Danielle Mörlund 2 months ago

    I ordered Billie without shave cream because I usually use Schick Intuition. First shave was really good, but started to drag a bit. Second shave I ended up using some EOS shave lotion I happened to have and it was a pretty flawless shave. You only used shave cream/lotion with DSC, so that could have skewed your results - unintentionally. I haven't tried other brands. but I give Billie a thumbs up with shave lotion.

  • s_ shaddows.
    s_ shaddows. 3 months ago

    I mean or do like most of us and shave out of the shower lol

  • NBH BadBoy
    NBH BadBoy 3 months ago

    Shave that pussy for only $5 bucks

  • Grooming Luxe
    Grooming Luxe 3 months ago

    Do you want to try spur subscription box we launch in 30 days

  • cutecheerfreak1
    cutecheerfreak1 3 months ago

    I only wish you guys would invite a woman with sensitive skin the fact that both of you don’t need shave cream to shave means you guys don’t really have sensitive skin, if I did that my skin would be on fire lol

  • Coletta Hughes
    Coletta Hughes 3 months ago

    Logic tells me maybe buy the razor Greek women prefer, not someone that uses the same cheap razor over and over again without soap :/

  • Kahlia Blake
    Kahlia Blake 3 months ago

    An ad for Dollar Shave Club came up on instagram as I was watching this video. GOOGLE IS WATCHING.

  • me me
    me me 3 months ago

    11:47 did she really just say that. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Victoria Alexis
    Victoria Alexis 3 months ago

    I use Billie if I'm in a rush and a safety razor when I want it to feel as if I just got a wax.

  • Andrea Aldrich
    Andrea Aldrich 3 months ago

    Why does it matter that some of the razors are marketed to men, but not women? Men and women are both marketed to when it comes to razors. Let the bros have their stuff. 1st world problem. and pastel doesn't equal woman.

  • Imma Squidward
    Imma Squidward 3 months ago

    I tried Billie razors and they are honestly worse then disposable razors to me in my opinion like after about 2 shaves correction maybe 2 shaves the razor would barely even get half the leg hair I had so much stubble after just shaving and it was just awful and the lubrication around the razor would basically melt away after one use and if it didn't it would get all nasty when you go to shave the second time it kinda turned me off of getting razor subscriptions 😕 and it also sucks because i try to be careful about the environmental impact of disposing stuff like that and what it does to the environment and it just kinda sucked that I couldn't use the razors and I couldn't do anything else with it

  • Joselyn Diaz
    Joselyn Diaz 4 months ago

    Everyone remember when you’re going to shave, have hot/warm water go over the area for a while first that way the hair gets softer and you wash off dead skin cells, also EXFOLIATE!

  • Bridget Ryan-Samonte
    Bridget Ryan-Samonte 4 months ago +1

    Have you tried flamingo? It's Harry's female option and it works well for me.

  • Tessa Bree’s Corner
    Tessa Bree’s Corner 4 months ago

    So I’m 11 and I need to shave my arm pits now and I use Harry’s I think it’s very good it is men’s but I like it

  • Pingpan N.D.
    Pingpan N.D. 4 months ago

    This is not really accurate. As it’s hard to say if that shave cream from the dollar shave club didn’t have any effect on the result. But I am here for the razor, not which shave cream. It would be nice if the test was done with all same cream for all blades so that really shows the difference of the razor blades.

  • born strong
    born strong 4 months ago

    10:56 "do you wash your face??"
    😂😂😂epic slayer👍
    Poor garett

  • born strong
    born strong 4 months ago

    "Nothing to see here enjoy your shave"
    Best shaving quote ever😂😂

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman 4 months ago

    I also just use water! Also... now I kind of want to see you guys review vibrators 😂

  • KatsRandomNonsense
    KatsRandomNonsense 4 months ago

    Can you do one comparing Angel Shave club and All girls shave club included as well? Would love to see more comparisons

  • bs bs
    bs bs 4 months ago

    she shaves with the shower on ?O.o or is it weirder to shave with shower off ? lol

  • Ashley Williamson
    Ashley Williamson 4 months ago +1

    Michelle in this video: Every other you-tuber besides me is sponsored by the Dollar Shave Club.

    Michelle in the next video: This video is sponsored by the Dollar Shave Club...

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G 4 months ago

    That girl on the left needs an upgrade lmao

  • Trista Kittle
    Trista Kittle 4 months ago

    I love Dollar Shave Club (and I’m a woman). Their shave butter is amazing, somewhere between shave cream and shave gel. Love it!

  • Janae D
    Janae D 4 months ago

    Harry’s is awful😂

  • Megan B
    Megan B 4 months ago

    Your thumbnails look like your part of buzzfeed or something like that.

  • Eloisa Cuenca Garcia
    Eloisa Cuenca Garcia 4 months ago

    I am German 😂

  • Glitter Berries
    Glitter Berries 5 months ago

    But.... Have you tried every period service????!

  • Lydia Wesolowski
    Lydia Wesolowski 5 months ago

    I tried the Harry’s bar of soap and loved it it was a shuttle smell but it was still refreshing

  • Area 51 Escapee
    Area 51 Escapee 5 months ago

    Billie is a good razor brand cuz I use it

  • Reyna Chavez
    Reyna Chavez 5 months ago

    This is the thing I don’t get. We are basically kissing men’s asses. Literally where are my feminist sisters? Guys can say anything they want about women. But we can’t to them? We should be treated equally, but the reason we can’t is cause of them.

  • Alyssa R
    Alyssa R 5 months ago

    do more videos with olivia

  • Neve Kline
    Neve Kline 5 months ago

    I have honey but I never save more then 50 cents

  • Moses K
    Moses K 5 months ago

    Wants the men’s razors to be more gender neutral > gets excited as fuck when they see one that markets towards women specifically

  • Yadira Peña
    Yadira Peña 5 months ago

    Listen to Maluma please ❤❤❤❤

    Love Michelle like if you do too

  • I Love food
    I Love food 5 months ago

    So you get offended when a razor is marketed to men, but when one is marketed to women you don't care? Seriously

  • Melissa Specht
    Melissa Specht 5 months ago

    So the men’s razor needs to be gender neutral but the women’s razor can be as girly as they want?

  • CreeperAwwwMan
    CreeperAwwwMan 5 months ago

    Why was it blurred at 7:25

  • Anna Baker
    Anna Baker 5 months ago

    I know I am late, but my mom bought me the Billie razors, and I love the razors because they get close to my leg (I have fine blonde leg hair) however Gillette sent me a free Mach 5 razor. I love my Billie razor better than my Gillette because the blades are so expensive however Billie is just $9. I also got the lotion, which smells fantastic and floral.

    I think I just like Billie because I have thin hair (I know I am so lucky because if I didn't shave you wouldn't be able to tell in a certain light)

  • Alexander Mason
    Alexander Mason 6 months ago

    Harrys actually gives you more blade replacements than dollar shave club you just didn’t select the right thing.
    Dollar shave club send you 4 replacement blades while hairy’s since you 8 for cheaper

  • Dawn Martin
    Dawn Martin 6 months ago

    glad to find this! Thank you! I have always liked using men's razors much better and had been wondering about the shave club comparisons!

  • Marissa Perozzi
    Marissa Perozzi 6 months ago

    Great video but I really don’t get why they were so focused on the branding of each razor. As long as it gets the job done well why do you care about how it is advertised?

  • Mr.Grumpy
    Mr.Grumpy 6 months ago

    11:27 you have entered the land of sexuality Have Fun! :D

  • Maryann
    Maryann 6 months ago

    lol Michelle telling Garret that he needs to start washing his face is me too my boyfriend

  • v1c4r10u5
    v1c4r10u5 6 months ago

    God, after 2 weeks of hair growth I have like 3x what you guys have. It's BS!!